Top 5 Lifestyle Posts of 2017

Dec 27, 2017

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As a lifestyle blog, TSLL could technically categorize every post as a “lifestyle” post, but the blog posts that are selected for this category offer insight, ideas, and inspiration for building the foundation of HOW we live our lives – i.e. go about our everydays, master our thinking, create rituals, etc.. And while many of The Simple Sophisticate podcast‘s topics are also categorized as “lifestyle”, the top five blog posts below are solely written content. Organized in the reverse order, leading you to the most popular lifestyle post of the year, discover how to let go of what no longer is serving you, how to find pleasure in your everyday life, become a savvier consumer and welcome more reasons to celebrate the seemingly ordinary way of going about your life.

Click on either the link or the image to read the entire post, and look for more Lifestyle posts to be shared each Wednesdays and Mondays (with the podcast) beginning with an additional post on January 1st to share inspiration as we all step into a new year waiting to be enjoyed and utilized to its fullest potential.

5. Why Not . . . Let Go? 27 Things to Bid Adieu


4. Why Not . . . Find Pleasure in the Essentials of Life?


3. Why Not . . . Elevate the Quality of What You Consume?


2. Why Not . . . Read a Cookbook for Pleasure?


1. Why Not . . . Celebrate the Ordinary?

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