This & That: May 21, 2021 – British Week

May 21, 2021

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It is British Week on TSLL blog, and that means this week’s This & That is predominantly full of Britsh-finds. From books, to films, to more books, classic British clothing brands, accoutrements for tea, a comedic television series, a new mystery series, décor items and we cannot forget the cookbooks! But there is still more. Phew! I do hope you enjoy. 🙂


The Bench by Meghan the Duchess of Sussex

The Duchess’ first children book “captures the special relationship between father and son, as seen through a mother’s eyes. Illustrated by Caldecott-winning, bestselling illustrator Christian Robinson, he expands on his signature style to bring joy and softness to the pages, reflecting the beauty of a father’s love through a mother’s eyes.”  Look for the title to be released on June 8th.

The Duke: 100 Chapters in the Life of Prince Phillip by Ian Lloyd

Scheduled to be released on October 1st in the states and July 1st in the UK, the new biography of the late Prince Phillip, The Duke, “sets out to explore the man behind the various myths, drawing on interviews with relations, friends, and courtiers as well as authorized biographies, international newspaper reports, and the Duke’s own words.” 

Hillhouse Living: The Art of Creating A Joyful Life by Paula Sutton

Mark your calendars for the official release of IG sensation and a lovely person to follow when you need both a touch of British comfort and brilliant cheer’s upcoming book. Paula Sutton’s first book is set to be released on October 19th. “Beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photographs and drawings, this book gives you a full glimpse into life at Hill House. Inspired by Paula’s love of all things vintage, and filled with simple, stylish, and thrifty tips and tricks for every area of the house, this book will bring the best of country life into your home, wherever you are.”

The Mitford Murders: A Mystery (book 1) by Jessica Fellowes

Recommended to me by a TSLL reader and now sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to read, the first book in series, The Mitford Murders is based on an unsolved crime and written by Jessica Fellowes, author of the New York Times bestselling Downton Abbey companion books.

The Narrowboat Summer by Anne Youngson

Anne Youngson’s debut novel Meet Me At the Museum (shared last week) was a tremendous success, and her sophomore title released this past January looks to be just as intriguing. The plot centers around the idea of “second chances: three women, one dog, and the narrowboat that brings them together.”

British Finds

Bee’s Knees British Imports

Just in case you missed one of the most entered giveaways in British Week history, a tea set for two from Burleigh was shared on Tuesday :). The good news is you can still enter if you are a TOP Tier subscriber, and even if you don’t win, I wanted to share with you the online shop full of Burleigh ceramic treasures: Bee’s Knees British Imports. Located in Massachusetts, find six different Burleigh collections, seen below, the dark blue felicity small teapot, and save 20% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter. As well, many other beloved British home brands are stocked.


The British Baking Book: The History of British Baking, Savory and Sweet by Regula Yeswijn

Released last September, The British Baking Book has me intrigued. Both a look back into history and a cookbook, full of more than 100 recipes and color photography to tempt your tastebuds, “The British Baking Book tells the wonderfully evocative story of baking in Britain—and how this internationally cherished tradition has evolved from its rich heritage to today’s immense popularity of The Great British Bake Off.”

Mary Berry Cooks to Perfection

Earlier this year, Mary Berry released yet another cookbook, and this one is a keeper (the others are as well, so just add this one to your cookbook library :)). Berry shares “a broad range of new and foolproof recipes for everyday cooking as well as special occasions. Simply follow her tips and tricks in the kitchen to get the perfect results, every time.”


Otto Antique Gold Rectangular Tilting Mirror, Graham & Green

I stumbled across this mirror as it was found in The English Home magazine’s profile of an interior designer I enjoy following on IG (see below her bathroom with the pairing Otto Antique mirrors). The tilting aspect and the price caught my attention, and yep, they ship to the states. 🙂


Agatha and the Curse of the Ishtar

Released in 2019, but a film I have not seen yet (I think my weekend plans are made as it is supposed to be rainy and perfect for snuggling in), Agatha and the Curse of the Ishtar appeared on PBS Masterpiece and is now available on Amazon Prime. Have a look at the trailer below.


Amsterdam 2-Cup Teapot, Powder Blue (more colors)

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet highly functional and adorable teapot, this one is for you! Similar to my 2-cup yellow teapot I picked up in Britain, for fewer than $10, you will have the perfect size for your everyday tea ritual.

Barbour Flyweight Cavalry Quilted Jacket (more colors)

The classic British outerware staple, I have had my eye on one of Barbour’s tailored quilted jackets for some time. Ideal for “transitional weather, the Barbour Flyweight Cavalry quilt offers essential warmth without excessive bulk. Made from a box-quilted nylon fabric, the jacket features shaped front seams, a dipped rear hem and waist adjustment tabs to the back for a flattering silhouette without sacrificing practicality.”

Boden’s Summer Shop

Full of playful, mood-lifting prints and fabrics. Shop Boden’s linens and cotton as well as jersey designs in classic cuts – shirtdresses, maxi, midi and more.

Buydeem Tea Maker

Having the opportunity to be given one of Buydeem’s tea makers, I was impressed with its precision, helpful timing system and capacity for using loose leaf tea without the mess. First you boil your water, then you place the loose leaf tea holder into the hot water and press the button for the type of tea you are about to enjoy. It simply let’s the tea steep while you wait, but no longer than what is necessary so you achieve the perfect brew. 🙂 Truly helpful, yet not complicated.

Mackintosh Chryston Hooded Coat (50% off)

Another classic British outerware staple, and available at a lovely 50% reduction. The hooded style is perfect for those days you don’t want to have to worry about carrying an umbrella, but you know the rain may come and you still want to look great.

Mackintosh Roslin belted Trench coat (50% off)

One more, and then I will be done sharing British outerware favorites I promise. A, classic find: the classic Mac trench coat (and 50% off).


BBC Select

A new streaming app now offering access to BBC’s many documentaries, explore BBC Select’s archives for films on history, travel, politics, music, art and more. Subscribe through Amazon Prime and enjoy a 7-day trial before paying $4.99/mo.


Martin Freeman (of Sherlock fame) stars alongside Daisy Haggard in FX series Breeders (now in its second season). The comedy series “explores the parental paradox that you’d happily die for your children, but quite often also want to kill them.” Check out the trailer below.

FRIENDS Reunion, HBO Max

Yep, it is finally happening. The entire FRIENDS cast plus many of the favorite cameo and supporting cast return this next Thursday May 27th in an HBO Max special. Check out the trailer below.

~Whitstable Pearl, AcornTV

Premiering Monday May 24th on AcornTV (streaming via Amazon Prime as well), a new series debuts based on Julie Wassmer’s seven book mystery series of the same name. The series centers around Pearl, “a single mum who pursues her lifelong dream and starts a private detective agency, which she runs from her family restaurant in the coastal town of Whitstable, England. Drawn by her caring nature, locals soon flock to her with all kinds of cases. But when a friend dies suspiciously, Pearl finds herself in conflict with gruff new cop in town DCI Mike McGuire.” Check out the trailer below and enjoy the first two episodes this Monday with new episodes airing weekly thereafter.

Norman and I enjoyed a beautiful, crisp walk along the river one morning this week, and we happened upon the freshly blooming lupins. This picture above just tickled me, and indeed spring in Bend is here.

And British Week on TSLL is here as well! What a week it has been, and we are not done yet. I will share a list below of all of the posts shared thus far, along with the four giveaways (learn about becoming a TOP Tier subscriber to be able to enter), with the Grand Finale Giveaway to be shared later today, so be sure to stop back by.

While I incorporate so many British-inspired rituals and touches into my everyday routine throughout the year, during this week in particular, I revel with abandon. I have been watching British cosy mysteries, reading Lady Clementine (one of the 15 books included in this post), finishing up an audio tape on a historical figure who has always captured my curiosity and sipped tea multiple times a day, every once in a while pairing it with a English shortbread cookie. So yep, I am an Anglophile unabashedly, and I have a feeling many of you are as well. 🙂

Here is a list of the posts shared so far in TSLL’s 3rd Annual British Week:


Still, four more posts to be shared, the Grand Finale Giveaway later today, two posts on Saturday and the concluding post on Sunday announcing all of the winners. Below ie a gathering of articles and posts you might enjoy, many are British-focused, but not all, and the last link is some exciting news I was over-the-moon to learn about. I do hope you enjoy and wishing you a wonderful rest of your day. Bonne journée (or should I say Cheerio!).

~Hooray! Britain’s major museums and galleries are beginning to open again. [That’s Not My Age]

~Each one of these spring recipes by Nigel Slater look wonderfully fresh and satiating [The Guardian]

~HIP Paris has a new regular series on their blog – Living French and Pamela Druckerman is their first guest

~Speaking of France and since this is British Week, some good news for travelers! Europe agrees to open its borders to vaccinated travelers from approved countries, yep, the US is one of them [The New York Times]

~15 Self-care ideas that fit into your lunch break [Pick the Brain]

~I am over-the-moon about this news – M.L. Longworth’s Provençal mystery series is coming to BritBox! [iHeartBritishTV] The author, Mary Lou (learn more about her latest mystery here) will be returning to the podcast later this year to talk about how this adaption is coming together. I cannot wait!

~Paris bookstores and the effect the pandemic has taken [NPR]

~A life-changing realization: you are not a problem to be fixed [Tiny Buddha]

~The perfect number of days to work from home is . . . two! [The Atlantic]

~Did you hear, by 2022, the heart of Paris will be nearly entirely pedestrian (no cars) [Le Parisien]

~An in-depth interview with Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters on those “people who call her elitist just don’t get it” [The New York Times]

~AND, I have been waiting to share this news as it seemed perfect for this week that is British Week on TSLL – Downton Abbey 2 (the film) will be arriving soon in theaters! Mark your calendars for December 21, 2021, and learn more about the returning and new cast here [The Sun]

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29 thoughts on “This & That: May 21, 2021 – British Week

  1. Every week I look forward to This & That and every week, my watch list and Amazon lists grow. That picture of Norman could not be any more wonderful. Christmas will be extra special this year with the Downton Abbey movie!

    1. Maureen, I think I may have expressed an audible glee when I heard it would be released this year. How special indeed. 🙂 And yes, leave it to Norman to surpass my everyday delights of Mother Nature. Seeing him thoroughly enjoy his walks is a gift I don’t know what I did to deserve. Wishing you well. xo

  2. Great list Shannon! I loved the The Mitford Murders (Book 1); so excited to hear about Downtown Abbey 2 and absolutely adore the picture posted above with Norman stopping to smell the lupins. Priceless 😊

    1. Thank you for stopping by Dani, and on a side-note, just received your email and beyond moved. Thank you for your kind words. I am incredibly excited for you. A new chapter full of opportunity! 🙂

  3. As I walked my very long stone driveway to the mailbox I was thrilled to see the Lupins showing their pretty spires, it seems I mark my days and seasons with whatever is in bloom. I see that sweet Norman does too! Each post this week has been so inspiring and creative. I cannot imagine just how much work you must put in to create these special weeks, one British, one French. My viewing lists are getting longer too! I have started a small journal to list the viewing possibilities, another for books, and yet another for garden toys. Thanks again Shannon, it has been great fun.

    1. Lucy, You are most welcome. It is my sincerest pleasure and I am grateful to have this opportunity. Your thoughtful comment was a lovely note in my evening. Thank you. xo

    2. That’s such a good idea Lucy , I will start a ‘ Shannon Recommends ‘ note book today 😊
      There are always so many great suggestions, and I don’t know what I didn’t think of keeping a list before .
      Thank you !
      Best Wishes from the UK

  4. First of all, Norman looks adorable. Secondly, there’s going to be a Downton Abbey 2?!!! Thank you for this information! Also, thank you for all the work you’ve put into British Week! It’s been a pleasure. 😊

  5. Thank you, Shannon, for all you do and the thoughtful recommendations. I will soon read, “Meet Me at the Museum,” and will likely also add “The Narrowboat Summer” to my list. British Week has been fun, educational and entertaining! Love the photo of Norman sniffing the lupine on your walk! You have a gift of taking great photos.

  6. Thanks for this treat of a This & That Shannon!
    I’d never come across Anne Youngson but both Meet me at the Museum and The Narrowboat Summer sound wonderful, so thank you for introducing me.
    I really enjoyed the first series of Breeders last year and didn’t realise there was a 2nd – luckily it premieres here later than in the US next week on the 27th so I’ll set my sky planner for that!
    Whitstable Pearl intrigues me as the main actress is someone I have enjoyed watching in other shows – Ricky Gervais’ Derek and also Afterlife – and I have family who live in the Whitstable area. It’s truly a beautiful seaside town that I have enjoyed visiting so I look forward to seeing it on the tv.

    I have also added the Barbour Quilted Jacket to my clothing to buy list – it will be perfect for walking my dog when I want to look that but more stylish!

    I’ve loved British week – thank you for all your work Shannon to put it together and some fab giveaways.

    Happy weekend! Sarah x

  7. My Friday treat !
    Thank you Shannon, This and That is always a delight 😊

    A big thank you to Lucy for the idea of keeping ‘ Shannon Recommendations ‘ in a special notebook , this is such a good idea, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before !

    How exciting for Mary Lou to have her books made into a TV series , this will be such a treat , I hope we can get it here in the UK too.

    Lupins always remind me of my Scottish Grannie , she used to grow them amongst the cabbages and rhubarb in her little pottager garden and their scent always reminds me of her .

    When I was a child, one of our delights when we went to stay with her was to go and hunt for caterpillars amongst the cabbages !

    A win / win for Grannie, as it kept us happily occupied for hours, and stopped the caterpillars eating her cabbages 🤣

    I loved the photo ……….smelling the lupins……. The expression on his little face was so sweet.

    Have a lovely weekend Shannon.
    I think you may be coming to the end of your teaching term ? so there will be many goodbyes, but I know that you will be excited for the new adventures to come .

    Thank you for British Week……… now looking forward to French Week, which is one of my absolute favourites 💕💕


    1. Anne hope you’re well. What lovely memories with your Grannie. You’ve given me an idea! I have not had much luck with lupins over the years and am determined this year to succeed, so amongst the cabbages they will go. Have a lovely weekend. Kameela xx

      1. I hope they grow well for you Kameela !
        I haven’t ever had very much success with them , in my previous gardens they always seemed to get eaten by greenfly or ants , and now that I just have a patio garden and need to grow things in pots, it isn’t really a suitable plant for me to try to grow.
        Please let me know if this works for you !
        Have a lovely weekend…….it has been pouring with rain here in the UK for the last couple of days, and has been very windy too. You wouldn’t know it was May 😂

  8. What a sweet picture of Norman, he looks absolutely blissful.
    Oh my goodness, such good stuff to look forward to–Downtown Abbey for Christmas and ML Longworth on Britbox!
    And Lucy has the best suggestion–separate organized notebooks dedicated to “Shannon recommends…”! (My little jots in random places are woefully inadequate.)
    This week has been fabulous, you have outdone yourself. Every post has been creative, inspiring, informative, just beautifully done. And I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Thank you, Shannon, for the Absolutely Fabulous British Week! 😊☕💖

  9. As usual so many good things to read on this weeks this and that. I have enjoyed all your British week posts very much and hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Anne hope you’re well. What lovely memories with your Grannie. You’ve given me an idea! I have not had much luck with lupins over the years and am determined this year to succeed, so amongst the cabbages they will go. Have a lovely weekend. Kameela xx

    1. May 21, 2021 at 6:07 pm
      I hope they grow well for you Kameela !
      I haven’t ever had very much success with them , in my previous gardens they always seemed to get eaten by greenfly or ants , and now that I just have a patio garden and need to grow things in pots, it isn’t really a suitable plant for me to try to grow.
      Please let me know if this works for you !
      Have a lovely weekend…….it has been pouring with rain here in the UK for the last couple of days, and has been very windy too. You wouldn’t know it was May 😂

  11. Thank you Shannon for a lovely British week. You have served us so much lovely content to enjoy. It is ironic that I am now keeping up to date with some British TV programmes through the TSLL blog. I haven’t heard of “The Whitstable Pearl” . I know the area well (famous for its seafood especially oysters) so would love to catch up on this. Also I follow Paula Sutton on IG and she is so positive with a touch of whimsy and full of vintage decor ideas . Looking forward to her first book .Lastly the the Barbour quilted jacket could be a good alternative to the Burberry . Thank you again for all that you have shared. Enjoyed reading all the comments. Have a great weekend xx

    1. I follow Paul Sutton on IG as well, she is such a lovely person and sunny soul. Her book is definitely on my list. Enjoy your weekend, Kameela! XO

    2. Thank you Rona. She is definitely a positive influence and we need more of that these days. Raining a lot here in France but hoping to sit out on a terrace at some point now they’re open. Have a great weekend xx

  12. Norman’s photo made my day. Our canine pals find bliss in nature too.
    This has been a fun and informative British Week and I’m in awe of all the content you presented for us. Bravo!!!

  13. Shannon, this week is brilliant and even as a Brit I love the brands and recommendations. It’s very wet at the moment and I have enjoyed catching up on the posts with a mug of tea. I hope you enjoy the Mitford Murders as much as I do.

  14. I am going to have to take a look at the tea maker. I remember having the Mrs. Tea maker, it made hot tea and they also had a cold tea maker, which I had as well! I love tea… I really enjoy Breeders. I have watched all of the episodes. They are funny but also deal with real life issues at the same time. I am also going to check out the Agatha movie, it looks interesting! thanks for the suggestions! Oh, I also really connected with the TIny Buddha article.

  15. Hello Shannon,
    I always look forward to your Friday’s This & That. There are always so many interesting recommendations, some which I have come upon myself. I am a long time Nigel Slater fan and have several of his cookbooks.
    What is new to me is Burleigh pottery. It is beautiful. I’ve been spending time on their site and may decide to purchase (they offer Cdn$) something for myself in the near future.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful films, books, products and recipes.

    1. Sabine, Burleigh teapots pour beautifully (no drip!) and are expertly made – no bulk, but not too delicate. I hope you are able to welcome in pieces soon into your life you love. Thank you very much for stopping by today and wishing you a lovely weekend.

  16. What a grand week of all things British…
    Love the plethora of ideas shared, and it’s utterly heart-warming to see all the comments and feel the kindred spirits, wow! Wonderful this and that list, too…so many good things! Thank you for your generous spirit and beautiful writing. Happy weekend!

  17. May I recommend a couple of YouTube videos that ,in my opinion, capture British cozy to the max! The first channel is Kirsten & Joerg. They are a German couple living in Britain. They travel throughout the English countryside and also are redecorating their Victorian terrace house. The second channel is Miranda Mills. She is a young lady that lives with her mother, Donna. They talk literature and bake goodies every Friday. 💛

  18. I love the comments almost as much as I love “ this and that” 😃. I too have been scribbling down Shannon recommends in my diaries over the years but this year went techy. Well as techy as I’ll ever get haha. I take a snapshot photo of the thing I want to see/read etc with my iPhone and put it in a separate album on my phone Genius idea for me anyways

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