This & That: March 18, 2022
Friday March 18, 2022

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Clothes for spring style, a not-to-miss home décor sale, books for a myriad of inspiration in both nonfiction and fiction genres, a new-to-me French series, peeking into the Parisian real estate market returns, Amy Poehler’s must-see documentary, the second season of a Jane Austen’s inspired unfinished novel and still, there’s more.


all about love: New Visions by Belle Hooks

While released more than 20 years ago, belle hooks’ first book in her best-selling “Love Song to a Nation” trilogy is a must-have in your library. “As bell hooks uses her incisive mind to explore the question ‘What is love?’ her answers strike at both the mind and heart. Razing the cultural paradigm that the ideal love is infused with sex and desire, she provides a new path to love that is sacred, redemptive, and healing for individuals and for a nation.”

The Great Passion: A Novel by James Runcie

Released this week and an Editor’s Pick, James Runcie’s novel The Great Passion is “a meditation on grief and music, told through the story of Bach’s writing of the St. Matthew Passion.” Described as “joyous, revelatory, and deeply moving, The Great Passion is an imaginative tour de force that tells the story of what it was like to sing, play, and hear Bach’s music for the very first time.”

Peach Blossom Spring: A Novel by Melissa Fu

Also released this past Tuesday, Melissa Fu’s new novel “follows three generations of a Chinese family on their search for a place to call home . . . It is 1938 in China and, as a young wife, Meilin’s future is bright. But with the Japanese army approaching, Meilin and her four year old son, Renshu, are forced to flee their home. Relying on little but their wits and a beautifully illustrated hand scroll, filled with ancient fables that offer solace and wisdom, they must travel through a ravaged country, seeking refuge.” 

A Walk in The Wood: Meditations on Mindfulness with a Bear Named Pooh by Dr. Joseph Parent

Released in 2018, and yet another book to have in your library, especially if you are seeking inspiration for living more mindfully. A Walk in the Wood, understanding the benefits of mindfulness are well recognized: greater peace of mind, less stress, and the opportunity to work through and transform thoughts, memories, and worries” guides the reader via Pooh to teach readers how mindfulness “also fosters equanimity, helping us accept the changes and challenges life brings”. A book full of thoughts to ponder and ideas to ground us so that we can live more fully.

British Finds

Sanditon, season 2

Beginning on Sunday on Masterpiece (PBS) and Monday on BritBox, the second season of Sanditon returns. Have a look at the trailer below.

Francophile Find

The Parisian Agency, season 2

The second season of the popular French real estate reality television program has returned to Netflix. Enjoy six episodes of tours of homes not only in Paris, but now throughout the country as the family-owned business has begun to expand.

Tandem, MHzChoice

I stumbled upon this French mystery series as it stars a character from Candice Renoir’s third season that caught my attention for his playful and individualistic style and role. The first season premiered in 2016 and the second season, while debuting in France in 2018, is now also available on MHzChoice. The series is set in Montpellier and centers around a divorced couple that must now work together to solve crimes and raise their two teenage children. I have watched two episodes so far, and so far, I am quite enjoying.


Serena & Lily, 20% off sale, site-wide

Prepping the outdoor spaces, sprucing up the home and doing a bit of not only spring cleaning but editing may have you thinking about how to better tailor your home to how you want to live. Be sure to take advantage of Serena & Lily’s sweet sale when you use the promo code HOME through March 22nd to save 20% off everything. I have shopped a few items below.



Boden Patch Pocket Chore Jacket (more colors)

A versatile, casual jacket ideal for spring and summer. Use for layering, and for even more casual occasions, gardening. This color caught my eye, but there are more.

Cos Short Trench Coat

I am doing all that I can to resist buying this short trench. I love the oversized look of it and think it would look wonderful for more dressed up occasions during the spring and summer. As it is not lined, the weight would be ideal.

Joie Cerily silk short-sleeve top in tapioca

Layering, layering, layering. Wear underneath a blazer, a jacket, and then when the jacket is no longer needed as the summer days arrive, you will continue to look chic as it looks stunning with the detail all on its own.


Lucy and Desi, documentary

Over the weekend I watched the documentary receiving high praise, co-produced by Amy Poehler. The praise is well deserved. Have a look at the trailer and enjoy.

Midnight at the Pera Palace

A TSLL reader brought my attention to this new-English-viewers series on Netflix. Based around the hotel in Istanbul where Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express, the first episode begins in modern day and then swiftly, a bit of ‘something’ occurs to take the lead characters back in time. While the actors speak Turkish, following along with the subtitles isn’t hard to do. I have watched a few episodes, and think you might enjoy for something a bit different when it comes to the classic cozy mystery. Have a look at the trailer below.


The week has moved swiftly. It seemed as though Monday was just yesterday and now Spring officially is nearly here.

With a trip to Willamette Valley (McMenamin’s Edgefield – water tower seen above) which teased the idea of spring indeed being just around the corner – hellebores, daffodils, bluebells and magnolias were in bloom, giving a full day to finish the wallpapering in the primary bathroom, and a drive to Sea-Tac to complete the last necessary step for my Global Entry ID, this weekend begs to be restful, slower and soothing. Perhaps more than one bubble bath will be enjoyed, but most definitely much sleep will be savored as well (and I have a feeling I will be dreaming of daffodils and oh so many spring blooms just around the corner to be enjoyed in Bend).

bluebells | The Simply Luxurious Life

How did your week unfold? I know in Oregon, students and teachers are stepping into their annual Spring Break and many in other states have been enjoying this current week as their holiday with others having the week off in April. If you are heading out on a vacation or holiday with your family and/or friends, I do hope you have a wonderful, restful and rejuvenating time. If you are currently on your holiday, may these final days be something so sweet to savor, and soon, soon, soon for those nearly there to take part.

If you happen to be in Bend, look for signed copies of TSLL’s 3rd Book – The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment at Newport Market and as soon as Roundabout Books reopens (they are undergoing an awesome expansion remodel), you can find copies there as well. The Kindle version and audio version will become available this next week, and remember to mark your calendars for Tuesday April 26th at 6pm (Pacific) for the first Book Chat/Talk and Q & A that will be Virtual (Zoom), hosted by Roundabout Books. If you live in Wallowa County (my childhood home town), I will be having an in-person book signing at The Bookloft on Friday May 20th at 3pm – be sure to stop by for tea, chocolates and a short reading and meet-and-greet.

But now to the weekend! It is here, and as I type, Norman is sleeping and snoring by the fireplace, the sun is gently setting in the soft blue sky, and Thursday is nearly Friday. Thank you for choosing to stop by today, and thank you as well to all of the readers who have been emailing and DMing me on IG sharing how much they are enjoying the book (be sure to share a pic of your book in a moment that brings you contentment by April 7th to be included in a future post going live the week of April 10th). I am over the moon and absolutely tickled you are finding respite and inspiration between the covers. Your reviews and rankings mean so much if you would like to do so, and if you don’t have the time to leave a written Review, simply ranking with your positive multiple stars does wonders for future readers to take notice and consider reading the book. Oh! And if you ordered a hardback copy of TSLL’s 1st and/or 2nd book, they will be shipping out on Tuesday March 22nd! Thank you for your patience as I too have been eager to send them your way.

Now to more than a few articles you might enjoy and a movie trailer that is none-to-serious, but may just be the film you will want to see like I do to lighten the mind. Until tomorrow when the monthly Saturday Ponderings . . . post goes live on the blog, bonne journée.

~American writer living in Britain Jo Rodgers talks about how she welcomes vintage details into her London and country home [Vinterior]

~Staying in Britain, and taking note – art exhibits to see this spring in the UK [House & Garden UK]

~How to spend 24 Hours in Every arrondissement in Paris [The Earful Tower]

~Let’s stay in France, and in celebration of a new exhibit in Marseille – The Fascinating story of Mona Lisa [My French Country Home magazine]

~Some simple, yet effective ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Brain [The New York Times]

~What to pack for Paris with only a carry-on [Hip Paris]

~It’s time to celebrate the gifts of being an outsider and Arthur C. Brooks does it again, wonderfully [The Atlantic]

~Diane Keaton answers 37 of Life’s most pressing questions [AirMail]

~Ukrainian cellist Vera Lytovchenko, the ‘cellar cellist’ while sheltering from bombs, plays on. She shares her motivation. [LA Times – subscription may be required]

~As we adjust to Daylight Savings Time, a path to well-being: recognizing the importance of time [Shondaland]

~And because TSLL’s 3rd Book – The Road to Le Papillon has an index full of goodies – The Pleasures that lurk in the back of the Book (aka the Index) [The Atlantic]

~If you renewed or received your passport recently, you may have noticed a upgrade to how it looks [Afar]

~Just learned of Sandra Bullock’s new movie which will be released next Friday. Silly, goofy, and well, it may just be what would be a nice time at the theater. While I am looking forward to watching for these reasons, mainly, it just looks like fun and Bullock brings it. Have a look at the trailer.

Check out last week’s This & That: March 11, 2022

A much anticipated and favorite-gardening-show-of-mine returns, a Parisian museum to visit that is less well-known, a follow-up book to its predecessor I LOVED and recommended a few years ago, clothing for spring and summer to scoop up, a French cloth tote at a steal-of-a-deal, books on French pastries, savory pastries, wanting and more, and a French film that won many awards last year and is a comedy to absolutely delight in. Oh, and there is still much more. 

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29 thoughts on “This & That: March 18, 2022

  1. Thank you again, Shannon for so much cultural inspiration. The books have been added to my Goodreads TBR list (which is stuffed full!) I wish we had Serena & Lily here in the uk as there items always catch my eye.
    I wanted to recommend a new cosy mystery that started here in the UK on Monday just gone, Holding, based on a book by a well loved talk show host here, Graham Norton. I immediately recognised the themes of a cosy mystery (you don’t know the victim, it’s set in a quaint Irish town and there is some humour amongst the mystery!) and thought, yup Shannon and TSLL readers will enjoy this. I wonder if it might be on Britbox, if you wanted to check it out.
    Your weekend sounds blissful, and congratulations on finally completing your bathroom. I am in awe of your wallpapering skill!
    Speaking Of trips, we are planning our late summer holiday (on hold the last 2 years) and looking to Paris and then possibly Provence ! I can’t wait.
    Happy weekend all!

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for the recommendation of Holding. I am noting it now on my watchlist, and look forward to taking a look. 🙂

      Rest assured, errors were made while wallpapering, but yes, I am tickled to have it complete and am quite tickled and cannot wait to share soon. 🙂

      I am so excited for you to be returning to France!!! Ah Provence! A sigh of deep calm just spontaneously occurred here in my office while reading of your plans. 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by!

    2. Sarah I love Graham Norton and really enjoyed reading his book. He is a natural . He is so witty. Hope I’ll be able to see the series. It’s so liberating to be able to travel again. Good luck with your travel plans to France. We finally get to go to England in May after nearly 2 and a half years. Enjoy the Spring weather. Kameela xx

      1. Hurray ! im so glad to hear that you will be travelling to see your family in May Kameela ??
        It will be extra special because you have had to wait so long, and jump through so many hoops to be able to travel.
        May is a lovely month in the UK , and I hope yo7 will have a wonderful trip.
        x Anne x

        1. Anne thank you so much . I can’t fully express my jog. Beyond excited. It’s been too long but as the saying goes “all good things come to those who wait. BW. Kameela ?

    3. Sarah,
      I watch a clip from the Graham Norton Show just about every evening on YouTube and it’s a deliciously raucous way to end the day–I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to re-watch the episode with Greg Davies and Ryan Gosling. Oh my Lord & Taylor. Graham Norton is the funniest, wittiest, kindest man,with JUST the right amount of naughty thrown in! I adore him. Never knew he wrote a book, thanks so much for mentioning, it’s now on my TBR. Happy Spring!?

    4. How exciting Sarah !
      Provence is lovely in the late summer when the temperatures have cooled a little from the heat of the summer months .
      Enjoy planning your trip ,that’s half the fun,isn’t it ?

  2. Thank you for curating such wonderful reads as always!
    I especially enjoyed reading the article on being an outsider as I could totally relate to it being one myself. I moved to the States in my twenties and that is when my journey of self discovering started being away from the social conditioning that I was familiar with.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Anuja 🙂 Wasn’t that a lovely and reassuring article. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you. Thank you for sharing with us and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. If you are a Anglophile & not able to travel this year, I’d like to recommend some YouTube channels about travel in England. 1. Cotswold Explorer 2. Kirsten & Joerg 3. Memory Seekers. If you also love tea & books, Miranda Mills is the one to follow. Happy Spring!! ☀️?

  4. I love anything by Sandra Bullock too. Think that she is so underrated!

    What a wonderful way to roundup the week.

    Thank you Shannon,

    1. Hushna,

      I agree! Definitely underrated. Her comedic chops are dry and absolutely fantastic. This film looks to bring them to the forefront which should be quite fun next weekend when it is released. Thank you for stopping by today. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The Parisian Agency is such a good series! I have already binged both seasons. It really gives a real life peak at French culture and lifestyle. I also finished Lupin last night and loved it! Have you read any of the books? Thank you so much for all of the quality recommendations you make. This and That is a highlight of my week.

    1. Kimberly,

      Just slipping away to France and seeing a peek into the world of their everyday life is a treat. 🙂 I have not read the Lupin books yet, but oh, my, goodness did I enjoy the series on Netflix. Just wonderful. Thank you so much for making this weekly post a stop each week. Tickled you enjoy what you find!

  6. Hi Shannon,

    I look forward to this post every week, it is the best part of my Friday (although I am commenting on Saturday this week!). I use it as motivation to finish my work before I get to read it.

    My bookmark and croissant notepad arrived recently, and I wanted to say thank you for such a lovely gift. A big coincidence: the bookmark arrived on the same day that I looked out of my back window and saw 4 beautiful orange butterflies on the muscari in my garden – the same butterflies as on my bookmark!

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    1. Emily, Good morning and thank you for your comment. That is serendipitous! The butterflies on the muscari on the same day of the bookmark’s arrival. What a beautiful color pairing and sight to witness. Thank you for sharing with us all. Thank you for sharing how you enjoy reading the T & T each week. I always enjoy discovering how readers take in the blog posts, especially this regular posting. Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend as well. ?

  7. Thank you Shannon for an enticing this and that. I too like Anuja enjoyed reading the Outsider. I left my country at age 19 to study in England thereby began a discovery away from all that was holding me back in a straight jacket . Now I am in France I continue to be on the outside even though integrated in my community. I feel I’ll always be an outsider looking in but I like it that way. Can I recommend this lovely book as you’ll soon be heading to Paris. ‘Paris Blue ‘ by Julie Svolnic. It’s a memoir about finding intense love in a foreign country. She is a musician. Music and love a perfect match. Superbly written.Spring is in full swing and my heart is bursting with joy. Finally received our French driving licences after a7 month wait and have dusted off our passports to go to England to see my family after nearly 2 and a half years. Incidentally, when will you be there? Have a l9vely weekend ?xx
    PS: Really enjoying ‘The Road to Papillon’. It’s mon petit plaisir quotidien avec un ‘cuppa’

  8. Great This & That, Shannon. As with a few others, I enjoyed Brooks’ article and learning I am part of an official acronym, a TCK. Who knew? My father was always going for the ‘better’ job(he was a mechanical engineer), and the first move I made was before I was one year old. After that it was every 2-3 years, bouncing around the southern US. Then age 12, the family moved overseas a couple of places and I was lucky enough to go to boarding school. Tough sometimes, very true, but one definitely learns resilience and flexibility, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
    The Parisian Agency is so good, I’m glad they decided on a second season, looking forward to diving in.
    And agreement from me about Sandra Bullock, she is such a talented actor.
    And finally apologies for being so late to the party! As you noted, Shannon, SUDDENLY Spring arrives. It is definitely here in my little pocket of the world, and I had to catch up on A LOT of whacking, mulching,cleaning,planting, raking–speaking of which, I have one more ditch that needs the leaves raked out before the storms arrive tonight, so tally-ho! Happy Spring!?

    1. You certainly gave caught the Spring fever Rona. So good to be outdoors enjoying Mother Nature even if it means rolling up our sleeves. You’re so right living in different cultural environments does build resilience. I love being an outsider. Happy Spring days?

      1. Moi aussi, being ‘outsider’ does have certain advantages?. Much love to you and yours, so very happy you will be able to connect with your family soon. And Happy Spring, in your heart and always! BISES!!!?

  9. Late for T&T, but with a bit of free time on my hands today, so here are my favourite of the lot:

    – Luci & Desi
    – short trench coat;
    – silk top;
    – the “cellar cellist” – very moving.

    Happy Spring, everyone! 🙂

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