This & That: July 30, 2021
Friday July 30, 2021

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A new British series adapted by Emily Mortimer arrives for viewing in the U.S., simple, timeless terracotta décor, Martin Short and Steve Martin pair up with Selena Gomez in a film to watch, fantastic sales on items for the upcoming fall season, a new novel critics are raving about and bibliophiles as well as Anglophiles will love, and the Duchess of York has a new novel? Yep, that’s right and still, there is much more.


Dressing On The Side (and Other Diet Myths Debunked): 11 Science-Based Ways to Eat More, Stress Less, and Feel Great about Your Body by Jaclyn London

While released in 2019, head of nutrition and wellness for WW, Jaclyn London approaches eating well as a life-long habit and not to see food as the enemy. In other words, reclaiming the term ‘diet’ for what it originally was and is – the kinds of foods a person or animal actually eats, not a method of deprivation. “London empowers readers to form life-long habits that result in real, long-lasting change — while meeting the demands of our busier-than-ever lifestyles. Dressing on the Side is the anti-diet book geared toward completely transforming the way you think (and speak!) about food and health”.

The Reading List: A Novel by Sara Nisha Adams

I am quite excited about the release of this new novel on August 3rd. The Reading List is the debut title for author Sara Nisha Adams “about how a chance encounter with a list of library books helps forge an unlikely friendship between two very different people in a London suburb.” Hmmmm . . . I will let you read the entire synopsis here.

British Finds

Her Heart for a Compass: A Novel by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Okay, I will be honest. I almost didn’t include this title, but then I just was too intrigued. The Duchess has a handful of other titles that have all sold quite well, and her new novel involves an exploration of British history during Queen Victoria’s reign and tells the story of an expected advantageous marriage between the Scottish Duke of Buccleuch and Lady Margaret Montagu Scott. “But Margaret is an impulsive and outspoken girl in a repressive society where women are, quite literally, caged in corsets and required to conform”, and that is where the story begins to pique my interest. Perhaps yours as well. 🙂

Matilda Goad scallop edge raffia table mat (two sizes available)

I saw Matilda Goad’s raffia placemats and before I knew they were so affordable, I presumed they must cost a fortune. Nope! Available in two sizes, the small size is running out, but will be restocked.

Amor Porcelain Espresso Cups and Saucers, set of two, Sophie Conran

British home designer Sophie Conran’s eye for detail and subtle delicacy with both modern and traditional touches has caught my eye for a while now (I thoroughly love her green apothecary vase I purchased last year (see below). These porcelain espresso cups (or chocolat chaud cups for my taste) were too beautiful not to share, and they are sold in a pair.


Aquazzura tan 75mm lace-up leather sandals

Perfect in height for dressing up, but not too tall, I have had a similar pair in my closet for years, and can attest this style is timeless. And now at a great price.

Missoni Wrap-effect multicolor crochet-knit cotton-blend midi dress (reduced 65%)

Yes, this dress is an investment, BUT if you love Missoni, this is a steal and an item that will be in your closet and wearable for years. Didn’t want you to miss it. 🙂

Theory Crossover Tank (more colors)

Perfect for layering and beautiful all on its own paired with a lovely pair of jeans or a skirt or shorts, another timeless piece for the summer, even spring and fall.

Terracotta Vase, The Citizenry

I’ve shared before I am always on the look-out for unique, yet timeless vases, and when I came across these terracotta vases, I stopped, saved the link and started to imagine where I might use them in my house. Perhaps you are doing the same right now.


Only Murders in the Building

Premiering today on Hulu, Steve Martin created a new movie starring alongside his friend and comedic partner “in crime” Martin Short and and actress and singer Selena Gomez. Just from watching the trailer, I have a feeling I will be resubscribing to Hulu.

The Pursuit of Love, now available in the US

This past spring I shared news of Emily Mortimer’s (from Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom – loved her alongside Jeff Daniels) television adaptation of British author Nancy Mitford’s three part novel series The Pursuit of Love coming to the UK. Now, finally available in the states, enjoy watching Emily James, Emily Beecham, Dominic West and yep, Mortimer as well, in a story that “follows the travails of the Radlett family. At the heart of the adaptation is the relationship between cousins Linda and Fanny – their friendship will be put to the test as Fanny settles for a steady life and Linda decides to follow her heart, falling first for a stuffy Tory politician, then an ardent Communist, and finally a French duke. As pre-war political divisions split the nation, these women’s diverging choices raise intimate, personal and timeless questions about freedom, love, sexual politics, and the mystery of the human heart.” Emily Mortimer’s profile piece in The New York Times is worth reading if you haven’t already. Check out the trailer below and look for the series to premiere today on Amazon Prime.

As I type on this Thursday late afternoon, the rain riddles the garden and streets with moisture as the thunder and streaks of lightning put on their display. Norman and I sat out for a while on the garden porch just taking Mother Nature’s performance in with all of our senses. Wow. All I can say is wow . . . and thank you.

On this final day of July (whoosh, did that month fly by!), I am incredibly excited to share news that I posted about on the blog yesterday – the weekly newsletter has returned. Delivery will begin next Friday (August 6th), and if you are already a monthly subscriber to the free newsletter, you are already subscribed and need not do a thing. I share all of the details as to why I am happy to bring it back and why it was put on pause, but please know, this is an additional newsletter and will NOT be replacing anything. The monthly newsletter will continue to be delivered as it has been, and in fact, July’s is set to be released in just a few short hours and it is FULL of content to explore. I didn’t realize how busy the blog was in July, but in fact, it was quite. 🙂

Progress has picked up here at Le Papillon, and the tile is being installed on the floor of the guest bathroom as you read (if you are reading this on Friday). The room is so close to done; now is the fun part where the puzzle pieces accumulated over months and visualized for more than a year become a reality. Oh, I cannot wait to show you this small, yet mighty Arts & Craft-inspired space in September (be sure to become a TOP Tier subscriber to take tours of Le Papillon).

I just began watching The Wine Show on AcornTV and am quite enjoying it. If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, there are three seasons (as shared in a previous July’s This & That), which should provide ample viewing material for some time. But now, you have much more reading to explore and I will leave you to it :). I will be back on Sunday with August’s A Cuppa Moments’ video chat, and I do hope you enjoy today’s T & T and the links and one great video below. Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend. Until Sunday, bonne journée.

~Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper. And a trusted source when wading through all the options is British interior designer Rita Konig – she selects 62 of the best wallpaper to buy now [House & Garden UK]

~How to create your own secret garden in your backyard [The New York Times]

~A life of meaning without buying [Zen Habits]

~I found myself agreeing with this post for each item – 5 Qualities Introverts Want in a Friend [Introvert, Dear]

~On a similar topic, 19 techniques to calm a HSP nervous system, great and simple ideas to always keep in your toolbox if you’re like me [Tiny Buddha]

~Congratulations Tom Daley and Matty Lee. A testament to never giving up! [BBC]

~A big applause and support for standing strong in their decision to the German women’s gymnastic team. A decision made after being ‘tired of sexualization’ [PBS Newshour]

~The newly renovated Hotel de la Marine located at the Palais Royal was toured by Paris Breakfasts, have a look!

~A favorite fashion writer for The Financial Times, Jo Ellison writes about The Strange Fascination with SATC [subscription required]

~Whether you’re living through a small (similar to mine) or large renovation of your home, this is a helpful article to read – How to Live Through a Renovation Project [House & Garden UK]

~The pandemic shifted and changed and inspired much – Did it change French cuisine forever? [BBC]

~Along with the Julia Child documentary set to be released this fall from Sony Pictures, HBO Max as an eight episode series in the works about her life as well. And they were seen taping an episode at this retro market in Quincy, Massachusetts. Did you know that Niles from Frasier [David Hyde Pierce] will play Paul Child and Sarah Lancashire will play Julia? See the cast and how they took the grocery store back to the mid-50s here.

~It’s hard not to have France and travel on the mind when TSLL’s Annual French Week is just around the corner. Read this post from Paris by Mouth to discover how to transform your American vaccine card into a French Health Pass.

~And to conclude this week’s This & That, let’s talk about style, but not just the sartorial choices, the psychological and sociological reason style is incredibly powerful. Stylist Molly Bingaman’s TEDx talk – The Link Between Personal Style and Identity. | The Simply Luxurious Life

11 thoughts on “This & That: July 30, 2021

  1. I look forward to reading T&T each Friday with my first cup of coffee. I’ve added The Reading List to my TBR list and plan on watching Only Murders in the Building. Thanks for sharing!

  2. As someone who has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years, I thoroughly enjoyed the Ted Talk about Style and Identity! Very spot on in my opinion

  3. Just saw that Ted talk and thought it was so thought provoking. Listening to how freed the woman was with clothes that suited her personality and then how she stepped out of them to go into hiding in her relationship was heartbreaking. I have gone through my own style transformation. Nothing earth shattering but I no longer have my mother’s comments running through my head and editing what I put on every day (and she lived 1500 miles away!!!) P.S. Love the pieces you post!

  4. Hi Shannon!
    Wow! That Ted Talk is amazing! And I have watched so many YouTube videos on style and clothing, read books etc. But this is by far one the best things I have ever watched about style!!! I will watch it again. Thank you Shannon!
    Enjoy Le Papillon!! Happy August almost.

  5. More wonderful book recommendations, thank you Shannon. The Reading List sounds lovely and Dressing on the Side an interesting read! As a woman, what I’m eating is usually always at the forefront of my mind!
    The Pursuit of Love was just wonderful. For anyone in the States – or U.K. – who haven’t watched it, I wholeheartedly encourage you. You’ll love Linda and Fanny – and of course The Bolter!
    I’m reading this on Saturday so I hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend and I look forward to a Cuppa with you tomorrow! Happy weekend x

  6. A little late, but finally had a chance to read this week’s This & That. I had no idea that the Pursuit of Love was one of your recommendations when I watched it over the weekend. The friendship between Laura and Fanny reminded me so much of a friendship of mine where I felt as the protector of my beautiful, love-loving friend, right down to the ending.

    Speaking of friendships, it is so exciting to see Martin and Short back together again, and I look forward to seeing them in action. I also have The Wine Show on my watchlist and am awaiting an afternoon of bingeing.

    How thrilling to learn that there is a Julia Child bio in the works. Can’t wait!

    I am also on pins and needles waiting for the big reveal of your guest bath remodel.

    Hope you have a great week, and thank you for all the tidbits that will help me enjoy mine.


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