This & That: October 13, 2017

Oct 13, 2017

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A Secret Sisterhood: The Literary Friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, and Virginia Wolf by Emily Midorikawa adn Emma Claire Sweeney

Two friends author the book A Secret Sisterhood to reveal what many didn’t know regarding the friendships of the famed female writers in history. Based on findings in journals and letters revealing the friendships, the inspiration and the collaborations that have largely been untold until now. To be released on October 17th.

This is How We Rise: Reach Your Highest Potential, Empower Women, Lead Change in the World by Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan offers insight to provoke change in an effort to attain gender equality. A social entrepreneur and leadership expert, Chan shares a practical guide to the factors that must be present: purpose and activism for social change. Being released this coming Tuesday, have a look if you are searching for concrete guidance.


Alex & Eve

Released in Australia in 2015, the film is inspired by the play of the same name, Alex & Eve. The tale of love attempting to cross cultures and bring a Greek Orthodox family together in marriage with a Lebanese Muslim family. The glue is love, but the journey isn’t easy. Have a look at the trailer below.


Premiering in theaters today, Marshall follows the man best known as the first black United States Supreme Court justice, as well as the lawyer who successfully argued the case Brown vs. the Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas, which desegretated schools in America. But Thurgood’s journey leading up to what we are familar with is lesser known. A lawyer for the NAACP, seeking out cases of injustice, Marshall heads to conservative Connecticut and represents a black chauffeur accused of sexual assault and attempted murder. Chadwick Boseman plays Marshall, Josh Gad stars as a Sam Friedman and the Emmy award winning actor from This Is Us Sterling K. Brown plays the accused man. Have a look at the trailer below.


J Brand Amelia mid-rise slim-leg jeans

At such a great price, and having just become available, I wanted to share a quality made pair of denim jeans. For only $84, J.Brand’s slim (not skinny) jeans are an essential to have on hand.

J.Crew Wrap Coat in Boiled Wool 

The temperatures have been quite chilly as of late and wrapping myself in a wool coat that is not too bulky and perfect for everyday sounds like a perfect idea for both function and style. Available in a variety of different colors, check out J.Crew’s wrap wool coat.

Polaroid’s new OneStep2

Did you know Polaroid has returned with a modern version of the analog famed camera? Yep. Being released next week, Polaroid’s OneStep2 becomes available for easy to use, one step (thus the name!), no assembly required photography. With a rechargable battery, perhaps you would like one or maybe someone on your holiday shopping list would be delightfully surprised?

~recipe for Maple Fig Tarte Tatin~

To say this past week has been full of highs and lows is not an understatement. From having the opportunity to be on live television while traveling to Portland (see both segments here and here), to working out kinks on a new project I cannot wait to share with you, to dealing with an unwanted cold and then experiencing disappointment on a personal front, only to be buoyed by so much goodness, I quickly pinch myself for the good fortunate in my everyday life. The constant flux of it all has left me eager and more than ready for the weekend. Some rest, some editing of TSLL’s second book, some more rest, and some pampering. I cannot wait.

How has October been going for you? I do hope swimmingly. I hope the weeks are productive and full of contentment and love, and the weekends offer the signature moments and activities to do what you love with whom you love. Below are a few articles and one video I think you might enjoy. From entertaining like a Parisian to a thought provoking article about marriage. Wishing you a beautiful few days, and until Monday, bonne journée!

~How to Throw a Laid-Back Parisian Dinner Party

~French Baker Leads Crusade to Protect ‘Noble’ Croissant from Industrialized Pastries

~The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Relationship

~The Important Difference Between Personal Style and Materialism

~The Key Thing French Women Use to Wash Their Faces

~The Con Behind Every Wedding from a woman who is married and has been for some time

~A reader shared the video below with me and I wanted to share. The key to understanding what we are truly capable of is to understand how we’ve been influenced by society unconsciously: Is Feminine Beauty a Social Construct?

11 thoughts on “This & That: October 13, 2017

  1. Hello Shannon Re the article on feminine beauty, so true that it is a social construct. One comment that really annoys me is that men age better than women. This isn’t true. The fact is, that men are allowed to age. Women have to strive to look younger and if they show any normal signs of ageing are described in derogatory language with close up photos. When did anyone see a product aimed at men for younger looking skin etc? Best wishes from the UK.

  2. I started using Bioderma micellar water earlier this year, and it really is a wonderful French beauty product. I have always had sensitive, dry skin, and it removes makeup like a dream while not drying out my skin. It’s also great for post workouts, camping, etc when you need a one-step skincare routine. I get in on Amazon, and it is probably the best and least expensive part of the my skincare regimen.

  3. I’m so excited about the A Secret Sisterhood book. I thought the author Emma Claire Sweeney sounded familiar – I googled her and realized she was my creative writing professor when I studied abroad at Cambridge almost 10 years ago! I will definitely be getting that book (plus I just love those regency authors!)

  4. Hello Shannon. I have used Bioderma for the past five years after reading an article about it in an English magazine whilst on holiday in France. Apparently it is something that airline crew always make a beeline for whilst in France. An excellent product which I can highly recommend. Love you blog.

  5. Hi Shannon. Recently found your newsletter and blog. I think I have died and gone to heaven. I have had your book for quite a while and totally enjoyed it and still refer back to it often, but had no idea of your weekly newsletter. I am probably one of your older followers and did not realize there was a new world waiting for me to find you. Thank you – look forward to Friday with new interest.

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