This & That: June 9, 2023
Friday June 9, 2023

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Get ready for summer shopping finds from dresses to linen tops to stylish, yet comfortable shorts because I have items I think you’re going to love. As well, four books this week, each centered around four very different topics, a wonderful new French film that debuted at the Cannes film festival in 2022 finally becomes available in the states, and a beloved British amateur sleuth returns to take us back to the Cotswolds to solve the most head-scratching of murders. As well, a new American film starring a name you will recognize from one of the recent most popular series that just concluded who plays a much different role in a most beautiful setting, a fun new French caper series adapting Agatha Christie mysteries and a new British series that is a spin-off from a favorite film from the 90s. But still there is more!


Better Living Through Birding: Notes from a Black Man in the Natural World by Christian Cooper

I have a feeling many of us will remember Christian Cooper when we read the headline of the article he wrote in the New York Times Magazine a couple weeks ago, and I am happy to get to know him even more in his forthcoming new book Better Living Through Birding. As someone who enjoys bird watching myself, it was the title of his book that immediately caught my eye, and with his insightful prose, his book is equal parts memoir, travelogue and ‘primer on the art of birder’. “Cooper tells the story of his extraordinary life leading up to the now-infamous incident in Central Park and shows how a life spent looking up at the birds prepared him, in the most uncanny of ways, to be a gay, Black man in America today. From sharpened senses that work just as well at a protest as in a park to what a bird like the Common Grackle can teach us about self-acceptance, Better Living Through Birding exults in the pleasures of a life lived in pursuit of the natural world and invites you to discover them yourself.” I look forward to reading it when it comes out on June 13th.

How It Feels to Find Yourself: Navigating Life’s Changes with Purpose, Clarity and Heart by Meera Lee Patel

As I was putting together this week’s photo collage of the This & That finds, I noticed that nearly all include very vibrant colors such reds, fuchsias, oranges, greens and yellows, and Meera Lee Patel’s new book (released on May 23rd) is no exception, even taking the color engagement inside of her book as it is full of “illustrated charts, honest essays, and insightful questions for deeper reflection, Meera Lee Patel encourages us to sharpen our internal compasses—so we can discover our purpose, let go of what we’ve outgrown, and navigate challenging relationships with confidence.”

The Power Code: More Joy. Less Ego. Maximum Impact for Women (and Everyone) by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

You may remember this bestselling pair’s first book The Confidence Code that was spotlighted here on a This & That post back in 2014, and now the duo is back with a new book focused on shifting how we think about power, both in the workplace and at home.

“What started as a straightforward examination of best practices has become a manifesto for a new form of power, a distinctly female version that is already emerging in workplaces, in politics, and on the home front. It’s a version that is more appealing to women (and most men as well). It offers women a blueprint for shaping their own professional futures, maximizing their impact for the benefit of others, and experiencing the real joy that comes from taking the reins and influencing outcomes. 

“Writing from their own lived experiences, Kay and Shipman interviewed dozens of women of all ages, races, and backgrounds around the world, as well as cutting-edge academic researchers. Taken together, these per­spectives offer a clear-eyed and hopeful redesign of the workplace and our relationships at home, one that puts women in a remade and modernized seat of power.”

Look for the book to be released on June 13th.

The Spectacular: A Novel by Fiona Davis

Written by bestselling author Fiona Davis, her new novel The Spectacular, set to be released on June 13th, is about chasing one’s dreams, the tug of love and the necessity of sacrifice. Set in New York City, in 1956, “Nineteen-year-old Marion Brooks knows she should be happy. Her high school sweetheart is about to propose and sweep her off to the life everyone has always expected they’d have together: a quiet house in the suburbs, Marion staying home to raise their future children. But instead, Marion finds herself feeling trapped. So when she comes across an opportunity to audition for the famous Radio City Rockettes—the glamorous precision-dancing troupe—she jumps at the chance to exchange her predictable future for the dazzling life of a performer.” Many summer reading lists are including The Spectacular, and I can understand why. It looks like a great read.

British Finds

Father Brown, season 10, BritBox

Finally! While already airing in the UK back in January, Father Brown‘s new season, season 10, has yet to become available to viewers outside of the UK, but wait no longer! Beginning on June 13th on BritBox the new season kicks off and with two new main characters as well. Watch the trailer for the new season here.

The Fully Monty, an original series, Hulu/FX

A new series spun off from the original film that became a smash hit when it was released in 1997 is back in a new series made for television available on FX and Hulu. All episodes will be available beginning June 14th.

“The original band of brothers navigate Sheffield and its crumbling healthcare, education and employment sectors, exploring the brighter, sillier and more humane way forward where communal effort can still triumph over adversity.” Looks like quite a bit of fun. Check out the trailer below.


Mending the Line

If you are a fan of Succession, you will no doubt recognize Brian Cox who starred as the patriarch in the award-winning drama series, but rest assured, he is much more likable in a new movie that has quietly been previewed at film festivals over the past year and is now available in theaters nationwide beginning today. Mending the Line centers around a Marine wounded in Afghanistan (Perry Mattfeld) who is sent to a V.A. facility in Montana where he meets a Vietnam Vet (Brian Cox) who teaches him how to fly fish as a way of dealing with his emotional and physical trauma. If the trailer is an accurate representation of the film, it looks to be fantastic. Have a look below.

Francophile Find


A French film that debuted at Cannes in 2022 is now being released in boutique theaters this Friday in the states and will become more widely released as the summer unfolds. Scarlet, set over a period of 20 years between 1919 and 1939, is a film that follows the life and emancipation of a young girl named Scarlet. Read The New York Times review posted yesterday where it was chosen as a Critic’s Pick (gift link), and have a look at the trailer below. The videography is captivating and the cast impressive.


Set of 3 Vintage Metal Garden Table and Chairs

While doing some perusing, I found this garden table and chairs set. A treasure for sure.

Francophile Finds

Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games, The 70s, MHzChoice

I shared in 2022 that one of my favorite French series on MHzChoice was Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games, set in the 1950s and a whale of a good fun time. Yep, they adapt Agatha Christie mysteries, added a bit of humor (but not too much) and as it is set in France, speak French! So the perfect series for someone, like many of us, who are both Anglophiles and Francophiles. Well, good news, now, the series continues (there are four seasons in the 1950s version) and is now set in the 1970s with a brand new cast. Learn more about the new series that will debut on June 13th here and take a look at the trailer blow.

My Stylish French Box, Bon Appétit, August delivery

Sharon Santoni continues to outdo herself each season with the delivery of My Stylish French Box (for anyone who received her most recent box in May, wasn’t the scarf watch quite special? Loved it – view mine when I wore it in June’s A Cuppa Moments). Just announced is the theme for August’s box, and I am tickled to learn they are sticking with cuisine for this release as they have been doing for a couple of years now. Here is how My French Country Home describes it: “This Box is curated around the theme, Bon Appétit! We have carefully curated French treasures that revolve around the essence of the French saying ‘Bon Appétité – a phrase that translates to ‘good appetite’ in English. Most commonly used before indulging in a delicious meal, it is a saying that is used by food enthusiasts worldwide. Don’t miss out on this culinary French Box and be sure to reserve yours today!”

Sign up and subscribe for a single delivery or a regular seasonal delivery now here.


Cuyana Linen Gathered Back Dress, navy (one more color)

This dress looks to be a super comfortable choice, and it was the included belt that caught my eye as when worn, it can be cinched or left without the belt to be more fluid in movement. Wear with sandals and breeze through summer with ease.

Dôen Evon Silk Dress (two colors)

For summer evenings or even sleep, this simple, yet delicate midi-length silk dress (available in white as well) is a dream for elegance and simplicity.

Frank & Eileen

I have been picking up a few things for my summer wardrobe recently (look for a detailed post next week of my summer shopping finds – subscribe to the free Style Inspiration newsletter to never miss such style post), and this dress arrives today from Frank & Eileen. Perfect for comfort, a touch of style and particularly a touch of French style to make me smile. And when you use promo code CHEERS on your first order you can save 15% site-wide.

Vineyard Vines Linen Pintuck Top, white

Linen, wide shoulder straps and a touch of delicate detail. I am LOVING this top for summer. Paired with the chambray shorts below, and the outfit is nearly complete. All you need is sunscreen, sandals and a sunhat or sunglasses (or both ☺️).

Vineyard Vines Chambray Belted Shorts in Ocean

Voilá! The versatile shorts for your summer style.


The 76th Annual Tony Awards

The award show for the Broadway musicals, plays and performances will be aired live this Sunday on CBS, hosted by Ariana DeBose. Have a look at the list of nominees here.

A morning walk with these two always boosts my mood and lifts my spirits no matter how high or not so high they they might be, and on this walk that we took yesterday, Norman was leading the way the entire time. Nelle so enjoyed his spry-youthful energy, and at times, she had difficulty keeping up!

Earlier in the week, we went paddle boarding (SUP) for the second time this season, and what a gorgeous morning it was. Both pups did great, and as I shared on IG, Norman really is the star as he is teaching Nelle how to SUP like a pro.

I hope your first week of June has gone well, and you are stepping into the summer, enjoying some warmer days, a bit more leisurely time and perhaps catching your breath a bit. But if you are not, and are trying to figure out how to do so, take my guest’s advice from this week’s podcast interview, and just stop, right now, and take notice of all that is around you. No doubt you will discover how awesome something is, if not many things, and be reminded to take it all in and savor, thus prompting you to shift how you move through your days moving forward. Alexandra Stoddard’s interview (episode #359) garnered much praise for what she shared and many comments as well, and I want to thank all of the listeners who have tuned in so far as well as a big thank you to those who shared the episode on their social media feeds.

This weekend will find me enjoying life in Bend. We may head to a high lake and paddle, enjoying a small packed lunch to nibble on while sitting on the board with Mt. Bachelor in the backdrop, and I will definitely be reading and pottering about in the garden here at Le Papillon (the wisteria is blooming!). And of course, I will be watching the finals of the French Open at Roland Garros.

The giveaways from British Week began to arrive this week (three out of four have found their new home, and as I was typing this post, the fourth arrived and my email from Barbara who received the Roberts Radio immediately brought a smile to my face – “It’s here! It’s here!”. So happy to hear this news and quite quickly the arrival – such good news!), and I want to thank each of the winners for sharing with me the news and/or pics as they began to enjoy each item in their daily life. Soon the preordered Royal Sussex Trugs will be arriving (shipping out from England next week!), and before we know it, more British treasures will begin to be savored by TSLL community. Thank you to all of TSLL readers who ordered one of these special items, and I have no doubt the wait will be worth it when they finally arrive on your doorstep to begin being enjoyed.

Thank you for stopping by today and wishing you a wonderful weekend. Below have I have gathered up a few reads and one video you might enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée!

~How to dress for transitional weather, i.e. the limbo between spring and summer [The Financial Times]

~A very savvy and healthy list of insights that I have found to be true along my own journey: How to break up with someone as an HSP [Sensitive Refuge]

~How to have healthy dating expectations [NPR]

~The beauty of being an ‘older’ bride [Gloria]

~Following a similar path as Magpie Murders, the new mystery series by Robert Thorogood (creator of Death in Paradise on BritBox), The Marlow Murder Club is being adapted for television and specifically, PBS Masterpiece Mysteries! Learn more about the casting here, and as someone who is reading the second book in the series (there are now three) at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it, get started here with the first.

~A gorgeous garden tour in Devon of a beloved artist and photographer’s landscape given his care and attention over the past three decades [House & Garden UK] –

~And a home tour that has me in absolute awe of the historic attention paid during the overall of a Yorkshire peasants’ cottage [House & Garden UK]

~The 23 Best Places to Go in the UK in 2023 as rounded up by CN Traveller.

~The 10 Best secret Gardens in Paris [Frenchly]

~Many of you have read Rick Rubin’s bestselling book that came out in January, a book that was chosen as a Petit Plaisir for episode #351, The Creative Act, and here is his interview with 60 Minutes. I cannot recommend this book more highly if you are looking for inspiration in any walk of life.

~Explore last week’s This & That: June 2, 2023

Discover French finds from books to cookbooks to season premieres of shows, as well as summer clothing finds for both men and women to keep you stylish, timeless and comfortable. Three novels and a non-fiction book to shape up our eating to improve our mental health from an author whose previous book inspired a favorite podcast episode that aired last summer on The Simple Sophisticate. Unique décor finds for the home and garden and a British series arrives on PBS Masterpiece starring a favorite actor (from Annika). As well, there is still more!

~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

24 thoughts on “This & That: June 9, 2023

  1. Hello Shannon ,

    Fridays just wouldn’t be the same without This and That ……so much to enjoy this week, as always , and I look forward to following the links later , thank you.

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your podcast with Alexandra , I think she is less well known here in the UK than she is in the USA , but what a fascinating companion !

    I’m thoroughly enjoying Destination Fabulous too, which I ordered following your conversation with Anna .

    The Rick Rubin 60 minutes is a pleasure I have in store for later this weekend.
    I heard his podcast interview with Dr Rangan Chattergee earlier this year , and ordered his book immediately, it is so good !
    The audio version is great too , he has such a relaxing voice, and reads beautifully .

    We are currently having amazing weather here in the UK , so a sunny day in the garden with a good book calls…….and watering all my garden pots , either early in the morning or late in the evening , once the heat of the day has passed , is a contemplative pleasure .

    Enjoy your weekends everyone 🙂

    x Anne x

    1. Anne,

      So happy to hear the weather in the UK is brilliant and wishing you much enjoyment in the garden and with a good book. It all sounds quite idyllic to me. 🙂 I want to thank you again for leading me to the interview with Dr. Chattergee and Rick Rubin as his guest. That was a great interview, I agree. 🙂 So tickled to hear you enjoyed the interview with Alexandra. A sincere soul and genuine lover of life. Her enthusiasm is energizing just to be with her during that interview on the video connection.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend and I so enjoy seeing that you have stopped by when I see you say hello in the Comments’ section. Be well and bonne journee!

    2. Thank you for the rec, Anne. I will save Dr. Chatterjee’s interview for a listen next week.

      1. I hope you will enjoy it Michelle.
        I found it really interesting , and more insightful about Rick Rubin than the ‘60 minutes ‘link Shannon has given to us , but perhaps that is because Dr Chatterjee has a very different interview approach , and was asking Ruck Rubin more searching questions , which he answered very thoughtfully , and this resulted in much more personal insights for me.

    3. Hi Anne,
      I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the podcast with Dr Rangan Chagttergee and Rick Rubin too. I had not come across Alexandra until the mention here on the blog but like you fully enjoyed her podcast. This is one of the things I love about the TSLL community we learn so much from each other.

      I live int he UK and am enjoying the amazing weather out in the garden catching up on the blog and reading.

      Enjoy your weekend too.
      Warm wishes,

      1. Thank you Angela 🙂
        I’m so glad you enjoyed Dr Chatterjee’s podcast with Rick Rubin too.

        The TSL Community is fun, is’t it …..I love the way we learn from each other …….it’s is so interesting to have a different perspective on the blog and podcast content Shannon posts .

        And it is lovely to ‘get to know each other ‘ in this way, even though we all live in different countries.

        Hasn’t our weather been amazing ?
        We had a thunderstorm last night, with copious amounts of rain , so welcome for the garden !

        1. Thank you Anne. Yes the TSL Community is fun and I think, like you, the content is so good. Shannon obviously puts a lot of hard work into it for our benefit.

          It is lovely to get to know kindred spirits.

          The weather here today is very hot with thunder but no rain as yet (I had to smile typical English conversation about the weather !)

          I am walking my pup very early int he morning before it gets too hot, so enjoying the birdsong and the slow pace of the day ahead with hopefully a lovely summer.

  2. Thanks Shannon for this week’s interesting recommendations. Looking forward to seeing the film “Mending the Line”. It’s looks inspiring. I have enjoyed reading Rick Rubin’s thoughts on creativity and have his book on hold in the library. However, I was quite surprised to see him on 60 Minutes, and hear him talk about himself. A bit woo woo for me, even though I am HSP.
    Thank you for spending the time to interview Alexandra Stoddard. She has so much wisdom to offer, even now at 81 years young!. I have always been a fan of her books. xx Karen

    1. Karen,

      Doesn’t that film looking quite interesting? I do Hope you enjoy. I saw it was showing at a local theater here in Bend, so it looks like it will be widely distributed. I think out of context (if someone has not read his book), I can see why the interview may catch one off guard, but the book, one that took him 7 years to compile, beautifully comes together to share why his approach has resonated with so many readers. Paired with his interview that Anne recommends, where you get to know him and his life journey a lot more, it paints a full picture that begins to really make helpful sense no matter what field of work you choose to be in or life you are living.

      Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend. 🙂

    2. Hi Karen ,
      I think you will enjoy Rick Rubin’s book when you receive it from your library .
      I didn’t find that the ‘60 minutes ‘ clip really reflects his depth and thoughtfulness , possibly because of the way the interview was conducted .
      I really enjoyed listening to the Alexandra Stoddard podcast , she was not an author I was familiar with ( I live in the UK)but I totally resonated with her philosophy of life !
      Wouldn’t she be a great dinner companion 🙂

  3. Hi Shannon. Frank & Eileen is a new to me brand, will grab that dress as part of my summer uniform. If we ever get sun again in Southern California. Also excited to order Christian Cooper’s birding book. Thank you

    1. Trish,

      I think you will enjoy the selection, quality and business ethos of F & E. 🙂 No doubt the sun is on its way! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by.

  4. I have preordered the Fiona Davis book and am looking forward to reading this as she does tremendous research. I have long been fascinated by the development of Rockefeller Center since reading Daniel Okrent’s book Great Fortune so this fictional story should be fun.
    Keep us posted on the Frank & Eileen dress, please. I love their shirts but have not ventured into pants or dresses because their size chart really confounds me.
    I have been interested in the Roberts Radio since you first shared yours some time ago so when you posted it as a giveaway I just went ahead and ordered one. I’ve had it a little over a week and I’m already considering ordering another one because it is so handy. Great sound and is cute as can be.

      1. Hi Michelle,
        I have bought a mini Roberts Radio for my study and so pleased with it. I am also considering buying another one although I do move mine around the home!

        The quality and sound is superb a simple luxury!

        Warm wishes,

    1. Cathy,

      Thank you for sharing this info about the author Fiona Davis and Rockefeller. I am even more interested in picking up the novel. 🙂

      The dress from F & E just arrived and fits just as I hoped. I ordered a large following their size guide due to my height and I am glad it did (I am 5’11”). It fits just as it should. It is jersey, so very soft and I will be line drying instead of in the dryer to prevent too much shrinking.

      So tickled to hear you are enjoying your radio! Such great sound, non! The comparison is immediately recognizable between my iPad as there is much more depth and quality. For such a small radio, it projects amazingly. Tickled you too might add a second. I completely understand. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing all that you have. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. Shannon~

    I am in my usual spot at the local cafe’ enjoying an Iced Americano and taking in this week’s This & That. This ritual is definitely becoming a petit plaisir.

    Less than a week to go to enjoy Father Brown and I cannot wait! I am also adding The Full Monty to my watchlist as it may actually be something both my husband and I will enjoy (which is few and far in-between, although he did enjoy Sister Boniface). You are tempting me yet again to subscribe to MHz.

    The Frank and Eileen dress is so darling and very much in keeping with the recent A Cuppa Moments conversation.
    I truly enjoyed the interview with Alexandra Stoddard, taking notes along the way which ended up becoming a whole journal entry. I have begun to use your Mindfulness posts as prompts for journaling and have quite enjoyed it. Doing this is helping me learn to really express myself in writing instead of just sharing my experiences and the gripes of the day.

    Unfortunately, my sweet Abigail has hurt her paw and will be needing a rest so no long walks for us this weekend, which will be greatly missed, but I hope that you and the pups will have loads of time in the beautiful Oregon scenery.


    1. Michelle,

      What a lovely weekly ritual. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 The Frank & Eileen dress just arrived and is exactly as I had hoped. Highly recommend. Indeed, it does fit with the topic of conversation this month. Great observation. 🙂 Thank you for tuning in to the podcast this week. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by, 🙂

  6. Just catching up and what a lovely selection as usual. I was particularly drawn to the birding reference. I’m loving hearing the birdsong and spying on the birds in my back garden as they scratch at the lawn and flower beds. Hope you have a relaxed weekend.

    1. Aren’t birds a joy? Thank you sharing how you enjoy them. They continue to delight me as well. Wishing you a wonderful weekend in the garden and doing whatever plans are in store Nicola. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  7. Incredible T&T this week, Shannon!
    Christian Cooper has a Washington Post Live coming up on June 11, link here: . To watch without a WaPo subscription, you can watch the recorded interview a day later on WaPo Live YouTube channel. The man knows his birds.
    Can’t WAIT to get my hands on a copy of “The Power Code”, looks to be a seminal work.
    Mending the Line—that will be a good one for the heart and soul, I think.
    Yay, Father Brown returns! The Full Monty series looks such fun, must check that one out. And ooh la la, ‘Scarlet’!
    Very grateful for all the lovely links–wasn’t that Yorkshire cottage just absolutely perfect?! And that crewel armchair had me swooning!!
    Much more still to enjoy, many many thanks for all this yumminess😊And I absolutely adore the sweet picture of Norman and Nelle trotting off to their adventures in the woods,(that sounds like it could perhaps be a fun book project??)XOX💛

  8. Whew! Finally a few minutes to start catching up with your posts. Thank you Shannon for the tour of Devon garden, I found it very useful in helping me to bring together a few different design elements into my own garden. I have been thinking about My Stylish French Box for awhile and think I will jump all in as a Happy Birthday to myself, ignoring this may make the third or fourth one ‘so far’ this year 😉 I’ve bookmarked a few things to have more time to delve into at a later date. I found your post on wallpaper and bookmarked that for later as well, as I’m looking for an inspiration pattern to work off of and free hand in my own style, so thank you for that. I so enjoy you and your pups, they are most adorable. See you at your next post.

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