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Jan 21, 2015

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Maybe it’s because the sun has burst through the clouds these last few days, but I am feeling spring fever, and with it why not throw in a little bit of love, okay, perhaps just lust in the case of the subject of Vogue‘s February issue. Actress Dakota Johnson (daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith), the star of British writer E.L. (Erika Leonard) James’ best-selling erotic tale Fifty Shades of Grey, offers her casual, yet subtle sex appeal for the cover of what looks to be a very busy month for the young actress.

vogfeb4 ~view the remaining Vogue images below, and read her interview with Hamish Bowles here~

While critics haven’t given their approval, fans have as Sony’s trailer was the most viewed in their history (click here to view). Selling more than 100 million copies, the first book adapted for film that will premiere Valentine’s weekend (Feb. 13), is expected to be a hit with those who have devoured the book and those who are just merely curious about the electric chemistry between Anastasia and Christian Grey.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Christian will be played by an North Irishman, Jamie Dornan, either, now does it? Now, I will be honest, I haven’t not read any of the books and probably won’t, but the trailer, I must admit, caught my eye.

However, if you are like me, and haven’t or won’t read the novels, below are a few novels that are similar in their subject matter that I think you might enjoy. I know I have.

~Rapture by Susan Minot or Lust and Other Stories

~In His Arms by Camille Laurens

~French Tryst: A Novel by Kirsten Lobe

However, when it comes to love, romance and intimacy, while frightening perhaps as our emotions and beings are put out in the open for someone to caress or trample, there is something intoxicating about it as well. And as I grow older, I have come to realize that while such intoxication can be detrimental if we don’t realize its powers and harness it, we must never squash it or eliminate it as it is what will provide a key to amazing connections, discoveries, unforgettable moments and a foundation for a life well lived.

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~The Golden Globes and Evening Rituals

~Morning Rituals

~Imperfection and Occurrences Unexpected

Image (1) All Vogue pics by Mario Testino


3 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Editor

  1. Dear Shannon, thanks for the book recommendations. Coming from you, I will certainly check them out. As you can see here ( this is my take of the phenomena called Fifty Shades of Grey. And though I do agree with some of the critics, I believe the trilogy’s success can be attributed to the dissonance between the genders and the simultaneous search for that gentle balance behind the truism that men can’t live without women or women without men. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Read the books! I read all three and loved them. It’s actually more of a romance than I expected, and not nearly as terrible as I expected. I started reading it, figuring if it got too terrible, I’d stop, but it didn’t break past what I felt was acceptable in the bedroom. Some of my friends are afraid or embarrassed to read it, and one churchy friend is adamantly against it. But, I think if she’d read it, she’d find that she’s overreacting. I loved the story and devoured the books.

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