This & That: March 17, 2023
Friday March 17, 2023

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Brimming full of books about how to thrive, yet avoid the burn-out that is errantly assumed must happen, a British series returns for its final season, a new series begins about a much-known (or do we really) French queen, a French mystery series I absolutely enjoyed, especially because of its cast, reasons for gardeners to celebrate, clothing for spring and summer that is effortless and gorgeous, an exclusive promotion for TSLL readers with a favorite home décor and tableware online shop and a new television series I cannot wait to watch that stars a favorite from the Shonda Rhimes legacy of successful series. Oh! And did I mention Paris and flowers, yep, there is a beautiful new book for anyone who loves either of these two subjects. And still, there is so much more.


Becoming Super Woman: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Go from Burn-out to Balance by Nicole Lapin

Best known for her bestselling books on money management, Nicole Lapin’s third book was inspired by her own personal journey from burn-out to balance and true fulfillment. Prompted by “an emergency hospitalization that prompted her to take her mental health seriously for the first time ever. Along the way, she discovered that not only was this priority shift not a defeat, it was the key to unlocking even greater achievements.”

Breaking the Age Code: How Your Beliefs About Aging Determine How Long and Well You Will Live by Becca Levy PhD

Released last spring, Dr. Becca Levy’s book Breaking the Age Code is one I am looking forward to reading as she presents the revelations of the mind-body connection in such a way to drive home the truth that we have more power to create the future that we believe will be ours, and that includes how we age. “Based on her innovative research, stories that range from pop culture to the corporate boardroom, and her own life,Levy shows how age beliefs shape all aspects of our lives. She also presents a variety of fascinating people who have benefited from positive age beliefs as well as an entire town that has flourished with these beliefs.” Described as “a landmark work, presenting not only easy-to-follow techniques for improving age beliefs so they can contribute to successful aging, but also a blueprint to reduce structural ageism for lasting change and an age-just society.”

Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women by Kate Northrup

I shared last week Kate Northrup’s first book, which will be the subject of an upcoming episode of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, and this week I wanted to share with you her most recent book, published in 2020 – Do Less. I am observing a theme in this week’s book collection, but it powerfully instrumental in living a life we love and that nurtures our unique gifts, which are unique to each of us. In Do Less, Northrup writes a book “for working women and mothers who are ready to release the culturally inherited belief that their worth is equal to their productivity, and instead create a personal and professional life that’s based on presence, meaning, and joy.”

Once Upon a Tome: The Misadventures of a Rare Bookseller by Oliver Darkshire

Released this past Tuesday, Once Upon a Tome is already Literary Hub and Book Page‘s Most Anticipated Book of 2023 and it all centers around Sotheran’s, one of the oldest bookshops in the world. Founded in 1761, Sotheran’s intrigued the author Oliver Darkshire to apply for a job, which he attained, and as “a novice in this ancient, potentially haunted establishment, Darkshire describes Sotheran’s brushes with history (Dickens, the Titanic), its joyous disorganization, and the unspoken rules of its gleefully old-fashioned staff, whose mere glance may cause the computer to burst into flames. As Darkshire gains confidence and experience, he shares trivia about ancient editions and explores the strange space that books occupy in our lives―where old books often have strong sentimental value, but rarely a commercial one.” Bibliophiles, this is a MUST-HAVE for your/our library. Wouldn’t you agree? I look forward to picking up my copy soon.

British Finds

Behind Closed Doors by Seth Alexander Thévoz

I am most intrigued by Seth Alexander Thévoz’s book that was released this past December and goes deep into the history of the privates clubs we thought we knew so well in British history. In Behind Closed Doors, Thévoz “reveals how everything we might have thought we knew about these clubs is wrong. They may have started out as white, male, aristocratic watering holes – but that’s only part of the story. All sections of society built their own clubs and lived their lives there: highbrow and lowbrow; women and men; working-class, middle-class and upper-class; international and British. The club has been central to a distinctively British form of leisure over more than three centuries.”

Gardeners’ World, season 56 premiere!

I likely don’t have to write too much about this one because those who know, know! But finally the new season premieres after taking its winter hiatus since late October. Join Monty Don along with his pups Nell, Patty and Ned at his Longmeadow garden along with the rest of the Gardeners’ World hosting crew. Watch on BBC Two in Britain and for everyone else, on BritBox. The first episode of the new season premieres this evening! If you watch on Saturday mornings, I will be watching with you!

~Discover why I love this weekly gardening program in this detailed post.

Roy Kirkham ‘In The Garden’ Breakfast Cup & Saucer

Sunday, March 19th, is Mother’s Day in Britain, so to all of the mums out there, wishing you a very happy day. British teacup and saucer company Roy Kirkham is offering a special discount to celebrate, and to go along with the gardening theme we have going on here this week, I selected their “In the Garden” Breakfast Cup & Saucer. I love this design and have the exact style, but with butterflies illustrated on it. Lightweight and large, but not too large, such a piece is a special mug to enjoy your favorite cup.

Save 10% when you use promo code MOTHERSDAY10.

Sanditon, season 3, PBS Masterpiece

The final season of Sanditon, inspired by Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name, premieres this Sunday on PBS Masterpiece. Have a look at the trailer below. I am quite looking forward to seeing how they conclude this series as I have very much enjoyed watching it over the past couple of years.


Moving On

Premiering in theaters today, the fabulous duo of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda take their chemistry and chaos that we came to love in Grace & Frankie to a new film Moving On. Fonda and Tomlin star as two women reunited to seek revenge against the husband of their recently deceased best friend and that is just the beginning . . . have a look at the trailer below and enjoy!

Francophile Finds

Agathe Koltes, Walter Presents/PBS Masterpiece

Ohhhh, I love it when there is a bit of an insider tidbit to a US series that only those who know the international stars (in this case French) will likely know and here it is. If you have watched Emily in Paris, you know Sylvie has a husband who lives in Saint Tropez, but did you know these two actors starred alongside each other as detectives in a crime solving French series set on the Brittany coast? Yep! Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu and Arnaud Binard are a wonderful duo to watch in Agathe Koltes, which is available to view in the states through PBS Masterpiece streaming (Walter Presents). The entire first season (10 episodes) is quite enjoyable (I whizzed right through it in two weeks) and these two, who are not romantically linked in this French series, rather Binard is in a relationship with Leroy Beaulieu’s on-screen daughter which unfolds gradually throughout the series, come to be a powerfully savvy pair of sleuths.

The series has two seasons, but I can only find the first online (please do share if you know how to access the second). Filmed between 2016 and 2019 in Brittany, the setting is gorgeous, and the entire team are enjoyable to watch as they evolve to be ever tighter in their camaraderie. Have a look at Agathe Koltes and her method of finding the truth in two scenes shown below.

French Blooms: Floral Arrangements Inspired by Paris and Beyond by Sandra Sigman

Being released this coming Tuesday is a book full of not only beautiful inspiration for arranging your flowers inspired by Paris, but chapters full of details on choosing the right containers—from vintage stoneware crocks to baskets and white ceramic footed vases—and flower care and tools, along with lush photographs, many taken in Paris, Normandy, and Provence. Described as “a love letter to France—from Parisian sophistication to the simple grace of provincial life” the award-winning floral designer and owner of Les Fleurs based in Massachusetts, Sandra Sigman learned while living in Paris in her twenties that the French consider each floral arrangement a unique work of art filled with passion, movement, texture, and surprise. She shares in her book “the distinct design principles she learned from her favorite Parisian florist, and offers tutorials, with images and instructions for creating French-inspired arrangements for different areas of the home.”

Learn more about Sandra Sigman and her journey with les fleurs here.

Marie Antoinette, PBS Masterpiece

Following Sanditon on PBS Masterpiece is a new series about the French queen that is often misunderstood, Marie Antoinette, and this new series offers a fresh, feminist take on the Austrian-born royal. Have a look at the trailer below and tune in on Sunday for the first episode.


Cassandra’s Kitchen, exclusive promo code for TSLL readers

I am very excited about partnering up with Cassandra’s Kitchen. Cassandra Schultz is the woman behind this online business, and how I was introduced to her site years ago was through watching Barefoot Contessa episodes. Cassandra grew up in East Hampton, NY as one of five children and began working at Ina Garten’s specialty food store, The Barefoot Contessa, at the age of 13, filling glassine bags with Ina’s home-baked cookies and serving freshly brewed coffee to customers. She’s even been on a few episodes of ‘Barefoot Contessa’. Being inspired by all of these experiences, in 2008 “she opened Cassandra’s Kitchen in 2008 with the concept of selling fan-favorite Barefoot Contessa kitchen products all in one space.” And she has great, high-quality taste to make time in the kitchen enjoyable and delicious.

Some readers may have seen this past week on IG that a lovely jumbo Italian blue and white cup & saucer arrived at my home (IG Stories). This lovely set is going to be given away to a lucky TOP Tier Member (tune in to April’s A Cuppa Moments to enter), and CK has also extended a site-wide discount to all readers. Available now, save 10% with promo code SLL10. I have shopped a few items below for you, AND if you loved the small rectangular serving tray with a glass bottom that was given away last year (I have and LOVE this tray), it is now back in stock. I have included in the shopping scroll below.

Pine Charcuterie Boards (different sizes)


Cos printed halter neck maxi dress, blue/white/printed

I will admit, when I saw this dress, I immediately thought of the cup & saucer above, and while I initially thought, no, don’t include it, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, this would be a fun summer/late spring dress. Either left loose as seen here or cinched with a belt, with such a classic, statement-making print, you really don’t have to wear much else for accessories. The dress does the talking. And the halter aspect makes this dress available for many different occasions.

Cos Belted striped midi shirt dress (more colors available)

One more from Cos because I just love this brand as their styles are affordable and classic. Again, cinch this dress, dress up or down and look effortlessly chic.

Staud Alex Wedge, (more colors)

And these sandals may just be the perfect shoe-of-choice for the shirtdress above, non? Well, either way, they would be a wonderful summer sandal for wearing with all sorts of outfits. And your feet would be secure with the back heel strap.

The Great

A new-to-me clothing company is The Great, based in Los Angeles, and founded by two friends who put comfort and style, as well as raising women up at the top of their priority list. They also sell men’s clothing now, primarily comfort basics, but I found them to be full of casual style. Have a look at a few pulls below, and be sure to shop their entire site here.

The Men’s Slim Henley, more colors


Unprisoned, Hulu

I am very much looking forward to watching this new series, Unprisoned, starring Kerry Washington (and she is one of the executive producers of the series as well). Premiering last Friday on Hulu, Washington stars as a relationship and marriage counselor whose father, played by The Good Fight‘s Delroy Lindo, has just been released from a prison after 17 years behind bars. The hilarity and re-acclimation follows, and I think the trailer below explains how fantastic this series has the potential to be. Have a look below.


Well hello Friday! Happy to see you! And so happy you, TSLL readers, have stopped by as we step into the final weekend of winter before spring arrives on Monday. Wahoo!

This past week has been a steady one, for which I am grateful. Deep nights of sleep, some snow, some sun and oodles of rain. Witnessing my tulips courageously push up through the potted soil and knowing soon they will be sharing their beauty announcing a new gardening season has arrived makes me smile each time I step outside on the garden porch, even if I have to be bundled up to do so.

Speaking of gardening, this Saturday morning I am looking forward to sitting down in a cozy chair with a freshly baked Morning Glory muffin smeared with some French salted butter and a hot cuppa to watch the first episode of Gardeners’ World and no doubt followed by doing something gardening related. I genuinely have been looking forward to savoring this weekly ritual since October when last season came to its regular yearly conclusion.

Aside from that, I may pop into the theater to watch a film, I will definitely be reading a couple of books I am thoroughly enjoying (I shared one title in yesterday’s March Ponderings post), and beyond that, I am not quite sure, but I am looking forward to feeling my way to do whatever piques my interest and energy level.

If you haven’t already subscribed to either the free weekly or monthly newsletter, I want to encourage you to do so as some big heads up news was shared in today’s weekly newsletter and will also be shared with monthly subscribers on the last day of this month regarding TOP Tier Memberships. With British Week just around the corner (in May) and a giveaway being shared in April’s A Cuppa Moments, there continues to be many perks and benefits to joining TSLL’s international community if living simply luxuriously speaks to you and your approach to living well. I enjoy exploring how to continue to offer a quality reading and community experience and want to thank all of the current members for their engagement, curiosity and interest in TSLL.

Now, as I mentioned above, Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK, so if you are a mother or have a mother who lives in the UK, wishing you all a very special day of celebration. Perhaps it will find you in the garden or the gardening nurseries or whatever you most love doing. And to everyone, wishing you a wonderful March weekend. Thank you for stopping by today and until Monday, bonne journée.

~A great list to check out – the most common mistakes in decorating your house and how to avoid them, one piece of advice aligns with #1 on Wednesday’s podcast episode – let yourself dream and then you will find a way! [House & Garden UK]

~Ideas for learning how to accept risk as an HSP and why it pays off [Sensitive Refuge]

~I enjoyed listening to this interview this week of a new mother who is also a reporter covering a security intensive war zone whilst also finding time to pump [NPR] Read her full article on the experience here in the WSJ.

~The rebuilding of Notre Dame and its current status and projected completion. [Afar]

~Did you know that one of the oldest restaurants in the country is in San Francisco? Learn more about its history and success here. [The New York Times]

~This is a stunning apartment – full of color, thoughtful design details and features, and while it may be a bachelor’s home, this would be an ideal home for anyone who appreciates thoughtful, stunning decor. [The Identité Collective]

~21 Things to Do Before Checking Your Phone Each Morning [Becoming Minimalist]

~The Paris Review is celebrating 70 years and on the cover this month is a commissioned painting by Peter Doig titled Fried Eggs by the Canal. Read the interview with the artist who shares the inspiration for this Impressionistic, specifically Manet-approach to this piece of art.

~The gift we give ourselves when we embrace silence. [Shondaland]

~If you have ever wondered what day is best for grocery shopping, to save money, have the best selection, etc., well, this article claims they know, and they may be right, at least for those of us living in North America. [Kitchn]

~Evidently English Country Kitchen decor style is becoming a trend now, and for most of the items on this list, it’s not a trend, but a savvy choose for timeless style in my book. [PureWow]

~Want to become a birder? Simply start in your own yard. [The Washington Post]

~Daffodils, often the first sign of spring, and at Hever Castle & Gardens in Kent, they have been around for more than 100 years. Learn more about daffodils and why you may never know how old a daffodil bulb actually is. [The English Garden]

~An interview with Hannah Waddingham’s on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon talking about her singing career which, as she says, “Is her proper job”, as opposed to playing the owner of the Richmond football team in Ted Lasso. She also shares what she enjoys about the show and whether or not she hears Ted Lasso’s positive aphorisms in her head. Love her answer to this one.

~Explore last week’s This & That: March 10, 2023

Anglophiles, there are oodles of finds for you this week. From a new musical, the return of an award winning comedy, a series from the past for gardeners, and a comedy series starring a favorite British actor I thoroughly enjoyed upon watching. And still there is much more – books galore on history, money, mastering new skills, food, being brave and the awesomeness of being a HSP. As well, finds for the home, clothing staples, a new-to-me-website I think TSLL readers will thoroughly enjoy if you haven’t found it already and of course, a few links inspired by the upcoming Academy Awards. But still, there is so much more. Enjoy!

~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

11 thoughts on “This & That: March 17, 2023

  1. Shannon, once again you have showered us with a wonderful lineup of incredible finds. Thank you! I wish I had more hours in the day to read and watch all the items mentioned above. What a great way to start a long weekend (long for me at least, with an extra day off). Your content choices are amazing! Bravo!

  2. Joyeux Vendredi!

    Sunday is a big day for Masterpiece and I am here for it! Two great programs added to Call the Midwife makes for a great evening.

    Cassandra’s Kitchen looks like a great find, and I look forward to perusing it at length. I also loved the maxi dress so that you for including it.

    Hannah Waddingham is absolutely fabulous, and this interview makes me love her all the more. Ted Lasso looks to be off to a great start.

    Have a wonderful weekend and accueillir le printemps!


    1. Michelle,

      Joyeux Vendredi indeed! ☺️ Sunday will be a wonderful evening, won’t it? 🙂 And isn’t Hannah Waddingham inspiring and full of energy and love of life in a most grounded and fun way? Ah, yes, welcome Spring! I am here for it and wishing you wonderful moments in your garden. Thank you for stopping by. xo

  3. Shannon, so many tidbits!
    Read today that the archeologists assisting with Notre Dame have discovered that perhaps one of the factors that contributed to the survival of the treasure were iron fasteners – among the oldest found – holding major parts of the structure together.
    The daffodil piece from Hever Castle was fascinating. I love the blooms not only in my own garden but throughout our Eastern woodlands. I’ve been thinking of stealth planting bulbs in a wooded area of some family property in Pennsylvania to enjoy.
    Silence in conjunction with morning electronic fasts are now on my horizon. I’ve recently been considering leaving social media as I don’t really have a valid need to be there. Perhaps a different type of silence.
    Thanks so much for continuing to “feed” us!

    1. Jim,

      So nice to read your comment and contemplations. And I think the planting of daffodils in the woodland is a fantastic idea! Go forth and add the spring beauty! ☺️

      Thank you for sharing the news of the iron fasteners that came to the rescue, so to speak. 😌 We are fortunate the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I will look forward to readin* more about this this weekend.

      My relationship with social media is a dance with balance. For work, a must, but even then, how much? Simply being aware of whether it is constructive or not is a great start to knowing what is best.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you again for stopping by. 😌💛

  4. Unprisoned and Moving On have really peaked my interest this week! I loved Grace & Frankie and this film looks like it brings the fun and adventure of G&F to the big screen.
    Cos is such a great brand. I love their tailoring style that always errs on the side of cool.
    I too enjoy GW on Saturday mornings, much inspiration for getting out in the garden at the weekend.
    Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to anyone celebrating

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sarah. And they really did create a dynamic pair when they brought Fonda and Tomlin together. They seem to enjoy working together. I can only imagine how much fun the set must be. And great observation about Cos, so true! Enjoy your Sunday. 💛

  5. Unprisoned and Moving On have really peaked my interest this week! I loved Grace & Frankie and this film looks like it brings the fun and adventure of G&F to the big screen.
    Cos is such a great brand. I love their tailoring style that always errs on the side of cool.
    I too enjoy GW on Saturday mornings, much inspiration for getting out in the garden at the weekend.
    Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to anyone celebrating

  6. Thanks, Shannon! 🙂

    My favourites from this T & T:
    – Once Upon a Tome;
    – Moving On;
    – Cos Belted striped midi shirt dress.

    For all the ladies that celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, I hope you had lovely time.

    I wish every one a Happy Spring (or Autumn, as it might be the case)! 🙂

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