Top 10 Signature Style Inspiration Posts of 2018

Dec 24, 2018

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Curating our unique signature style takes time, and the journey to curating effortless style initially seems daunting, but it is possible. Something I discuss in depth in my new book (chapter 12) is exactly what effortless style is and how we can attain it, but ultimately, it begins with knowing ourselves, loving and honoring our bodies and most importantly, dressing for the lives we live and desire to live.

Yes, I do believe that it is possible to do both. We can dress for what we must do, but also dress what we dream to achieve. As has been shared before here on the blog, clothes are another medium for communicating, and we cannot sit on the sidelines hoping that the universe can read our mind if we don’t put it out there, and yes, that includes how we dress.

We need not spend oodles of money constantly, but when we do buy clothing, when we purchase items that will last and continue to accentuate the amazing person wearing the clothing, we are creating an effortless style that we will feel good wearing each day. Smart shopping is a skill, and it is tailored to the individual, and while it will take time, I assure you, it will be worth it.

Below are the top 10 Signature Style and Style Inspiration posts of 2018. Simply click on the link or the image to read the entire post, and be sure to stop by each Tuesday beginning Tuesday January 1st to read a new Style Inspiration or Signature Style post as the new year begins.

10. Fall French Style

9. Statement Sandals

8. A Spring Trend to Invest In: The Shirt Dress

7. A Closet Essential: My Favorite Tee

6. President Claire Underwood’s Style: 5 Takeaways

5. Timeless Style

4. Scarves Today and Every Day! My Criteria for Scarf Shopping

3. How to Find Your Signature Style: AM Northwest Appearance

2. Sézane’s French Tops for Fall

1.Summer Shoe Capsule for Provence Traveling

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