Touches of Gentle Color in Derbyshire

Feb 27, 2019

After two years of renovation, a 400-year-old cottage in Derbyshire becomes a sanctuary for a dog-loving family, luxurious bubble bath soaking and reading galore. Oh, and a kitchen that is just the right size to make homemade anything and a pot of tea.

Over the past few months, I have begun to dabble back into my own decor which is something I was tremendously interested in up until three and a half years ago. Needless to say, it is a passion, and I am enjoying the fun of finding, treasure hunting, dreaming and gradually bringing to fruition what I love in English and French country homes into my own sanctuary here in Bend.

As I move forward with the weekly Decor Inspiration post each Thursday, I look forward to showing you a home that piques my attention and walking through what takeaways I have found in the space. After all, no matter where we live, we can bring touches of the French and English culture into our homes.

So let’s get started with this lovely English cottage in Derbyshire which is about two and a half hours north of Oxford. I have selected my favorite rooms in the house, but you can tour the entire space and find links to the furniture and decor items on Ideal Home.

Simply Luxurious Decor Take-Aways:

  • Pair cool stone floors with warm, plush upholstered fabrics
    • Each room includes either stone floors or hardwoods as well as tufted upholstered furniture and rugs providing a balance that isn’t too cold or too warm. A beautiful balance.
  • Add gentle warm pops of color with a predominant neutral background throughout the home.
    • Each room has a chair, an ottoman or pillows that catch your eye just enough as you walk into the room. Thoughtfully paired with the neutral items throughout the room, they are not overwhelming and add a touch of signature without letting the pop of color overpower.
  • Add rugs to rooms, even over carpet
    • Define the space and eliminate the need for excess furniture (as demonstrated well in the above image)
  • Small drinking tables are small way to add function and a signature touch (view the last image in the post).
    • Saving space, but also providing the necessary function
  • Welcome unique vases for bouquets
    • View the image of the kitchen at the end of the post for inspiration
  • Frame old and new art (see above image)
  • Choose shutters or wooden blinds for window coverings instead of curtains to welcome in as much light as possible
    • with low ceilings and exposed beams remaining their natural color, welcoming in as much light as possible provides the balance to eliminate a dark home no matter what time of day


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3 thoughts on “Touches of Gentle Color in Derbyshire

  1. The striped stair runner is fantastic. I’m about to replace mine so that gave me a good idea. I love historic homes – I live in one myself- this remodel is inspiring.

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