Timeless Style

Dec 10, 2018

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Accessories add that finishing touch to a simple, yet signature outfit, but having too many accessories is well, too many. The balance will differ with each individual. 

One woman’s choice of cuffs or bangles, along with rings is just right, while for others, one more accessory beyond a single item is excessive. 

But when it comes to wearing a watch, that is pretty much all I need, along with a simple, no-polish, short and trim manicure. 

Over the years I have had a handful of watches, but the simple, medium-priced quality watch is something I appreciate and gravitate toward every time. For the past three years I have had a Citizen Eco-Drive watch that goes with everything, keeping my choice of accessories simple. 

I have shopped some quality, beautiful watches for you below. Perhaps you are looking for a piece that will last will years, and if so, you will certainly find one below. Or maybe you have someone on your holiday list looking for a stylish, sophisticated time-keeper, or maybe you just want to window shop. Either way, the combination of function and style will always speak to me, as a quality watch is all I really need to adorn my wrist. Simple, with a touch of luxury that will last for years.


30 thoughts on “Timeless Style

  1. So true! Our watch choices early on can become our timeless style statement. I bought a Bulova watch in 1997 that was two-tone with square white face that I still love. It mixes well with gold or silver accents and perfect for my neutral skin. And I especially appreciate that it is understated but polished. Win! Now that is simplified…choose a watch and it lasts for 20 years!

  2. Hello Shannon,
    I love watches! There are so many beautiful ones…many that mimic jewelry. I prefer simple, classic pieces myself. Since I received my Apple watch several years ago, however, my wrist is rarely without it. I rely on it daily, for so many things, and as a reading teacher, found it invaluable as I didn’t feel the need to have a distracting phone within my reach. My watch case is the brushed gold version, and I have several bands, most that look fairly elegant and simple. I do miss my two beautiful watches, however! Enjoy the day! Thank you for your flawless content. 🙂

  3. I have always loved watches and my favorite is on my wrist almost every day. I was so excited to hear that the younger crowd (millennials) are starting to buy watches again!
    I do wish I knew more about watches because there are always many for sale at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (my favorite place in the world!). Maybe a future podcast??

  4. You are reading my mind. My 20 year old watch is going to need replacement in the near future. I love this watch, but it isn’t available. I am looking at smart watches, but. I can’t make up my mind. I love rectangular watches and a black leather strap.

  5. Beautiful Watch choices. I bought a wooden watch from Kerbholz 3 years ago and I wear it nearly everyday. Wooden watches are quite popular in Europe at the moment. Mine has gotten more beautiful with time.
    I especially love that it is elegant enough to wear to the opera.

  6. I’m finding that as I get older a watch is all I need to accessorise an outfit.

    The watches you’ve shared Shannon are lovely and would make great gift ideas.

  7. There are watches, and then there are timepieces. My favorite is from Eberhard & Co, and it is called the “The Gilda” an exquisite timepiece that I wear every day and consider a timeless investment.

  8. I love watches. I bought several for my husband. At first, he said he didn’t need them. That’s what his iPhone is for. Slowly, he ended up with four watches and found he felt odd when not wearing one. Now, he has an apple watch. A match made in heaven. I now have all his old watches. I prefer to wear men’s watches. I think women’s watches are too dainty.

  9. Antique watches can be really wonderful as well- My Husband has an antique Omega that we picked up in a small antique shop in the Check republic. A new band was all it needed. It is a watch with a generation of wear behind it and will most likely be given to my son when he is older.

  10. This is a wonderful reminder of how a simple accessory, that is also useful, is all that is needed to complete an outfit. I have worn a Fitbit for a few years now and enjoyed challenging myself to meet or beat my goal number of steps per day, but recently have gone back to wearing a pretty feminine watch. Though I still don my Fitbit when I am off on a great hike, I missed wearing a timepiece that spoke to my style. Both have their place, but my pretty watch Is what I choose now to wear most often.
    I love your posts, and thank you for your insight and cheerful outlook.
    Merry Christmas, Shannon!

  11. i too have a cartier but a tank. my mother bought it for me 30 years ago. i always wanted one but couldn’t afford it. i have loved it every day and it is the ultimate classic.
    i would go watchless before i put on a rolex.

  12. This is awesome. I’ve also heard a great place to find a genuine gold watch at a bargain are at second-hand shops. I think vintage real gold watches are especially classy and timeless. ❤️

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