This & That: October 28, 2022
Friday October 28, 2022

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A wide-ranging swath of interesting and lovely finds this week. A new dramatic and inspired based on true events series for Francophiles, a comedic series for those who have a soft-spot for Blockbuster that is receiving positive reviews, a new British series for those who enjoy listening to true-crime podcasts, an Italian cookbook must-have for lovers of this beloved cuisine, luxurious personal stationary, Ina Garten’s new series, a more cozy pair of pajamas at a great price would be hard to find, and a new book that immediately caught my eye and I cannot wait to read. Plus, so much more!


Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir by Matthew Perry

For fans of FRIENDS, actor Matthew Perry’s new memoir is one many have been looking forward to and will be released on November 1st. Perry “takes us along on his journey from childhood ambition to fame to addiction and recovery in the aftermath of a life-threatening health scare.” “A nationally ranked tennis star in Canada, at twenty-four-year-old [Perry] nabbed a coveted role as a lead cast member on the talked-about pilot then called Friends Like Us“, and from there the beloved series took off and so too did the new life trajectory . Enjoy his trademark humor as he shares frankly the ups and downs, life behind the scenes and much more.

Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Rayburn

Described as Golden Girls meets James Bond, released this past September and already a bestseller, Killers of a Certain Age looks to be a fun, yet thrilling, cozy mystery ride. Following the recent retirement of four 60-year old former assassins of a clandestine international organization, “Billie, Mary Alice, Helen, and Natalie have worked for the Museum, an elite network of assassins, for forty years. Now their talents are considered old-school and no one appreciates what they have to offer in an age that relies more on technology than people skills.” But slipping quietly into retirement is not what the Museum has in mind.

The Open-Air Life: Discover the Nordic Art of Friluftsliv and Embrace Nature Every Day by Linda Âkeson Mcgurk

I just learned of this new book that will be released this coming Tuesday and am quite looking forward to reading it.

Linda Âkeson Mcgurk shares with readers in her inspirational guide “the pleasures of foraging for wild berries and birding to how to stay warm and cozy outside in the middle of winter as well as how to harness the power-of-nature to improve their physical and mental health, as well as their relationships with both other people and Mother Nature. Additionally, readers will discover why and how they should spend more time outside, How to use friluftsliv to combat stress, anxiety disorders, depression, and burnout, and practical skills like making fire, cooking outdoors and cleaning water on the go.” Looks right up my alley and maybe yours as well. ☺️

British Finds

Karen Pirie, BritBox

A bit more of a drama series than usually shared, it was the guiding premise of the obstacles the lead of this series faces that prompted me to share here on TSLL. Having just premiered on BritBox, Karen Pirie follows the newly promoted DS Karen Pirie who “reopens the case of a murdered barmaid which was the the subject of a provocative true-crime podcast” (à la Only Murders in the Building vibe, non?). Her investigation unearths flaws in the original 1996 inquiry, but not without struggle to be taken seriously in her position merely because she is a woman, and, as she points out in the trailer below, being named Karen isn’t helping.


Via Carota: A Celebration of Seasonal Cooking from the Beloved Greenwich Village Restaurant: An Italian Cookbook by Jody Williams, Rita Sodi, and Anna Kovel

If you love to eat and/or cook Italian food, you will want to pick up this new cookbook that fans of the restaurant Via Carota (such as SJP) are sharing is a special treat indeed and in fact that they are sharing their secrets at all is a lucky surprise.


One King’s Lane Special Savings Event, 25% off one item

If you have had your eye on anything in particular at One King’s Lane, this weekend is the time to scoop it up with a special savings of 25% with promo code SPECIAL25 or AUTUMN25 through Sunday.

Rowen & Wren Oak Candlesticks (two sizes)

Currently, I am putting together TSLL’s annual Holiday Gift Guide, and one shop I always pop by to see what they have to share for the holidays is British company Rowen & Wren. Having a few of their brass candlesticks, I have found the quality of their items is sound, and their prices fair, so when I saw these oak candlesticks – timeless and cozy, I wanted to share. (look for the Holiday Gift Guide to be shared soon!)


Blonde, Netflix

Ana de Amas stars as Marilyn Monroe in the new biographical film adapted from Joyce Carole Oates novel (2000) of the same name. Written and directed by Andrew Dominik, Blonde is a fictionalized take on the life and career of the iconic blonde bombshell and actress Marilyn Monroe. Released in September, reviews have been inconsistent, but viewers are enjoying it. Have a look at the trailer below to see if you might just want to check it out.

Francophile Find

Notre-Dame: La Part du Feu (Notre Dame starts from the fire, Netflix

Based on the book, Notre-Dame de la Nuit , co-written by Romain Gubert and the Paris Fire Department, the six-part series takes on the night of April 15th, 2019, when the Notre-Dame cathedral burst into flames and follows the firefighters who were tasked to protect Paris’ iconic lady.

Just last evening I sat down to watch the first episode, and my own emotions of disbelief and shock rose to surface, tears welling up, which, now more than three years removed from the event, surprised me. Many stories on this day are creatively and expertly interwoven, and I look forward to watching the second episode as soon as press ’Publish’ on today’s post. Have a look at the trailer below and watch now on Netflix.


Crane Personalized Notes and Cards

Perhaps you too enjoy writing handwritten notes, and while they can be thank you notes, they need not be. Having our own personal stationary is a wonderful detail to have on hand, and when its beautiful and yet simple, so refined and elegant, it makes it all the more a lovely reminder to write more notes and send them to those you care about and appreciate. Crane’s personalized stationery is a luxury to have, so I am keeping my eye on a particular style and hoping a sale happens by the year’s end (as the designs are not cheap, but stunning are the designs), and if so, I will be stocking up. (You can design your envelopes and the linings as well with beautiful, classic solids or print colors schemes.

Nap Idle PJ Set (many colors)

I was recently introduced to Nap for the cashmere lounge pants from a TSLL reader (thank you!), and came across these oversized women’s pajamas sets. While they look like they are made of silk, they are actually made of 100% Cupro which “is a regenerated cellulose fabric that is made from recycled cotton linter, the fluffy fiber around the plant’s seeds. Cupro material is breathable and regulates temperature like cotton, drapes elegantly, and feels like silk.” In other words, the price is quite nice for something that looks and feels like silk.

Reiss Camel Amalia Belted Blindseam Short Wool Coat (two colors)

An investment piece indeed, but a piece you will have in your closet to wear for warmth and ensure you are effortlessly stylish for many years to come.


Saint James Cordillera Structured Knit Scarf, winter white (4 colors)


Preparing for winter, and this winter white knit scarf would pair well with casual or more dressed up outerwear.


Be My Guest w/Ina Garten, Food Network

Beginning on October 9th, Barefoot Contessa’s new series, Be My Guest premiered on Food Network with four episodes. Enjoy listening to conversation in Garten’s barn and garden in the Hamptons with Faith Hill, Emily Blunt, Nathan Lane and Marcus Samuelsson while a recipe or two is made as well. (watch on Food Network as well as Discovery+)

Blockbuster, Netflix

As I live in Bend, Oregon, home of the last still running and open for business Blockbuster, I felt I needed to share the news of a new series, a comedy series in fact, that debuts on November 3rd – Blockbuster. What makes it all the more on-the-nose comedic is that it is produced and airing on Netflix, no doubt, one of the main reasons Blockbuster is no longer a viable business across the country, but perhaps it was inevitable – who knows? Have a look at the trailer, and discover a series critics are praising.

The Lost Kitchen Show, season 3, Magnolia

Erin French, the founder and chef behind the restaurant in Freedom, Maine, The Lost Kitchen (read her best-selling memoir, Finding Freedom here) stars in the series The Lost Kitchen on the Magnolia network. In the new season (its third) which just premiered, go behind the scenes and into the kitchen of this most sought after restaurant in which guests have to send a hand-written letter and may or may not acquire reservations as tens of thousands of letters are received requesting the opportunity to dine at the much-talked about restaurant and dining experience. With locally inspired fare and a personal experience as the entire staff comprises of French’s female friends and her mother, the series is doing quite well. Have a look at the trailer below.

A week at Le Papillon that involved snuggling with pups, attempting to improve my French, taping November’s A Cuppa Moments (during which the above image was captured – Little One’s proper introduction involved a very sleepy pup as it was nap time when we recorded it) and much time over the weekend out in the garden plopping bulbs into the ground before the freeze hardens the soil.

After each day’s work in the office, the evenings have been finding me stepping into the kitchen enjoying the immersive hold the act of cooking has on my attention with both pups finding their place on the rug in front of the stove to watch and wait to see if anything drops (but mainly, I tell myself, to receive pats and loves from leur mère while I cook – I am probably not correct, but I will keep telling myself that ☺️?). After dinner, a short neighborhood walk with the pups, now bundling up a bit more (me, not the pups ?), followed by cozying in at home to read a book and/or watch an episode of a favorite new show, describes what my days have been for this past month of October, and I am more than fine with it. Soon Little One will be able to go for our long walks, and before we know it, her routine will be our routine as she is already settling in so well.


Norman is perched on his fireplace chair to let me know he would like a nibble of my tea and treat. Little One joined him, because well, it’s Norman and she just wants to be close to him. ?

As we step into the final weekend of October and Halloween on Monday, I hope your concluding of the month is going well. Thank you for stopping by today, and be sure to stop by tomorrow as the final episode of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show will be aired, a recipe that is cozy to its core, and oh so French (oh! and the new digital cookbook for Season 5 is now available! Free to TOP Tier Members and only $8 for non-members). In fact, it may be on my menu this weekend to savor once more. ☺️ ??❤️ Be sure to explore becomimg a TOP Tier Member as in November’s A Cuppa Moments video chat (Tuesday November 1st) Little One will be introduced and I will be answering many questions I have received. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and until tomorrow, bonne journée.

~Dorie Greenspan just updated her Pumpkin Pie recipe, originally found in Baking with Dorie.

~Something I will be doing this weekend and into the first of November . . . Gardeners’ World shares how to lift and store dahlias.

~12 French makeup brands to know [Leonce Chenal]

~Another great review for the film Tár starring Cate Blanchett which is beginning to receive some Oscar-buzz. [The New York Times]

~Take a home tour of AirMail founder (and former Vanity Fair editor) Graydon Carter’s house in the country in Connecticut. His wife Anne’s office and desk area caught my eye immediately, but the rest of the house is lovely with a touch of English charm as well.[The Financial Times]

~Hip Paris spotlights a classic French bistro to visit in Paris – Le Bon George. (visit the bistro’s website here)

~A list of 7 cozy Cotswolds winter hideaways for a holiday getaway [Britain Magazine]

~Listen to Oliver Gee’s interview with Edward Chisholm (author of A Waiter in Paris) discuss what it’s really like to be a waiter in Paris. [The Earful Tower]

~The map for Le Tour de France, 2023 has been shared!

~And a film for Anglophiles that will be released next Friday, so just to give you a heads up. ???❤️

~Explore last week’s This & That: October 21, 2022

Cookbooks for favorite fall meals and new ideas with trusted autumnal ingredients, an auction of hand-picked finds by Aerin Lauder, a handful of films – two for Anglophiles, clothes for staying warm and looking great, a new artist profile documentary I am looking forward to watching and still, much more. 

~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

14 thoughts on “This & That: October 28, 2022

  1. Shannon, I loved the suggestion of personalised stationery as it is something I have always aspired the but generally the cost is prohibitive. I shall keep looking as I’m trying to get in the habit of writing more notes etc rather than texting or emailing. It’s so nice to have a letter in the post.

    The new series of Karen Pirie is excellent and although not cosy not too stomach churning either. I’m a fan of Val McDermid who authored the original books.

    Have a great weekend. X

    1. Nicola,

      Thank you for sharing about the series. Indeed, it looks to be well done. And I too am in the same boat about stationary; I wish it was more affordable. Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a wonderful weekend. ?

  2. I’m loving your new pup! Looking at the pictures of your dogs always puts a huge smile on my face! Thank you for sharing! Obviously do love everything about your posts. I’m wondering if you are also and INFJ. We couldn’t be more similar. Always tell my husband that you are the better version of me. ?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely as always. I’m looking forward to reading The Open Air book as well. It looks great! Always a fan of the Nordic philosophies.
    That candlestick is gorgeous as well. Have a great weekend!


  4. Shannon, you’ve outdone yourself! There’s so much that’s intrigued me, I don’t know where to begin. Blonde film. I grew up in the motion picture business and was aware of the persona of Marilyn. I hadn’t been curious about this film until now. Perhaps the film maker got it right. And Crane’s! Oh my goodness. Real personalized cards. Writing letters, notes is out of style. Thank you. I’d resorted to writing on large white copy paper. The news of Notre Dame took on a life of it’s own and I, like so many devotees worldwide, cried. Bill Nighy is a favorite of mine and I now have this film to look forward to viewing. Thank you.

    P. S. Rereading the back cover of your 3rd book I smiled when I read “an amateur gardener.” Isn’t true. From a former northern Californian sister-gardener, you’re an expert!

  5. Shannon, great T&T. I thought I needed a new coat until I went through my hall closet, you forget during the summer months what you have?. But that Reiss jacket is lovely. Definitely will be checking out the Linda Âkeson Mcgurk book, I am not happy if I am not out in nature every day. The movie about Notre Dame and Blockbuster look interesting. I just switched to the Netflix new basic plan, starting in November so I can include another streaming subscription. But Living starring a favorite of mine, Bill Nightly looks wonderful, will add that to my must see movie list. I love all pictures of your pups, Norman is such a special and patient big brother. I can’t wait for the November Cuppa to hear more about Little One and learn her name. Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend, everyone

  6. Great TnT this week! Thanks so much for the information on Karen Pirie. I am a HUGE fan of author Val McDermid & of the other two series done by the same production company (Bodyguard & Line of Duty), so I would imagine this one is going to be excellent. And I am loving the photos of Norman & Little One. Years ago we took in a tiny feral kitten who took one look at our older cat, who was about 20 times bigger than he was, & panicked, then — when he realized he wasn’t going to be eaten alive — never left his side. Fortunately the older cat was like Norman, very laid-back & accepting, & it was hilarious to watch him go about his day with this tiny kitten practically glued to him. About twice a day he’d scrub the kitten from end to end as thoroughly as any mother cat would, then they’d play a bit before curling up to sleep in the same basket. Even when the kitten grew into a hefty adult they’d shoehorn themselves into one bed. It’s a joy to see a bond like that develop. I have similar photos to yours, with the old cat looking patient but long-suffering while the kitten gazes adoringly at him.

    1. Thanks for your cat story! 🙂 I always enjoy stories of other kitties, as with being a cat-mummy myself…

      And yes, everything you described is known in this parts: oh, yes, the daily “glue-ing”, the washing from ear to tail, the shoehorn sleep in one basket for both, the adoring gaze from one and the “oh man, really?” expression from the other…

      It brought a big smile to my face. How wonderful are our pets?…

  7. Happy Saturday! We finished the first series of Karen Pirie this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. This genre is my favorite, and with Shetland wrapping up, the latest of Vera not here yet, and other woes, we were thrilled with KP and hope more are planned. Another fabulous treat: Magpie Murders. Only one episode released a week, so there’s more time to savor that one. The literary devices employed are delightful.

    I have a soft place in my heart for personalized stationery, and Crane has long since been on my list. I’m vowing that 2023 will be the year! Now I only have to decide which one…

    About The Lost Kitchen in Maine: I was aghast that I’d never heard of it, despite spending 18 summers in Maine while my daughters were growing up. It sounds like such a wonderful place. Thank you for the Season 5 cookbook! I’m excited to peruse it AND your list of links, which I always love. Give the pups each a kiss on the nose from me!

  8. Shannon Norman and Little One are turning out to be quite a double act. She is trying to inch her way nearer and he looks as though he’s not too keen on the attention. I think your day must be full of joy beimg with them . I have my eye on a camel short wrap coat as I used to have one in the 70’s just like the one from Reiss. Great design endure. I will add this to my list.
    Good luck with the dahlua bulbs Whenever I have lifted mine they ended up not surviving so I just leave them in the ground now and they reappear without any problem. I do protect the roots when it gets really cold. See you on Cuppa moments.Have a lovely weekend. Kameela xx

  9. Hello Shannon, and everyone, happy Halloween, if you are celebrating!

    I have found out that my comment did not go on-line – did I click the wrong button?… It was kind of long-ish, with my favourites and what not, but got lost on the way. Well, guess I was distracted with candy-duty… My little American neighbours have been doing “trick-or-treat” for the first time – now that they are grown-up boys of 5 and 3 ;-).

    Just the favourites then, with no side notes:

    – R & R Candlesticks
    – Notre-Dame: La Part du Feu
    – Reiss Short Wool Coat
    – White Knit Scarf
    – Blockbuster
    – French Make-up Brands – La Bouche Rouge.
    – Living.

    Last but not least, a big yes, to personalized stationery.

    And I am ready to meet the Sleeping Beauty! 😉

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