This & That: October 5, 2018 & A Giveaway!

Oct 04, 2018

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Good and Mad: The Evolutionary Power of Women’s Anger by Rebecca Traister

In 2016, author Rebecca Traister wrote All the Single Ladies (a bestseller) which inspired this podcast episode of The Simple Sophisticate (episode #94). The book was included on The New York Times Notable Books of 2016 and the Best Books of 2016 selected by The Boston Globe, NPR and Chicago Public Library.  Her new book, which was released this past Tuesday and written in Traister’s trademark skilled ability to communicate with clarity, credibility and passion, “tracks the history of female anger as political fuel—from suffragettes marching on the White House to office workers vacating their buildings after Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court.”

I devoured All the Single Ladies and appreciated its depth of reasoning and ability to bring the truth of many women’s experiences to the forefront.  I look forward to extending my knowledge of the journey of American women’s history through the 21st century who simply want to be treated and seen as equals regardless of their sex or race when I pick up Good & Mad. Perhaps a new episode of the podcast will be forthcoming.

British Treat

Doctor Who premiere

Actress Jodie Whittaker stars as the new Doctor Who and the first female Doctor Who in the 11th series and as the 13th doctor to play the role of the beloved sci-fi series. Have a look at the trailer below, and tune in to BBC America this Sunday night for the premiere.


Let’s Stay In: More Than 120 Recipes to Nourish the People You Love by Ashley Rodriquez

In her second cookbook (her first – Date Night In received high praise), author Ashley Rodriquez shares breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts to be shared with family, friends, and neighbors that focus on “effortless hospitality, meaningful family meals, and an appreciation for the magic of meals shared with others.” 

The Pretty Dish: More Than 150 Everyday Recipes and 50 Beauty DIYs to Nourish Your Body Inside and Out by Jessica Merchant

If you’re looking for creative, fun new ideas when it comes to working with your food for not only your meals but your beauty regimen, Jessica Merchant’s new book is just what you might be looking for. 

Pull Up A Chair: Recipes from My Family to Yours by Tiffani Thiessen

Perhaps you tuned into Tiffani Thiessen’s cooking show on Food Network – Dinner at Tiffani’s – which aired for three seasons. And if you did, you saw her cooking for not only her family, but her friends from work and everyday life (many of which are both from recognizable television programs and films). With each meal she made, she offered delicious, playful, simple and delicious ideas. In her new cookbook, out this past Tuesday, discover ideas such as Stuffed French Toast or her husband, Brady’s Favorite Short Rib Enchiladas for family-friendly meals, Curried Deviled Eggs or Boozy Date Milkshakes for special-occasion treats.


A Star is Born

While the film’s storyline isn’t new (A Star Is Born has been produced three previous times, beginning in 1937), the actors who have stepped up to the main roles certainly bring with them memorable talents (albeit, it’s hard to top Barbra Streisand). Personally, I am drawn to the film to see Lady Gaga, and hear her incredible voice which is immediately recognizable even if you don’t recognize her without her trademark blonde hair. Have a look at the trailer below and look for it in a theater near you starting today.

Francophile Find

GIVEAWAY!—Living Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Timeless Secrets for Everyday Elegance, Gracious Entertaining, and Enduring Allure by Tish Jett

I am excited to share that one lucky TSLL reader will win a copy of Tish Jett’s new book Living Forever Chic. As I shared in this detailed post this past August during TSLL’s French Week, her new book which was just released this week, is full of beauty and lifestyle tips and secrets from her life these past few decades living in France. 

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post and enter by Sunday October 7th at 8pm Pacific Time. Bonne chance!

Maison: Parisian Chic at Home by Ines de la Fressange

Another Francophile gem I have had the opportunity to look through is Ines de la Fressange’s new book that steps into a new niche – decor. You may remember her previous books on Parisian Chic and Parisian Chic Look Book, and having covered quite extensively one’s style as inspired by Parisian life, now a new foray into decor. Fifteen Parisian homes in fact (Ines’s as well). Full of vivid photography showcasing ample inspiration and ideas from the use of natural elements (bamboo, wood, linen, etc.), to incorporating vintage finds and signature touches. Be sure to pick up this book if you are looking to add a touch of Parisian style to your sanctuary. For me, I am most enjoying it as I look ahead to the winter when I will be diving into a few projects here and there in my own cozy cottage.


Cuyana Silk Tee Dress (black too)

A simple silk dress, in a classic, timeless hue. Summer, early fall, late spring – yep, this dress would be to my liking for many years to come. 


The Good Cop, Netflix

I stumbled upon a worthwhile cozy mysteries series if you are looking for a caper storyline similar to the light-heartedness of Monk. Many may recognize Josh Groban as a record chart topping singer for his gift of a voice, but what I did not know was that he originally studied acting until his voice was heard by producers and he swiftly left Carnegie Mellon University to work on his first album. Having recently starred on Broadway, he now stars in Netflix’s new series alongside Tony Danza The Good Cop (Groban is the Good Cop, and Danza, plays his father, the not-so-good cop). I happened upon this series just over a week ago, and have since completed the entire series (10 episodes). It’s simple, not gruesome, and funny in its own way. Have a look at the trailer below to find out more.

Hello Weekend! I am imagining snuggling up in freshly laundered linen sheets to catch some much sought after deep sleep, a comfort, homecooked meal, time to read, time to relax and time to just be at home this weekend. It is forecasted to rain over the next few days, and I for one, do hope it will. I am ready with books, a well-stocked kitchen and time to unwind. What will you be up to this weekend?

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this coming Monday (Canada), I want to wish you a wonderful holiday gathering, and if you are simply and excitedly looking forward to the weekend and a shift of schedules, I hope you have a lovely time doing what you most enjoy. Thank you for stopping by this week, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway by this Sunday! Until tomorrow when the new episode of The SImply Luxuriosu Kitchen vodcast goes live, bonne journée!

~How to Use More of Your Brain to Become More Productive Happy [Lifehack]

~10 Powerful Lessons from The Alchemist [Paulo Coelho’s blog]

~Where Happiness is Found: The STories Too Many People Believe for Too Long [Marc and Angel]

~Just in case you didn’t know, and what to do now that you do – Facebook was Hacked: 3 Things You Should Do After the Breach [The New York Times]

~How to Spend Your Working Day Wisely and Actually Get Things Done [The Art of Improvement]

142 thoughts on “This & That: October 5, 2018 & A Giveaway!

  1. I love love love your work! It has truly made my life better! Thank you! Love your suggestions! ? hope I’m the lucky listener/reader!?

  2. This and That is always my favorite way to start Friday mornings and would love to win a copy of Tish Jett’s new book.

  3. I look forward to your Friday newsletter & This & That column every week. It’s the place to go to find out about good books, films & TV shows.

  4. Your Friday newsletter and This & That are my first perusals Friday mornings, much anticipated throughout the week, and such a lovely way to start the weekend! You always have such good stuff to delight in. This & That has definitely become one of my little joys, thank you!
    And thank you both, Tish Jett and Shannon, for the giveaway, my copy of Tish’s first book is positively dog-eared, I’ve re-read it so much.
    Hope you and the boys have a lovely weekend!

  5. Shannon, I look forward to Fridays when I can savor your very inspirational and informational blog. Thank you!

  6. Tish Jett’s first book was amazing, I go back to it all the time. Can imagine what this one will be great too.

  7. Love your blog and would love the book❤️Have a great weekend! We are celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend with family and two turkey dinners! Which means family, food and fun! And hopefully leftovers!! ?

  8. I have Tish’s first book ? and loved ❤ it. Looking forward ? to this new edition of Chic. Bonus if it were a gift! Thanks Shannon for all your posts but think I enjoy your Friday posts the most. Books ?, movies ?, fashion ? and food ? for body ??and soul ??.

  9. I always look forward to This and That on Fridays. I like the book, tv, and movie reviews. I jot down in my notebook events I would be interested in now and in the future. Loving Forever Chic is on my Amazon wish list so to win it would be wonderful.

  10. I love your weekly this and that, I have bought so many of the books you have recommended, my husband teases me that we’re going to go broke…

  11. I have Tish Jett’s first book and it is one of my favorites!!!!! Would love to win her new one!!!!! Look forward to your posts every week!!!

  12. Thank you for your newsletter! I find you very comforting and always inspiring…thank you. I just turned 60, feel like 30, and hope to live forever chic!

  13. Noted Tish’s book release on my calendar. I so enjoy her blog and look forward to the opportunity to win her newest book!

  14. Your blog is always so interesting. The movies, cooking, life at its best, clothes, what more could fill your blog? This is a fun giveaway….great sounding book. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  15. Anything by Tish Jett has to be amazing. This book, I’m sure, will be no exception. This should be a wonderful book to read and enjoy.

  16. I am dying to see a Star is Born, although I’ll always love the Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristoferson one!

  17. Life is sometimes so coincidental…I literally just finished reading Tish Jett’s first book yesterday! I came late to her as I just learned about her book and her blog this summer from your reference. I love that the book is focused on those over 40, as I am in the middle of this crazy fabulous decade! Thank you for the opportunity to read her second book, and for all the daily inspiration your blog brings to my life!

  18. Living Forever Chic- is there any other way? A lovely title and mindset to hold each word slowly in thought. I’d love to savor the book itself. Count me in!Laura

  19. Another wonderful post with plenty of suggestions!!!

    I would like to read ever book you recomended.. anyways I have the first Tish Jett’s book and I will be delighted to have the second one…

    Looking forward to your new too!!!

    Regards from Barcelona, SPAIN

  20. I always look forward to your recommendations! I am still enjoying the shower cap you recommended quite some time ago. It’s the small things that make the biggest impact. Thank you for sharing your discoveries with us.

  21. Like everyone else, I look forward to your recommendations. I did enjoy Tish’s first book, which I still go back and read on occasion.

  22. The book looks so good and loved the video of how you should spend your day. I am writing it out and putting it at my cube

  23. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway! I always enjoy reading your newsletter but the Friday This and That edition is my favorite.

  24. I love Tish Jeff’s new book and have been devouring it during my lunch hour. I really appreciate the “special gift” at the end of the book. There is SO much information packed into this book and I adore her friends, Anne-Francoise and Jeanne-Aelia.

  25. Thank you for all the love and hard work you put into your site! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall day!

  26. As so many others have said, I do enjoy reading about your recommendations. I have Tish’s first book, which was excellent and I’m sure this new one will be just as good.

  27. I love reading your daily emails and also read Tish regularly. I would love to receive a copy of her new book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  28. I’m looking forward to reading Tish Jett’s new book as I’m planning a trip to France this winter. I’ve already got a shopping list started!

  29. Oh wowww! I would like so much to win the books! I’m your spanish reader/listener that just began with the financial tracker tool!☺️
    Take care ma belle?

  30. Would love to win Tish Jett’s new book. Your This and That’s are always a great way to start the weekend.

  31. I do enjoy your Friday recommendations as has been mentioned by others. Tish’s first book was excellent and I expect this new book to be just as good.

  32. So happy I rediscovered your blog! And looking forward to the vodcast?? Congratulations on your forthcoming book. I’ve already pre-ordered.

  33. Great newsletter, Shannon. Always look forward to the weekly updates! Already previewed the book this am❤️

    Was getting ready to order, but will wait until the giveaway is over, hope hope❤️

    Have a great weekend and give the boys a big hug from Aunt Michelle ?

  34. Shannon,
    Just back from spending much of five Septembers in a row in Provence, I have been an avid reader of your blog since a visit to Bend last year. I find we have much in common. I am grateful for all of it!

  35. Thank you for another set of wonderful suggestions. I am especially excited for the new Dr Who. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway!

  36. Just back from London, Paris, and Edinburgh, after never having traveled overseas and I am CHANGED. Love all that you do; it helps me feel connected to the places that I love!

  37. Ever since reading your blogs I have been inspired to go to Paris. I’ve always dreament of going and now I’ve managed to find a way to go. I will be in Paris next year in January. I love your blogs and I hope I win the book giveaway.

  38. Fantastic Friday Felicitations ?

    Thank you for the opportunity to win Tish Jett’s latest book, Shannon , and also for the great This and That , newsletter and lovely links to follow.

    Have a wonderful weekend of rest and relaxation with the boys, a pot of tea, experimenting in the kitchen , some great jazz and a good book !

    With best wishes from the UK


  39. TSLL is my one stop shop for all things elegant. I glean so many wonder tips, tricks, and tips for living a more refined life, keep up the amazing work Shannon!

  40. Shannon, thank you for your daily posts, full of wonderful recommendations. I would love to receive Tish’s new book. And the chocolate meringue cake is now on my list to make at our upcoming canasta night.

  41. I remember you talking about Tish Jett on your podcast (❤️Love btw). How exciting her book is out! Interested ~~

  42. I too thoroughly enjoyed THE GOOD COP. Sorry it was only for one season. And that chocolate meringue cake looks wonderful. I would love to win TIsh Jett’s new book.

  43. Bonjour! Hope you & the puppies are well. I love This & That and eagerly look forward to it on Fridays as my petit plaisir as we head into the wknd. I would love to win this book please & thank you.

  44. Shannon, thank you for sharing the time management video! Living Forever Chic looks like the perfect cozy read. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  45. I absolutely love this section of your Friday newsletter. I use it as a treat to myself after I finish work.

    I have loved your book selections and your movie selections.

  46. I am very much looking forward to not only reading Tish’s new book, but yours as well! It is going to be a busy Francophile reading season this Fall for certain. Thank you, Shannon.

  47. Happy Friday Shannon! Please enter me as I need a book until the Simply Luxurious release Nov 13 😉 Rain and recipes at home sound cozy but I have a busy weekend ahead!

  48. As always thanks for the excellent recommendations. Would love a copy of Tish Jett’s new book for my library!

  49. Really enjoy your posts and would love to win the Jett book….going to Paris next month. First time for a Fall visit and cannot wait. Have read your many tips and restaurant listings – thank you. This would be the perfect book to read on the plane…thank you for the chance ~

  50. I have been anxiously awaiting the film A Star is Born! Thank you for the book giveaway, and have a wonderful weekend, Shannon!

  51. I always love reading your book and movie recommendations. I have added many things to my list/queue from your website.

  52. Look forward to your newsletter every week. Book and movie recs are my favourite. ASIB soundtrack is incredible by the way!

  53. I eagerly await ‘this and that’ on Fridays and it’s my Friday night treat. I used to feel I should be out doing something social, but now I embrace my true introverted self. I snuggle up on the sofa with my pooch, a cup of tea, and read your blog. My luxurious indulgence.

  54. Happy weekend !
    Really intrigued to see A Star is Born and although I’m not a Doctor fan, as a Brit who loves to see women in new roles I’m also tempted to watch the series !
    Living Forever Chic is on my book wish list so it would be a lovely treat !

  55. With much gratitude to you for many a fabulous post.
    The fact that we share our love for beautiful France certainly make it an awesome experience
    Both these books would be a treasure
    Bonne journée Shanon???

  56. Another lovely this and that. I always say that but each one seems to be more inspirational than the last
    It sets me up for the weekend. I have been meaning to get this book but haven’t yet so it will be treat to win this
    Merci beaucoup?

  57. Loved finding you on this cold and dreary morning! Enjoyed the this and that posts, I anxiously await the next. Thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

  58. Can’t wait to see A Star is Born….It just might become my favorite version. Also love the premise of “Let’s Stay In” and look forward to that book as well. Thank you Sharon for another great This and That!

  59. Ah the weekend! It’s always such a fabulous start with the arrival of your newsletter on Friday and TSL Kitchen on Saturday.

  60. Shannon, I look forward to your recommendations every week. I am especially looking forward to settling in this weekend to savor your vodcast. Love your cozy kitchen and cooking style, and I find your voice very relaxing. Enjoy the first weekend in October!

  61. Tish Jett’s books sounds absolutely divine. Really seams like the perfect book to read on cool Fall day, while sipping a warm cup of tea.

  62. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! I am so looking forward to reading this book! I can’t wait to see “A Star is Born” too. As usual, your picks are great. I look forward to Friday’s This &That every week. Have a great weekend.

  63. I look forward to reading your blog every week for so many reasons, one of which is your always excellent recommendations. And this week’s giveaway was such a pleasant surprise! Thank you for sharing your love of beauty and knowledge with the rest of the world – it’s so very much appreciated!

  64. Thoughtfully written, full of great recommendations, and lovely to read, as usual! Your blog brings me such peace. Thank you for your fun giveaways – I always look forward to seeing what you do next!

  65. Thanks for the great new additions to my [way too long] wish list. Sooo many good books out there — and more coming (hello Nov 13 🙂 I have Tish’s first book and was just reviewing some of her wardrobe suggestions as my clothes need a renewal. And Ines’ new one looks amazing – had a little ‘look inside’ on Amazon. Now off to make a cup of tea and have a look at episode 5 of your cooking show; love a good omelette. Wishing you and your boys a cozy Sunday!

  66. Thank you for another wonderful giveaway, Shannon. I really enjoy all of your posts and have come to structure my weeks around your theme of the day. I especially enjoy This and That as it has helped me make a master list of things to read, see and do. Thank you for providing such wonderful, unusual and worthwhile content! Your discernment and taste are impeccable!

  67. Shannon loving the new addition to the TSLL family the cooking videos, this is my Sunday morning treat with a freshly bred coffee a great way to start the day with some tasty inspiration.
    I would love to add this book to me own small collection os chic and elegant reading.Best wishes Sheila

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