This & That: January 20, 2023
Friday January 20, 2023

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The return of a much-enjoyed Danish favorite drama, a new film starring a favorite Oscar winning actor and an impressive rising star, two books utilizing philosophy to offer life inspiration, a documentary on a petite French restaurant in LA, pieces for your capsule wardrobe – investment and items on sale, French-made men’s scarves for timeless style through the winter and early spring, a French skincare find recommended by a favorite French actor, and still, much more.


The Great Money Reset: Change Your Work, Change Your Wealth, Change Your Life by Jill Schlesinger

Being released next Tuesday is financial expert Jill Schlesinger, new book The Great Money Reset. Upon hearing one particular question more often than others, ‘How far should I really go to change my life?’ she decided to write a guide for getting serious about building your best life. In The Great Money Reset, Schlesinger shares “a road map for navigating our present era, this book shows us how to take advantage of the seismic changes unfurling all around us to make big life improvements. Whether it’s negotiating a better deal with your boss, starting or selling a business, moving to a new locale, retraining for a new career, taking time off to find yourself, or saying ‘the heck with it’ and retiring early, The Great Money Reset provides an essential frame-work for strategizing and planning your next move.”

How to be Love(d): Simple Truths for Going Easier on Yourself, Embracing Imperfection, and Loving Your Way to a Better Life by Humble Poet

Released this past December from the international best-selling author of Unlearn, the Humble Poet is back and this time talking about love in How to be Love(d), specially how to love yourself better. “With short chapters filled with insight, advice, and personal anecdotes from Humble’s own journey, this book is a guide to self-love that helps clarify your path inward toward the inherent love and value that is within each of us. Throw away old ideas that prevent you from realizing the love you’ve always had within you. Instead of earning more, achieving more, and gaining more attention, clear pathways for love to enter and flourish.”

Life is Hard: Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way by Kieran Setiya

Released this past fall and named the best book of the year by The New Yorker and The Economist, in Life is Hard: Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way Kieran Setiya “shows how the tools of philosophy can help us find our way. Drawing on ancient and modern philosophy as well as fiction, history, memoir, film, comedy, social science” . . . he counters the “pop psychologists and online influencers who admonish us to ‘find our bliss’ and ‘live our best lives,’ acknowledging that the best is often out of reach. Instead, he asks how we can weather life’s adversities, finding hope and living well when life is hard.” While I will challenge him on the exploration of “best” as it is what is best for the individual not what is best deemed by society, I still am most curious about his book and perhaps you will be as well.

This Beauty: A Philosophy of Being Alive by Nick Riggle

Long-time TSLL reader Audrey introduced to me Nick Riggle and his book that was released just this past December. Riggle draws on “ insights from aesthetics and  his experiences as a professional skate, showing us how we can understand the idea that life is beautiful enough to bear repeating . . . In  This Beauty, Riggle explores the beauty of being alive by investigating the things we say to inspire ourselves and each other: seize the day, treat yourself, you only live once” arguing that “these clichés are at best vague, at worst stupid”. Explore through a unique perspective the beauty of life and what truly living well can be all about. Thank you Audrey for bringing this author to my attention.

British Find

The White Company Linen Jacket, fawn (also available in white and black)

Spring is around the corner, and this linen jacket looks like a wonderful staple piece of light layering to have on hand. A jacket that is sturdy, but light-weight, neutral and thus easy to pair with a variety of outfits in our wardrobe, a great addition to a spring wardrobe.


Noely Desk, caramel, 35% off

I saw this desk and I wanted to share as it is a classic style with a lot of legroom with a touch of style and it is on sale at the moment.


When You Finish Saving the World

Being released today, Academy Award winner Julianne Moore stars alongside up and coming actor Finn Wolfhard who plays her teenage son. The plot, “Evelyn (Julianne Moore) has devoted herself to helping people in hard times, but she struggles to connect with her son Ziggy (Finn Wolfhard), an aspiring internet star oblivious to the problems of the world.” Have a look at the trailer below and look for this movie now in theaters to discover why both actors are receiving praise for their roles in When You Finish Saving the World.

Francophile Find

Belle Vie

I stumbled across this new documentary of a Parisian-inspired bistro located in Los Angeles named Belle Vie. Run by Frenchman Vincent Samarco pre-pandemic and doing quite well, when the pandemic does strike, the film captures the struggles he and his staff endure as they work to adapt and simply survive. Have a look at the trailer below and stream it on Amazon Prime for free or wherever you watch your favorite films.

La Fervente Éclat Extraordinaire

At the end of today’s post I’ve included a video sharing an interview with actor Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie in Emily in Paris), while not shared specifically in the video, but in this article with Red magazine, she reveals the face cream she uses, and after further investigation, I think it is a cream to try. Made in France by the company La Fervance, it is their Éclat Extraordinaire and it is priced at fewer than €200, nearly half the price of the beloved La Mer.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Éclat Extraordinaire includes “67% active ingredients boasting double hyaluronic acid from 100% pure HA sources, a bio-active complex of Australian mountain plant extracts, mimosa and jojoba extracts, baobab lifting gel, Buriti oil, Kakadu plum extract, vitamin E, 23K gold, pearly pigments and pure seawater from the French Breton coasts”.

I will be giving it a try when my current face cream runs out, and will be sure to share in the monthly pondering posts for TOP Tier members in the spring how it works.


Huckberry Men’s Blundstone Chelsea Boot

From British online shop Huckberry, an exclusive opportunity to shop the Australian brand Blundstone’s Chelsea Boot for men. Timeless, durable and versatile, easily slip on and off these comfortable all-weather boots.

La Fabrique d’écharpe merino wool silk stole, men’s (more designs)

Made in France, La Fabrique’s men’s scarves include all of the effortless style we think of when we see French men wrapping their necks in scarves or stoles, and while I selected this print, there are many more to choose from. This one is a stole, so a bit larger, but you can also select a traditional size scarf, simply style it as you see here around your neck and you are set, and trés formidable.

La Ligne White Davie Stripe cotton-jersey tee

A classic long-sleeve tee – navy and white – and fairly inexpensive from a trusted brand who knows their stripes.

—INVESTMENT PIECE: Veronica Beard Hosanna Dickey Jacket, navy

While an investment piece, if you know your colors and cool undertones are your go-to, scoop up this jacket as it is a timeless piece that will layer well with so many different tops and bottoms in your wardrobe for years to come if your style is classic Parisian.

Theory Admiral Crepe Oakland Trench in Stork (more colors)

Blue must be on my mind as of late, but part of the reason I included Theory’s trench is the new color offering. A beautiful light blue for spring style, and their coats always fit so well – long arms, hits just below the knees and loops! for the belt! Wahoo!

Vince site-wide sale, 30% off

Use promo code VINCE30 and save on nearly everything. I have shopped more than a few items below, and these tapered pull-on pant in sandshell (immediately below) caught my eye for a perfect item to pair with spring blouses or extra fine sweaters, or during the summer before it gets too warm with a classic Breton top and sandals or sneakers.

Such a classic style – dress these pants up or down. Pop on a heel or sandal as seen here to add a leaner silhouette, and keep it simple. You will look effortlessly chic.



Seaside Hotel ( Badehotellet), Season 9

Just as I sat down last Friday night I discovered that the long waited for ninth season of the Danish drama Seaside Hotel had been released. Five episodes, so go slowly (a note to self that I did not heed ?), but this is a great season. Nearly all of the original cast returns as we find them just after the conclusion of WWII, and it is Amanda’s story-line that drives the season, but as fans of the series know, there are many other storylines as well. Watch on PBS Masterpiece (through Amazon Prime) or Walter Presents. Enjoy!

Earlier this week I stumbled upon the blush hyacinths you see above at Trader Joe’s and a smile immediately followed. The scent of spring in the house is a treat, and while we are only mid-January, it made me all the more aware of how quickly the seasons can change. However, worry not as I am still very much enjoying this time indoors. Enjoying an evening stroll in the falling snow last evening with the pups, sitting by the fire to keep warm as the early morning temps are below freezing, and savoring just resting a bit more in the evenings, January nudges us to catch our breath, settle in and clarify – what is truly necessary and important.

The office bookshelves were painted this week, and as I type, they stare at the back of my head empty but soon to be filled. I am savoring this next step as organizing my books (thank you to all of the suggestions about how to organize them from TOP Tier Members in last week’s January Ponderings . . . post) is a happy project I greatly revel in, and in fact, am considering emptying my living room bookshelves and really giving both an entire re-organization. We will see! But that likely will take up some of my weekend and I welcome the responsibility. 🙂

A new book arrived this week that I am forcing myself to try to slowly explore, but devouring each entry I am, and I think you will enjoy it as well. I will talk about it more in February’s A Cuppa Moments. I pottered about in the garden over the weekend, trimming back the herbaceous plants, all the while catching up with no less than eight of my neighbors, something I so miss during the winter months. It was a pleasure and both pups seemed to enjoy themselves – moseying about the garden and meeting the neighbors.

Two pups but where one begins and the other begins is hard to tell!

We are scheduled to have beautiful blue sky days and chilly temperatures this weekend in Bend, ideal for being outdoors in the snow at the mountain, so we may make our way up there. Either way, I think a cup of chocolat chaud may be in order in the afternoon and more time reading, relaxing and just doing whatever comes to mind. Thank you for stopping by today and wishing you a wonderful weekend. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~Psst . . . If you listened to this week’s podcast episode earlier this week and thought it had odd gaps, you were correct! An error occurred in the uploading process that I did not catch. I do apologize. Now the entire episode has been re-recorded, fixed and uploaded. Listen to episode #349 – What I Have Learned in French Class, So Far . . . , Partie Quatre here (and if listening on your podcast app, make sure the episode length reads 51 min (not 50 min) as the latter (50) is the old episode. Simply restart or reupload your app and the new episode will appear. I do apologize for this and want to thank listeners who brought this to my attention. ?

~Thoroughly enjoyed this article, and in fact, one piece of advice inspired Monday’s Motivational post ‘The best advice I’ve been given’ Cynthia Nixon, Kengo Kuma, Gilbert & George and co share all [The Financial Times]

~How to create a chic and timeless French capsule wardrobe [Leonce Chenal]

~12 Key plants for a Cottage Garden [Gardeners’ World]

~In this mid-century London home I especially love the soft hued curtains to balance the playful décor selections, and the sofa, and the lamps and the side tables. You get the idea. ☺️ A fun and colorful home tour that marries cozy and tasteful timeless decor [House & Garden UK]

~Small changes for introverts to incorporate into their lives to elevate the quality [Introvert, Dear]

~Interior designers share their thoughts on the trends we will see in 2023 and what we no longer will from 2022. [Vogue]

~Magpie Murder fans! Good news! The sequel Moonflower Murders is officially in the works for Masterpiece PBS and Leslie Manville is returning as Susan Ryland. [PBS Masterpiece]

~If you’re dreaming of spending the summer in Provence while the lavender is in bloom, take this dream house tour set in the Luberon [House & Garden UK]

~Phew! It’s OK to get carried away when shopping for flower seeds [The New York Times]

~One more for gardeners, but everyone really – Talking about why gardening is medicine for the mind [Gardeners’s World podcast]

~One more home tour. Let’s go to Notting Hill for this serene remodel [Architectural Digest]

~I did enjoy the third season of Emily in Paris; I think far more than the first two seasons. Partly because there was more French spoken and largely because Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu who stars as Sylvie Grateau was given a much bigger role and focus. Below the actor talks about fashion and travel with Harpers’ Bazaar and it is her final response that I greatly appreciate.

~Explore last week’s This & That: January 13, 2023

A reveal of a long-worked on bronze sculpture to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday this weekend, a new French film that looks like a fun watch, books on tapping into the creative approach for living a more fulfilling life no matter what our field of study or career, a new French series that was a favorite long-running program in France now available internationally, a favorite British sleuth returns for a tenth season, French finds in books, gifts and style, sales on top design houses not to miss, a new series on Netflix that caught me by surprise and I quite enjoyed. Still, there is more!

~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

9 thoughts on “This & That: January 20, 2023

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I love the pic of the pups! Does Nelle have a white spot above her nose? How absolutely adorable!

  2. I want to mention an exquisite botanical skin care line called Collesta. I discovered and love these products! The line has been carefully developed and produced by a Harvard trained academic dermatopathologist. The products are beautiful and reasonably priced. Customer service is excellent. I have no share in this product; merely passing on a great find. The website is Interesting to peruse, if nothing else.

  3. On Nelle, you are so adorable. I love her appearances in your posts and of course Norman. Organising books is such a personal thing but I find alphabetical to be the easiest for reminding books. I don’t understand the fashion for putting them in back to front. It’s icy here at the moment but no snow so love seeing your snowy treks. I am enjoying seeing the sunrises though as the frosty conditions makes them so beautiful. Have a warm and cosy weekend. X

    1. Nicola,

      Your sunrises as you have described them sound stunningly dreamy. How beautiful to begin the day with such a sighting. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. And I agree with you, not sure how one is to find the book they want to read if the spine isn’t visible. 🙂 The gentleman who painted my bookshelves shared he and his wife had just rearranged their books by color, and as he is a painter, I understand his predilection to be inspired by color to decorate. 🙂 The organizing took two days and all of the suggestions from TSLL readers came in very handy as I pondering over them this past week before beginning this task I genuinely enjoy. Primarily alphabetizing was the go-to with subject and need of accessibility shortly behind in my decision-making.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comments on both of the pups. Norman appreciates (in other words, I greatly appreciate it ;)). Nelle continues to make me smile and from time to time Norman as well I am confident. 🙂 Have a beautiful, cozy weekend.

  4. So much to look forward to in this weeks T&T.
    When you’ve finished saving the world looks like an enjoyable, thought provoking watch. Julianne Moore is a wonderful actress that I always enjoy watching. Belle Vie looks absolutely delightful, so I can’t wait to watch that. The restaurateur looks like such a great person to watch and “get to know”.
    I look forward to perusing the articles. I’m glad to see you’ve found Leonce Chenal’s blog, as you have shared a few articles lately. I found her a while ago via Instagram and subscribed to her emails. I really enjoy reading her tips on leading a French lifestyle, both the literal and figurative. Her blog complements TSLL ethos.
    A series has recently started in the UK I think you, and readers, would enjoy – Maternal on itv. There has only been one episode so far but i thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s got a The Split-esqe vibe, in that it is about 3 women (doctors) their careers and their relationships. I’ve also been listening to Lucy Worsley’s Ladykillers podcast, which I think you recommended here and really enjoying it. Another documentary series seems to be starting tonight on bbc 2 by Lucy – The Witch Hunts: Lucy Worsley Investigates, so I have set that to record. I’m still to catch up with her Agatha Christie series that I recorded. Anyhoo, you introduced me to Lucy so thank you!
    Have a lovely weekend in the mountains if you venture out, it’s also blue skies and freezingly crisp days here in the UK at the moment which Is appreciated after all the rain.

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Maternal. I am most curious about it as I just read a review and my ears perked up. The concept is much needed to be spotlighted and explored.

      Thank you as well for sharing the Lucy Worsley series. I have so many to catch up on and am waiting patiently (or perhaps not so patiently) for her Agatha Christie series to become available in the states.

      Your winter weather sounds lovely and cozy. Wishing you a wonderful, restful and inspired weekend and thank you so very much for stopping by and saying hello. 🙂 (pats to Waffle!)

  5. Hello, Shannon and all! What an intriguing list of book suggestions; I have pinned several of them and am particularly interested in The Creative Act. I also enjoyed the Holland Park house tour. So vibrant without being clanging. The last time I visited London, we had a glimpse of Holland Park School’s sports field, and we delighted in hearing the children and watching them run “through” our glimpse playing football. I join you in excitement over Moonflower Murders! Magpie Murders was fabulous.

    So glad you are enjoying cozying in for the winter. I enjoy that, too, although my winters differ greatly from yours. My daffodils are up already (so very strange to me — it’s January!), but there’s a chill in the air every morning and evening.

    Nelle’s little nose makes my heart happy! ~Ellen

  6. Hello, Shannon! This is a great T & T, with so many interesting things that I had to wait until now to finish putting down my favourites, after some exploration. 🙂

    And so they are:
    – Life is Hard;
    – This Beauty – as it seems to me both books could lead to interesting philosophical discussions. We could indeed discuss the concept of “best lives” and other generalist “labels”;
    – Linen Jacket – I need one for summer, meaning I do need to replace one similar, so thanks for this option to consider;
    – Noely Desk
    – When ypou finish saving the world – Julianne Moore is one of my favourite actors;
    – Ècharpes – of course! One can never have too many… 😉

    And the articles:
    – French Capsule Wardrobe – very nice!
    – Plants for Cottage Garden – I really like all these old-fashioned little beauties!
    – all articles on decor;
    – Gardening is a medicine for the mind – yes, indeed!

    Last but not least, Nelle’s little nose – and the Pups “whose leg is this” photo – made smile widely. 😀 Nelle is a beautiful dog.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and wish you all the best for the week ahead! 🙂

    P.S. – It is true that there were some hiccups on the podcast. Good that it is all corrected. I will listen to it again.

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