Tudor Cottage Style: Heidi Caillier’s European Cozy Decor

Dec 05, 2019

“Homes should be comfortable and livable while at the same time beautiful and curated.” —Heidi Caillier Design

When I first came across Pacific Northwest based interior designer Heidi Caillier, her work was showcased in Rue magazine. Noticing her talent for blending vintage with comfort to create timeless and personalized spaces, I explored further and discovered someone who spoke my language when it came to interior design.

For the love of cottage cozy and historical, yet timeless quality and detail, the Tudor house she designed and decorated epitomizes why I love her aesthetic, and it was the room above – a hallway landing – that encapsulated each of the aforementioned details.

From the willingness to hang wallpaper which reveals conviction, and is not just saved for one wall, to the plush club chair complete with plaid pairing two different prints, but grounded in the same taupe base and the attention to all of the details that elevate any room – the ceiling color, the glass door handles, the crown molding, a darker rug to provide balance with the light wallpaper – each of these details speak the language of cozy, yet timeless, comforting yet grounded in durability.

However, when it comes to knowing how to pull it all together, hiring an interior designer would be a wonderful dream. But for the majority of us, it will have to remain a dream, and instead, we will have to make our own dreams come true.

I recently shared a glimpse of, what I am calling, my cottage (see below), because especially when it comes to the interior, I want to feel as though I am walking into a warm hug that wraps me up and makes me feel loved, comforted and truly at peace. All of these qualities are qualities I associate with cultivating a sanctuary, and for me, I have always wanted a cottage to be my sanctuary.

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The final month of 2019 has arrived. I tend to find myself at this point in the year quite reflective as I remember all that has transpired in the course of nearly a year thus far. And due to this reflection, I would love to just cozy/cosy up inside my house and hibernate a bit, customize my cottage a little more and take a deep breath of both appreciation and remembrance of what was and no longer will be whether for better or loss when 2020 begins. As well, I enjoy the time to plan for a roaringly awesome start to the new year and that takes time, which is something the month of December while full of holiday events and celebration also offers much time to be inside and just, well, for lack of a better word, be. TSLL blog is nearing its 10th anniversary at the end of December, and I look forward to celebrating more fully with readers then as I cannot quite believe ten years have passed. It truly has flown by. Not a crawl at all of a pace. However, I wanted to take a moment and share with you, the long-time and new readers of the blog, a glimpse at my wintry cottage as you have been so supportive, engaged and on your own simply luxurious journey striving toward a life of true contentment. The decorations are simple, but this was the first time I have hung lights, so I was tickled to climb up on that ladder. Each of our simply luxurious journeys take time, patience, perseverance and a determination to savor the everyday each and every day along the way. Our journeys will always be moving forward, and I am grateful that you choose to stop by the blog, tune into the podcast, watch a cooking episode or pick up a book as you look for inspiration on how to strive forward in such a way that is authentic to you. I look forward to sharing more of my journey’s ahas, and even the oopses that provide lessons to learn as well. Thank you for following along and bonne journée!

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With decor inspiration from Heidi Caillier such as the Tudor home she designed which is shared in today’s post, and time to know how to “dance” well with my house, I am gaining clarity about how I want to live in my home. Gradually and with thoughtful patience, I am confident we can each be our own interior designer, and I look forward to sharing with you how the decor journey unfolds.

“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job.” —Albert Hadley

Below are a few Key Takeaways from Heidi Caillier’s Tudor:

  • Don’t shy away from wallpaper
  • Don’t forget about the decor fixtures and small details such as handles and knobs in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Hexagon terracotta tiles take me back to Provence every time I see them.
  • Welcome into your sanctuary upholstered comfortable furniture – armchairs to sofas, to club chairs.
  • Pay mindful attention to framing a room in the background well with the room in the foreground. Check out the last image on this post.
  • Be sure to tour the entire home here.

Enjoy the tour and be sure to check out all of Heidi Caillier’s projects here.

Images via Heidi Caillier

8 thoughts on “Tudor Cottage Style: Heidi Caillier’s European Cozy Decor

  1. Hi Shannon!
    That is your home with the decorative grass in front? I love it , it is so cozy looking, simple and beautiful!! What else can I say except congratulations again and may you have a wonderful Christmas season in your new home!!!

    1. Tamra,

      Thank you very much. Yes, I am thankful for the landscaping that was done prior to my arrival. The Karl Foerster are delightful! (Just to be clear, my house is only the exterior pics. The interior pics are a home Heidi Caillier designed and from which I am drawing inspiration as my interior decorating is only in the beginning stages ?).

  2. Shannon, the exterior of your lovely craftsman home looks so charming! I hope you will continue to share your decorating journey – I am enjoy it tremendously thus far. And I can see why you are so inspired by the Heidi Caillier interiors…they are fabulous and look like that style would work seamlessly with what we have been privileged to glimpse of your decorating taste. Hoping you have an wonderful holiday season. xx Sara

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