This & That: September 17, 2021
Friday September 17, 2021

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Oodles of films, art and artist documentaries, documentaries to take you to France, a new film about books and writing, the return of Apple’s top drama series, AND the GBBO is back for new bakes in the tent, plus books on understanding the gift of simply eating well, a praised novel from 2020, a must-see play in London, chic fall capsule items worth the investment, unique items for your home and so much more.


Just Eat: One Reporter’s Quest for a Weight-Loss Regimen that Works by Barry Estabrook

Intrigued and appreciative for what investigative reporter Barry Estabrook discovered when he sought to answer the following questions – Which diet would keep the weight off? What program could he maintain over time? What diet works best—or even at all? Revealed in his new book released this past spring, his findings reassure a healthy, long-term approach outweighs the marketed diets claiming to help us lose the weight and do so for our good health. It turns out the latter may definitely not be the case.

“Over the course of three years, Estabrook tried the regimens behind the most popular diets of the past forty years—from paleo, keto, gluten-free, and veganism to the Master Cleanse, Whole30, Atkins, Weight Watchers—examining the people, claims, and science behind the fads, all while recording his mental and physical experience of following each one. Along the way, he discovered that all the branded programs are derived from just three diets. There are effective, scientifically valid takeaways to be cherry-picked . . . and the rest is just marketing. Perhaps most alarming, Estabrook uncovered how short-term weight loss can do long-term health damage that may go undetected for years. Estabrook contextualizes his reporting with an analysis of our culture’s bizarre dieting history, dating back to the late 1800s, to create a thorough—and thoroughly entertaining—look at what specific diets do to our bodies, why some are more effective than others, and why our relationship with food is so fraught.”

Oona Out of Order: A Novel by Margarita Montimore

A national bestseller in 2020, if you are looking for a fun, yet thought-provoking read, pick up Oona Out of Order.

“It’s New Year’s Eve 1982, and Oona Lockhart has her whole life before her. At the stroke of midnight she will turn nineteen, and the year ahead promises to be one of consequence. Should she go to London to study economics, or remain at home in Brooklyn to pursue her passion for music and be with her boyfriend? As the countdown to the New Year begins, Oona faints and awakens thirty-two years in the future in her fifty-one-year-old body. Greeted by a friendly stranger in a beautiful house she’s told is her own, Oona learns that with each passing year she will leap to another age at random. Hopping through decades, pop culture fads, and much-needed stock tips, Oona is still a young woman on the inside but ever changing on the outside.”

The Well-Loved House: Creating Homes with Color, Comfort and Drama by Ashley Whittaker

Being released next Tuesday, interior designer Ashley Whittaker’s first book The Well-Loved House offers guidance on furniture plans, complementing the architecture of a space, playing with color, and mixing pattern. She explains why it is important to have consistent threads throughout a home, but also contrast and juxtaposition with the tour of “a selection of dwellings, from gracious Connecticut estates to chic Manhattan pieds-à-terre to waterfront beach houses on the Florida coast, most exclusively photographed for this book, including her own house never before seen.”

British Find

The Great British Bake-Off, Channel 4

It’s back!!! A new season of The Great British Bake-Off will premiere in the UK this coming Tuesday – September 21st on Channel 4, and those of us watching on Netflix only have to wait three more days as it will premiere on Friday September 24th. I absolutely cannot wait. I am ready for the comfort baking. 🙂 Have a look at the trailer below (not much is revealed, but it’s fun to watch).

Mr Mouse Door Stop, David Linley

Throughout my house I have a couple of doors I prefer to prop open during the day, and while I have one doorstop (a maritime rope ball), I need one more, and these oak Mr. Mouse ones made me chuckle and look to be quite functional. Maybe someday. ?

Operation Mincemeat, play in London

If you are in England and will be in London this September or this coming January and February, purchase your tickets for a play that the Financial Times and Persephone Books highly recommends – Operation Mincemeat. Set in 1943 Britain, based on true events, well, I’ll let the cast walk you through the plot in the video below. Needless to say, I wish I could go see it.


Getaway: Food & Drink to Transport You by Renee Erickson

Craving a getaway? Even if you can’t hop on a plane to your favorite destination at the moment, cook and enjoy food and drinks that carry you vicariously to the vision in your mind. To Paris, to Rome, to London, to Normandy and Baja, California (the author’s hometown), Renee Erickson’s new cookbook is a “practical guide to cooking at home, offering 120 recipes and 60 cocktail recipes for simple meals that evoke the dreamiest places and cuisines. From not-too-intricate cocktails and snacks to effortless entrées, these are the recipes that inspire Erickson and make for relaxed, convivial evenings, whether at home or abroad.”

Lemon, Love & Olive Oil by Mina Stone

Being released on Tuesday, having “grown up in a close-knit Greek-American household, Mina Stone learned to cook from her Yiayia, who taught her that food doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious—and that almost any dish can be improved with judicious amounts of lemon, olive oil, and salt. In this deeply personal cookbook, Stone celebrates her grandmother and the other influences that have shaped her life, her career, and her culinary tastes and expertise. Lemon, Love & Olive Oil weaves together more than 80 Mediterranean-style dishes with the stories that inspired them.”


Best Sellers

Premiering today in theaters, Best Sellers looks like a hoot of a good film, starring Aubrey Plaza as a new and upcoming book editor and Academy Award Winner Michael Caine as the author who she needs to produce a book. Have a look at the trailer below and enjoy.


A documentary that was released this summer, I only just learned about it while watching The Lost Leonardo (shared in last week’s This & That), which by the way, I highly recommend going to watch. Centered around Vincent Van Gogh’s many paintings of sunflowers, the film shares the discussion of curators and art experts opining about the various aspects of a series of Sunflower themed paintings by the artist. Look for it in a theaters now, and have a look at the trailer below.

Francophile Find

Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

Released a couple of years ago, but worth returning to, narrated by Jodie Foster, the French film maker Alice Guy-Blaché was all but forgotten, until a recent investigation revealed all that she created in the early 20th century French film industry and why we didn’t know her name by the end of the same century. A documentary about a woman to know and a bit of a mystery to solve as well, have a look at the trailer below.


Double Breasted Trench Coat, Lauren Ralph Lauren (on sale)

As I shared in this week’s Outfits of the Month, Nordstrom’s collection of Lauren Ralph Lauren items is greatly reduced at the moment and worth checking out. This classic trench is available at a wonderful price.

Saint James Breton stripe Sweater with Button Shoulder (more colors)

A classic to have in your fall and winter closet for years. Made in France, Saint James’ classic Breton tops are ones to have, and their merino wool stripe sweater with button shoulder pairs well with so many separates. Stay warm, stay stylish.

Theory Double-Faced Wool-Cashmere Belted Coat (more colors)

Certainly an investment, but when you know what you want, this will be a coat you will have and wear for years.


The Morning Show, Season 2 Premiere

Friday plans are set for the foreseeable future. Between The Morning Show kicking off its second season today on AppleTV+ as well as continuing the second season of Ted Lasso and soon the GBBO, I’ll be staying in on Friday nights this fall, happily. Check out the trailer for the new season which brings in some new characters – both well-known actors and up-and-coming.

A week of Bend blue skies and seeing the garden receive a boost of a second breath before the first frost arrives in October. The squash are beginning to come to size, and the sunflowers continue to share their blooms, prompting me to tie a few up as they have become quite prolific and top-heavy. A wonderful problem indeed. More rain is on the way this weekend, and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

The blackberries continue to ripen at a rapid pace, so last evening I turned a small bowl into an ice cream cake complete with shortbread and hazelnuts (check out Thursday night’s IG Stories). While a full week of completing a few cooking episodes (be sure to check out the first episode of the season which aired on Saturday, and tune in tomorrow for a new episode sharing a simple satiating, as well as a healthy with a touch of decadence dinner to enjoy at the end of a long work day – 20 minutes is all it requires), making progress on the book – three quarter of the way done through edits!, and a start date for the demoing of my primary bathroom next week, the week was full, yet fulfilling. I hope your week as well brought many good sighs of appreciation and now you are looking forward to the final week of summer.

Thank you for choosing to stop by today, and until tomorrow bonne journée.

~Repeated studies have finally concluded how many steps you should take to live longer or how much time each week you need to exercise, whichever approach works best for you [The New York Times]

~How to garden sustainably [House & Garden UK]

~I appreciated this blog post – How I stopped wanting to ‘grow out of being an introvert’ [Introvert, Dear]

~Curtains Up! How Broadway is coming back from its longest hiatus. [The New York Times]

~The documentary film Julia will be released on November 5th in select theaters, and this article shares How Julia Child helped people cope during the pandemic [Variety]

~A big thank you to a TSLL reader for sharing this recipe with me – the official Ted Lasso Biscuit Recipe! [Kitchn]

~Discover the exhibits in Paris to see this fall [Vogue Paris]

~While in France, be sure to visit Giverny, and if you can’t stand on the terra firma, this lovely post shares a detailed visit of Monet’s gardens and inside his home. [Everyday Wanderer]

~I enjoyed reading this profile piece on a landlord in Brooklyn who dedicated her management to building a neighborhood of community [The New York Times]

~The US Tennis Open this year produced amazing matches throughout the two weeks event. Leylah Fernandez quickly garnered my awe, and so the women’s final was a must-watch match this past Saturday. Even though Fernandez did not take home the trophy, she deserved much applause, and both of the women gave speeches I recommend checking out. Below is the champion Emma Raducanu’s on-court interview. What a tournament she had as well, making history and bringing British women’s tennis back into the limelight. Beyond inspired by her efforts, her talent, her poise, her humility and sportsmanship.

~Catch up and read last week’s This & That: September 10, 2021

Soooo many great new cookbooks, the film being released today that Rotten Tomatoes gave 96%, the new-to-me facial oil I have added to my skincare regimen (and am loving!), the French rain boot that may just take the place of your favorite Hunter wellies, two premieres of television series (one new, one loved), as well as much more.

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17 thoughts on “This & That: September 17, 2021

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Thank you for another wonderful This & That update! I hope you are having a wonderful early fall season. I have a couple of recommendations for you to consider: (1) Miss Dior – new book by Justine Picardie, author of Coco Chanel book a few years ago. Miss Dior has wonderful reviews from the London Times and Antonio Fraser. To be published in the US this week. (2) Spencer movie starring Kristin Stewart with the director of Jackie movie (Natalie Portman). The trailer and reviews are excellent. Hope these ideas are helpful to you!

    1. Stephanie, thank you for stopping by and for the recommendations! We think alike! Be sure to check out this week’s Outfit of the Month as Miss Dior is included – it looks wonderful! And I have Spencer on my list to share in November when it premieres because that too has me intrigued. Thank you for thinking of TSLL and sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. ?

  2. The Morning Show returns! I am so looking forward to staying in on Fridays too to enjoy each episode. The Van Gogh Sunflowers film looks interesting and I may have to watch as in November I am going to the Van Gogh Alive immersive exhibit which is showing here in Manchester.
    Thank you again for more wonderful recommendations
    Sarah x

      1. Nigel Slater inspires me constantly! 🙂 From his Notes from the Larder cookbook – I think it was page 266. I cannot wait for his new cookbook/diary to be released this fall. The Cook’s Book. 500+ pages of his writing and ideas. Always a treat and a book I would easily read each night before going to bed.

        1. Oh I cannot wait either! I love a Nigel Slater book – the Kitchen Diaries especially. His new book looks beautiful as well as contains some delicious recipes.

        2. Love Nigel Slater! I spent a good few hours last night trying to find when The Cook’s Book would be released to the US. Canada, it seems, is getting it around mid-November? Any insight for the lower 48?

  3. Dear Shannon,

    I thoroughly enjoy your weekly This and That posts! Thank you so much for sharing the blog post from Introvert, Dear. I was not aware of the blog and have already found articles that appeal to me. Like you, I chose a career in education and oftentimes I had to function as an extrovert, which left me exhausted. As a new retiree, I’m embracing my introversion!

    Have a great weekend! Looking forward to your next cooking episode!


    1. Carrie,It is a wonderful site and I highly recommend Michaela Chung’s book The Irresistible Introvert after you’ve read Susan Cain’s must-read Quiet as the former celebrates and in specific details shares why we love the life we do and validates our choices to connect with ourselves, because yes, connection is necessary, and for introverts, that connection includes regular time with our own company – we cannot dismiss this. 🙂 Here’s a link –

  4. Loved catching up with This and That today , thank you Shannon.
    Lots of lovely links to follow ?

    When I visited my local Sue Ryder Charity shop this week, I was delighted to find two books I have been looking for……..Under the Tuscan Sun , and My Life in France , both recommended by you Shannon !
    Needless to say they both came home with me, and I am so looking forward to reading them .

    Did you know that David Linley is the Queen’s nephew, Shannon ?
    He is the son of Princess Margaret , the Queen’s sister , and Anthony Armstrong Jones .

    I am also looking forward to the new series of Bake Off , and also, Strictly come Dancing , which starts this Saturday in the UK
    ( a similar programme to Dancing with the Stars in America )
    Both programmes with the ‘ feel good ‘ factor , so lots of fun to watch over the next few weeks .

    Have you come across the Intermittent Fasting way of eating ?
    There are several different ways of incorporating it into your life , and
    It has been shown to have many positive effects on your health.

    I loved the photograph of your beautiful roses …..are they from David Austin ?
    Your sunflowers have been a delight !
    Thank you for the photos.

    It’s so good to know that the edits of your book are coming along well , I have often thought that editing a book must be more difficult than writing that first draft !
    I look forwards to having a copy in my hand ?

    Have a wonderful weekend with the boys,

    With Best Wishes from a gloriously sunny UK

    Anne x

    1. Anne, Thank you for teaching me about David Linley’s relation to the queen! I had no idea. 🙂 And what a find at the charity shop! I love both of those books and find Frances Mayes writing soulful and calming as she describes her days and life – no wonder it was optioned for a movie, even if the move (lovely in its own way) is distinctly different from the memoir. Yes, this is my Albrighton rambling rose from David Austin. It is doing well in its second year and hopefully next year will begin to stretch atop the front porch. 🙂 So tickled you are having beautiful weather in the UK – have a lovely September weekend!

  5. Thank you for the introvert blog article. I was reading it nodding along. I would have loved a teacher to forgo the classic grade of participation. Sometimes, we introverts have the answer but don’t feel comfortable speaking up and we are penalized. I never realized the connection til reading that! I binge watched “The Chair” you recommended prior. I have a degree in English Literature, so multiple scenes in the show resonated with me! I really enjoyed that show. I found online, some videos of the return to broadway openings. I must admit, I was choked up and had goose bumps from excitement for them. I love the musical theater and miss it (live pretty far from anywhere it plays, used to attend all of them in Baltimore MD before I moveed..). Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I finally visited the site “Introvert, Dear”, because I never considered myself as such. Well. After reading the definition here,, it was truly a jaw-dropping, and yet, thoroughly affirmative, moment. I can “do” extrovert, but dang, I am such a dyed-in-the-wool introvert. I can now forgive myself for so many “failings”. Thanks, Shannon. I never would have looked. I feel truly deliciously free in some aspect and so willing to go forward in a way I hadn’t considered, that will be more contented and “right” for me. You know what’s cool? Still learning about yourself and the world when you are in your sixth(or whatever) decade. Best to you and the sweet pups, enjoy the lovely rain this weekend. XO

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