This & That: May 28, 2021 (+ Memorial Day Sales)

May 28, 2021

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Books on style, pizza, Paris, positive body talk and eating well the globe and ourselves. A hilarious new British comedy, Memorial Day sales – links and promo codes, new music, a new comedy from Tina Fey, a new drama series, summer styles to keep you cool and chic, and still much more.


Anne of Manhattan: A Novel by Brina Straler

If you have fond memories of reading L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series, you may want to take a look at Anne of Manhattan being released on June 1st. Brina Straler gives the beloved characters “a romantic, charming, and hilarious modern adaptation, set in New York City”.

Body Talk: How to Embrace Your Body and Start Living Your Best Life by Katie Sturino

With the determination to convince her readers that our bodies are not the problem, but rather where and how we focus our energies, “Sturino has dedicated her life to unlearning all that beauty standard BS and uses her blog, Instagram, podcast, and non-toxic, solution-oriented beauty products to share the message that changed her life.”

Bookstores: A Celebration of Independent Booksellers by Stuart Husband (author) and Horst A. Friedrichs (photographer)

Bibliophiles, a book for us! “Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs opens the door to the world of bricks-and-mortar bookstores, showcasing their variety, quirkiness, and vitality with lavish photography. It celebrates the passion and commitment of the owners with interviews and anecdotes. Explore William Stout Books, a specialty store for architecture and art books in San Francisco, and Baldwin’s Book Barn in Pennsylvania, a 5-story bookstore housed in a dairy barn open since the mid-1940s. Discover Gay’s the Word, the UK’s first and only dedicated LGBTQI bookshop and Livraria Lello, whose Art Deco interior is a temple to reading in the middle of Porto, Portugal . . . What all the bookstores have in common is that they are all dedicated to spreading the written word to their communities.”

The Ten: How and Why We Wear the Fashion Classics by Lauren Cochrane

Being released this coming Tuesday (June 1st), I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Lauren Cochrane’s historical exploration into the sartorial classics. “The Ten includes deep dive explorations into each item’s history, how it gained its reputation, and what it means today, accompanied by stylish photography and illustrations, as well as interviews with notable proponents of each item. From the evolution of the white T-shirt from army staple to symbol of achingly cool simplicity, the hoodie’s birth in the monasteries of Rome to its domination of streetwear, and the transition of the stiletto from the feet of fifteenth-century Iranian equestrians to those of New York businesswomen, The Ten puts fashion in context.”

We Are What We Eat: A Slow Food Manifesto by Alice Waters

Being released next week, Alice Waters’ new book We Are What We Eat “urges us to take up the mantle of slow food culture, the philosophy at the core of her life’s work. When Waters first opened Chez Panisse in 1971, she did so with the intention of feeding people good food during a time of political turmoil . . . [Waters’ new book] is a declaration of action against fast food values, and a working theory about what we can do to change the course. As Waters makes clear, every decision we make about what we put in our mouths affects not only our bodies but also the world at large—our families, our communities, and our environment. We have the power to choose what we eat, and we have the potential for individual and global transformation—simply by shifting our relationship to food. All it takes is a taste.”

British Find

Kate & Koji

Thank you Michelle, a TSLL reader for bringing to my attention a new British comedy exclusive to BritBox. Premiering last spring and now having released its second season, Kate (Brenda Blethyn – Vera) “runs an old-fashioned café in a seaside town, and develops a strong, if sometimes volatile, friendship with asylum-seeking African doctor Koji (Jimmy Olatokunbo Akingbola). Although from different worlds, Kate and Koji are similar in ways they do not see for themselves.” Have a look at the trailer below.


Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef by Anthony Falco

Last spring, I learned about Anthony Falco’s famed Buttercrust pizza crust. I gave it a try and was tickled beyond expectation (here is my recipe – which is Falco’s – I made a Marguerita Pizza)). Then, I learned the man who is known as the Pizza Czar (Falco) just released a new cookbook. I quickly purchased it and added it to my cookbook library because after all, knowing how to make a go-to pizza when you are craving that comfort food hinges upon a quality recipe (and then great ingredients). Trusting his expertise, I knew it was a worthwhile purchase. A purchase you may want to take a look at it as well. 🙂

Francophile Finds

My Place At The Table: A Recipe for a Delicious Life in Paris by Alexander Lobrano

Yet another title being released on June 1st and definitely worth checking out if you are just as eager to return to France as I am, My Place At the Table. Alexander Lobrano, “a James Beard Award–winning writer, whose childhood idea of fine dining was Howard Johnson’s, tells how he became one of Paris’s most influential food critics”.

Roland Garros

I enjoy watching tennis and I enjoy vicariously slipping away to France which makes this annual event one of my favorites. Available to view beginning Sunday May 30, Roland Garros, aka The French Open begins and runs through the 13th of June.


Sara Bareilles: Amidst the Chaos (live from the Hollywood Bowl)

Singer and songwriter Sara Bareilles appears in two items this week, and the first is the release of her new album – Amidst the Chaos performed live in the Hollywood Bowl (sans fans due to the pandemic), but as you will see and here in the video below, she and her songs are brilliant. Listen to her sing “I Choose You”.

Shopping + Memorial Day Sales

Ann Taylor Tie Waist Midi Dress, 40% off

Ann Taylor is one of the many places to visit to perk up your summer capsule wardrobe and save money while you’re at it. Use promo code CELEBRATE for this linen-blend midi dress (sizes are limited, so pick this style up quickly).

Chloe Brick Hana color-block and leather shoulder bag

There is something about this shoulder bag I absolutely love. Its timelessness and neutral colors actually would be perfect for someone who wears denim paired with neutral hues frequently (that would be me). Ideal for the fall and winter, but I think you could get away with it in the spring as well.

—Memorial Day Sales

NRBY Shelley linen dress

I am on a linen kick, but I saw this linen dress last week on a new-to-me clothing site and I immediately put it on my wishlist. Belted or loose, this would be a wonderful dress for summer – travel or at home or doing errands in the heat of the day.

Zara Ring Strap Dress

Speaking of summer, plop a floppy or fedora straw hat on and a pair of simple flat sandals, and this outfit is done. Love this ring strap dress from Zara.

Zara Openwork embroidery shirt

One more from Zara – perfect for summer layering over a swimsuit. Classic, feminine, subtle, yet absolutely chic.



Tina Fey is one of the three executive producers behind a new series on Peacock. Premiering earlier in May, the storyline focuses on a girlband from decades past who try to make a comeback, and of course, the hilarity ensues. The break out star is a name you will remember who starred in Hamilton and yep, that is Sara Bareilles front and center. Have a look at the trailer. I think you may enjoy this one. I have a feeling I will. 🙂

Inside the Met

Put on your watchlist, airing tonight on PBS, viewing for the second and final time this evening at 9pm (it premiered last Friday), The Met Museum in NYC was primed and ready for a grand celebration of its 150th anniversary and then the pandemic arrived. Inside the Met does just that, takes you inside the famed museum, and how they responded to the most unforeseen of delays.

Oslo, HBO Max

Premiering on Saturday May 29th on HBO Max, a new series set in 1993, adapted from the Tony Award-winning play of the same name, “Oslo is based on a true story of negotiations between implacable enemies that led to the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords. Starring Golden Globe-winner Ruth Wilson as Mona Juul, a Norwegian foreign minister, and Emmy-nominee Andrew Scott as Terje Rød-Larsen, a Norwegian sociologist and Mona’s husband, the film details the secret back-channel talks, unlikely friendships and quiet heroics of a small but committed group of Israelis, Palestinians and one Norwegian couple.”

~this chair and ottoman (many other colors – not all stripes) is on sale this weekend)

The final weekend of May, and it appears to be looking more like the Memorial Days we’ve known – a sense of excitement, some, if not many taking a longed for getaway and a forecast of warmth and sunshine.

The boys and I will be staying home to work on the book, linger in the garden and just revel in the unofficial start of summer. I will be planting out a few plants I nursed from seed months ago, and then resting and reading, maybe napping and just again and always savoring. Oh! And Norman and I may take our first paddle of the summer – that is something I cannot wait to do. 🙂

I hope you had a lovely past week, and may this week’s This & That give you ideas to explore, inspiration to live well and simply just savor something which catches your eye. Below are quite a few links you might enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~Making French history, Louvre Gets Its First Female Leader in 228 Years [The New York Times]

~An important read to inspire you to improve the quality of your life – The World Health Organization shares Working too much is literally killing us (and by “us”, the article is speaking about Americans) [Jezebel]

~How to stay fit and healthy by the time you reach your 80s and beyond? Read this article inspired by Anthony Fauci and Jane Brody who exemplify it is indeed possible [The New York Times]

~The secret of happiness? Gardening as written about by Louisa May Alcott’s father Bronson [Brain Pickings]

~Let’s stay on the health and happiness kick – Discover how Exercise May help you flourish [The New York Times]

~I feel great about my neck . . . a shift away from being consumed with our looks as women and toward something more fulfilling [The New York Times]

~How to create a better Normal as an introvert [Introvert, Dear]

~Where to find luxury second-hand clothing in Paris [HipParis]

~Empty your cup to grow [Frictionless Living]

~Coming to auction – A Lost Brontë Library [The New York Times]

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10 thoughts on “This & That: May 28, 2021 (+ Memorial Day Sales)

  1. It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK too and it looks like we may get some sun! Looking forward to getting out in the garden myself and hopefully enjoying some reading time out there as well as garden work. I’m also planning to make a new batch of homemade croissants whilst it’s a long weekend!

    Girls 5eva looks like a really fun watch! I’ll be looking out for that!
    And after gifting my husband a pizza oven for Christmas as he loves to make home made pizza, the Falco book is a must buy for him. We love your butter crust pizza adapted from Falco’s recipe so I’m expecting delicious things!

    Thanks again for so many great suggestions and articles. Always a pleasure perusing.

    Sarah x

    1. Sarah,

      Sounds like a wonderful weekend will be savored! Oh, yes, the Pizza Czar book I think will be a wonderful go-to in the kitchen for anyone who loves pizza. Have fun! And so happy to hear you enjoyed that recipe shared last year. 🙂 Thank you as always for stopping by. Bonne journée!

  2. Hi Shannon, we in Victoria, Australia have just commenced a snap 7 day hard lockdown due to 30 cases of Covid in the state – ( I know I know -but it’s all relative.) We are in the final days of Autumn and with no where to be, I tackled the veggie beds in preparation for winter crops, baked banana muffins, and caught up on Handmaid’s Tale – Praise Be!
    And of course had the time to really delve into British Week in greater depth- so thank you. I was also thinking about your sartorial shift when you will no longer be teaching. I am guessing the pencil skirts, silk blouses and pumps (love this look) may not be in such high rotation in the future. Although a silk blouse never out of place. Love to hear your thoughts . Gabrielle xx

    1. Thank you for stopping by Gabrielle and catching up! I do hope the temporary lockdown works so life may resume more normally swiftly. Yes, my capsule wardrobe is shifting and I am exciting to have some fun. 🙂 Sounds like you have made the most of your time and demonstrating there is positives when we look around us, taking the time to tend to things, explore things and savor things – those muffins sounds delicious! I always love a good banana baked good. 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

      1. Indeed Shannon, like you I am an introvert and am quite enjoying the lockdown. I made David Lebovitz’s French Apple Tart today as I have plenty of Granny Smiths left on the tree even after the the Rosella’s feasted on them.
        Too many lemons left though, maybe a lemon meringue pie tomorrow?
        You take care – Gabrielle XX

  3. Can I just share – I FINALLY found my perfect office bag. It’s big enough to tuck my purse into it along with my laptop (in a sleeve), my lunch, a spare pair of shoes, umbrella, and a book, while still looking sleek, miraculously. It’s a vegan leather with a waterproof interior (wipes clean), has an outer pocket that neatly holds my 20-year-old stainless steel travel mug upright (I’ve been stopped twice in the street to be asked about this! I’m no longer juggling 3 bags plus a mug on any given day, and it’s such a relief.

    Unexpected plot twist: it’s technically a diaper bag, and it is PERFECT.

    1. Oh, Roselyn! Don’t leave us hanging like this — link (or at least a name & brand), please? Not sure how my happily child-free self would handle the diaper-bag aspect, but it actually sounds like a smart adaptation of something I ordinarily would never even think about let alone look at. Thank you!

      1. And my utmost apologies for losing the “e” off your name — it was there at one point, I promise!

        1. Great find Roselyne! 🙂 You are right, it does not look like a diaper bag. Streamlined, but offers quite a spacious interior. Thank you for sharing and congratulations! Definitely something to celebrate. 🙂

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