This & That: October 25, 2019

Oct 25, 2019

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Kindness and Wonder: Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More Than Ever by Gavin Edwards

A book which pays tribute to the man with a gentle spirit and kind disposition to and for all, Fred Rogers is the subject of Gavin Edwards’ new book which takes readers behind the scenes of the show and looks at its history, its invaluable life lessons and shares interviews with with people who’s lives were positively influenced. Released this coming Tuesday, look as well for the new feature film starring Tom Hanks which also pays tribute to Fred Rogers, It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, being released on November 22nd.

The Optimist’s Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age by Bina Venkataraman

Letting go of instant gratificiation and the need for immediacy, former journalist and advisor to the Obama administration Bina Vendkataraman “draws from stories she has reported around the world and new research in biology, psychology, and economics to explain how we can make decisions that benefit us over time. With examples from ancient Pompeii to modern-day Fukushima, she dispels the myth that human nature is impossibly reckless and highlights the surprising practices each of us can adopt in our own livesand the ones we must fight for as a society”.

British Find

The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and The Wardrobe by Angela Kelly

Being released next Tuesdasy, Angela Kelly who has worked with Queen Elizabeth II for 25 years initially as Her Majesty’s Senior Dresser and then latterly as Her Majesty’s Personal Advisor, Curator, Wardrobe and In-house Designer, shares the uniquely close working relationship she has had with the Queen. With the permissin of The Queen to share her stories and photographs, see Queen Elizabeth as you may have never seen her before.


Rachael Ray 50: Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life: A Cookbook

A recent interview with Rachael Ray on Christopher Kimball’s podcast brought my attention to her new book, a cookbook, but also a celebration and memoir as she turns 50. I appreciate immensely Ray’s work ethic and down-to-earth approach to cooking as well as her affection for her pups. Be sure to pick up if you too are wanting to get to know the bubbly, yet hard-working woman behind what began with the 30-Minute Meal show on Food Network with twenty-five thoughtful essays and 125 delicious recipes.


Belly Ceramic White Vase, Jonathan Adler’s Friends & Family Sale

Interior decorator Jonathan Adler is currently having a Friends & Family Sale, reducing prices 20-25%, site wide. From furniture to home accessories, his vases are unique, a touch-modern and quite playful, but there are so many other items to take a look at as well.

Francophile Find

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, Louvre

Having just opened yesterday in Paris, a limited exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci has just opened (be sure to purchase a specical ticket, but do so soon, as they will run out) marking the 500th anniversary of his death. Running through February 24, 2020, if you will be in the City of Light during the next few months, this is an exhibit to see as it is not scheduled to be be opened anywhere else once it closes in Paris.

Poilâne: The Secrets of the World Famous Bread Bakery by Apollonia Poilâne

The granddaughter of the famed sourdough rounds which her grandfather and father made famous, Apollonia Poilâine has written a book sharing the story of how she “took over the global business at age eighteen and steered it into the future as a Harvard University freshman after her parents were killed in a helicopter crash”. As well, discover recipes for their pastries, tarts, buttery cookies and of course, their bread. Alice Waters also contributes the foreword. Needless to say, I want to pick it up to finally discover thir tarte aux pommes recipe as it is my favorite on their menu each time I stop in. Be sure to view their website online and look for the book to be released next Tuesday, the perfect gift for the Francophile on your gift list this holiday season, non?


Floret Flower’s 2019 Free Mini Course on Cut Flower Garden

I recently learned of a free four-part video course that Floret’s Flowers is offering, and signed up immediately. A few weeks ago, I shared Floret’s Flowers as a Petit Plaisir on the podcast as her annual bulb sale was taking place (her bulbs are unique, gorgeous and worth the mad-run to purchase what you want as the items sell out in minutes online), and while she teaches online and in-person classes in Washington state at a steep price, when she offers free tutorials, they are worth checking out. This particular course is for the home-gardener and will teach the following:

  • How to grow specialty tulips in small spaces, plus how to harvest and store them for the longest vase life
  • How to grow ranunculus and anemones for early spring blooms no matter where you live
  • How to dig and store dahlias for an abundance of blooms year after year
  • How to divide dahlias so you can multiply your stock each season

In Bloom: Growing, Harvesting and Arranging Homegrown Flowers All Year Round by Clare Nolan

And once you have your flower garden growing strong year after year, this book, which was released this past spring, will provide the tips and tricks as well as vivid photography to help you bring the natural beauty into your home and enjoy year-round.


Copper and Brass Louise Bowls

Simple, yet statement bowls of a variety sizes, Food52’s copper and brass bowls are unique and stunning. Use as serving dishes or decorative touches about the home.


Barefoot Contessa, Season Premiere

Kicking off this Sunday on Food Network, Ina Garten returns with new episodes for a new season of her Cook Like a Pro series. Tune in at noon eastern time to discover simple recipes that are full of delicious flavor for the upcoming holiday season.

Catherine The Great, HBO

Helen Mirren stars in HBO’s new four-part drama series that began just this past Tuesday. Have a look at the trailer below, and see Ms. Mirren in all her royal glory yet again, only this time, a different country and diffeent century.

The Kominsky Method, Season 2 Premiere

The award-winning comedy series The Kominsky Method returns to Netflix today, and having thoroughly enjoyed the first season, I am looking forward to its return. Starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, this season the show welcomes well-known names such as Jane Seymour, Paul Reiser, Ann-Margret, Haley Joel Osment and Danny DeVito. Have a look at the Season 2 trailer below.

~recipe for Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake~

A long weekend has arrived, and I am ready to relax and enjoy. A beautiful, crisp, yet clear and calm autumn weekend looks to be the forecast, which is perfect for a trip to see my parents in Wallowa County. The boys and I will looking forward to spending time toodling about the countryside, and sharing a few pics here and there via Instagram during our visit. So be sure to follow along.

Autumn is certainly a favorite season of mine, and such weekends are exactly why. The scarves are packed, but the temperatures are not too cool. When the sun shines, the warmth is felt and the layers are not so heavy that you cannot move freely when you walk about. Wherever this weekend finds you, I hope you have a wonderful few days. Below I have rounded up many articles and two videos I think you might enjoy. Thank you for stopping by and until tomorrow, bonne journée!

~A mini French language lesson to help you sound like a native -[Talk in French]

~I shared and cannot recommend more highly Nina Freudenberger’s new decor book last week – Bibliostyle. And this article in Architectural Digest shares a glimpse of why – 5 Tips for Decorating with Books

~A fun profile read of Bon Appétit’s Youtube food star sensation [Man Repeller]

~Paris and the largest Urban Root Top Garden will soon be one! [Architectural Digest]

~The BBC explores Why the French Are So Chic

~Each point is spot on – 4 Skills of Highly Successful People that Nobody Talks About [Pick the Brain]

~This was a fun read, especially the comments – What’s Your ‘Sliding Doors’ Moment? [Cup of Jo]

~For all of the fellow travelers who want to bring what they love back home – “How Traveling to New Cities Taught Me How to be a Tourist In My Own” [The Washington Post]

~Written by a British writer I enjoy following on IG, Jo Rogers shares Where to Stay and Eat in London’s Renewed King’s Cross Neighborhood [Vogue]

~Speaking of traveling, this country is trying to do what it can to improve tourist behavior [The Washington Post]

~If you have some time, read this article by The Atlantic on How Dual-Income Couples Find Balance in Work and Love

~Mindy Kaling shares her thoughts on being a role model [Elle]

~Mastering our minds is a crucial skill, but one that takes time. Pick the Brain shares 7 Ways to Positively Deal with Negative Thoughts

~Season 3 of The Crown is finally about to premiere. Mark the date – November 17th! Have a look at the trailer below.

~When it comes to fame and social media’s accessibility for nearly everyone to put them out in front of the public eye, this article was a refreshing read, “Success Comes From Within. More Americans Are Realizing That.” [The Washington Post]

~20 Signs You Are Emotionally Mature, and reminders of the worries to let go of that may have stood in our way in the past as we cultivate our life of contentment. I have a feeling #15 will find you nodding your head as I did as it is quite on the nose with the simply luxurious life premise.

12 thoughts on “This & That: October 25, 2019

  1. My husband and I are seriously considering going to the da Vinci exhibit in early February – thanks for the reminder to buy tickets early.

    1. What an awesome experience and memory I am condiment it will be,
      . The Louvre is expected to be even more crowded than normal, but at least with tickets, you are guaranteed viewing of exactly what you want to see. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Shannon-
    I couldn’t even make it to the end of the post, I had to register for Floret Flower’s mini course. I would have never known. Very excited. I did eventually make it to the end of your post & it is (as usual) very inspiring. Thank you

  3. Shannon,
    I love your blog because you share so many great ideas on books, fashion and design and appreciate your information on new movies and TV shows (especially that Ina Garten’s series is starting again on Sunday). I love the Floret blog and have also signed up for the mini course.
    Your new home looks great (especially love the wall color with the white trim) and your pups are adorable.
    Many thanks

  4. As usual, such a varied and exciting range of “this and thats”
    I love this section of your blog and add to my lists of things to see/watch/read/learn every week.
    Thank you for all your hard work, Shannon. It is truly appreciated.

  5. Thank you for posting the article on the Czech ban on Selfies in specific locations. I felt very uncomfortable following a group of 3 American tourists through the Parisian Catacombes last weekend while they posed, modeled, strutted, giggled and catwalked (while filming) through what is essentially a graveyard. It is wonderful to have so much access to so much of the world but I think respect is important from all of us who are visiting someone else’s country.

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