Top 5 Decor Inspiration Posts of 2017

Dec 28, 2017

To dream, to dream, and someday to create a space to revel and dance about in.

The weekly Decor Inspiration post, which is shared each Thursday, is a destination for inspiration to curate our sanctuaries. Even if we may desire the country, and the home in in the images is found in the city, or perhaps we wish for less square footage, but the shared home is far larger than we might need, there are always ideas of inspiration to find. Much like finding Waldo (does anyone else remember this book series as a child?), if we take our time and look closely, letting our eyes dance across the images, small details, as well as the most obvious, come to the forefront of our sight.

While I currently am still renting in Bend, there are details I capture and welcome into my temporary space. Of course, someday, I look forward again to decorating a home I own, but when the time is right that will happen. But until then, inspiration will continue to abound right here on TSLL each Thursday morning to either save for a later date or put into practice in the present.

Below are the top 5 posts from the past year, and above are images from the many homes that while not making the top five, certainly are homes to take a look at, and you can do so here in TSLL’s Decor archives.


5. Julianne Hough’s Cozy, Personal Sanctuary


4. A Chic & Simple Parisian Vacation Apartment



3. Details, Details, Details


2. A Paris Rental to Dream About


1. A Unique Cornwall Vacation Sanctuary


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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Decor Inspiration Posts of 2017

  1. Good morning Shannon I currently dream of moving to a petite, cosy home, very simply furnished. I am saving for a surprise visit to France with my daughter in a Paris rental apartment. Unless we have our dreams in place we cannot work to achieve them. My motto for the future. Very best wishes, Sue

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