This & That: January 19, 2018

Jan 19, 2018

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Linen Lavender Eye Pillow

The first time I used a lavender eye mask was at the end of a yoga class while in the pose of Savasana. At that point of the class, my body was a puddle of limp muscles and my mind was exhausted. The subtle scent of lavender and the coolness of the pillow took my relaxation to a level of utter momentary bliss. I happened across this particular eye pillow, which is filled not only with lavender but with flax seeds as well, while perusing Etsy for another item and put it on my wishlist immediately. For only $18, a daily or weekly or evening ritual of relaxing with a touch a luxury would certainly be a petit plaisir.


Advice Not Given: A Guide for Getting Over Yourself by Mark Epstein, M.D.

Released this past Tuesday, psychiatrist Dr. Mark Epstein released his book about understanding and quelling our ego in order to live a life of mindfulness and inner peace. Utilizing the “Eightfold Path, eight areas of self-reflection that Buddhists believe necessary for enlightenment”, Epstein shares tools to master the ego, rather than letting it master us.

Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love that Lasts by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski MAPP and James O. Pawelski PhD

Also released this past Tuesday, Happy Together strives to offer guidance on four core factors to building a successful, loving relationship: promoting a healthy passion, prioritizing positive emotions, mindfully savoring experiences together, and seeking out strengths in each other. Simply understanding what is important is a step in the right direction, but knowing how to move forward down the right path is how to build what we long for.

Making Winter: A Hygge Inspired Guide to Surviving the Winter Months by Emma Mitchell

It’s winter here in the states which typically means more time inside. The opportunities while we do have more time inside abound and in Emma Mitchell’s new book (October 2017), she offers 25 creative craft ideas and recipes to offer comfort and enjoyment during this cozy time of year.


Food52 Handblown Ice Bucket

One special occasion item that I always seem to need for entertaining, but have yet to purchase, is an ice bucket to chill my wines. Part of the reason I don’t have one yet is because I want one that looks as beautiful as it is functional, and last minute shopping … well, never seems to yield the results I want. Fast forward to today. As I was putting together my post on French Butter Keepers, I came across this handblown ice bucket and immediately took note.


Equipment Lucinda Cashmere V-Neck sweater

The spring 2018 collections will be released soon and the cornflower blue appears to be the trendy hue. However, if the color is complementary for you, it’s not a trend. It’s the best choice year after year after year. Such is the case with cornflower blue for me; a color I have been patiently waiting and searching for for years. Offered in a classic, slightly relaxed v-neck style, Equipment’s cashmere sweater is a quality essential for a winter and early spring capsule wardrobe. And even if this color is not your choice, but you love the style, the good news is there are more colors available. Have a look here.


Grace & Frankie, season 4 premiere

Not typically a binge watcher, it has been the Grace & Frankie series that provoked me to engage in my first bout of binging – but it was absolutely worth it. Now in their fourth season, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda return as Frankie and Grace, and this season they welcome beloved FRIENDS cast member Lisa Kudrow in a reoccurring role. Kudrow plays Grace’s manucurist of 20 years and well, may potentially come between the stars of the show, or ultimately bring them closer together. We’ll have to watch the season, which premieres today on Netflix, to find out. Have a look at the trailer below.

~recipe for Mayan Dark Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel Pistachios~

Hello Weekend! So happy to see you. With plans to rest and work, play and read, I am most looking forward to the weekend’s arrival. Last weekend I had the opportunity to see Steven Spielberg’s The Post and must recommend it to you to see as well. In the coming weeks, prior to the Oscars, I look forward to seeing Daniel Day Lewis in Phantom Thread. But this weekend may just be a weekend to snuggle in at home, watch a few episodes of Grace & Frankie, dive further into books that my sleepy eyes didn’t allow me to read too many pages of during this past work week and simply relax.

I hope you have a lovely weekend as well. Oh, and before I forget, I was thrilled to hear The Simple Sophisticate was included in a list of Podcasts Worth Listening To on a new blog Rise Beyond. Alongside two other wonderful podcasts – one from NPR and the other by Arianna Huffington, I felt fortunate to be included with such talented company. Have a look at their post here. And now to the weekend! Below are more than a handful of articles you may enjoy reading, and until Monday, bonne journée!

~Did you see Ina Garten’s new stove in her new New York apartment? Have a look here and begin dream!

~And in memory of someone inspired so many of us to dream of living in Provence, best-selling author Peter Mayle has sadly passed away at the age of 78. He will be sorely missed.

~David Lebovitz’s seeded multi-grain crackerswould be a good substitute for those of us who love to nibble on crackers purchased at the store.

~This small Norwegian city may have the answers to beating the winter blues

~The power of making the most of our mornings . . . these successful executives share 14 morning ritualsthey swear by.

~A genius is made not born, and here is one proposition as to how to make it happen.

~The simple secret to happiness is

~If you work from home, here are 17 Smart Tips for People Who Work from Home

~Check out this simple daily practice enjoyed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to improve your quality of life and success

~The French and food . . . 13 French Foods You Should Know that Aren’t a Croissant

~View past weekly THIS & THAT posts from the Archives here

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  1. Ina Garten’s stove probably cost more than my house! Gorgeous, though. We can dream. All those burners! She can make all the dishes, at the same time!
    I make little lavender pillows to put in drawers and armoires, but I hadn’t thought of an eye pillow. Great idea!

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