This & That: October 30, 2020

Oct 30, 2020

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Step inside a Parisian tastemaker’s new decor book, a French body & bath companies Friends & Family sale not to miss, cozy fall and winter capsule wardrobe items, cookbooks, cookbooks, cookbooks, a book I am especially excited to begin reading in preparation for digging up courage for making life changes, and much more.


Stay for Breakfast: Recipes for Every Occasion by Simone Hawlisch

With the extra hour arriving Sunday morning here in the states, I just might stay in bed for breakfast and savor the uniquely long day. Simone Hawlisch’s cookbook was released a couple of years ago, but it still looks delicious. Sharing scrumptious recipes from around the globe, discover “inspiration for creating the perfect start to any day and a glimpse into what breakfast looks like on plates around the world. Shakshuka sizzles in a cast iron pan. Poached figs tempt with the fresh flavors of a Persian morning. Waffles in bed are as romantic as they are delicious – with a warm drizzle of maple syrup sweetening the moment. Whether for adults or for children, friends or lovers, in bed or on a picnic, explore the varied incarnations and tastes of breakfast.”

Stories from Suffragette City

Released this week, Stories from Sufragette City is “a collection of short stories that all take place on a single day: October 23, 1915. It’s the day when tens of thousands of women marched up Fifth Avenue, demanding the right to vote in New York City. [F]ollow a young woman who is swept up in the protests when all she expected was to come sell her apples in the city . . . see Alva Vanderbilt as her white-gloved sensibility is transformed over the course of the single fateful day and Ida B. Wells battles for racial justice in the women’s suffrage movement so that every woman’s voice can be heard.”

Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Success on Your Own Terms by Shellye Archambeau 

I am quite eager to read Shellye Archambeau’s new book Unapologetically Ambitious. Released earlier this month, Archambeau is one of Silicon Valley’s first female African American CEOs, and in her new book she offers a blueprint for how to achieve your personal and professional goals.

“Through her journey, Shellye discovered that ambition alone is not enough to achieve success. Here, she shares the practical strategies, tools, and approaches readers can employ right now, including concrete steps to most effectively:

  • Dismantle impostor syndrome
  • Capitalize on the power of planning
  • Take risks
  • Developing financial literacy
  • Build your network
  • Establish your reputation
  • Take charge of your career
  • Integrate work, marriage, parenthood, and self-care

Certainly a book to read, explore, ponder and apply in our own unique way to the life we want to strive forward towards and one day call our own.

British Finds

Delicious, tv series (AcornTV)

While the series debuted in 2017, this November, it is new to Amazon Prime via AcornTV. This dramedy is set in Cornwall and involves food, infidelity, love and well, Britain. With three seasons, it may just be the escape you are looking for. Check out the trailer below.


Milk Street: Cookish: Throw It Together. Big Flavors. Simple Techniques. 200 Ways to Reinvent Dinner by Christopher Kimball

Milk Street is releasing yet another cookbook, and this one is all about simplifying dinner and changing up the everyday go-to dinner meals. With most recipe requiring six or fewer ingredients, discover how to make Pasta with Shrimp and Browned Butter, West African Peanut Chicken, Red Lentil Soup, Scallion Noodles, Open-Faced Omelet with Fried Dill and Feta, Greek Bean and Avocado Salad, and Spiced Strawberry Compote with Greek Yogurt or Ice Cream.

Wild Kitchen: Nature Loving Chefs at Home by Claire Bingham

With a desire to live in harmony with nature, Wild Kitchen (released earlier this month) is the cookbook that will reveal inspiring ways those who are passionate abour their food are embracing the ‘wild’ at home in their everyday cooking and dining. From a chef who experiments with herbs in a city apartment to a blogger who forages with her family in a local forest, each personality’s featured kitchen story offers a behind-the-scenes view of their unique cooking philosophy along with their insider tips for creating a unique kitchen space . . . Offering advice on essential utensils, entertaining, and bringing the outside in, the book also features a directory of websites and restaurants for those interested in finding out more.”


Aperture Floor Mirror, Anthropologie

In need of a floor-length mirror with gold/brass trim? I am. I currently have a modern silver wardrobe mirror that I need to consign, and this Aperture mirror from Anthropologie caught my eye. A touch of traditional, a touch of simplicity, and an item I am keeping my eye on until it goes on sale later this year (*fingers crossed*).

Made For Living: Collected Interior for All Sorts of Styles by Amber Lewis & Cat Chen

Full of more than 250 photos, interior designer Amber Lewis shares “her eclectic approach that stems from her California cool, offering friendly advice on everything from nailing that perfect shade of paint to mismatching patterns with wild abandon to choosing a stone finish for new countertops.  These pages will help you design a home that’s made to be lived in.”

Francophile Find

Be My Guest: At Home with the Tastemakers by Pierre Sauvage

Pierre Sauvage, owner and creative director of the Parisian design firm Casa Lopez, invites the reader to visit some of the world’s most talented hosts, who hail from the beauty, fashion, interior design, and art worlds–tastemakers such as Martina Mondadori, Aerin Lauder, Carolina Irving, Jacques Garcia, Linda Pinto, Christian Louboutin, Chahan Minassian, Patrick Perrin, Terry de Gunzburg, Jamie Creel, and Robert Couturier. 

Released last month, discover “signature details from their chic and stylish interiors revealing gorgeous art-filled dining rooms, sumptuous floral arrangements, unique furniture, fine tableware, festive tablescapes, and playful garden picnics. With flair and sophistication, exquisite table settings provide the backdrop for favorite recipes selected by each host, including arugula and crab salad, chicken with morel mushrooms, lemon tiramisu, and peach sorbet.” 

L’Occitane Friends & Family Sale

L’Occitane’s lavender handcream is next to my bed as is their Shea Butter foot cream, and now you can enjoy 20% off everything with promo code FRIEND. Don’t miss this rare opportunity and stock up on your favorites.


G. Label Madi Chunky-Knit Puff Sleeve Turtleneck

Sweater season is fully here, and chunky and cozy are my go-tos with Bend’s chilly weather. This sweater would be wonderful with high-waisted jeans or skirts, providing a bit of statement with its puff sleeves without being too much.

Sézane César Trousers

Add a fall jewel tone to your wardrobe with Sézane’s César’s trousers. Paired with a neutral sweater or blouse, and in no time you will look effortlessly chic.

Theory Clairene Jacket in Double-Face Cashmere (more colors)

Cashmere winter coats – long and trench styles – have been ubiquitous each and every season (and for good reason), but what about a short cashmere jacket? I love this new design at Theory and could see it being used for casual as well as with more dressed up ensembles.

Zara Home Striped Linen Tablecloth

Tablecloths. A must-have for immediately setting a table and creating an occasion. I love bringing into my home new ones from time to time, and linen is never a bad idea (and at this price, it is especially a good piece to welcome into your linen closet).

The basil may be missing from the above photo as it was “swept” away with the first frost of the season, but with a dash of balsamic vinegar, Ken’s Artisan Bakery baguette, fresh mozzarella and the final tomatoes from the garden, this was a savored snack earlier this week.

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In many ways October has been long as well as swift, and with the weight of the US elections just days away and stiffening restrictions for Europe taking place again, I think all of us are feeling an array of disquieting emotions at the moment. However, let’s step away for a few minutes or more and explore points of focus more in our control, shall we? From love to decor to flowers and chasing our dreams, below you will find a handful of articles I think you might enjoy as you step into the weekend and the final days of October. Here in the states, we fall back on hour Saturday night, while England and France did so last weekend. I’d say that means time to snuggle in and take a deep breath to find our center of calm as best we can. Thank you for stopping by today, and until tomorrow, bonne journée.

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~Cecilia Chiang brought to America authentic Chinese food, and at the age of 100, the food world and the world is mourning her death this week. Get to know her in the video below. As well, get to know her through the eyes of her granddaughter in a post written for Vice in 2018 – a lovely read on the Six Lessons on Becoming a Cooking Legend. [CBS Sunday Morning]

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12 thoughts on “This & That: October 30, 2020

  1. Shannon-
    As always a wonderful round up and curated collection of articles and musings. I throughly enjoyed each one as I ease into my Friday morning routine. I especially loved the gentle reminder to focus our attention on the beautiful things surrounding us and under our control. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wonderful newsletter Shannon – thank you. I was very lucky to meet Cecilia and share a meal with her, she was the epitome of grace and charm. She could light up a room.

  3. As the world of overcast sunlight and blustery weather approaches, I look forward to reading some new and different books. The breakfast cookbook, oh my. Unapologetically Ambitious, that really stirs my curiosity. In any stage of life, learning and stretching our boundaries permits us to live our lives to the fullest. The state of the world and our country demands that we look beyond the strife and seek diversion and goals. that one, is on my list. Great This and That!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing what captured your attention. 🙂 Yes, I have since writing today’s post, purchased Unapologetically Ambitious, and look forward to reading it soon. It sounds and looks to be a wonderful and inspiring read to add courage and direction to our strides forward. Wishing you a cozy fall and winter of reading. 🙂

  4. I absolutely loved Delicious when it was shown here so can highly recommend it as a great quirky British series. Dawn French is a comedy legend in the UK. Not sure if you’ve ever heard / seen The Vicar of Dibley where she made her name or as part of French & Saunders comedy duo..
    Miss Scarlet & The Duke is on my list to watch now, it looks like great fun and the breakfast book is in the wish list!
    Thanks for great recommendations as always

    1. Sarah, thank you for sharing more information about the lead actress and your thoughts on Delicious. It certainly caught my attention, and now I am ever more curious to watch and confident I will enjoy. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend. 💛

  5. So wonderful to see Shelly Archambeau’s book in your list. It is the fire my goals needed, and I’m sure a few others will appreciate it for that as well.
    I am already adding Stay for Breakfast to my Amazon list!

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