A Tribeca Foodie & Family Haven

Mar 16, 2017

From an entirely raw space in Tribeca to a modern loft renovated with touches of retro comfort, an Australian family finds their home in a fresh new space. The kitchen instantly caught my attention with warm woods and a lofty original tin ceiling, and the floating soaking tub set atop a unique mosaic of hexagonal tile also create a signature intimate space. The talents of interior design architects Studio DB demonstrate that originality, creative ideas and a great space can render a magnificent new place to call one’s sanctuary even in a bustling city like New York. Enjoy the tour below and learn even more about the space, the journey of renovation and the designers here.

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3 thoughts on “A Tribeca Foodie & Family Haven

  1. This is lovely Shannon The contrasts between the dark and light furnishings, so simple but elegant. Love the way the glassware is set off by the dark wood cabinets.

  2. Wow very beautiful! Especially that kitchen, and a picture of Abbey Road! I want to be sitting there.
    Thanks Shannon!

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