The TOP 5 Decor & Style Inspiration posts of 2020

Dec 30, 2020

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In many ways 2020 here on TSLL blog has seen a significant uptick in Decor posts, specifically posts of my home, Le Papillon and a handful of customizations I excitedly was able to see come to fruition. And while my investment in my capsule wardrobe was not as fervent, I am still quite desirous of keeping it up-to-date, refreshed and best aligned with the life I live.

For so many of us, our priorities shifted in 2020 understandably so, our time at home increased and what we wore may have changed as well. While there were oodles of sales on seemingly everything, especially clothing, knowing exactly what to purchase became paralyzing in some regards. So instead, many of us embraced the slow, the time for contemplation, and where we were doing that was most often in our homes, that is where our attention went instead.

Today I have gathered up the TOP 6 Style posts from the past year as well as the TOP 5 Decor posts. The Decor posts are each tours of my home – Le Papillon, so you will need to be a TOP Tier subscriber to view those; however, each of the style posts is viewable for everyone.

Feeling good, feeling confident, feeling comfortable and at ease in both our homes and our wardrobes may seem trivial and superficial to the outsider, but in fact, when tended to thoughtfully, doing so can be a powerful, fundamental piece of further cultivation of contentment in all of the other areas of our lives such as relationships, understanding our true nature and honoring our unique gifts. Being clear as to why we purchase what we do is worth exploring, and so long as it is not to please the outside world, we are usually making a smart choice. I do hope you enjoy these posts.

TOP 6 Style posts


Outfit of the Week: Paris in the Spring (March 24th)


Outfit of the Week: Bringing Some Sunshine to February (February 4th)


10 Effortlessly Chic Summer Style Ideas (July 8th)


6 Pre-Fall Styles & Soon-to-be Released Books Worth Checking Out (August 5th)


The Tailored Boyfriend Button-Up — A Classic (May 12th)


Winter in Paris — The 15 Essentials for Timeless Seasonal Style, episode #277 (February 17th)

TOP 5 Decor posts


La Cornue: Why This French Stove Is the Best Fit For My Kitchen and Life (October 12th)


7 Ideas for a Porch Swing Living Space for Luxurious Calm: TSLL’s House Tour (July 12th)


A Friendly French Foyer: TSLL’s Home Tour (+6 Tips for Designing Your Own Welcoming Foyer) (May 6th)


The English-Inspired Mudroom: TSLL’s Home Tour (January 12th)


The Kitchen Reveal: Before & After and How I Customized My Small Space (October 7th)

TOP Decor & Style posts from past years

Top 5 Signature Style Posts of 2017

Top Style Inspiration Posts of 2017

2 thoughts on “The TOP 5 Decor & Style Inspiration posts of 2020

  1. An interesting compilation. I must say that your kitchen remodel has prompted me to proceed with mine after several years of indecision. The workers come next Monday. I am dreading it quite frankly but the time has come. My formal living room has been emptied of its furniture, gifted to a worthy cause, and is now being used to store new appliances, the contents of the current kitchen, and the hope that this will all go smoothly. Last week, during the 5th attempt to install an appliance, the workmen cut through wiring in the wall, shorted out the entire electrical panel and started a fire. I am hoping that 2021 will be a smoother transition! Thank you for sharing your experiences, it gives me hope!

    1. I am excited for you and wishing you great steel as you navigate through this time of transformation. It is not easy when we appreciate order and everything in its place, but stay strong. It will be worth it as it sounds as though you have given a great amount of time and thought to what you want.

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