This & That: April 1, 2022
Friday April 1, 2022

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Books for a wide array of interests – exploring French villages, Susan Cain’s much-anticipated second book, the deep exploration of America and the history of the idea of woman, the key fundamentals of cooking by one of the top experts in the kitchen and still more subjects. A spring-inspired clothing sale, a classic French market basket on sale, a new series capturing audience’s attention and much more.


The Art of Living: Reflections on Living Mindfulness and the Overexamined Life by Grant Snider

For a light-hearted take on those of us doing our best to live mindfully, cartoonist and comic Grant Snider’s book is now available. 🙂

Be a Triangle: How I Went From Being Lost to Getting My Life in Shape by Lilly Singh

Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh’s new book, as she shared in the IG post below, is not about adding something new or a particular new step-by-step program, but rather a shift in how we think.

Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole by Susan Cain

Best Selling author Susan Cain’s new book, following her wildly successfully book Quiet (one of my all-time favorite and life-changing books – highly recommend), is released this coming Tuesday and my copy has been ordered for months. Already its own Best Seller, Cain “shows how a bittersweet state of mind is the quiet force that helps us transcend our personal and collective pain. If we don’t acknowledge our own heartache, she says, we can end up inflicting it on others via abuse, domination, or neglect. But if we realize that all humans know—or will know—loss and suffering, we can turn toward one another.” 

Woman: The American History of an Idea by Lillian Faderman

I learned about this book from the local bookshop here in Bend, Roundabout Books, and I wanted to share. Woman: The American History of an Idea, written by award-winning gender and sexuality scholar Lillian Faderman covers the “wide-ranging 400-year history chronicles conflicts, retreats, defeats, and hard-won victories in both the private and the public sectors and shines a light on the often-overlooked battles of enslaved women and women leaders in tribal nations. Noting that every attempt to cement a particular definition of ‘woman’ has been met with resistance, Faderman also shows that successful challenges to the status quo are often short-lived. As she underlines, the idea of womanhood in America continues to be contested.”


The New Cooking School Cookbook: Fundamentals by America’s Test Kitchen

Perhaps for yourself or someone you know who loves to cook, released last fall, America’s Test Kitchen new cookbook includes over 80 themed courses to learn more than 200 skills and cook 400 recipes. Have a look at a sample page below.

Francophile Find

Guide Mondain des Villages de France by Matthias Debureaux (French edition)

Exploring and sharing details and information of over more than 500 villages in France, this is the guide book for travelers who want to go off the beaten path and stray away from Paris. But you will have to brush up on your French language skills as I couldn’t find an English translation. 🙂

French Market Basket

This classic, yet slightly unique design of a French market basket caught my eye and I wanted to share. And it is on sale.

Lost and Found in Paris by Lian Dolan

Being released on Tuesday, from the author of The Sweeney Sisters, and described as having hints of The Goldfinch and Malibu Rising, Lost and Found in Paris is described as “the ultimate escapist adventure in Paris, told with wit, style, and a touch of intrigue.”

Paris Like a Local (local travel guide)

Released last fall, Paris Like a Local shares “the best pâtisseries and wine bars to dreamy viewpoints and modern art spaces, this Paris guidebook will help you find all the local’s favorite hangout spots and hidden haunts. Dine alfresco at a cute café in the Marais, cycle along the tree-lined Canal Saint-Martin, and bargain for vintage treasures at the city’s beloved flea markets”.



Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Shallow Fry Pan (two sizes), color Olive (more colors available)

A lifetime item to have in your kitchen, and it looks just as beautiful. The new color Olive caught my eye, but many more colors are available.


—INVESTMENT PIECE: Brunello Cucinelli belted-cotton chambray dress (70% off)

I have always loved this Italian luxury brand, and while their prices are waaaaaay out of my price range, this dress is one reason why I love their style.

DVF Friends & Family Sale, 25% off

For a touch of color to your wardrobe at work or play, be sure to shop DVF’s Friends & Family sale, with a 25% discount site-wide. I have shopped a few items below.

Ralph Lauren Woven Leather Large Brit Tote (three colors available)

Classic yet different. Available in black as well.


WeCrashed, AppleTV+

Quite a few people I have talked with or follow on IG have shared they are enjoying this series on AppleTV+. WeCrashed airs its fifth episode this week and is inspired by actual events — “and the love story at the center of it all. WeWork grew from a single coworking space into a global brand worth $47 billion in under a decade. Then, in less than a year, its valuation dropped $40 billion. What happened? Starring Jared Leto as Adam Neumann, Anne Hathaway as Rebekah Neumann. Have a look at the trailer below.


Bonjour April!

As you can see here (above), the hyacinths are very happy this year (be sure to check out today’s A Cuppa Moments video as I give a detailed video tour of all of the spring blooms), and so many other early spring blossoms are sharing their beauty here at Le Papillon. I enjoy popping outside into my garden at all different points of the day if nothing else to smile widely all the more.

This week has been busy here on TSLL with the tour long-awaited of the primary bathroom, the once-a-year opportunity to save on TOP Tier Memberships and preparing TSLL’s Spring Shopping Guide (to be released later today), so I am very much looking forward to the weekend. Norman and I settled in and watched the first episode of Julia last evening before enjoying an evening walk around the neighborhood, and the rest of the weekend will be at the same leisurely pace. I welcome it.

I hope you had a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by today. Below are a few posts and one video I think you might enjoy. Until later today, bonne journée!

~I was over the MOON when I heard this news – William Morris’ ‘heaven on earth’ Oxfordshire home restored to former glory and tours begin today! I will be putting this on my list to visit for a future trip [The Guardian UK]

~Did you too watch the premiere of Julia on HBO Max last night? This is a great article on the star of the show British actor Sarah Lancashire. [Vanity Fair]

~A 17th century English cart shed is renovated and became quite the inviting guest house. I would have no problem making myself at home. [House & Garden UK]

~David Seders brings his one-of-a-kind wit to The New Yorker in a new column – “Lucky-Go-Happy”

~Perhaps you recognize this Provençal chateau from Sharon Santoni’s IG feed. Well, it is now for sale after a 10-year renovation.

~I scooted right through the second season of Bridgerton, and I think I enjoyed it more than the first. Meet the Real-Life Sharma’s of Regency London: The history behind Season 2 [LA Times]

~Speaking of Bridgerton, there is an accompanying podcast – check it out here. [Shondaland]

~The Barefoot Contessa’s Top Ten, Sissinghurst Gardens in England is on the list and rightfully so! [The New York Times]

~A thought-provoking post indeed – Destroy What You Know – from Zen Habits.

~So a dear friend reminded me to pair oysters with champagne, and here are a few other ideas for pairing with oysters from 3 French Wine Pros [Saveur]

~What to do in Paris in April! [HipParis]

~This new series on Paramount, The Offer, details the creation of The Godfather, and as I did enjoy the first two movies, and with more coming to light as to the struggle Francis Ford Coppola had with the network to direct it as it felt it should be done, I think this will be an intriguing watch. Also, Ted Lasso star, Juno Temple, is part of the main cast. Look for it to premiere in late April and have a look at the trailer below.

Check out last week’s This & That: March 25, 2022

Multiple new series making their premieres, Breton stripes, delicious new cookbooks, French style items and books on fashion as well as a novel receiving high praise. A hilarious new British cosy mystery based on a best-selling book by Graham Norton, and much, much more. 

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7 thoughts on “This & That: April 1, 2022

  1. Good Morning, Shannon!

    Thank you for sharing the French Market Basket as I have been waiting on one reasonably priced and snatched that deal up right away. I have also put the New Cooking School Cookbook on my Amazon wish list.
    I am looking forward to watching Julia this weekend along with Bridgerton. I am also looking forward to the arrival of my new Hunter boots now that garden season is underway.

    Have a wonderful weekend full of rest and renewal.


  2. Good morning! I watched Julia last night, I couldn’t help myself and watched all 3 available episodes! I almost fell off my chair when she said “f$%^ a duck!” I was NOT expecting all the f bombs. I think I had a preconceived notion of her based on what was on tv and maybe the Julie and Julia movie? Just too funny. I don’t get upset at colorful language, but was surprised! I was also intrigued by the relationship with her husband. I don’t think I was aware of the scope of it. I would love to actually have watched the pilot of her show to see if that was an accurate portrayal. I also started Altas of the heart with Brene brown. I only got through half an episode because it was late. Very interesting and eye opening so far. Have a great weekend! I am baking, making lotion bars and poking around outside as our mountains of AZ weather is gorgeous right now!

  3. Hi, Shannon! I will be watching the 1st episode of Julia later. Excited for it since I truly loved Julie and Julia. Also, have you heard about The Julia Challenge by Food Network?

    As always, looking forward to every Friday’s This and That! ♥️

  4. Thanks Shannon for another great post! I have just learned about a new series on Apple TV called Slow Horses. It is about a group of “losers” in MI5 who are sent off to work in a dingy building after they have some sort of mess-up in their careers. They spend their time doing boring drudgery – but that is going to change (I think). I’ve just watched the first episode, and it is great! Gary Oldman and Kristen Scott Thomas are the most famous stars, but there are others whom you have seen in other shows/movies.

  5. Yummy T & T as usual Shannon!
    –NYT Grant Snider cartoon squiggles are so good, glad he has another book out
    –Quite a few books to add to the now endless TBR list
    –ATK-I cannot recommend them highly enough, all of their cookbooks, magazines, and websites have been fabulous resources for me since I decided I wanted to really learn how to cook and make the kitchen a home just after I turned thirty, now thirty years ago.
    –The french guidebook definitely entices one to keep plugging away at les cours de français!
    –Such exciting news about Kelmscott Manor, hopefully House & Garden UK will give us a tour soon!
    –I love The New Yorker.

    Love to you and Norman! xo Rona

  6. Great T&T, as usual … thank you! I so look forward to it every week (one of my favorite petit plaisirs). And, I love your new book. I discovered another lovely little book, “Joy in the Little Things”, by Kerrie Hess (on Amazon). Like your book, just visually it makes you feel happy (the content is quite fun & uplifting too). I hope you & Norman have a wonderful weekend!

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