This & That: October 8, 2021
Friday October 8, 2021

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A full This & That we have today! Oh my goodness! Cookbooks, fall clothing sales, exciting and varied new book releases on pasta, dogs, Paris, Stanley Tucci and the return of a bestselling author who is already receiving critical praise for his third title. As well, a new documentary I am most looking forward to watching, three new tv seasons have begun and a stage production of a figure you may recognize, AND Inslee, the talent behind TSLL’s illustrations, has something special available for everyone at Anthropologie. You don’t want to miss it. Oh, one more big piece of inclusion – Adele. And still, there is more!


Capote’s Women: A True Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Swan Song for an Era by Laurence Leamer

Being released this coming Tuesday, editors are recommending bestselling biographer Laurence Leamer book Capote’s Women. “Leamer delves into the years following the acclaimed publication of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1958 and In Cold Blood in 1966, when Capote struggled with a crippling case of writer’s block. While enjoying all the fruits of his success–including cultivating close friendships with the richest and most admired women of the era–he was struck with an idea for what he was sure would be his most celebrated novel…one based on the remarkable, racy lives of his very, very rich friends.”

The Forever Dog: Surprising new science to help your canine companion live younger, healthier and longer by Rodney Habib and Karen Shaw Becker

To say I took note of this new book that will be released on Tuesday will surprise no one, and with many pet lovers in TSLL’s community, I knew I needed to share it with you. “The Forever Dog gives us the practical, proven tools to protect our loyal four-legged companions. Rodney Habib and Karen Becker, DVM, globetrotted (pre-pandemic) to galvanize the best wisdom from top geneticists, microbiologists, and longevity researchers; they also interviewed people whose dogs have lived [incredibly long lives]. The result is this unprecedented and comprehensive guide, filled with surprising information, invaluable advice, and inspiring stories about dogs and the people who love them.”

Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci

If you enjoy Stanley Tucci as an actor, or even were just recently introduced to him in his recent series on CNN, Searching for Italy, you will want to check out his new memoir – Taste: My Life Through Food. Released this past Tuesday, “Taste is a reflection on the intersection of food and life, filled with anecdotes about his growing up in Westchester, New York; preparing for and shooting the foodie films Big Night and Julie & Julia; falling in love over dinner; and teaming up with his wife to create meals for a multitude of children. Each morsel of this gastronomic journey through good times and bad, five-star meals and burned dishes, is as heartfelt and delicious as the last.”

The Lincoln Highway: A Novel by Amor Towles

Also released this past Tuesday and a book readers and critics have been eager to read since Towles’ bestselling novel A Gentleman in Moscow, The Lincoln Highway is already being praised. The setting is 1954, the main character is en route to Nebraska, but plans change and the storyline heads back to New York City. Have a look at the full summary here.

British Find

Autumn Gardening with Carol Klein, channel 5

Premiering last night on Channel 5 in the UK, Carol Klein returns with a series about autumnal gardening that I wish I could watch. Back at Glebe Cottage Garden in Devon, gardening expert Carol Klein shows off some of the seasonal changes since her spring series shared earlier this year.

A Cook’s Book: The Essential Nigel Slater by Nigel Slater

Another British treasure not yet available to us here in the states, but I know many British and European readers are eager to pick up, Nigel Slater’s latest cookbook. Being released next Thursday, Slater’s A Cook’s Book is in his favored diary style writing, shares recipes as well as thoughts and pondering about his life and food and living. I know the book will become available in the states in the coming months, and I will be sure to share here on T & T when it does, but until then, if you can pick up the 400+ page tome, I do hope you enjoy.

~UPDATE! A BIG Thank You to TSLL reader Courtney for sharing you can preorder Nigel’s book at Blackwell’s (UK) and they ship free to the states! I just placed my order. ☺️ Grateful for the info Courtney. Thank you again!

Grantchester, Season 6

I am one week late on this announcement: Season 6 of Grantchester has begun! Kicking off this past Sunday on PBS Masterpiece, tune in for the latest season following Reverend Will Davenport. Set in 1958, traditional norms, that today clearly display sexism, inequality and injustice are included, challenged and spotlighted. And if the first episode is any indication, this will be a theme throughout the season. Have a look at the trailer below.


Pasta: The Spirit and Craft of Italy’s Greatest Food with Recipes by Missy Robbins and Talia Baiocchi

Homemade pasta, pasta recipes from the source, and with the expertise of a chef who has dedicated her career to learning, cooking and establishing her very own restaurant centered around pasta, this cookbook is one to have for the pasta lover. “New York City chef Missy Robbins fell in love with Italian food and pasta twenty-five years ago. She has been cooking, researching, and studying her way across Italy ever since, which led her to open two of America’s most renowned pasta restaurants, Lilia and Misi. With illustrated step-by-step recipes for handmaking forty of the most versatile pasta shapes and one hundred recipes for Italian American, regional Italian, and Robbins’s own best pasta dishes, plus two dozen vegetable sides, this is the hard-working manual for home cooks who aspire to master the art of pasta cooking.”


My So-Called Selfish Life

The Bend Film Festival just began yesterday, and one of the films being screened is My So-Called Selfish Life, centered around challenging the premonition that women who choose not to have children are, well, supposedly selfish. Hmmmm. This particular film will be available for online viewing and not in theaters due to Covid, but I look forward to watching in this coming week while cuddled up here at home. Have a look at the trailer below and look for it to become available in the coming months wherever you enjoy watching films.


Escape to the Chateau, Season 7

Now available on the streaming service Peacock is season 7 of Escape to the Chateau. Follow Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge as they continue to restore their once abandoned 19th century chateau as well as navigate through the tribulations brought about by the pandemic. Take a look at the season’s trailer below.

Timeless Paris: Ateliers, Emporiums, Savoir Faire by Marin Montagut

If you are looking for tucked away, only-known-to-locals, and far from the tourist guidebook treasured Parisian shops, then this is the book for you. Artist and designer Marin Montagut (seen below) takes readers inside twenty of his favorite quintessentially Parisian locations, seemingly untouched by time, that provide rich creative inspiration.


& Other Stories, Sale

Looking for affordable staples for your fall and winter wardrobe? Be sure to stop by & Other Stories this weekend as they are having a sale (up to 50% off). I have shopped a few worthwhile finds below.

Banana Republic, 30% off sale

Another sale not to miss this weekend is taking place at Banana Republic. While some of their new collection is excluded, there is much included. I have shopped a few of just such items below, but be sure to check out the entire site.

Farm Rio, site-wide sale, 50% off

If you love bright, brilliant prints, I have found your brand. Readers in the Southern Hemisphere are stepping into spring and soon summer, and Farm Rio is a brand to shop for your capsule wardrobe. Sustainability is a founding principle of Farm Rio, based in Brazil. For each purchase on our website, in our stores and at other authorized retailers, we donate one tree to be planted in the Amazon and Brazilian Rainforest. And this weekend, they are having a sale, marking the entire site off up to 50%. I have shopped a few items below, but be sure to shop the entire site for yourself.

Inslee Fariss at Anthropologie!

I am soooo incredibly excited to share with you news I didn’t know about until this week! Inslee (the exclusive illustrator for TSLL) has returned to Anthropologie (her Christmas and winter holiday items sold out as soon as they were posted last year) to share her Autumn Bounty collection. Needless to say, remembering how fast her items sold out last year for her holiday collection, I purchased a tea towel and a couple of mugs yesterday, but there is sooo much more to shop. I have only included a few of the items below, but be sure to click through here and prep for your autumn and Thanksgiving décor.

Autumnal Bounty Side Plate (four different designs)

LuluLemon Down For It All Jacket (more colors)

The outdoor walks require a bit more warmth now that the first freeze arrived, and while I still want to keep a good, swift stride, having a warm, but slim coat is a must. This down, tailored piece caught my eye and I am watching the price as it isn’t on sale at the moment, but would be a great addition to my winter walking wardrobe.


Baker’s Dozen

While you will always find me watching GBBO during the fall weekends, if you would like more baking inspiration and competition, tune in to Hulu’s new series Bakers Dozen. Filmed here in the states, professionals and amateurs compete to see whose baked goods take the cake (okay, went too far). Regardless, have a look at the trailer below and enjoy the series now on Hulu.

Diana: The Musical

Yep, Diana is a musical, and while the play began to hit the Broadway stage just before the pandemic shutdown the Great White Way, the show found a way to go on, and filmed its production. Now available on Netflix, have a look at the trailer for Diana.

The weekend arrives and the week that was brought gorgeous autumn beauty paired with the first real frost of the season (see this IG post captured on the same walk seen above as we began when the temperature was 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water from the river created the most mesmerizing effect). Norman and I have been like butter and French croissants – inseparable – and that has been nourishing. From working on the book, taking morning and sometimes afternoon walks with evening neighborhood walks, celebrating when the music of the bathroom remodel is in full steam (every bit of noise is a step closer toward completion!), and more generally, just enjoying our schedule at Le Papillon, his companionship even while he sleeps and snores away as I work, is priceless comfort.

This weekend I look forward to taping a cooking episode as the final couple need to be recorded, watching the season finale of Ted Lasso, enjoying one of the films available to be viewed in-person at our local film festival, and just generally, snuggling into fall as it may even rain this weekend (fingers and toes crossed).

For podcast listeners, the microphone was turned around this week as I was a guest on a show I am tickled to have been invited to join for an episode. Tune in to a new episode (#94) of the Solo: The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life podcast as I joined host Peter McGraw and guest co-host Lily Rains for a conversation about how taste is developed. For more than an hour we explore a vast array of topics – food, clothing, quality of life, societal pressures, décor and pups. It was a pleasure to be invited to chat.

More than anything, I hope your week went well, and thank you for choosing to stop by today. Wishing you a fantastic two days ahead, and be sure to stop by tomorrow for a new episode of the cooking show, and then again on Monday for a post to jumpstart the new week. Until then, bonne journée.

~The tour of an über sophisticated, yet grounded in classic English décor touches in Brandon Schubert’s flat in London [House & Garden UK]

~If you are addicted to productivity, and let’s face it, it has been pushed as a pillar of our culture, this may be a great post to explore to find a healthy balance [LifeHack]

~Journaling and self-care. There are benefits and I have found them to be true for my own life. [The New York Times]

~On the cover of Vogue UK is Adele. Read her profile piece here, and look for her first track to drop of her new album on October 15 (hear a glimpse below from her IG). She also appears on the US Vogue cover (pic to the right is from that issue). Read their profile piece here. It has been too long since we’ve heard her sing. And while her new album is said to be a departure from previous works, I still cannot wait for it to arrive.

~Paris Breakfasts took in Christo’s L’Arc de Triomphe wrapped before the installation came down and shared what she saw in this lovely post.

~I am beginning to make travel plans for 2022 and so have been checking on my passport renewal’s status (you can do so here), and staying up-to-date on the UK’s travel policies for Americans – you can learn more here (my eyes are always on France as well).

~Speaking of travel, a helpful post sharing timeless basics to pack for a trip to Paris [CN Traveler]

~Staying with Paris for a moment – The Parisians Are Over FOGO (fear of going out). [The New York Times]

~The power of showing up when it comes to cultivating healthy relationships built on trust [Shondaland]

~TV and movies are finally celebrating older women [The New York Times]

~Monty Don’s October Gardening newsletter – jobs to tend to and beautiful pics from Longmeadow.

Do you remember the first season of Love Life starring Anna Kendrick on HBO Max? Well, I am happy to learn that while it is returning, it’s not returning with the same cast, as that love story was told. A new love story will be the focus of the second season, and it becomes available on October 28th. Here is the trailer, starring William Jackson Harper. | The Simply Luxurious Life

21 thoughts on “This & That: October 8, 2021

  1. Happy weekend Shannon.
    I look forward to adding Nigel Slater’s new book to my collection of his books (the Christmas Chronicles will be dug out soon for some festive inspiration).
    So happy to see the return of Adele and a rumoured new album – those “30” billboards have mysteriously been popping up around the world. She’s the cover star for British Vogue this month too so I think that’s an issue I shall have to pick up.
    Have a wonderful weekend x

    1. Oh and I plan to listen to your episode of Solo this weekend on a walk with my own furry companion (Waffle). I’m interested to here your thoughts

  2. Shannon! You can order Nigel Slater’s A Cook’s Book from Blackwells in the UK next week when it releases. That’s what I plan on doing. The site is my secret weapon for getting the UK releases over here in the states. Lol ( 🙂
    Have a great weekend.


  3. Shannon, so many wonderful things to check out today! I am excited and delighted.
    I can’t wait to see My So-Called Selfish Life!!!! It is hard to be in this world at times not having any kids. I am over 50 now and I do feel alone as far as not having any female friends who also chose to not have kids. Anyway, thank you for all of the goodies today! Happy fall in Bend!

    1. Tamra,

      Good morning and thank your stopping by. You will always have a friend here with me in your choice and to honor your life journey. I am curious to see how the concept is presented in the film. Happy fall to you as well and happy weekend! xo

      1. I am very interested in watching MSCSL as well. Although I have children, and would not trade it for anything, I have always supported a woman’s choice not to be a mother (of little humans…because pets are our children no matter what they say). Children are very high-maintenance and expensive and, although I dearly love mine, I have given up the best years of my life to give them everything they desire while I wore cheap clothing, ate cheap food, and traveled to baseball games instead of Paris. Now, I am finally embracing my “Second Act” and doing the things I enjoy. Good for you!

        1. Michelle, I appreciate your comment very much. I am interested and hopeful to see how the idea is presented. The key to embody for all women, and all people, is honoring a women’s choice to have or not have children. We all have the potential to contribute positively to the world in our own way. Raising healthy, loved, secure children is a significant contribution and investment of one’s time and focus and resources, and there are other ways to contribute that are not having and raising children. Thank you for your acknowledgement and may your “second act” as you have shared be deeply satisfying and full of contentment. ?

  4. So much great stuff here, as usual, Shannon. Thank you. I always eagerly anticipate T&T on Fridays; it has become my unofficial start to the weekend.

    I do have children and wanted them always. I am interested in the film, as well. I don’t really understand the fascination with other people’s choices and criticism thereof. It shouldn’t matter what other people choose. I’ve chosen what’s best for me and someone else’s choice doesn’t impact that or diminish my choice in any way. It’s just very hard for me to wrap my head around. Maybe it’s just that as an HSP, I hate contention and it’s a huge expenditure of energy to me to be so invested in what other people do. For Heaven’s sake, let’s just leave each other to live as they please and focus on elevating each other rather than running each other down. We need all people for a happy, healthy and successful society.

    As an aside, I’d like to point out, that, in the US motherhood is idolized, yet we have a maternal mortality rate equal with some third world countries AND there are few to zero services for new mothers and working mothers (compared with other rich nations, eg, France and Germany), while full-time homemaking is frowned upon and considered old fashioned and backwards. Seems to me that we have our wires crossed on many levels.

    Thanks again for a great post and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    PS – on a morning walk in the park earlier today, I met a lady with a King Cavalier (different coloring than Norman) named Rosie. She was so friendly and sweet!!! Made me think of Mr Norman. 🙂

    1. Wordsmithad,

      Thank you for all that you have shared especially about the disconnect and motivation regarding the American culture and motherhood. I appreciate your insights, awareness and courage to share.

      Also, I will pass along to Norman your thinking of him, and how lovely to meet Rosie! ☺️ Have a great weekend. ?

  5. Yes! Baker’s Dozen! My friend is on that! Can’t wait to watch it (she’s being very tight lipped about her time there!)

  6. Good morning, Shannon! Excellent T&T as usual! I’m so happy I subscribe because I can do a perusal and then go back to delve into the many articles you provide. Headed out for an early morning walk. I love this time of year! Sending you hugs because I know you and Norman are missing Sweet Oscar.

  7. Shannon, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you create the beautiful chocolate cake! You are a natural at doing a cooking show! It’s just so much fun to watch you in your cool apron using those great copper pans, and then the finale when you savor what you have created! Sublime!

    Still thinking of you and Norman, while you go through your time of loss with Oscar. I see Oscar walk by in the beginning of one of your video segments, and I hope you never take that out, because it is such a reminder of his loving presence in your life. My 3rd fur family member, Oliver, is so loved, yet we cherish our memories of the past two, Yoshi and Rascal. Just wanted you to know that I love what you are sharing and am thinking of you. Thank you for sending the joyful ideas!

    1. Victoria,

      Good morning and thank you for stopping by. ? I am delighted to hear you are enjoying the cooking show and rest assured, Oscar will always remain in the videos. For me it is a comfort and a way of holding him in my memory even more. Sending love to Oliver and thank you for sharing your entire family. Grateful you have had and have their love in your life. ??

  8. Hi Shannon ,
    I just wanted to say that , as a teacher , you have helped many children to learn about themselves and the world ,and may, perhaps unwittingly, have had a huge influence on their lives .
    We can all remember that special teacher, who made a difference , either by the way they inspired us by their teaching, or the support and encouragement they gave us .
    I do have children, and love them dearly, but I know that I am not the only person who has influenced them and supported them to fulfil their dreams……..without their teachers, they would not have been able to choose the careers they have .???
    x Anne x

  9. Thank you for another great selection for our delight! 🙂

    My favourites this week are:
    – Granchester: is it available in Europe? Have to look into that.
    – Film: My So-Called Selfish Life – hmmm…
    – Inslee beautiful work – and yes, this products are available in Germany. Now, the difficulty is to choose – they are all lovely!
    – Cashmere Scarf

    Last but not least, the Solo podcast: very nice indeed. I think it is important to make resources like this available, bringing this theme out to the public, in a positive light, in a dignified manner. Single people, together with childless women, have to “justify” themselves for such choices, as if any of these makes them less worth citizens or incomplete human beings, which is nonsense, of course, but well, there we are…
    I have been single most of my life and would still be if I had not, accidentally, met someone compatible. I was happy then and I am happy now. I was complete then and I am complete now. I do not have children, and made that choice very early in my life. Yes, there was some “disapproval” of society and family, regarding that choice of mine, but, well, simply, it is not anyone’s business what I do with my life…
    In the 21st century, it is well time to dispel the old-thinking, and let people live fulfilling lives as they see fit.

    My feline daughter, Rabea, sends best regards to Norman! 😉

    Have a great week, Shannon! And everyone. 🙂

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