This & That: July 29, 2022
Friday July 29, 2022

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A new series to bring the laughs, a return of a favorite series on a new network, a luxuriously cosy dog bed for our four-legged companions, quality summer clothing at 20% off with an exclusive TSLL code, books for HSPs, the financially-focused, parents of college-bound students and students themselves, a French teacup and saucer I love and think you will too, and still so much more.


Buy This, Not That: How to Spend Your Way to Wealth and Freedom by Sam Dogen

I have been a reader of Sam Dogen’s blog Financial Samurai for a while now, so I was looking forward to his new book. And while not every topic he covers is of interest to me, he is a credible and savvy expert in the area of finance having worked on Wall Street for 13 years, so after listening to Marie Forleo’s interview with him, I decided to purchase the book. Dogen’s first book Buy This, Not That takes “the guesswork out of financial planning and shows you exactly what to buy, how much to spend, and how to optimize every dollar you earn so you can maximize wealth building and live life on your terms. The good news? You don’t need to be a millionaire or a genius to achieve financial freedom”. One piece of insight he shares in his interview is the truth that we can’t save ourselves to wealth entirely, we must invest wisely as well, and that comes through the literal definition of investing our money, but also in the business and life decisions we make, and the risks we do or do not take. If you are looking for a financial jumpstart to deepen your understanding of how to manage your hard-earned money, this book may just be what you’re looking for.  

How to Navigate Life: The new science of finding your way in school, career and beyond by Belle Laing PhD and Timothy Klein LCSW

Being released on August 2nd, and just in time before the new school year begins, is a book for students and parents. “Belle Liang and Timothy Klein devote their careers both to counseling individual students and to cutting through the daily pressures to show a better way, a framework, and set of questions to find kids’ ‘true north’: what really turns them on in life, and how to harness the core qualities that reveal, allowing them to choose a course of study, a college, and a career”. 

Inventing the It Girl: How Elinor Glyn Created the Modern Romance and Conquered Early Hollywood by Hilary A. Hallett

Beginning in England and hopping the pond and leading to Hollywood along with excursions around the world Hilary Hallett’s new biography of celebrity author Elinor Glyn is catching critics’ attention. “Hallett traces Glyn’s meteoric rise from a depressed society darling to a world-renowned celebrity author who consorted with world leaders from St. Petersburg to Cairo to New York. After reporting from the trenches during World War I, the author was lured by American movie producers from Paris to Los Angeles for her remarkable third act. Weaving together years of deep archival research, Hallett movingly conveys how Glyn, more than any other individual during the Roaring Twenties, crafted early Hollywood’s glamorous romantic aesthetic. She taught the screen’s greatest leading men to make love in ways that set audiences aflame, and coined the term ‘It Girl,’ which turned actress Clara Bow into the symbol of the first sexual revolution”.

Your Rainforest Mind by Paula Prober

I continue to read blogs I long began visiting more than twelve years ago, but also keep my eyes open for new blogs that speak to my interests and offer a point of view that is consistent and share valuable resources. Jenn Granneman (who was a guest on the podcast when her new book came out, episode #171) began Introvert, Dear, her first blog, quite a few years ago, and just a few years ago, co-founded Highly Sensitive Refuge for HSP readers and content. While reading a recent blog post on the latter blog, I was introduced to Paula Prober’s book that was released in 2016 as it was referenced worth exploring for HSPs who are trying to corral and constructively manage their busy minds. I have just begun reading it, and thought, as many TSLL readers are fellow HSPs, that you may want to explore it as well.

British Find

Charley Chau Ducky Donut Dog Bed

A luxury bed for our pups. Norman is in need of an updated bed as his current one is a hand-me-down so a bit rough around the edges literally. Consequently, with his birthday around the corner, I have been exploring options, and came across the Ducky Donut bed which consists of “plump duck-feather filled sides and a deep-filled luxury mattress in the base”.

There are three sizes and five different colors, and while an investment, it is easy to wash and well made so can last for many years. Handmade in England, be sure to explore Charley Chau’s many other dog beds and pet products as well.

McDonald & Dobbs, Season 3 (BritBox)

Set in Bath, England, if you live in the UK, enjoy the new season now (it premiered on June 19th and will debut in the states on August 16th). The third season of McDonald & Dobbs, starring Jason Watkins as DS Dodds and Tala Gouveiaa as DCI Lauren McDonald are the duo of detectives that initially seem mismatched, but their pairing works brilliantly. I look forward to watching.

Francophile Finds

Aplico Chocolat Chaud Cup, My French Country Home

A Francophile Find I absolutely love and would love for you to enjoy as well if you are looking for a high-quality teacup and saucer is Aplico’s teacup and saucer for chocolat chaud (they have other teacups that are smaller in size). The sturdiness of Aplico’s products are well-known, and, for those of us in the states, it is difficult to find them, even online. So I wanted to share with you that Sharon Santoni is selling four different colors (black and red also available) for only $50 which is a great price ($20 for shipping internationally). You will see my teacup and saucer below. The timelessness, beauty and functionality make this a piece I will have for my lifetime.

Soeur Francisco Jeans (four colors available)

This style of jean is the jean of summer and early fall. Hitting just above the ankle with a straight-leg hem, pair with just about anything. Dress up or down and have this pair for years knowing you will always look in style.

Souer Tee-Shirt Katy, stripes (two color pairings)

One more find from French brand Souer, a classic boatneck-esque bateau top, available in two different color pairings – navy and white and bronze and cream.


Belted Linen-Blend Halter-Top Dress, Lost + Wander

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 10.07.47 AM

Comfortable, breathable and easy to pair with a variety of layers – whether a jacket, a sweater or a scarf.

COS Straight-Leg Ankle Jeans

Another pair of ankle-skimming jeans, ideal for summer and early fall, and available for fewer than $100.

Faherty, exclusive 20% off

In this week’s episode of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, a new sponsor was introduced, and it is one I wanted to bring your attention to here on the blog as the savings extended is too good to miss, and I have been living in one of their dresses this summer (see it below). Faherty.

With both men and women’s clothing, they offer high quality, stylish, yet comfortable, and a touch of retro style, you can save 20% off when you use the exclusive promo code SOPHISTICATE. I have shopped a few items directly below as well as a scroll of finds as well, but be sure to shop the entire site. Summer Sands Linen Shorts, Bria Linen Dress, and just in case you were in the market for a chic beach cruiser, they have one and you can save 20% off when you use the exclusive promo code. And I was excited to see that the dress I purchased has been restocked AND reduced! The Linen Beach Days Shift dress. The sleeves are wonderfully long enough – that is hard to find for someone my height, and the length of the hem isn’t too short. Oh, and the linen is opaque – thank you Faherty!


Beach Days Linen Shift Dress, all sizes available at time of posting, and currently 29% off.


James Perse Cotton Voile Short Sleeve Shirt (multiple colors)

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 10.20.36 AM

This top looks to be ideally comfortable to wear during the hot summer days we are currently experiencing.

1970s Rattan Serving Tray w/Drink holder, One King’s Lane

This just caught my eye, and is a new item available to hold a drink or utensils along with appetizers or apéritif nibbles.


All Rise, Season 3, OWN

Well, this was a nice surprise. The entire crew is back for Season 3 of All Rise, and now on OWN rather than CBS. The season began back in June, so I am a little late, but that means there are many episodes to watch and enjoy which you can do for free streaming through OWN (you will have to watch with ads). The only actor that didn’t return was Lola’s husband’s role, but who was cast seems to fit in quite well. Have a look at the trailer for the season below and look for new episodes each Tuesday.

Uncoupled, Netflix

Neil Patrick Harris stars in a new series that begins today on Netflix. Newly single after 17 years with his partner, Harris’ character is in his forties and trying to figure out the dating scene in New York City. It looks like a lot of fun, and with Harris at the helm, it should be full of many great laughs. Have a look at the trailer below.


The time of year we find ourselves is an interesting swing in energy, schedules, temperatures and our focus. The temperatures kick up, we can now see autumn in the not-too-distant future and all that it brings, and yet, there is a slower pace. Some may feel there is a lag, while others are thankful to have time to catch their breath, so long as they can find a home or vacation accommodation to do so with cooler temps. I always find this time of year a time of perplexing paradox. We long for summer, yet we don’t want the frustrations and excessive high temperatures and bug bites and travel headaches which makes it all the more important to try not to force what this season cannot be, and instead savor what it is.

The roses above remind me of this truth. The stages of a bloom: from bud, to its zenith of beauty while it is in full bloom and then the fading to an eventual rose-hip. We cannot slow down the eventual characteristics of summer – the building up to the heat we have missed during winter, for if we did we wouldn’t see the bloom, but the bloom doesn’t last just as the heat can become too much, so we much savor it while it shares itself and then shift how we move through our days to savor what else is uniquely available to us whatever that may be based on where we live and work.

This week has been hot in Bend, so my shift has been to delay breakfast a bit longer, and instead go outside rather early during the coolest part of the morning. The picture above was captured during this time in my garden, as we the light is magnificent, and the cooler air is refreshing. Other neighbors are out as well, walking their dogs and tending to tasks (not all, but more than usual), and we quietly nod our heads and smile acknowledging why we are out so uncommonly early. The walk with Norman commences shortly thereafter, breakfast still delayed. Case in point, yesterday we began before 6am and concluded with a paddle down to Mirror Pond which runs along Drake Park, saying hello to the many geese and ducks (and even ducklings) we carefully paddled through along the way. Then, tuckered, but not hot, we headed back home for breakfast. This schedule, while temporary, worked wonderfully, and no doubt we will be doing something similar today.

TSLL readers, you are in for a treat over the next four days as so much new content is coming your way. Be sure to sign up for the free monthly newsletter and look for it to arrive on Sunday morning in your inbox, the last day of the month. Then on Monday, TOP Tier Members, as the new month begins, a new A Cuppa Moments video chat will be posted and included will be the video tour of the completed curtains for both the living and dining rooms! Yes, they are up and finished! Veronique stopped by last Friday and surprised me ready to have them installed. I am LOVING them. ☺️ Also on Monday, a brand new episode of the podcast (#336) will be shared: a long and fascinating listen inspired by a book I recently read and loved about brain health. I think you will find it amazingly simple the things we can do in our everyday lives to improve our long-term overall health. And all of this two weeks before TSLL’s 7th Annual French Week which I cannot wait to begin and share all that I have in store. Okay, I have gone on and on, so now to the links below that I think you might enjoy, and until later this weekend, bonne journée.

~The French Mustard Shortage [David Lebovitz]

~Tour de France Femmes returns, but not without obstacles for equality [New York Times]

~Favorite read this week – I’m Still Hacking Away at Parisian Social Codes. And so, I suppose, are most Parisians. [Le Monde, subscription may be required]

~How to create and care for a low maintenance garden [House & Garden UK]

~Less to juggle when you board your next plane at these airports – just scan your Government issued ID, no boarding pass needed [Afar]

~Paul Hollywood stopped by the podcast Milk Street Radio to talk about his new book and the GBBO as well as shares his favorite classic recipe for tea. Start at 22:35.

~I appreciated this article and the shift to ownership of women and their lives and bodies and why they wear, do and live as they do, not for other’s approval, but their own. Bravo. [New York Times]

~Take a tour of Sutton Foster’s Dutch Colonial (star of Younger and Tony-award winning actor) home in New York – she speaks my style – antiques, a touch of color, and sophisticated cozy [Architectural Digest]

~Did you know that on one day each year, many Museums across the US will be free to enter? Yep! Find out which date and which museums here. [Travel + Leisure]

~An intriguing read about health findings in processed meats and why it is prompting France to Say Non to Nitrites [Saveur]

~Staying in France, the best AirBnB’s in the South of France [CNTraveler]

~Where to find English books in France, outside of Paris [Frenchly]

~The smart traveler’s survival playbook for summer flight cancellations [Forbes]

~Design ideas for Nora Ephron-inspired rooms [House & Garden UK]

~If you watched this year’s entire race of Le Tour de France, you perhaps, like me, saw the continual back and forth between the two men who eventually took first and second, and it was this moment of sportsmanship (shown in the video below) that reminded the world that this is a sport and it is in a civil world that sports such as this event are possible. Without acknowledging that human beings makes this possible – that we can inspire each other to great feats and that without each other it just isn’t, well, it isn’t sport, we can all rise when we remember this distinction.

The video is lacking context because minutes before this crash by Tadej Pogačar (seen in the white jersey – who was the reigning winner of the yellow jersey for two years), the eventual winner of this year’s race Jonas Vingegaard nearly crashed as well as they both tore down the mountain. When Pogačar did crash, Vingegaard slowed his pace to wait until Pogačar caught up, and that is when you see Pogačar extending his hand in gratitude. A lot needs to be understood about the benefits of riding in the streamline of another cyclist, but still, this was a moment to remember for all the right reasons of sport.

~Explore last week’s This & That: July 22, 2022 new-to-me cookbook I am thoroughly enjoying, a British series that comes highly recommended from many TSLL readers, books of all sorts – bestsellers and from bestselling authors, a new film from Katie Holmes, steep discounts on beautiful designer collections, that crossbody bag so many were trying to find from the series Murder in Provence, a British series from more than few years ago that is a true treat to savor in the evenings for a feel-good, chuckle-of-a-good-time, and still, there is much, much more. 

~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

2 thoughts on “This & That: July 29, 2022

  1. I enjoyed this weeks This & That early Sunday morning here in the UK with the rain steady outside. We too had very hot conditions only a week or two ago, and the early mornings provided some respite. Your temporary routine sounds lovely and I always think your paddles with Norman sound idyllic.
    The Uncoupled trailer tickled me thoroughly so I shall definitely be watching! And I’ve never heard of All Rise but it caught my attention.
    I look forward to perusing the articles, but the videos at the Tour, it is sporting moments like this that make sport what it is. And I imagine give meaning to “be a good sport”.
    Happy weekend, I look forward to joining a cuppa moments tomorrow.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sarah. ? Your rain sounds delicious to my garden at the moment. I can imagine your garden is smiling to receive the moisture. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing what caught your eye. ☺️

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