This & That: April 29, 2022
Friday April 29, 2022

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Oh my goodness, do we have a full T & T this week! So much great television – the premiere of the British version of a French favorite comedy that is loved internationally, the final season begins of the longest running original Netflix series, a new documentary about an independent bookstore, and Stanley Tucci returns! Also, a great pair of classic summer wedges, going behind the doors of Windsor Castle in a much-anticipated new book, the six people behind Julia Child’s success (along with her own dogged belief and determination bien sûr), a new PBS Masterpiece mini-series set in London based on a popular novel, and much, much more along with many links to explore for weekend reading.

Bend Events

Bend’s Farmers’ Market in Brooks Alley Begins for the Season!

I am giddy about the return of the Wednesday Farmers’ Market here in Bend. Beginning on May 4th (2pm-6pm) and running each subsequent Wednesday through October 12th, I look forward to exploring what is available from the local farmers and artisans and just being out and about in the community. Maybe I’ll see you there!


How to Not Always Be Working: A Toolkit for Creativity and Radical Self-Care by Marlee Grace

As schedules and lives begin to pick back up, I thought it might be a good idea to share this book published in 2018 by Marlee Grace, How to Not Always Be Working. “Essential for everyone who feels overwhelmed and anxious about our hyper-connected world—whether you’re a corporate lawyer, a student, a sales person, or a yoga instructor—How to Not Always Be Working includes practical suggestions and thoughtful musings that prompt you to honestly examine your behavior—how you burn yourself out and why you’re doing it. A creative manifesto for living better, it shows you how to carve sacred space in your life.”

Keats: A Brief Life in Nine Poems and One Epitaph by Lucasta Miller

For all my fellow English majors out there. Keats fascinated me during my undergraduate studies, and the new book about his writings and his life is receiving high praise. “Acclaimed biographer Lucasta Miller takes nine of Keats’s best-known poems—’Endymion’; ‘On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer’; ‘Ode to a Nightingale’; ‘To Autumn’; ‘Bright Star’ among them—and excavates how they came to be and what in Keats’s life led to their creation. She writes of aspects of Keats’s life that have been overlooked, and explores his imagination in the context of his world and experience, paying tribute to the unique quality of his mind.”

Warming Up Julia Child: The remarkable figures who shaped a legend by Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz

When I learned of this book, Warming Up Julia Child, released on April 5th I became most curious to read it. As I shared in this Petit Plaisir recommending the series of Julia on HBO Max, the inclusion of Avis DeVoto is a triumph and a most smart decision as there would not be a Julia Child nor Mastering the Art of Cooking without her. Nor without Judith Jones (which is why I am now reading Jones’ memoir at the moment as well :)).

Warming Up Julia Child keeps “Julia [as] the central subject, but Helen Horowitz has her share the stage with those who aided her work. She reveals that the most important element in Julia Child’s ultimate success was her unusual capacity for forming fruitful alliances, whether it was Paul Child, Simone Beck, Avis DeVoto, Judith Jones and William Koshland (at Knopf), and Ruth Lockwood (at WGBH). Without the contribution of these six collaborators Julia could never have accomplished what she did.”   

British Finds

The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor—The truth and the turmoil by Tina Brown

Much buzz is surrounding Tina Brown’s latest British Royal-focused book, and most of the reviews are quite strong. Released on April 26th, “Brown takes readers on a tour de force journey through the scandals, love affairs, power plays, and betrayals that have buffeted the monarchy over the last twenty-five years.”

Ridley Road (PBS Masterpiece)

Premiering this Sunday on PBS Masterpiece (9pm), Ridley Road is a four-episode drama set in 1962 London “in this colorful but tumultuous time, based on Jo Bloom’s acclaimed novel. Inspired by true events, Ridley Road stars newcomer Agnes O’Casey as Vivien Epstein, a young Jewish hairdresser who fits right into London’s mod scene, while secretly infiltrating the British neo-Nazi hierarchy on behalf of Jewish antifascists, Rory Kinnear as Colin Jordan, the real-life leader of Britain’s post-World War II Nazi movement, and Tom Varey as Jack, Vivien’s true love.”

Check out the trailer below.

Slow: Food worth taking time over by Gizzi Erskine

Released in 2018 and a cookbook worth exploring is Slow (I had to include two of the recipes below and not just the standard one, and I could have included more as they all looked delicious). “Embrace technique, understand the stories behind your ingredients and learn to savour the art of cooking again. The result of a life-long affair with food, Slow shows you how to braise, bake, poach and roast to truly make the most of every flavour.”

Ten Percent (Amazon Prime and Sundance Now)

I cannot wait to watch this new British series inspired from the wildly popular French original Dix Pour Cent (aka Call Your Agent). Premiering on two channels simultaneously, the first season is available beginning today on Amazon Prime and Sundance Now. With a stand-out cast, if it is anything like the original, it should be a hoot of a good time. I will be watching. Check out the trailer below.


Hello, Bookstore

Premiering in theaters nation-wide today is a documentary that received praise at the Berkshire Film Festival in 2021. “In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, a small town rallies to protect a beloved local bookstore. A Lenox, Mass. landmark, the bookstore is a gem thanks to its owner’s passion for stories.” Check out the trailer below.


Clare V Louis Crossbody bag (two colors)

As I am on the hunt for a slim crossbody bag, Clare V’s caught my eye. I think navy is what will work best with my wardrobe, but this design is quite nice.

Vase in Tendril Green by The Conran Shop (UK)

I am enamored with this vase. And it is available at a fair price. What a statement piece whether holding a bouquet or not.

Sarah Flint Mirjana Wedge 80

Summer is coming and these new wedge sandals from Sarah Flint are now on my list.


Grace & Frankie, final season (Netflix)

So much good television this weekend, and sadly the beginning of the final season of Grace & Frankie, BUT the series is the longest running original series on Netflix which is no small feat considering the competition and the reality that Netflix doesn’t keep series all that long. Bravo to the entire cast and writing crew for bringing us such a laugh-out-loud storyline and scenes as well as a reminder that life need not be limited no matter what your age. Loved this show so much and will likely binge Season 7B far too quickly this coming weekend and week. Check out the trailer below and enjoy as it becomes available today.

The Offer

Francis Ford Coppola directed the award-winning film The Godfather amidst much discord in the early 70s, but his success and vision revived an industry in need of his talent. Check out the trailer of the mini-series The Offer that premieres this weekend on Paramount+.

Searching for Italy (hosted by Stanley Tucci), Season 2

After nearly a two month delay due to CNN’s change of schedule to cover the war in Ukraine, Stanley Tucci’s much anticipated second season of Searching for Italy will premiere this Sunday at 9pm (eastern). Enjoy four episodes, one airing each Sunday throughout the month of May, and travel vicariously to Umbria, Venice, Piedmont and . . . what! London! Yep, it’s true! Have a look at the trailer below and Saluti!

More rain fell unexpectedly on Thursday afternoon, and I stepped out onto my front porch to just drink it up. The garden is beginning to say hello for the season and more daffodils are sharing their sunshine which further increases the smiles. Soon the cherry tree blossoms will be aglow, and I cannot wait for that to happen.

Above is an image captured from England in Sissinghurst Castle Garden, the White Garden. Be sure to join me on Sunday for May’s A Cuppa Moments as I will share a video tour of the entire garden along with many other video tours captured during my trip to Paris and England (L’Orangerie, The Tuileries and more). If you are not a TOP Tier Member, be sure to explore joining TSLL Community so you can enjoy these monthly video chats and the conversation with fellow Members.

Over the past week since I returned home I have savored being back at Le Papillon. With Norman’s company, I am settling back into the routine, and dawdling about in the garden each day in some way or another softens the gradual lessening of jetlag. With a visit to the local nursery last Friday on Earth Day to pick up annuals for my front porch pots, attending my weekly yoga class and organizing all of my photos and videos as well as jotting the ideas that were sparked during the trip down on paper so I do not forget, I am grateful for this time and feel more and more as though i am getting into a new rhythm that welcomes what I discovered as well as keeps what I loved so much about my everydays prior to the trip.

As well, Tuesday’s Virtual Book Chat event exceeded any expectations I might have had. As I share in the introduction to the recording below, it was a smashing good event for the bookshop and for TSLL Community, and I am humbled by how wonderfully it all came together. Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore day, so if you don’t already have plans, why not pop into your favorite bookshop and support them however you can and prefer?

This weekend I will be sitting down to record May’s A Cuppa Moments, doing a bit more relaxing and writing April’s What Made Me Smile post that should have been posted earlier this week. However, with the popularity of the most recent post about What I Wore During My Recent Paris & England Trip – 6 Outfits, I decided to postpone until Saturday, April 30th. Have you checked out the post yet? So many great comments from fellow TSLL readers. In fact, I have already taken note of a couple of the recommendations shared by readers.

Now to the weekend! Shall we? The final few days in April and then May, the wonderful gardening month of May arrives. Oh, it is going to be beautiful! Below I have gathered together many posts and links you might enjoy. As well, I have shared the video of the recorded Book Chat hosted by Roundabout Books. Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend. Bonne journée!

~Oh, yes please! How to create a Scent Garden [House & Garden UK]

~This magazine insert in this past Sunday’s New York Times is one I am keeping – 24 Hours in the Creative Life

~An interview with Derry Girl Dylan Llewellyn . . . I am patiently waiting for the third season to become available on Netflix (now available to watch on Channel 4 in the UK). It looks like we’ll have to wait until August or September, but I hear from TSLL readers in the UK that it is worth the wait. [The Guardian]

~Seth Godin’s thoughts on traffic metaphors for life – wonderful ideas to ponder.

~I am saving this article for future trips to London – The 50 Best Restaurants in London right now [H & G]

~Introverts and their preference of pets as companions – I total get this [Introvert, Dear]

~I am just LOVING the series on HBO Max, Julia and was tickled to learn there will be a second season (it’s not official, official, but the writers prepped for it and have oodles of content as the first season is only a look at the first year of The French Chef – and there are 10 seasons!). Take a look at Judith Jones’ first notes for Julia Child [Literary Hub]

~One more Julia article to check out, read an interview on WGBH with Julia’s producer Russ Morash.

~While I have visited Monet’s Giverny once, I look forward to returning more than a few times in my lifetime if I am so lucky, and this calendar is a resource to keep as it shares the blooming schedule of the garden.

~Let’s stay in France as the best way to travel out to Giverny from Paris is by train and Diane of Oui in France shared this detailed post – A Quick Guide to Train Travel in France.

~The Great Bake-Off’s Prue Leith in an interview talking about gardens, food and how she became a gardener [House & Garden UK]

~On the topic of gardening – how to improve the health of your soil [Gardens Illustrated]

~This spring salad epitomizes spring in England – with peas, broad beans and pecorino [House & Garden UK]

~Watch the recording of the Book Chat that took place this past Tuesday hosted by Roundabout Bookshop here on YouTube. Roundabout shared with me that the event was the largest Zoom event they have ever had and that is all due to TSLL readers who joined around the globe. Thank you for supporting Bend’s local independent bookshop and for tuning in. I only wish we had more time to chat as I know there were more questions. ?

~Check out last week’s This & That: April 22, 2022

A new series starring Julia Roberts, Viola Davis’ memoir, a French pastry and dessert cookbook from a favorite IG influencer, the return of a fun and full-of-chuckles British cozy mystery series, step out into the spring garden with a beloved British gardener in her new series, discover multiple new books worth checking out in a variety of genres and much, much more. 

~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

12 thoughts on “This & That: April 29, 2022

  1. I, too, am looking forward to watching the final episodes of Grace and Frankie as I thoroughly enjoyed this series, though it is always bittersweet when we must say good-bye to characters we’ve come to love! Speaking of which, I am absolutely LOVING Julia and tickled to read that it’s being renewed for Season 2.
    It was wonderful to watch the Roundabout video. Hearing you speak of your journey is always such an inspiration. And it was a precious moment when we heard, for the briefest second, some audio from your dad!! ?
    I am always eager for the weekend, but even more so now, knowing there will be one of my favorite blog posts coming out on Saturday and of course A Cuppa Moments on Sunday! I can’t wait to see all the footage from your trip. Until then, bonne journée!

    1. Dani,

      Happy Friday and thank you for stopping by. So true regarding beloved and well written characters when a series concludes.I was watching an interview with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlinson, and they do seem to be long-time friends. Knowing their friendship goes on is some solace. ?

      Thank you for watching the Book Chat video. Such a wonderful time and boy, did the hour fly by.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. So many great tips, Shannon, I don’t know here to start! I love that you take the time to find and sort them all for us. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. So much good stuff to dive into for the weekend, thank you Shannon! And to look forward to–Saturday’s “What Made Me Smile” and Sunday’s “A Cuppa”–riches indeed! Watching the Roundabout video was so enjoyable, apologies for not being able to attend ‘in-person’, and I am tickled to hear that yours was the largest Zoom event they’ve ever had. (But of course! ☺️)
    I hope you and Norman have a lovely time puttering about the garden, exploring, or enjoying the rain this weekend. Thank you for being creating a much welcomed and needed respite, and corner of calm joy. XOXO

    1. Rona, good morning! And thank you for stopping by. ? No worries at all about not being able to attend the live event. Life happens and I am just happy they recorded it so more people can have a look. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. ?

  4. It was such a fun Zoom gathering and I am jazzed I can watch again on You Tube. I have a small courtyard and all plants in pots and when you write about your garden and yard, I put myself there. Thank you for instilling beauty into life.

  5. I am also enjoying the Julia show and the accompanying podcast (which I recommended to you and are happy you are enjoying Shannon). I read a very interesting article by the woman who is writing Judith Jones biography called “What Julia- HBO’s New Julia Child Series – Gets Terribly Wrong About Legendary Editor Judith Jones”:

    Also, I was thrilled you mentioned the documentary “Hello, Bookstore” as it was the independent bookstore I patronized for the thirty summers I spent in the Berkshires. I can’t wait to watch it. Thanks Shannon.

  6. Thank you, Shannon, for a great T&T!

    My favourites of the week:

    – Keats bio – just added it to my reading list. Keats is one of my favourite poets of all times;
    – Ten Percent;
    – Hello Bookstore – I hope it will be available for European public at some point;
    – Crossbody bag – I rather like this crossbody bag and it reminds me of a similar article from Fossil, a brand from which I have a pair of leather items. I can recommend this brand to you (on the expensive side but stellar quality and modern sleek designs);
    – Tendril Green Vase – Beautiful piece!
    – Introverts and their preference of pets as companions – Indeed, I can so relate to this. 🙂
    – Train Travel in France – I am a fan of train travel, and this is my absolute favourite way to travel in France (and anywhere else, as much as possible). There are delightful landscapes that can only truly known, appreciated and lived, by going off the road or the airport;
    – Spring Salad – as I have all ingredients at hand, this is will our dinner today, so thank you for a very yummy combination.

    I have still to watch the book event – thanks for the link.

    Have a good week, Shannon, Norman and everyone! 🙂

  7. Thank you for the Quick Guide to Train Travel! I don’t know if I can make it work schedule-wise, but if I can I have all the info I need to give it a try.

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