This & That: September 14, 2018

Sep 13, 2018

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Suzanne Kasler: Sophisticated Simplicity

Always looking for inspiration to marry simplicity and sophistication, interior designer Suzanne Kasler’s new decor book is full of inspiration that is certain to inspire. Having the good fortune to receive a copy, I can attest your predilection for adding something new and inspired to your home will be satiated. Below are two images that particularly caught my attention.

The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote by Elaine Weiss

Released this past March, when I read an excerpt from Elaine Weiss’ book, I took note as much of what she shares is not widely known regarding the controversies leading up to the successful ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women in the United States the right to vote. From learning that a large majority continued to vote strictly the way their husband’s did, as well as many who did not exercise this hard-won victory, and discovering as well the opposition that came from women themselves – “the ‘Antis’–women who oppose their own enfranchisement, fearing suffrage will bring about the moral collapse of the nation.”

Being adapted into a television series by producer Steven Speilberg, stay tuned to enjoy it on the screen as well, and be sure to listen to author Elaine Weiss talk about her book at the bookstore Politics and Prose (Washington D.C.) in the video below. I know I am certainly going to be picking up a copy to learn even more about why I need to appreciate (and most importnatly, exercise) my right to vote.

A Brit Treat

The Pebbles on the Beach by Clarence Ellis

First published in 1954, Clarence Ellis’ book encapsulates his passion for the many pebbles found on the beaches in Britain. Republished recently in the UK, it quickly leaped to the top 10 on the Times list of books. Being released in March here in the states, if you live in the UK, you can pick it up now.


Now & Again: Go-To Recipes, Inspired Menus + Endless Ideas for Reinventing Leftovers by Julie Turshen

Julia Turshen’s second cookbook was released last week (Small Victories was released in 2016) and even Real Simple is raving about what we will find. Full of “can’t-get-enough-of-it recipes, inspiring menus for social gatherings, holidays and more, helpful timelines for flawlessly throwing a party, oh-so-helpful “It’s Me Again” recipes, which show how to use leftovers in new and delicious ways, and tips on how to be smartly thrifty with food choices”, for me, I am always looking for new ideas to perk up the leftovers, and the other contents look quite wonderful as well.


Juliet, Naked

This is Annie’s story, as you will quickly see in the trailer below. Rose Bryne’s character, Annie, is stuck in a long-term, broken relationship with Chris O’Dowd’s character Duncan. Duncan is obsessed with Ethan Hawke’s character Tucker Crowe’s early rock band success, but Crowe is an unknown entity as his whereabouts haven’t been known for 25 years. Enter the conflict – “When the acoustic demo of Tucker’s hit record from 25 years ago surfaces, its release leads to a life-changing encounter with the elusive rocker himself. Based on the novel by Nick Hornby, Juliet, Naked is a comic account of life’s second chances.”

Love After Love

I think I know what film I will be watching this weekend. Available on Hulu, and also on Amazon, Andie McDowell stars in Love After Love with Chris O’Dowd (yep, he’s in both movies this week). With McDowell’s husband of many decades passing away, the film is a story of her life after her first love is gone. Have a look at the trailer below for more of a glimpse into the storyline.


Dolce & Gabbana Croc-Effect leather pumps

A simple fall blush pump to elongate the leg during these last few months of late summer and early fall (and also available at a wonderful discount).

Luxury Lunchpack

I first saw this lunch ‘box’ of sorts in The Wall Street Journal where it was included as a way to amplify the lunch at work experience. Available in a couple of different colors, the organization is neat and tidy, and ensures everything stays in its place. I especially like the ability to have your own place setting, so to speak, where you can truly have a meal no matter where lunch may be enjoyed.


—Forever series premiere

Starring Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph in a new American comedy series available on Amazon (free to Amazon Prime members), the show premieres today and is written by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard. Sure to be unique (Portlandia comes to mind), both Armisen and Rudolph were producers of the series focused on a couple “living a comfortable life together when they find themselves in completely unforeseen circumstances, raising questions about love, commitment, and their marriage.” Have a look at the trailer below.
~recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Pavlova~

Friday is here and with it some very fall-like weather. With a few long walks outside planned to enjoy with the boys, perhaps bopping into a local bakery to try their new Morning Glory muffin and in all honesty, resting up as the need to shut my eyes beckons, I am quite excited that the weekend is here.

Tomorrow the second episode of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen will air going live bright and early Saturday morning. Thank you for everyone here on the blog, on iTunes and YouTube who made the launch an amazing success last weekend. I was truly over the moon and humbled by your kindness. As it is the weekend when the episodes launch each week, I look forward to responding your comments and questions as quickly as I can. Speaking of cooking, after perusing through the recent edition of Victoria, there was a recipe I am dying to try, so stepping into the kitchen will most definitely be on my list of things to enjoy as well this weekend. And with that, let’s get this weekend started! Below are a few articles you might like to read, and until tomorrow morning, bonne journée!

~The psychology of planning for our future self versus our present self, and why it’s so hard to put your ‘Future Self’ first.

~Viola Davis sat down for an interview to answer questions from readers about the roles she takes and how she navigates the pressure of Hollywood. 

~The difference between being ready for a financial success and not making the most of it when it does arrive. 

~Tour Coco Chanel’s Suite at the Ritz Paris

~A simple sweet and savory salad with Pears and Parmesan

~How to Train Your Brain for LifeLong Learning (and Why It is Good For You)

6 thoughts on “This & That: September 14, 2018

  1. That pavlova looks amazing … it’s like whipped Nutella! I have celiac and I’ve gotten really good at modifying recipes over the years, but a dessert that’s already gluten free is super appealing to me. Even better, it’s only 3 weeks till my birthday … looks like I’ll be making my own birthday cake this year! As always Shannon, thank you for your thoughtful inspiration!

  2. Forever is now on my watch list. Need it to counter balance much-loved Ozark but not normal….hahaha. Thank as always. Be well

  3. Every week I save your blog post for a time when I can truly slow down and savour it. A time when I can slowly enjoy the wealth and depth of information and inspiration in its “pages.”
    I truly don’t know how you do it all, but I’m just writing to say thank you for all your hard work. It is my weekly petite plaisir 🙂
    Every week, I have suggestions for books, movies, TV episodes and more to squirrel away in my planner notes for another day and they do bring such pleasure to my life.
    On that note, I wanted to say I watched on netflix this week “Julia and Julie.” Inspired by your love of Julia Child, despite the fact that I’m not a biography reader, I thought Id give the movie a try and I was thrilled, delighted and moved by it. And I would never have chosen it in a million years, except for you.
    As an expat Scot, living in the States for 21 years I did not grow up watching Julia Child and had never seen her shows or “got” the fondness for her, but now I do. I followed along on your Instagram stories all summer and thoroughly enjoyed it, but i didnt “get” it.
    Anyway, thank you for all your hard work, it is much appreciated and enjoyed.
    Merci beaucoup!

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