This & That: October 12, 2018

Oct 11, 2018

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Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.  by Brené Brown

Released earlier this week and already a bestseller, Brené Brown returns with a book to offer her wisdom to lead where we see potential to help and the courage to offer our talents and abilities. Be sure to listen to her conversation at the end of this post when she joins Marie Forleo on her podcast. 

On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life Through Great Books by Karen Swallow Prior 

I recently found this book which was released last month and have put it on my wishlist. The author shares with readers a guided tour through modern and ancient books of literature. Focusing on “exploring twelve virtues that philosophers and theologians throughout history have identified as most essential for good character and the good life”, acclaimed author Swallow Prior has written a book for both the individual as well as a book club conversation as she shares discussion questions at the end of each chapter. 


The Seven Culinary Wonders of the World: A History of Honey, Salt, Chile, Pork, Rice, Cacao, and Tomato by Jenny Linford

Sharing both history and recipes (63), being released next Tuesday, Jenny Linford’s new book aims to deepen readers’ appreciation of where the food we enjoy comes from with the hope that the journey it has traveled will spark new creations in our own kitchens. 


The Happy Prince

Rupert Everett stars as the heralded writer Oscar Wilde, wrote the screenplay and directs The Happy Prince. Colin Firth as well as Emily Watson and Colin Morgan star alongside in the new film which begins on Wilde’s deathbed as he reflects upon his life, his loves and his struggles. Have a look at the trailer below and look for it in theaters now.
Private Life

I just happened upon this film’s review in The Wall Street Journal this past week, and upon doing so was nudged to view the trailer. Starring Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti as a couple in their 40s trying to conceive, they seem to have come to the end of their options when their step-niece arrives to live with them for a short-while and prompts a new approach to living well. Have a look at the trailer below and enjoy it now on Netflix.

Francophile Find


I was introduced to French food brand Marlette when My Stylish French Box was delivered this past August. A simple box of a luxurious decadent dessert – Chocolate Fondant cake. Except this is like no other boxed cake I have ever made. Nope. It was absolutely scrumptious, and even better – easy to make in minutes. A pair of French sisters is behind the brand, and they focus on organic ingredients to help create delicious food in minimal time. With so many boxes to choose from in both sweet as well as savory offerings, your tastebuds and schedule will thank you. 


See by Chloé Paige leather Shoulder Bag (black also)

Statement bags without the trendy labels. See by Chloé’s shoulder bag makes a statement without being obtuse. And in the color of grey, it is a neutral that also behaves as a touch of color this fall. 


The Romanoffs

From the creators of Mad Men, The Romanoffs’ premise made me chuckle when I first saw the trailer last month as I had just finished teaching a unit on the Russian Revolutions to my World History class last spring. What does Russia have to do with this series? Everything and absolutely nothing – focusing on eight separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family. The cast is studded with well-known and beloved actors and shown in the image above. Tune in now on Amazon to see how they believe themselves to be related to the Romanovs.

Yesterday morning I woke up and was craving a fresh muffin. Not just any muffin, nothing too sweet, and not from the bakery, but in particular, the hope of a warm, fresh-from-the-oven muffin was dancing about my tastebuds and in my early morning fuzzy head.

So what did I do? I had a few minutes extra to spare in my morning routine, so I whipped up a quick batch of Morning Glory muffins, put them in the oven and let them bake while I got ready for work. It was worth it, and it made the house smell amazing. So amazing, it made it hard to leave, but knowing I had a warm muffin to enjoy with my hot cup of tea at work made it easier to hit the road.

Such moments don’t happen often, but when we heed them, often beautiful experiences take place. They don’t have to be significant to anybody else, and may be as simple as baking a batch of muffins to start our day well, but why not? Why not enjoy our everydays well? I hope your everydays went well this week and the weekend ahead looks wonderfully full of fun and leisure activities. 

Thank you for stopping by today, and below are more than a few articles and one video/podcast interview I think you might enjoy. Until tomorrow when the next episode of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen goes live on the blog, bonne journée!

~When I think of French copper pans, I think of Mauviel, and the owner shares The Secret to Happiness from a French Kitchen [The Wall Street Journal]

~Speaking of the kitchen, in 1966 TIME magazine wrote this essay about their covergirl Julia Child, titled “Food: Everyone’s In the Kitchen

~A Step by Step Guide – How to Drink Coffee Like a Local in Paris

~And now that we know how to drink coffee in Paris – to the cafes! 14 Classic Bistros in Paris to put on your visit-list. [Fodor’s]

~A new approach to planning your next trip to France – I Planned an Entire Vacation Around Croissants [Bon Appétit]

~Good food, is good food and this past weekend on 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl traveled to northern Italy to meet the man behind the top restaurant in the world – The Pavarotti of Pasta

~Sarah Jessica Parker has a shoe shop in Manhattan, and she even works the floor! [The New York Times]

~10 Hard Things to Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up [Marc and Angel]

~In a recent episode of Christopher Kimball’s Milkstreet Radio, the Barefoot Contessa stopped by to talk about her new book which will be released on the 23rd of October. 

~Brené Brown joins Marie Forleo on her podcast to talk about her new book mentioned above.

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  1. Good morning Shannon. Your Morning Glory muffins look delicious and such a lovely idea for a different breakfast treat. I’ve never heard of these before? Can I ask where I’d find your recipe please? Best wishes from a blustery UK.

  2. As always, your “This and That” post has so many interesting ideas and things to enjoy. Thank you so much for all your research and great suggestions! I always look forward to your Friday post recommendations, and always learn something new. Thanks, Shannon!

  3. Hello Shannon,
    I tried to order the French mixes from Marlette. It doesn’t look as though they ship to the US. Is that correct? Thank you for the great suggestion. I am going to be sad if they do not ship here:(
    Boo Hoo,

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