This & That: March 11, 2022
Friday March 11, 2022

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A much anticipated and favorite-gardening-show-of-mine returns, a Parisian museum to visit that is less well-known, a follow-up book to its predecessor I LOVED and recommended a few years ago, clothing for spring and summer to scoop up, a French cloth tote at a steal-of-a-deal, books on French pastries, savory pastries, wanting and more, and a French film that won many awards last year and is a comedy to absolutely delight in. Oh, and there is still much more.


Another Year of Wonder by Clemency Burton-Hill

I was BEYOND tickled to learn from a TSLL reader this week that there is a follow-up book to Clemency Burton-Hill’s wonderful first book. I enjoyed it so much and LEARNED so much about Classical Music upon reading it that I wrote a post about it – A Book That is Delighting Me: Year of Wonder (2019).

If you enjoy books that compile daily entries to read throughout the year, just as TSLL’s 3rd book is, and would enjoy that it is devoted to classical music, be sure to read Burton-Hill’s first book (I included a quote from that book in the intro of The Road to Le Papillon), and if you like me have already enjoyed the first book, be sure to place Another Year of Wonder in your shopping cart! Mine is en route now and I cannot wait for it to arrive. 🙂

~Oh! And did you hear! There is a detailed playlist for #tsll3rd bookThe Road to Le Papillon! Available on three streaming platforms – Apple, Amazon and Spotify – the selections are organized in chronological order as they appear in the book – more than 4 hours of listening and many of the selections are classical.

Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life by Luke Burgis

I found the concept of this book greatly intriguing. Our mind can be easily lead to believe certain things – things we think we want or need – and Luke Burgis’ book (June 2021) “draws on the work of French polymath René Girard to bring this hidden force to light and reveals how it shapes our lives and societies. According to Girard, humans don’t desire anything independently. Human desire is mimetic―we imitate what other people want. This affects the way we choose partners, friends, careers, clothes, and vacation destinations. Mimetic desire is responsible for the formation of our very identities. It explains the enduring relevancy of Shakespeare’s plays, why Peter Thiel decided to be the first investor in Facebook, and why our world is growing more divided as it becomes more connected.” Definitely a book to exercise the mind, but that may indeed be exactly what it needs. 🙂

British Finds

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: The Life and Times of Miss Jane Marple by Anne Hart

Agatha Christie’s two main reoccurring sleuths have intrigued me for some time, and while I have explored more often Hercule Poirot’s character, I am now interested in getting to know Miss Jane Marple a bit more. In this revised authorized biography edition, “Anne Hart combs through the 12 novels and 20 short stories in which Miss Marple appeared, uncovering clue and amassing all the evidence to solve the most difficult case of them all – the mystery of Miss Marple.”

Death at a Funeral

I am stepping back to 2007, but if you are looking for a hearty laugh about a weighty subject, look no further than the British film Death at a Funeral. Check out the trailer below. It is free to watch if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Gardeners’ World, Season 54 premiere

Now this is an annual event and ritual I savor, and this Saturday will be no different. The new season of the weekly program on BBC Two, Gardeners’ World premieres today, and you can watch it on BritBox here in the states. I tune in each Saturday morning after enjoying my breakfast, pouring myself a cuppa and snuggling in with Norman. Following watching, I am inspired to gear up and head outside to savor time in the garden.

Now if you are not a gardener, but love England, I highly recommend watching the series as well because it takes viewers to beautiful gardens around the British Isles in each 60-minute episode which is released each Friday beginning in March (today!) and running through mid-October. My Saturday morning plans are set!

Check out two posts that share what I love most about this gardening program hosted by Monty Don


French Pastries and Desserts by Lenôtre: 200 Classic Recipes Revised and Updated by Team of Chefs at Lenôtre Paris

This new edition was released in November 2021, and the first published in English in 1977 as Lenôtre’s Desserts and Pastries—has been updated in collaboration with the chefs at Lenôtre Paris and two of the founder’s children. Who was Gaston Lenôtre you may be wondering? He was “a legendary master French pâtis­sier and revered for having made desserts lighter and more delicious; his techniques continue to influence pastry chefs in France and around the world.”

Inside this new edition you will find two hundred essential recipes including crois­sants, éclairs, crêpes, mille-feuilles, baba au rhum, molten chocolate cake, lemon meringue pie, and mango tartlet. The chefs at Lenôtre Paris—who run a world-class cooking school—have adapted the recipes for amateur bakers and experienced professionals alike who seek inspiration from the rich tradition of Lenôtre’s French pâtisserie.


The Savory Baker: 150 Creative Recipes, from Classic to Modern by America’s Test Kitchen

Released just last month, America’s Test Kitchen shares a “unique collection, one of the few to focus solely on the savory side of baking, explores a multitude of flavor possibilities. Get inspired by creative twists like gochujang-filled puff pastry pinwheels or feta-studded dill-zucchini bread. And sample traditional baked goods from around the world, from Chinese lop cheung bao to Brazilian pão de quejo”. Sharing “flexible recipes let you keep things simple by often using store-bought doughs and crusts, or go all out and make them from scratch using our foolproof methods. No matter what kind of baker you are, you’ll be inspired by the irresistible flavors, from everyday biscuits to showstopping breads”.

Francophile Finds

Antoinette in the Cévennes

I am so excited to have learned of this film and to share it with you! And now I just have to be patient as it is not viewable in the states, but it may just be available if you live outside of the US. Simply click on the link shared above for the film and on the film’s homepage, there is a link for “Streaming” and it will automatically tell you where it is (of if it is) available to view.

If you enjoyed Call Your Agent, as I have a feeling many of you did :), you are going to immediately recognize the star of Antoinette in the Cévennes – Laure Calamy. “Calamy plays the 40-something primary school teacher Antoinette who has been eagerly looking forward to a long-planned weekend escape with her married lover Vladimir, the father of one of her pupils. However their plans are upended by his wife’s booking of a surprise hiking trip in the picturesque Cévennes mountains in the South of France (a six-day trek made famous by best-selling author Robert Louis Stevenson). Completely unversed in the ways of the wilderness, the spurned Antoinette impulsively decides to follow them, and once paired with an unlikely companion – an obstinate but evidently wise grey donkey named Patrick – discovers much, much more than she bargained for… “.

The film was the #1 Comedy at AF French Film Festival, Laure Calamy won the Best Actress award at France’s César Awards in 2021 for her role AND the film was an official selection for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival. Have a look at the trailer below and be sure to watch the film when it becomes available where you live.


Marmottan—Monet Museum (Paris)

Monet’s paintings can be viewed in person in many locales around Paris, most famously at the Musée de l’Orangerie in the Tuileries Gardens, but be sure to also visit the Marmottan-Monet Museum near Le Tour de Eiffel. Why? An intimate and beautiful locale, it holds the largest single collection of Monet’s work found anywhere around the world. It also is the home of other worth-knowing (yet, lesser known) Impressionist painters such Berthe Morisot, Alfred Sisley, Paul Gaugin and many others. (view my tour of the limited-time exhibit of Berthe Morisot at Musée d’Orsay here)

Murder at the Port de Versailles by Cara Black

American writer Cara Black has a new mystery to add to her series! Being released on March 15th, Murder at the Port de Versailles is the 20th book in the Parisian private investigator Aimée Leduc series.


Another Tomorrow’s Pinstripe Shirt Dress

Made of custom organic poplin cotton, Another Tomorrow’s juxtaposed horizontal and vertical stripes is a unique and modern take on a classic. As well, Another Tomorrow is a company dedicated to sustainability. Be sure to check out their Mission Statement here. While yes, this dress is an investment, it will be chic for many seasons and years to come, and you don’t have to pay full price this month. Save $150 when you spend $500 – use promo code WOMEN150 now through March 31st.

Apparis Bella satin Leopard print pajamas (medium size only)


If you like me thoroughly appreciated Nancy Carroll’s wardrobe as she starred as Marine Bonnet in Murder in Provence, you no doubt caught her satin-silk blend pajamas (two different styles were shown). While none of them were leopard, but were simple, comfortable and well, these pair are available at a great price if you love leopard and I wanted to share. 🙂

DVF Grenada Utilitarian Midi Dress in signature blue leopard fish print

A modern print in a classic style, and the sleeves too add a slightly feminine touch as we step into spring.

~Eres Fuchsia belted washed-silk midi dress, 70% off

I seriously took a look at this dress as a Fushsia is a color I keep in my closet, and this would be ideal (but they didn’t have my size). If this is your color, scoop up this dress. Ideal for spring, and actually isn’t as ‘shocking’, but quite flattering when worn.

J.Crew Reusable Everyday Tote (stripes – two color ways)

If you are looking for a classic, subtly-French-inspired cloth tote, for $10, these can be yours!

Soeur Nathaniel Canvas Tote

This canvas tote is a a sturdy, yet chic canvas tote that will function as well as it looks trés stylish.

~Tory Burch Patos Sandal (two colors)

Preparing for the summer months is never a bad idea. | The Simply Luxurious Life

And fully, we are in March!

We’ve had beautiful sunny days, crystal clear blue sky days that took us below zero, cozy snow-fall days – each of which define an Oregon March – a mixture of both spring and winter. 🙂 With that said, my plans are made for tomorrow morning because as I shared above, Gardeners’ World premieres tonight! I save watching the episode until the morning, but oh, my, goodness I cannot wait. 🙂 I look forward to getting outside this weekend as the temperatures are supposed to rise, as well, *fingers crossed* the correct wallpaper for the primary bathroom is supposed to be delivered today, and if that happens (I am being cautiously, guarded in my optimism), I will be wallpapering on Saturday and finishing the room! Wahoo!

More celebration occurred this week as readers began receiving their paperback copies of The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment, and a few readers have begun to receive their green envelopes full of gifts. As I shared in last week’s release post, be sure to share a pic of your book capturing a moment that epitomizes a moment of true contentment for you. I will be compiling a post full of readers’ pics to post the week of April 12th. You can either post on IG (and tag me – @thesimplyluxuriouslife) or email me directly. 🙂

Last week I shared that I had ordered more silk embroidered bookmarks than I needed, and I now have them available in TSLL’s Shop for purchase!

I am shipping them at just $2 – worldwide (you will be charged the flat rate if you order more than one), and only charging the retail cost as I want TSLL readers to enjoy these beautiful bookmarks. Four designs are currently available (daffodils, snowdrops, purple butterfly and monarch butterfly), but once they are gone, I am not restocking. Check out them out here. I will have them shipped out within a day of your order as they are currently sitting in my office waiting to find a home. 🙂

As well, on a shipping note, if you purchased paperback copies of TSLL’s 1st or/and 2nd book, those all shipped out yesterday and you should have received a shipping notification. Hopefully they will arrive next week – earlier rather than later. 🙂 I am still waiting for the hardback copies to arrive, but when they do, those orders will ship out within the day to you. 🙂

Norman and I have been enjoying this week at home – deep nights of sleep, putting the finishing touches of edits on the audio book, and just generally enjoying a regular everyday routine which has been incredibly soothing – oh! and many moments to read great books – I am LOVING these two – one seen in the pic with the tulips and the other here – thank you to TSLL reader Dani for gifting me with the latter). I hope your week went well. I am so grateful for your time and interest in TSLL. Thank you for stopping by today and until Monday, bonne journée.

~I am excited to be adding a bird bath to my Sunshine/Meditation Garden this year (aka the small little space where my busy bird café is located near my reading nook), and wanted to share this article if you too are looking for ways to add a bird bath to your garden [Gardenista]

~I found this to be an intriguing article about whether or not conveying confidence when you actually don’t know is more detrimental than beneficial and visa versa [WSJ]

~Have you ever been curious what being an interior designer actually entails? Three British interior designers share the details [House & Garden UK]

~I thoroughly appreciated this article —How to Stop Rushing into Love — and look forward to reading the author’s book which was very well received [The New York Times]

~I think this is just a great article regardless of your age – Finding new friends in mid-life [That’s Not My Age]

~Attention Management – that is the goal – rather than Time Management [The New York Times]

~No, you don’t have to work harder: the truth about finding success [Tiny Buddha]

~The Mayo Clinic confirms – Meditation can reduce stress

~I greatly enjoyed the 7th episode of The Gilded Age podcast, especially the latter half when Carrie Coon joins the show to talk about how the series parallels in many ways our current times.

~I always enjoy Leo Babauta teachings about how to find more peace in our days and this post is no different – 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life [Zen Habits]

~I mentioned above about Marmottan-Monet Museum, but I also wanted to share this post from Paris Unlocked which shares all of the places to view Monet’s work in Paris.

~Introverts! 5 Daily rituals to protect your energy [Introvert, Dear]

~The kind of smarts you don’t find in young people (less innovation, more wisdom please) [The Atlantic]

~And for fellow travelers to Paris out there, you probably already heard the news, but beginning on Monday (March 14) – France scraps its vaccine pass requirements and indoor mask mandate for most locations [Forbes]

~Sanditon is returning on March 21st, and here is the trailer. (I will be sure to include the series in next week’s This & That as well as a reminder to enjoy :))

Check out last week’s This & That: March 4, 2022

A new book that is catching fire and already slated to come to the big screen, a new British detective series, those glasses – were you looking for them as well? I found them for you!, capsule wardrobe items from dresses, handbags, earrings and sweaters, a book to show you how to live with a mindset of wealth as it pertains to your state of mind, inspiration for the home to tend to it so it will tend to you, and much, much more. 

~Please note: Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

23 thoughts on “This & That: March 11, 2022

  1. Shannon, I must begin by saying how absolutely ADORABLE Norman is in the photo with the bookmarks!! ? Just precious!! Oh those Year of Wonder books look spectacular. I do remember you featuring the 1st one, but had forgotten about it so I’m grateful that you’ve reintroduced it…and with a partner to boot! Speaking of books, I am so, so thrilled you are loving Maisie Dobbs as much as I do ? And funny enough, I was checking out Deepak’s Abundance book just last weekend at the bookstore. I didn’t purchase it, so hopefully you’ll consider featuring it on a future podcast episode of the Simple Sophisticate ?
    The tulips are stunning!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Another great list and what beautiful tulips. I’m going to be adding the Miss Marple book to my reading list. Im glad to see the Maisie Dobbs books -I read most of them during lockdown and enjoyed them very much. Along with the year of wonders I also have Allie Esiri’s book A Poet for Every Day of the Year and Francesca Beauman’s The Literary Almanac: A year of seasonal reading on my bedside table to which I will add my Road to Papillon to. It’s so nice to have these to flick through first thing rather than grabbing the phone straight away.
    Hope you and Norman have a great weekend. I will be reading I, Mona Lisa with my whippet pup next to me.

    1. Hi Tara, Just wanted to thank you for the Francesca Beauman book recommendation. It looks like such a wonderful read. I love books about books! I’ll be ordering it very soon ?

  3. Ps I found a hardback illustrated copy of my year in Provence by Peter Mayle in a charity shop yesterday for only £2 . What luck!

  4. You’ve convinced me to subscribe to Britbox now; both for the Roger Allman mystery series ( I am a HUGE Endeavor fan) and now Monty Don! Sadly, Tennessee temperatures this weekend are dipping into the teens and it is going to “snow on the daffodils” so I may not be gardening Satuday morning. Thank you so much for this inspiring post.

  5. Shannon I still look forward to Friday mornings so I can check out what will be on This and That!! It’s so fun! And I really like how you list articles to read. I especially like the ones on simplifying, zen, introverts and anything on minimalist living. The movie trailers are much appreciated as well! I am delighted with pretty much all of it.
    Congratulations on your new book, it looks wonderful.
    Happy almost spring to you and adorable Norman! And thank you again for all that you offer!

  6. I always look forward to your Friday posts! Fun fact … Death at a Funeral was so good, and a few years later, Chris Rock made an American version, with lots of familiar faces, and still including Peter Dinklage!

  7. Oh my goodness, Norman looks like a baby pup in that picture! So cute! Thank you so much for the wonderful green envelope surprise in my mail today! The bookmark is gorgeous and I have already put the bookplate in my book (I am on page 267) and the notepad on my desk. I will re read the book as soon as I finish it. My brain gets a bit super excited about certain books and reads quickly the first time so I go back and re read again to savor it that time. Doesn’t make sense to some, but it works for me. I am a huge fan of reading and get a bit overwhelmed at devouring some books. Thank you so very much again for the thoughtful gift.

    1. Michelle,

      So happy to hear the envelope arrived! And that you are enjoying the accoutrements and the book! Tickled you have found a way that works for you. That is the key! And happy to gift these items to readers that support the blog as you do. So grateful. Happy reading and happy weekend!

  8. I was so tickled to open the mailbox today and see my green envelope!! Thank you Shannon, the bookmark is simply gorgeous, the notepad looks brilliant, and I can’t WAIT to receive my hard cover edition and affix my lovely bookplate inside!
    And my lord, can Norman get any cuter????? Those eyes…I would be absolute putty in his paws.
    Another great T&T, lots to look forward to diving into–and yay, Gardeners’ World returns! Y’all have a wonderful weekend. Merci bien, Shannon! ☺XX

  9. Shannon, my mailman just popped your package through the mailbox. Thank you so much, the bookmark is beautiful and love the notepad. My book arrived on Monday, every morning I have been reading that dates entry and it helps me set the tone/direction for my day. I love the concept of a daily entry, even though I have been tempted to read ahead.
    This winter has been amazing, snow every week and cold temps but the coming week a little warmer. Nothing coming up in my garden yet. But I have planning for some areas to complete this spring/summer so that is fun. Also found this website and purchased a potting bench.
    Have a wonderful weekend Shannon and readers.

  10. I have the Another Year of Wonder book and it is lighting up my days… Some of the music is heart-stoppingly beautiful (Sure on this Shining Night for one – and we’re only in March still!)

  11. Thank you, Shannon. I received the bookmark and pad of paper yesterday. Quick service! I’d begun reading when my book arrived a few days ago. Each day’s message hits the right spot!
    God’s blessings to you.

  12. Yes! I am so happy Gardeners World is back, too. I also watch it early on a Saturday morning with a cup of tea, ready to jot down and plan my jobs and tips for the weekend! Luckily this weeks episode helped me diagnose a problem I know has been affecting my Camellia but not knowing what!

    I love the look of the French comedy film in this weeks list!
    Thanks for lots of inspiration as always Shannon, and I look forward to my book and goodies arriving soon.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sarah. Looking forward to sitting down soon and enjoying the first episode! Glad to hear you already drew much inspiration from it. 🙂 Yes, hopefully the international deliveries will be arriving in the next week or two. Not sure how long mail takes. 🙂 Have a beautiful almost-spring weekend!

  13. Shannon-thank you so much for the lovely bookmark, personalized bookplate and the beautiful notepad. It was a challenging week for me, and I cannot describe my happiness at sitting down on Friday evening with a glass of Prosecco, a delicious meal, two new episodes of Mrs. Maisel, and your lovely gifts. I felt like I won the lottery. I am eagerly anticipating your new book and am thrilled that you are making plans to visit France in the spring! Thank you for everything you do! Noreen

    1. Noreen, So glad to hear the envelope arrived and at a most perfect time. Your evening ritual that you shared sounds nurturing and lovely. I too enjoyed the most recent episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 🙂 Wishing you a nurturing weekend. Thank you for stopping by to say hello.

  14. Another delightful T&T, Shannon — although I haven’t finished going through last week’s (I’m finding weekends are coming closer together than they once did [sigh])! I don’t know how I missed “Death at a Funeral” when it came out because it looks hilarious & showcases 2 of my favourite actors, Peter Dinklage & Alan Tudyk (who, far from being English, was actually born in El Paso, Texas, & in spite of his impressively long list of film credits will always be Wash from the cult sci-fi series “Firefly” for me). Looking forward to watching it, & looking forward even more to receiving my copy of “The Road to Le Papillon”, which is apparently somewhere between “out there” & here & is due any day now . . . or maybe the next (I live just far enough off the beaten path that delivery schedules follow their own rather whimsical idea of space & time). Hope you & sweet Norman have a fabulous, relaxing weekend.

  15. Just received my book and green envelope this weekend, thank you. Excited to dive into the book. My plan was to wait until my birthday later this month (what I consider my “new year”) to start and then read each day’s entry as it comes but we’ll see if I can wait that long. 🙂

  16. Thanks, Shannon, for a wonderful T&T as per usual. 🙂

    My favourites this week:
    – playlist for the 3rd book – how did I miss this post?
    – death at a funeral
    – the savory baker – I not a sweet tooth person but a “savory tooth” is more like it, so this book might be a “danger” to my waist line… 😉
    – pinstripe shirt dress
    – reusable everyday tote
    – maisie dobbs
    – Finding new friends in mid-life
    – Live in full screen mode, on the 5 ways to simplify your life

    Norman is the cutest doggie ever! 🙂

    Have a great week, everyone!

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