This & That: March 25, 2022
Friday March 25, 2022

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Multiple new series making their premieres, Breton stripes, delicious new cookbooks, French style items and books on fashion as well as a novel receiving high praise. A hilarious new British cosy mystery based on a best-selling book by Graham Norton, and much, much more.


—Dress Code: Unlocking Fashion from the New Look to Millennial Pink by Véronique Hyland

Released last week, a collection of essays “centered on the fashion industry—its history, its importance, why we wear what we wear, and why it matters—from Elle Magazine’s fashion features director”.

Groundskeeping: A Novel by Lee Cole 

Released on March 1st and already receiving much praise, an Editor’s Pick and Ann Patchett gives it glowing reviews, the new novel by Lee Cole Groundskeeping is set in 2016, centering around two people from drastically different upbringings who attempt to forge a relationship as they try to untangle the class and identity demands and stereotypes that wish to not let them understand the other.

British Find

Bridgerton, Season 2 premiere

Season two will arrive on Netflix today. Have a look at the trailer below. Reviewers are already commented that while it may not be as ‘steamy’ as the first season, it’s much more relatable. Okay, now I am curious as to how that is possible. I guess I will have to tune in to find out! 🙂

Holding, iTV

TSLL reader Sarah, who resides in Britain, gave high marks to a new British cosy mystery series I cannot wait to watch and have a feeling other fellow readers will want to enjoy as we well. Available now on iTV in Britain, as well as BritBox (but not via Amazon Prime, so I am patiently waiting), Holding has a cast made up of familiar faces and is a four-part series based on Graham Norton’s bestselling novel of the same name (2017). Have a look at the trailer below.


Genius Kitchen: Over 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Make Your Brain Sharp, Body Strong, and Taste Buds Happy by Max Lugavere

A fresh new spring season and a cookbook to discover recipes that are delicious as well as prioritizing your brain and body’s well-being.

Half-Baked Harvest Every Day: Recipes for Balanced, Flexible, Feel-Good Meals by Tieghan Gerard

Being released on Tuesday – March 29th, blogger and cookbook author Tieghan Gerard returns with a much anticipated new cookbook – Half-Baked Harvest Every Day. Sharing “plenty of plant-forward favorites, like Chipotle Cheddar Corn Chowder and Spinach and Pesto–Stuffed Butternut Squash. Tieghan also shares flavor-packed family go-tos, like Pizza Pasta with Pepperoni Bread Crumbs, Crispy Carnitas Taquitos, and Spicy Pretzel Chicken Fingers with Hot Honey. And you’ll find luscious desserts, like Chocolate Olive Oil Cake and a Lemon Tart with Vanilla Sugar, made with a focus on wholesome, minimally processed ingredients”.


The Lost City

I mentioned Sandra Bullock’s new film last week, and today it is now available to watch in theaters. Starring Tatum Channing and Daniel Radcliffe alongside Bullock with Brad Pitt as well, the hilarity ensues when “reclusive author Loretta Sage (Bullock) writes about exotic places in her popular adventure novels that feature a handsome cover model named Alan (Channing), and while on tour promoting her new book with Alan, Loretta gets kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Radcliffe) who hopes she can lead him to an ancient city’s lost treasure from her latest story. Determined to prove he can be a hero in real life and not just on the pages of her books, Alan sets off to rescue her”.

Check out the trailer below and enjoy. I think I will be taking this one in for a sidesplitting good laugh this weekend.

Francophile Find

Ines de la Fressange, Uniqlo new collection

The spring collections are becoming available in shops and online boutiques, and Ines de la Fressange returns with a new collection for Uniqlo. While there are not many items in this collection, there are a few staple items worth checking out.

~A TSLL blog note: Next Friday, April 1st, TSLL’s annual Spring Shopping Guide will be posted here on the blog for hand-picked shopping items and a list of spring trends worth investing in. Be sure to stop by.

St. James Breton Stripe Form Fitting Dress, Propriano (many color combos)

And speaking of spring (and yep, summer too), Breton stripes are always an item I have in my closet, and French company St. James brings the variety of styles and colors in spades. I have spotlighted their Propriano dress in this week’s This & That, but their tops and sweaters are worth checking out as well.

Vogue Paris 100 Years (English translation)

Published last October in French, and as Vogue Paris is now Vogue France (which makes sense to me!), this book has now been translated into English for Fashion and History buffs alike, and Francophiles too.


Félicie Basket, Natural Raffia, Sézane

A simple, sturdy summer tote for day and for the market as well.

Theory Friends & Family Sale, 25% off site-wide

A sale not to miss to pick up the classic and timeless capsule wardrobe item pieces. From trenches, to blazers, to totes and shoes (I love these sandals – more colors available). I have shopped a few items below, but with nearly everything marked 25% off, be sure to shop the site to find what your spring capsule wardrobe needs.


Brené Brown, Atlas of the Heart, HBO Max

Perhaps you have picked and read Brené Brown’s latest book – Atlas of the Heart. If not or if so, she now has a new series on HBO Max that will premiere next week. Have a look at the trailer below.

Be My Guest with Ina Garten, Discovery+ series

The Barefoot Contessa just announced she will have a new cookbook being released this coming October, Go-To Dinners, and premiering this coming Sunday, a new series will air as well – Be My Guest. It is a three-part premiere – Food Network, Discovery+ and a podcast – each platform offering its own special something. Learn more here.

Julia, HBO Max series

A series I have loooong been looking forward to, starring Sarah Lancashire (Last Tango in Halifax) as Julia Child, David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) as Paul Julia, Bebe Neuwirth as Avis – Julia Child’s dear and instrumental friend who helped acquire the publisher for Mastering the Art of French Cooking (and that is just the start of the spectacular casting) is Julia. Premiering next Thursday – March 31st, enjoy a 10-episode series, with a new episode dropping each week through May. Take a look at the trailer below. | The Simply Luxurious Life

The daffodils have begun to bloom at Le Papillon, and oh my goodness does seeing them bring on the smiles from me and also neighbors passing by.

Earlier this week I shared a detailed behind-the-scenes post of all 14 illustrations created by artist Sarah Lœcker for The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment. Complete with why each illustration was selected for each chapter and the inspiration from my life complete with photographs, the above illustration is February’s, and as you will see in the post, her attention to detail is mesmerizing and I couldn’t be more tickled with how each appears. This particular daffodil is an Art Design varietal, and they are about to bloom in the Sunshine garden here at Le Papillon. I cannot wait. 🙂

This weekend I will be knee-deep in compost, and I cannot wait for that either. 🙂 The annual delivery to nourish my garden arrives today, and dispersing the organic material around my boulevards, rockery and cottage garden immediately seems to signify the arrival of spring as the plants are ready to burst from the soil.

The eBook of The Road to Le Papillon was released this past Tuesday (audio book is coming soon!), and thank you to everyone who preordered. With full-color illustrations in this format, you will be able to enjoy the full beauty of all that Sarah created with each illustration. Be sure to share a pic of your book capturing a moment of true contentment in your own life as I heard from readers that hardbacks are beginning to arrive along with all of the paperbacks ordered. Share via email or on IG as I will be compiling a detailed post of readers’ pics and their books to be shared the week of April 10th. Also, if you are enjoying the book, your positive ranking (and a written review if you’d like and are able) is one of the best ways to continue the word of mouth and curiosity for new readers to explore the book. To everyone who has already done this, thank you very much. It truly is more appreciated than you know.

I hope this first week of spring went well, and may the final weekend of March be all that you hope it will be. Thank you for choosing to stop by, and if you are celebrating Mother’s Day in the UK, wishing you a happy and loving day on Sunday. Until Monday, bonne journée.

~Maybe you too find yourself getting lost in garden and seed magazines. This lovely read shares vivid everyday moments to welcome a seasonal ritual into your life – The Soul-Southing Power of Seed Catalogs [WSJ]

~More than a few restaurants to try now in Paris [Forbes]

~How to let go of obsessive overthinking [Zen Habits]

~The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s fourth season just wrapped up, and I especially enjoyed the 8th episode (Season 5 will be the final season and they have already begun filming). Marin Hinkle shares her love for chocolate in this profile piece. [The New York Times]

~It is officially and confirmed this week, Season 2 of And Just Like That is a go! [Deadline]

~A touch of luxury in the kitchen, and all you need is a smidge – Saffron – How to Get Maximum Value from it in the Kitchen [WSJ]

~The French Presidential election is just a few weeks away. Discover the ins and outs of how it works [France 24]

~A human who continues to inspire me – The Secret Life of Beatrix Potter [The New Yorker]

~Retire the 9-5 Workday – a contemplative piece [NYTimes]

~Plans to travel to Provence? Save this post – 10 Favorite Things to do in Saint-de-Rémy-Provence – one of the most deliciously large and bustling markets in the region [Frenchly]. (Check out my post complete with pictures from this market here from 2018).

~A ghost writer for celebrities shares lessons she learned on achieving success [The Cut]

~Ideas for arranging your bookshelves from interior designers [House & Garden UK]

~Finally, finally, finally, Season 3 of Derry Girls is returning! Check out the trailer below and I will be sure to include it in a future This & That when the spring release date is announced.

Check out last week’s This & That post – March 18, 2022

Clothes for spring style, a not-to-miss home décor sale, books for a myriad of inspiration in both nonfiction and fiction genres, a new-to-me French series, peeking into the Parisian real estate market returns, Amy Poehler’s must-see documentary, the second season of a Jane Austen’s inspired unfinished novel and still, there’s more. 

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10 thoughts on “This & That: March 25, 2022

  1. So much to enjoy in this weeks picks! So glad you found Holding of interest – I’m truly enjoying it each Monday evening so hope others do too.
    I am yet to watch Bridgerton, but the season 2 trailer has intrigued me more than Season 1 so I shall definitely have to watch. A familiar face from another enjoyed Netflix series Sex Education as the lead woman too (Simone Ashley I think?).
    And of course… Julia! Julia Child is not as famous here in the UK but I know her through the film Julia and Julia (which I loved) and obviously reading much about how she inspires you Shannon (I have added her biographies and autobiographies to my reading list having read more about her via TSLL). I’m definitely interested to watch this drama, especially when there are so many familiar faces. Having grown up with Frasier it was a delight to see not only Niles but also Lilith in this series!
    Have a wonderful weekend in your garden, my daffodils (Replete – fried eggs!) are also blooming now, as I patiently wait for my tulips and seedlings to sprout and bloom.

    1. Sarah,

      I just saw a peek at your Double Repletes this morning on IG and they are beautiful! What a sign of spring!

      Thank you for reminding me about Sex Education. I have heard positive recommendations and need to check it out.

      I cannot wait for Holding to be available for us in the states. It looks hilarious and, well, just uniquely its own type of cozy mystery, if that makes sense.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you for your comment today. Bonne journée!

  2. And suddenly, it is Friday… Well, for me this week went fast, fast. Thank you, Shannon, for a great T&T!

    My favourites:

    – Groundskeeping – I read mostly non-fiction, but this one got me curious. Plus, a great love story is the best way to “land” the mind after a “brainiac” exercises… 😉

    – Bridgerton – I cannot say that I was impressed by the first season. I liked Lady Whistledown plot line though, but that was pretty much it for me. I could consider to give it another go on Season 2, if the overall “steam” situation has been now dealt with…

    – The Lost City – definitely! These days, one does need a good comedy/ fantasy story, with all the genre clichés and good actors, yes, indeed. 🙂

    – Theory Sandals – lovely, but sadly not available for EU clients. 🙁

    – Julia – I hope it will be made available for the German public at some point.

    – Seed catalogues – I thought I was the only “slightly weird” person that loves to read seed catalogues, but now I now that I am not alone… And with health benefits to boot, I shall now engage even more thoroughly in this delightful practice. 😉

    – Mrs. Maisel – I must say that I did not enjoy so much this season as the previous ones. I found it a bit slow, a bit repetitive, and although their performances are, for the most part, impeccable, the plot did not advance much.

    – How to arrange your bookshelves – yes, this is a treat for me! I always like to know how other people do this. I tend to the first system mentioned, with books divided in broad categories, fiction/ non fiction, etc., with some attention to size (not colour) for balance and to make the most out of the capacity/ size of the shelves, which, goodness knows, seem to be always too full…, but that might be due to the fact that I /we have way too many books (whoops… cough… cough…). No books on floor though – one has to draw the line somewhere, right?… The books been currently read rest on my desk or on our night tables, in small (or moderate) sized piles. 😉

    – Derry Girls – yes, please. 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone and happy Mother’s Day for those of you celebrating it! Pats and cuddles to all your pets. Norman did not grace us today with his cute presence, so I missed him. He makes me smile. 🙂

    1. Isabel,

      I always enjoy your run-down of the contents of T & T that caught your eye. I agree with you about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. A slow season, lots of color and style to catch the eye; however, I am glad that Susie finally has an office! 🙂 The final conversation on Carnegie Stage was a strong finish, but yes, not one of the strongest seasons.

      Derry Girls – your annotation says it all. Yep! I am ready to laugh so hard I cannot control it. LOVE that series. 🙂

      Ah! I do apologize for no Norman in the pics this week. Be sure to check out today’s IG post announcing today’s This & That post – he is in his favorite chair. I will keep in mind what you enjoy when it comes to this little guy. Happy too share pics of him on Friday. 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Looking forward to Julia!
    I purchased seeds from Baker Creek (mentioned in that WSJ article) and the Pink dandelions. They’re currently sprouting on my balcony and I cannot wait to see their bright pink heads this spring.

    I received The Road to Le Papillon yesterday (6 days earlier than estimated by amazon!) and I can’t wait to dig in this weekend. It’s the beautiful hardcover.

    1. Courtney,

      Happy Friday! And thank you for stopping by. 🙂 Happy dance for the pink dandelions sprouting! I am now curious to check out what pink dandelions look like as I had never heard of them before. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      So tickled the hardbacks are arriving and yours is in your hands. I do hope you enjoy. Thank you for your curiosity to select the book. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your comment. 🙂

  4. Good evening,

    Julia looks wonderful. I am a huge fan of Frazier and love the actors. I also am looking forward the Bridgeeron. The whole show was kind of absurd but it sure gave everyone something to talk about at work. I love the costuming but I am disappointed Simon did not return.

    Have a great weekend

    Stacy Pitcher

  5. Thank you for all the great finds this week. Very much looking forward to the new season of Derry Girls. I am currently watching Joanna Lumley’s journey through the British Isles (filmed about 2 years ago) and in the most recent episode she was in Derry, fascinating. Would highly recommend this programme if you have not watched it already, only 3 episodes long. Beautiful British countryside and she meets the most delightful people on the way.
    My other highlight this week was getting the stunning bookmark and notepad in the mail from you. Many thanks! Looking forward to savouring The Road to Le Papillon.
    Have a lovely spring weekend.

  6. Thak you Shannon for sharing such a detailed post on the backstory of the illustrations by the very talented Sarah. They look so beautiful in colour and it’s so fascinating watching her at work. This & That offers lots of suggestions to indulge our senses. The trailer of Julia looks entertaining and what a surprise casting of Sarah Lancashire as Julia. I love Graham Norton and loved the book but will have to.wait to see if it comes out in DVD. Like Weisserose I did not get on with Bridgerton. Aftet two episodes I gave up. Don’t think I’ll be revisiting it but hope evetyone enjoys season 2. Will be in England in May so definitely will be going to to the V&A to see Beatrix Potter’s exhibition. As a family we are huge fans . The children still have whole collections of Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. Just love her illustrations and we made several pilgrimages to Hill Top. I am fresh from visiting St James today on my way back from visiting Mont St Michel. I saw the dress and was drawn to it for its sustainable and protective qualities but I had already purchased two Bretons to replace my tattered ones and didn’t know it was featured in This &That until I returned home. I definitely will be returning as it’s not far from where I live. St James has been given the prestigious living heritage award twice for excellence staying true to its origins since 1889. Here in France Spring is glorious and everyone is in a lighter mood and as we gear up for the Presidential election it’s looking like a second term for Mr Macron. Let’s hope the predictions are right. I celebrate Mother’s Day twice (UK) tomorrow and May (France) It’s also our wedding anniversary. Lots to enjoy. Wishing you and Norman a wonderful weekend. Kameela xx

  7. Shannon, a really lovely selection as usual. I’m enjoying ‘Holding’ as it is so quirky. It reminds me of a series that was on TV ages ago called ‘Ballykissangel ‘. Spring has arrived here with some glorious weather so my spring bulbs are all making an appearance, even the tulips! I need some more bretons so I will check out your recommendation. Have a great weekend. X

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