Top 2014 Style Inspiration

Dec 25, 2014

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The weekly Style Inspiration posts continue to be a favorite of TSLL readers as they go about deciding on outfit combinations for their day, week or upcoming shopping excursions. As someone who is inspired visually, simply being able to see ideas about how to pull an outfit together is the easiest way to encourage a new idea that I may have not thought of before.

I do hope this perennial favorite that now goes live each Tuesday morning on the blog continues to be a source of sartorial creativity. After all, each of us can look at the same image and walk away with a variety of different ideas. Why? Because we each bring our own unique personality, body type, lifestyle and interpretation based on experience to the canvas.

Below is a handful of the top Style Inspiration posts. Simply click on the image to see the entire posts full of at least 10 street style ideas.



Image: (1)


One thought on “Top 2014 Style Inspiration

  1. You’re right, Shannon – each of us brings our own perspective and personality to each of these scenes. Thanks to the “Spring Fever” photo, I now have a fresh idea for pairing a creamy Everlane sweater I just bought with a pair of neutral heels. Just what I needed! Merry Christmas and keep up the inspiring work.

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