Tuesday’s This & That: No. 1

Mar 27, 2012

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When I first began The Simply Luxurious Life, one of my weekly regular posts was “Cups of Tea” where I would share favorite fellow blogger posts, shopping finds and other ideas I wanted to share with my readers. Upon revamping my approach to blogging, “Cups of Tea” was eliminated; however, my regular readers have been quite persistent in voicing their desire to bring “Cups of Tea” back. So . . .

Every Tuesday (instead of every Sunday, when it originally appeared), you will find This & That where I will share the many discoveries I find while perusing through books, newspapers, websites and scrolling through my apps on my iPad each week.
Without further ado, below are six things I think you might enjoy:


~Lessons from Madame Chic: The Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris by Jennifer L. Scott (click here to visit her blog The Daily Connoisseur)

Recently, a reader suggested I take a look at Jennifer L. Scott’s blog The Daily Connoisseur.  Upon stopping by, I discovered her recently released book Lessons from Madam Chic.  Since I am a professed Francophile, I quickly placed it into my Amazon shopping cart. Much to my pleasant surprise, The New York Times wrote an positive review of the book, and I became even more convinced that this would be my next book of choice.


~Linda {Simply Seductive}

If you have stopped by Linda’s Simply Seductive blog, you know exactly what you will find on her pinterest boards – exquisite taste, eye catching beauty and sensual, yet chic images in the areas of fashion, decor, accessories, destinations and more.

~Apps & Websites~

~Teux Deux

If you are someone who takes great pleasure in writing a to-do list and even more pleasure when you are able to cross items off, this is the website and app for you.  As a free website, you can use this simple approach to keep track of each day of the week, making lists of things you would like to accomplish. When a task is complete, you get to visually see it crossed off.  There is also a “Someday List” which is for those tasks that don’t have a set due date, but you’d like to complete at some point.

For those of you with smart phones, you can download the TeuxDeux app for $2.99 and sync with your computer.  For me, I am enjoying it on my iPad, which is free if I view it on Safari, pulling it up and seeing what I have to accomplish without the post-its sticking all over my desk.


Use on your computer or download it onto your phone for free, this app is a way to keep all of the items you would be dog-earring had you discovered it in a magazine in one easy to find spot.

~Lifestyle Mirror

If you have ever read your favorite magazine and were flipping through editorial images, only to find items that you wish you could have for your very own, this is the website to visit. Created by Emanuele Della Valle, this digital creation is both commercial and editorial. In fact, there is so much more than just shopping. Upon my first view, I discovered a video on how to create your own chic chignon.  In less than two minutes, the simple step by step visual guide showed me how I too could create the chic bun that most fashionistas seem to sport when they are in between blow-outs.

~A Blog Post to Read~
~Simple Stress Management via Zen to Fitness
There are so many simple decisions that when made properly can help lower our stress levels with our already bulging schedules, Chris author of Zen to Fitness shares six things you can do each day to help yourself out.
{This & That Suggestions: If you have a website, book, app, recipe, blog post or something else you think I should check out, email me or comment below, as I am always looking for new discoveries!}

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s This & That: No. 1

  1. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing and btw I love the new look of the blog.It helps that I was also enjoying a cup of tea when I opened your blog. My first stop each morning. Have a great day Shannon.

  2. I recently discovered your blog and I LOVE IT….I so look forward to visiting it on a regular basis. I learn, share and enjoy all that is posted.

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