This & That: September 22, 2017

Sep 22, 2017

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Simple Fare: Fall and Winter by Karen Mordechai

As I shared last spring, Karen Mordechai’s spring and summer cookbook for simple fare was released. Offering a cookbook for everyday cooking and eating, the fall and winter edition was just released this past week. The woman behind the blog and cooking website Sunday Suppers shares beautiful photography along with her recipes for the seasons of harvest and hibernation.


Battle of the Sexes

Having watched the U.S. Tennis Open which wrapped up a few weeks ago, I became ever more excited to finally view Battle of the Sexes starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrel. Telling the tale of tennis greats Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs and their epic television tennis battle that drew more than nine million viewers, the movie goes off the court as well to see both of their struggles in their personal lives: Riggs with gambling and King, coming to realize her true sexuality. Opening this weekend in theaters, have a look at the trailer below.

Victoria & Abdul

Queen Victoria, well after her husband had passed and on the occasion of the celebration of her Jubilee, is introduced to Abdul Karim who is brought from Indian to be her servant. The two strike up a friendship which her staff and family don’t at all approve; however, Victoria disregards their preference. Victoria, played by Dame Judi Dench, and Abdul, played by Ali Fazal, bring to the screen a friendship that history shares helped to bring Queen Victoria’s awareness of the changing times to the forefront of her awareness.

The Wilde Wedding

Heavy on the comedic side, The Wilde Wedding opens today as well. Starring Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Patrick Stewart, it is the occasion of Close and Stewart’s wedding that is the setting of the film. The looming question is, will they marry or will her ex-husband (played by Malkovich) help to change her mind? The scenes are riotous, the plot is playful and crass at times, but perhaps that is exactly the escape you are looking for. Have a look at the trailer below to see what I mean.


Classic Leather Tote, Cuyana 

There is something about cool blue tones that always catches my eye. So when I came across Cuyana’s American made leather totes available in a variety of different colors, it was this hue that caught my attention. Available for $175, the quality is spot-on and the price is as well.

Cuyana Silk Wrap Blouse

And while I was on the site, their ivory silk wrap blouse was an item I couldn’t not share here on TSLL as it is an ideal item to add to a capsule wardrobe for both fall and spring.


New 60 Minutes contributor: Oprah 

Oprah returns to the major television networks with her debut on 60 Minutes this Sunday at 7pm. Officially a regular contributor beginning this 50th anniversary of the show, tune in to see her segment which, as she revealed on her Instagram account, will center around one particular question (as seen in the image above). There is no doubt, I will be regularly recording this weekly program.

—Will & Grace return!

It is true! After 10 years on hiatus the entire Will & Grace gang returns to NBC this coming Thursday night at 9pm. The trailer below is worth watching, all five minutes, as it pokes fun at why they would might be hesitant to return as well as reassuring the audience the final episode in which Will and Grace marry other loves yet run into each other at their children’s college dorm, didn’t happen. I absolutely cannot wait for the brevity, the smart, witty writing (the entire team of writers is back) and well, these characters to return to my living room.

~recipe for Hot Apple Tart and Ice Cream~

Welcome to fall (and to spring for my Aussie and all southern hemisphere readers!). A new season welcomes a new perspective, a new door opening and a lovely new beginning. Upon visiting the farmer’s market this past week, it was the signs of fall I began to see that made me smile. The pumpkins, the gourds, the apples, the pears. Fall truly is here.

I cannot wait to make the first apple tart of the season, and the recipe above may just have to be a new recipe I try (check out TSLL’s current apple tart recipe or this one and a delicious pear tart recipe as well). Either way, some time in the kitchen is something I look forward to as the temperatures begin to slowly fall and the home becomes a cozy, warm sanctuary.

Below are more than a few articles I think you might enjoy. Wishing you a lovely weekend and start to the new season. Until Monday, bonne journée.

~Wisdom from my go-to NYC stylist and good friend Tiffani Rogers, How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

~Living in southern France – yes! Discover the unexpected benefits of doing so here

~Want to live or even just visit Paris but you don’t speak French well? Don’t worry! Read this and you’ll be just fine.

~Since you’ll be traveling to France, read Rick Steve’s article about How to Shop in a French Market

~And since you’ll be traveling via airplane most likely, read this article in which flight attendants share 11 secrets to save money on your next flight. 

~Read this and take the words to heart. Being old doesn’t mean you have to grow old in your body and mind. The myths abound, but knowing you can defy the perpetuated fear is vitally important.

~Earlier this year, Conde Naste shared it would be publishing a Goop magazine. The first issue is now available, and you can order it here for $14.99. But be sure to read Man Repeller’s review of the first cover just to get a taste. 

—Maria Forleo’s latest video episode shares the secrets to success from who have achieved success actually practice – hint: it’s not working 25 hours a day everyday of the week.

~10 Things Not to Regret Doing 10 Years from now.

~Oh my, this Chocolate Mousse looks delectable, and it won’t be something to regret making and savoring.

~Last, but not least . . . a wonderful, uplifting with Linda Rodin about her beauty and everyday routines


6 thoughts on “This & That: September 22, 2017

  1. The Judy Dench movie looks great. First I’ve heard of it.
    The link about the benefits of living in the south of France is spot-on. I found it hard to adjust to village life at first after moving from NYC, but now I revel in it.

  2. I am a genuine admirer of Judi Dench…to be as vital and prolific contributor as she at 82 gives anyone who believes that “old age” — a.k.a. “death” — begins at 40 or so reason to pause and reconsider. I eagerly look forward to her latest movie.

    And the quote in the weekly newsletter? Spot on and high-five. ❤️

  3. Thank you, Shannon, for being one of those incredible voices that guide and encourage us in those
    ” beautiful fleeting moments of the everyday”. Happy Autumn!

  4. I just adore that Cuyana tote color! I wish they made the zippered version in that color! I’ve checked their web site every few months for a couple of years hoping that they would!

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