Top 7 Outfits of the Week from 2017

Dec 28, 2017

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It’s one thing to have the essentials in your wardrobe, but it is yet another learned skill to know which items it would pair well with beyond the desired outfit you had in mind upon purchasing it. Ultimately, the three best ways to simplify and sharpen the skill of styling is to only purchase items that are either timeless, within your color palette of neutrals (with only one or two statement colors) and made well.

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And yet another tool is to continue to visit or view blogs, magazines, or runway shows that share ideas for potential outfits which is why TSLL’s weekly Outfit of the Week is one of readers’ most popular weekly posts.

As I have shared in the past, but it is worth sharing again, when I compile an outfit and share it on the blog, I do not expect any reader to purchase the entire outfit. However, if you buy only one item, I want to make sure it is a well-made item that you will love and it will last. Some readers have commented on the high prices of the items chosen for each outfit, while other readers, who have been following the blog for many years have come to understand the value of investing in fewer but better made items and also understand each post is created to offer inspiration and potentially a purchase if the items speak to you and your budget. Most importantly, the Outfit of the Week is created to share an outfit idea that you may already have most of the items in your own closet to pull together if only you had that one additional pair of shoes, coat or blouse. This is where TSLL’s weekly Outfit of the Week comes in.

An addition to this year’s Outfit of the Week has been a singular book paired with each outfit. From favorites to new releases, readers have made it clear they want this detail of the weekly outfit to stay, and stay it will as we enter 2018. Below are the top 7 Outfits of the Week from 2017, and above are many other outfits from the past year that you may want to check out as well (if you do, click here and peruse the entire year). And don’t forget that you can always visit TSLL’s Capsule Wardrobe Boutique for items to add to your fall, spring or all-season essential items list (from clothes to shoes to accessories). It is updated bi-annually (each March and September).

One more note: The good news about shopping the outfits of the past year now is while some of the items may be sold-out, others won’t be and often will be offered at steep discounts. Simply click on each outfit to be directed to the original post and shop each items.


7. Effortless French Chic

6. Cozy Hygge Style

5. An Effortless Fall Choice: Everlane



4. Just a Jacket & Jeans




3. Summer Market Day Outfit



2. My Favorite Silk Blouse: A Feminine Neckline


1. Thinking Spring & Patricia Wells’ New Cookbook



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