This & That: October 16, 2020

Oct 16, 2020

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Books about local food, gardening, James Beard, voting and British decor just to share a glimpse. A classic tote, Tan France’s new collaboration, Inslee’s new collaboration, a cooking course to eat well and savor every bite throughout the seasons and much, much more.


The Curious Gardener by Anna Pavord

Written ten years ago, I began reading Anna Pavord’s year of seasonal columns (72 entries to be exact) on gardening this past September and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Sharing tips and expertise on an vast array of gardening quandaries and interests, readers and gardeners will discover “what to do in each month and how to get the best from flowers, plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables, reflections on the weather, soil, the English landscape and favourite old gardening clothes, to office greenery, spring in New York, waterfalls, and garden design.” Wonderful evening reading, especially as autumn is upon us.

The Escape Manual for Introverts, illustrated by Katie Vaz

For my fellow introverts, this one is for you and anyone you know in your life who identifies as being an introvert – playful and sincere – lovingly illustrated, Katie Vaz’s book was released last year sharing “a range of situations, from an invitation to karaoke night to group lunchtime . . . [Vaz] offers a number of escapes for each scenario: bringing odoriferous foods to lunch for a while, having a pet (real or imagined) that ‘requires’ frequent check-ins, and even investing in a jet pack.” Have a look at one such illustration below, one I can absolutely relate to, and I have a feeling many of TSLL readers can as well. 😉

Money: The True Story of a Made Up Thing by Jacob Goldstein

This past summer I listened to an interview with Jacob Goldstein on Fresh Air, and found the focus of his new book piqued my curiosity. The co-host of the popular NPR podcast Planet Money, Goldstein “shows how money is a useful fiction that has shaped societies for thousands of years, from the rise of coins in ancient Greece to the first stock market in Amsterdam to the emergence of shadow banking in the 21st century.” Those who love history and anyone who enjoys a good conversation starter will be interested in the true story of a made up thing as at the heart of many of the individuals he profiles in the book was a realization that “what counts as money (and what doesn’t) is the result of choices we make, and those choices have a profound effect on who gets more stuff and who gets less, who gets to take risks when times are good, and who gets screwed when things go bad.” Hmmmm.

Thank You For Voting: The Maddening, Enlightening, Inspiring Truth About Voting in America by Erin Geiger Smith

The Presidential election here in the states is fewer than three weeks away (Tuesday November 3rd), and a great way to be reminded of the power of your voice exemplified through your vote is to read Erin Geiger Smith’s book Thank You For Voting. The title says it all.

British Find

British Designers At Home by Jenny Rose-Innes

I stumbled upon Australian interior designer Jenny Rose-Innes new book serendipitously last week, and am tickled I did so as I welcomed it into my home (see my IG pic two pictures below) and found lovely inspiration both from the interior photograghs she shares as well as the conversations each British designer shares in their profile piece.

Released this week, take a look inside the homes of Alidad; Edward Bulmer; Emma Burns; Nina Campbell; Jane Churchill; Octavia Dickinson; Mike Fisher; Veere Grenney; Beata Heuman; Gavin Houghton; Roger Jones; Kit Kemp; Robert Kime; Rita Konig; Penny Morrison; Paolo Moschino; Wendy Nicholls; Guy Oliver; Colin Orchard; Carlos Sânchez-García; Daniel Slowik; Justin van Breda; Sarah Vanrenen and Philip Vergeylen and be inspired to create your own cozy British aesthetic – I certainly have been. 🙂


Local Dirt: Seasonal Recipes for Eating Close to Home by Andrea Bemis

Andrea Bemis’ first cookbook Dishing Up the Dirt successfully raced up the bestselling charts when it was released in 2017, and now she has a new cookbook being released this week – Local Dirt. A farm-to-table cookbook, located in the Pacific Northwest, Andrea and her husband run an organic vegetable farm and the produce they grow—”from kale and kohlrabi to beets and butternut squash—is at the heart of the meals they serve and eat at their dinner table. They supplement their harvest with food produced by their neighbors, including the ranchers who supply their meat, and the orchardists who provide their fruit.”

Discover “80 recipes that re-creating a not-so-distant world when the ingredients cooked and eaten were produced within local communities. Organized by season, the delicious and creative dishes in this truly sustainable cookbook includes Fennel Gratin, Kohlrabi Yogurt Salad with Smoked Salmon, Winter Squash Toast with Honey & Hazelnuts, and Zucchini Swiss Chard & Chickpea Stew. Best of all, the recipes can be adapted to utilize any local fare.” The strawberries and thyme shortcake dessert below certainly whet my appetite.  

The Man Who Ate Too Much: The Life of James Beard by John Birdsall

The American chef who’s part of the nickname JJ paired with Julia Child (they were long-time friends and he would frequently visit Julia and Paul in Provence) was a complex individual, but certainaly a towering figure literally and figuratively that heavily influenced the American culinary world. After all, the Oscars of the cooking world here in the states is named in his honor – the James Beard awards.

Another Pacific Northwesterner in our This & That today, Beard was born in Portland, Oregon, and as The New Yorker shared in a review of the book this week,his real genius wasn’t in his recipes but in his packaging.” A new biography of Beard was released on October 6th and reviews are strong as The New Yorker described – it is honest, real and worth reading.


Entertaining Beautifully by Erin Lauder

When Erin Lauder’s new entertaining book arrived at my home back in early September, I immediately poured myself a pot of tea and slipped out to my sunshine garden to enjoy in the afternoon sunshine. Lauder takes readers through a variety of entertaining scenarios and opens her homes and how she decorates for such occasions as well as offering advice for the host/hostess as they prepare.

The photography exquisitely captures luxury, but no matter what your budget, inspiration is easily found.

Tan France + Etsy

Tan France of Queer Eye fame has hand-selected small businesses on Etsy and products he recommends in his latest collaboration with Etsy. From candles to trays, leather goods and more, I have picked a few items below, but be sure to check the entire collection out for yourself.

Francophile Find

Rabbit Hill French Lifestyle Pop-Up Shop, Saturday October 17th

Set your clocks and begin shopping Cat’s Rabbit Hill Lifestyle Pop-Up Shop tomorrow! Find copper and kitchen goods as well as some clothing items. I always peruse to see what copper I might want to welcome home, and the silverware and vases and and and. 🙂 So good and worth checking out.

Online Class

Amelia Freer’s The Joy of Healthy Eating Class, Create Academy

As many of you know, I took Create Academy’s first offered course, Rita Konig’s Design class. I LOVED it and highly recommend making the investment. Their latest course will launch later this month, and if you sign up now, you can purchase at a reduced price. Cookbook author and nutritionist Amelia Freer will be sharing how to cook well in your everydays with her new course complete with 30+ videos and lecture notes to save and print. Have a look at the video below to discover what the course is all about. And learn more about her cookbooks here.


DVF’s Damaris Midi-Wrap Dress

When I saw DVF’s leopard wrap dress, I had to discipline myself to wait, as I love it. Leopard works every single fall and winter season. Period. And midi is a wonderful length for a variety of occasions. Saving, saving, saving.

—Inslee’s Holiday Items at Anthropologie

Twelve Days of Christmas Menagerie Candles

Did you know that Inslee (the talented artist behind all of TSLL’s art) recently partnered up with Anthropologie to sell holiday goods with her exclusive illustrations?

Evidentially, they were all available last weekend, just after I posted the This & That, so I am a little late, BUT I hope they restock as I purchased the dishtowel she illustrated with the Twelve Days of Christmas for only $22, and it is ADORABLE (I’ll try to share a picture on my IG feed later this weekend). Norman even appears as one of the dancing ladies – okay, a Cavalier King Charles appears along with other dogs, but I am going to say it’s Norman ;P. Currently what is available is what you see below – the Twelve Days of Christmas Menagerie of candles – it will be available on November 14th, but you can order now.

Mark & Graham Vegan Leather Tote (more colors)

If you are looking for a non-leather, but-still-looks-leather tote, Mark & Graham’s classic (available in brown as well as black) is currently on sale.

TopShop Oregon Car Coat

I could not help but include Topshop’s new coat in today’s This & That. It’s name after Oregon after all, still not sure why (if anyone knows, please do share). Quite frankly, upon looking at more of Topshop’s coats, I am smitten (this coat especially caught my eye), and their prices make the coats all the nicer as well. I have shopped more coats below.

The middle of October, and the mornings are indeed chilly, but wow, the days have been brilliant as of yesterday at least. Last weekend the rain fell, and sweet yumminess was felt.

Norman and I have been snuggling into our new favorite spot in the living room as unexpectedly early, a long awaited shipment from Britain arrived last Friday (more about this journey of patience in next month’s A Cuppa Moments). Needless to say, it was perfect timing for the autumn season and the Bend winter that will follow shortly behind.

As well, TSLL readers have been sharing their own Petit Plaisir moments as @saredaum did earlier this week on IG. Upon seeing it, I took a breath of ease.

This week at Le Papillon involved playing in the dirt as my fall delivery of compost arrived, and oh my goodness did I savor the couple of hours I spent shoveling. It truly was a memory I will savor and an event I will look forward to each year (the neighbor kids even came out and helped me for a bit – and played in it as well along with Norman :)). A lovely glass of bordeaux wine was paired with dinner that evening, and a new British decor book as seen in the photo above was thoroughly enjoyed which prompted me to melt in exhaustion and with a smile on my face.

The weekend ahead involves some pampering, some work, some rest which makes for a lovely recipe for two days in my book. I hope you had a nice week and are looking ahead to something you enjoy. Below I have gathered up a handful of articles and three videos. Thank you very much for stopping by, and until tomorrow when a new episode of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen is shared, bonne journée.

—A fun read about how The Great British Baking Show is offering reading some extra normal and sweet [The New York Times]

Covid-19 is already beginning to cause a shift in working habits which may remain [The Economist]

Zero Waste Fashion, the French Way [HiP Paris]

An in-depth interview, Notes on Decorating, with interior designer Markham Roberts as his new book is released this month. [Quintessence]

Notes on Decorating by Markham Roberts

Where to Plant Spring Bulbs + a Spring Garden Tour [The Middle-Sized Garden]

12 things that will motivate you to always do a good job [Life Hack]

The Ultimate TV Guide, if you’re looking for something great [Cup of Jo]

~Oh my, oh my, oh my. The official teaser of The Crown (premiering on November 15th). If our nerves weren’t already on edge, the fourth season of Netflix hit series certainly won’t assuage them, but oh, it looks so good.

~Certainly a lighter video, but one to discover a new skincare item to potentially try out (and the music is lovely too – bouncy French Cafe tunes). It’s okay to admit you thoroughly enjoyed Emily in Paris. I did, and I know it was not entirely accurate, but it was a bundle of fun and a much-needed escape. While there were tired clichés, the show also broke clichés, which I appreciated. I am on board with Lily’s use of a rose-hibiscus spritz – such a wonderful way to freshen the skin (and it feels sooooo good! This is the one I use.).

~Central Oregon’s Symphony teamed up with film makers to make an exquisitely moving short film captured in the outdoors of Central Oregon, set to a new composition, and performed by the musicians who make up the volunteer local symphony. The full film debuts during Bend’s Film Festival on October 21st, but below is the trailer and a look sharing the motivation for the making of the film. I had the opportunity to be in the auditorium and view a significant portion of the film when they were finishing up a few shots, and it moved me to tears in the most wonderful way. Truly cinematic mastery.

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  1. The Crown, Tan France , candles, Norman, a book for introverts and I could go on and on about how fun all of this is today!!!! Shannon you sure work hard at everything you do and I appreciate it so much! Thank you again and have a really happy weekend!

  2. Love your this and that as always. I am a recent top tier subscriber and this time they were advertisements in it. Can this be fixed?

  3. Thanks Shannon-how did you know I that I’m an introvert too? LOL
    I really look forward to your This and That posts. Today it was enjoyed with my coffee and fall scented candle burning. Hmm… a create academy class? Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Stacie, So happy you stopped by and discovered things that piqued your interest. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and thank you as well for sharing how you enjoyed reading this week’s post. Sounds like quite a lovely moment.

  4. Shannon, I now look forward to ‘This and That’ as I don’t work on Fridays so I get a chance to settle down with some tea and immerse myself in your suggestions. I think you might like a book I regularly dip into ‘The Gardner’s Calendar’ by Pippa Greenwood. It’s not big but has great tips.

    1. Nicola, Thank you for the recommendation. It certainly sounds like something I might enjoy. So tickled to have the post be apart of your weekly rituals. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Bonjour Shannon,

    I look forward to the weekly This and That every Friday. I wake up early to have time to enjoy my morning in a slower pace before getting ready for work and your new blog posts are always a part of that. At the very end of this post you mentioned your perfect recipe for the 2 day weekend. I am always looking for ways to really make the most of those two days before heading back to work at my school on Monday’s. I have both of your books and refer back to them often, as I work on cultivating my very own Simply Luxurious life. I would love to know your recipe for the perfect two days.


    1. Jennifer, good morning and thank you for stopping by. You’ve just read it – pampering, work and rest. 🙂 Search the archives for posts about rituals and simple luxuries. I have shared many posts with oodles of examples. 🙂 Thank you for your curiosity.

      1. Oh my goodness 🤦🏼‍♀️ I feel a bit silly now 🙃 I have read all of those and have begun incorporating many rituals, and love them!! I appreciate you taking the time out to answer back. ☺️

  6. Shannon, when I saw the Escape Manual for Introverts illustration, I guffawed so loudly, I woke the cats from their morning nap. (No worries. After staring a bit and seeing no treats were forthcoming, they nestled back in.) And the wildly far-ranging titles, so spot on.

    So much GOOD STUFF!! Many books to check out(designers, food, gardening, oh my!), lovely things to read and watch, thank you very much! You have definitely added to the joys of the weekend. 😘 (And I am quite looking forward to the unveiling of your latest British import, so intriguing!)

    Enjoy your well-deserved rest and rejuvenation this weekend, my girl, you richly deserve it. Love and hugs to the puppers. XOXO

  7. Saved until Saturday 🙂🙂 this week, and so much enjoyed .
    I love the upholstery Shannon, those are the colours I have in my sitting room , your sofa / chair (?) would fit right in !
    Have you come across any of Jane Cumberbatch’s Pure Style books ?
    I think you would enjoy them.
    Her ‘Recipes for Everyday ‘ is a lovely mix of seasonal recipes and gardening snippets , with fabulous photography , and her book on Colour is stunning.
    She has a great Instagram too , janecumberbatch
    Thank you for another inspiring This and That ⭐️, which is just waiting to be explored fully once I have made a fresh cup of tea ,
    Have a beautiful, relaxing and refreshing weekend,
    With best wishes from the UK

    1. Anne, Good morning! And thank you for the recommendation. I will look Jane up as what you have shared has intrigued me. ☺️ Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Cuppa moment with the post. I appreciate so much your visits and comments. 😌

  8. I so look forward to your posts – they are my treat that I savor all weekend long. It was an easy decision to become a subscriber. I’ve loved your blog/books since the beginning! Thanks for all of your hard work – we need this now more than ever:) 🤗🤗

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