This & That: October 20, 2017

Oct 20, 2017

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Finding Meaning in an Imperfect World by Iddo Landou

I was reading my daily Wall Street Journal and came across a review of Iddo Landou’s new book Finding Meaning in an Imperfect World. I am curious to read it as much of what he is asserting has to do with letting go of perfectionism as it destroys our ability to enjoy the everyday. Sounds simple, but, especially in America, we tend to be unconsciously driven to thrive and attain success monetarily and especially in the eyes of others. In actuality, he points out, knowing how to appreciate the small and daily events is the key to finding meaning and more deeply enjoying our lives.

The Fulitarians: Our Year of Thinking, Grieving and Reading by Anne Gielson

Centering around a group of friends in New Orleans who form the Existential Crisis Reading Group, nicknamed by the members of the group, The Fulitarians, the book is a memoir depicting the gatherings, the life struggles and the literature enjoyed along the way.

Girl Up: Kick Ass, Claim Your Woman Card and Crush Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates

Released this past July in the states, and already an international best-seller, Laura Bates offers young woman (and why not all women) direct and no nonsense advice on navigating social media, understanding sexism and mental health. Sharing the pressures from society that are singular and oppressive – be beautiful and thin, Bates shatters and liberates the reality of what is possible for all individuals.


The Art of Flavor: Practices and Principles for Creating Delicious Food by Daniel Patterson and Mandy Aftel

I first learned of Daniel Patterson and Mandy Aftel’s cookbook as Patterson came to a favorite restaurant in Portland recently, Coquine, partnering with the restaurant for a special event to showcase the new cookbook. Revealing the four rules for creating flavor, as well as the seven dials that will enable you to fine-tune a dish, if you are looking to understand how the flavor you seek in your cooking is crafted, pick up this new resource.

Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts by Stella Parks

In a recent episode of The Splendid Table, the new host of The Splendid Table Francis Lam interviewed James Beard nominated food writer and award winning pastry chef Stella Parks as her new cookbook was just released this past August. In Bravetart you will not only receive delectable recipes for classic American desserts, but the stories behind each of them, how they truly began and why Red Velvet Cake didn’t remain as it was originally described, a red, brownish cake.


Acne Canada Narrow wool scarf (other colors available)

The scarves of wool and warmth are beginning to be needed, and Acne’s stunning crisp blue wool scarf is available at a reasonable price for an item that will no doubt be used for many years to come.

Sézane Barry Jumper (many colors available)

Yesterday, the weekly Outfit fo the Week was inspired by many other items available at the French label Sézane, but I couldn’t help but share this jumper which is available in ecru, gray, red, black and many more colors. Made of 35% superkid mohair and 35% baby alpaga in Italy, scoop up this cozy sweater, cardigan option.


Berlin Station on Epix

If you have Hulu, perhaps you already know about Berlin Station. Kicking off their second season, the drama is centered around a CIA agent Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) who is based at their foreign station in Berlin, Germany. With a challenging mission: to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now-famous whistleblower named Thomas Shaw, the talent is deep (Ashley Judd – just added to season 2, Rhys Ifans, Richard Jenkins, Michelle Forbes and Leland Orser) as the the first episode of the new season kicked off this past Sunday (and the late David Bowie composed the theme music). Check out the trailer below:

~recipe for Chocolate Brioche~

A beautiful week was enjoyed and much seemed to provoke an appreciative breath of tranquility and contentment. From wrapping up a project I have been working on for a few months and bringing it to you, TSLL readers, catching up with grading at school, kicking the lingering cold in the tush once and for all and putting the yard to bed for the winter, such steps of progress, small, yet significant, make Friday’s arrival all the sweeter.

How was your week? I do hope it as well was one that brought productivity, deep breaths of appreciation and now the abillity to savor and do as you need and please.

Before I forget, I want to send out a tremendous thank you to Apartment Therapy for including The Simple Sophisticate podcast on their list of podcasts to listen to when it comes to taking care of our homes (see the entire list here), as well as a thank you to TSLL reader Suzi for bringing it to my attention. This week on the podcast, exciting news was announced about an upcoming guest, so be sure to check it out, (read or tune in) to episode #179.

And now to the weekend. Below, more than a few articles you may want to read and enjoy. Until Monday, bonne journée.

~Fashion Month may be over, but The New York Times Style section has rounded up their favorite street style looks from the four fashion destinations. 

~David Leibovitz shares six ways to Entertain Like a Parisian (psst . . . did you hear about David’s upcoming visit on The Simple Sophisticate? Yep, learn more here.) And check out his Parisian kitchen which is a crucial part of his apartment which is the subject of his new book.

~Since we’re talking about Paris . . .  the Best Places to Walk in the City of Light

~Looking for love and are HSP? Check out this article.

~I am looking forward to listening to this episode of Pardon My French on my walk this weekend

~Mayim Bialik’s opinion piece inspired by the Weinstein scandal and being a femininist is a worthwhile and thoughtful read.

~Never leave home without your camera (or your phone) and discvoer 5 Ways Photography Can Change Your Outlook on Life

6 thoughts on “This & That: October 20, 2017

  1. I bought the Sezane Barry Jumper as an addition to my travel clothing as it can be worn with the buttons in the front or the back. It arrived in half the time they had anticipated, and has been a work horse for the past month. Open or buttoned, it has been out and about thru out Europe this past month. I bought the nude which is rather pink, but a nice feminine color. Light weight, warm, soft, with a bralette or cami under, it’s great!!! Good recommendation Shannon.

    1. Lise, is it itchy at all? I’ve had such trouble with mohair and alpaca in the past. This looks gorgeous and so comfy but I’m afraid I’d break out in a rash if I wore it.

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