This & That: November 9, 2018

Nov 08, 2018

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~GoTo Skincare Lip balm

I recently came across a lip balm that caught my eye because it keeps the moisture in your lips so that you are not constantly reapplying. Isn’t it funny how some lip balms need to be used constantly? This truth always gave me pause. Made with ultra medical grade lanolin, nourishing apricot kernel, avocado, almond, evening primrose, vitamin E and jojoba oils, as well as beeswax, for only $15, I look forward to giving this product a try.


~Becoming by Michelle Obama

This coming Tuesday – November 13th – the book that many readers have been eager to read is being released – former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming. With stories shared from her childhood, growing up in the South Side of Chicago, to the most famous residence – The White House, readers will see an intimate glimpse into the life of woman who is truly inspiring to me and so many others. 

~The Library Book by Susan Orlean

Already a bestseller, The Library Book details the fire that took place on April 29, 1986, in the Los Angeles Public Library. Chronicling the event, the aftermath and the important role libraries play in our lives, listen to an interview with the author here.

British Treat

~The Great British Baking Show, Netflix (a new season begins!)

The newest season of The Great British Baking Show (this season – #9 in the UK – just wrapped up this past month) will drop in its entirity on Netflix today! Oh my. A wealth of foodie riches as of late on Netflix. I can’t wait to begin (if you don’t want to know the winner – do not follow Paul Hollywood’s Twitter feed – or at least don’t look yet). Check out the teaser the trailer below of the latest season.


~Here and Now

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in a new romantic drama which is released today taking place over the span of 24 hours of the character’s life. The actress is receiving impressive applause for her portrayal of a New York singer who receives disheartening health news prompting her to spend the day reflecting on her life. With Jacqueline Bisset cast as her mother, along with Simon Baker, Common and Renée Zellwegger, have a look at the trailer below as it looks like a moving film (I have a feeling a box of Kleenex will be needed as well).

Francophile Find

~Let’s Eat France: 1,250 specialty foods, 375 iconic recipes, 350 topics, 260 personalities, plus hundreds of maps, charts, tricks, tips, and … you want to know about the food of France by François-Régis Gaudry

Recently a TSLL reader shared a pic of this book, and it immediately caught my eye. The subtitle says it all, and it looks like a tome of a French food resource. Needless to say, a foodie and Francophile’s perfect gift for the holidays. 

A Pig in Provence by Georgeanne Brennan

One more! I cannot help it! This is the book sharing how Georgeanne Brennan fell in love with Provence after moving there in the 70s and eventually buying a farmhouse.

~Secrets from the La Varenne Kitchen: 50 Essential Recipes Every Cook Should Know by Anne Willan 

There are some cookbooks that are must-haves in the kitchen, and this one looks to be one of them. Let me just share the detailed book release description from 2014 as there is much to tell and nothing should be left out:

In 1975, Anne Willan, a culinary icon who, along with Julia Child, Jacque Pepin, James Beard, and others, launched the modern culinary industry, founded École de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris and educated some of today’s most notable chefs – among them Steve Raichlen, Gale Gand, Virgina Willis, Martha Holmberg, and Alexis Guarnaschelli. Upon enrolling at La Varenne, all students received a helpful and easy reference tool: La Varenne Basic Recipes. The booklet was based on chef Albert Jorant’s belief that “there are only fifty basic recipes in the culinary repertoire, and all other dishes can be made from them.” Edited by Anne Willan, La Varenne Basic Recipes was fifty-five staple bound pages with a card stock cover and it was a treasure-trove of essential recipes for any aspiring chef. 


~Oprah’s Favorite Things

Released this week, Oprah has returned with her Favorite Things shopping list for 2018. With 107 items, discover cozy things, family things, beauty favorites, traveler treats, fashionable finds, kitchen, food, tech, home, eco-friendly, and gifts that inspire. Whoa! That’s a lot of Favorite Things! Let the shopping begin!


~To Kill A Mockingbird

This is a play I have been keeping on my radar for over a year now as Aaron Sorkin has written the script for Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel which was released in 1960. Previews began on November 1st, and the play will open on December 13th. If you will be in the New York City area and can snag a ticket, I have a feeling you will be in for a treat. 

~recipe for Fig Mascarpone Tart~

The temperatures have begun to drop significantly, and so I have succumbed to the truth that fall, and soon winter, is here. But this truth makes me smile as well, as I will eventually have more time to spend inside sprucing up my sanctuary with new ideas gleaned from the past handful of months and travels too. And in fact, one big change to my living space is the arrival of a new-to-me bed frame that I absolutely cannot wait to share with you. Stay tuned.

And then, of course, Thanksgiving planning needs our attention as bakeries are sharing their lists of speciality items we can preorder. And since I will be staying in Bend this holiday, I am looking forward to welcoming a few items from my favorite bake shops to welcome even more goodness to the day of eating. 

Below I have gathered a few articles you might enjoy as you go about your weekend. Wishing you a leisurely and restorative few days off, and until Monday, bonne journée. 

~How to Dress Like a Parisian in Winter [Vogue Paris]

~31 Things That Happen When You Finally Decide to Live Your Dreams [Success]

~Le Train Bleu – a restaurant to visit while you are at Gare de Lyon [Paris Update]

~Will squashes be a part of your holiday festivities? If so, read this – Know Your Squash: How They Look, How They Cook [The New York Times]

~The Complete Checklist for Strong Mental Health [Pick the Brain]

~I couldn’t agree more with TreeHugger when it comes to Le Creuset’s Dutch Oven – The Pot That’s Worth Its Weight in Gold

~Beautifully described, the difference between Anglophones and Europeans, especially the French when it comes expressing the feeling of excitement versus being content in the moment – Why The French Don’t Show Excitement. But joie de vivre and contentment in simple pleasures certainly are [savored in France]. And when one is living in the moment, there’s no need to think about – or get excited about – what’s next.

~The Simplest Way to Drastically Improve Your Life: More Sleep [The New York Times]

7 thoughts on “This & That: November 9, 2018

  1. Your WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL new book arrived in yesterday’s mail. I’m simply devouring it! Can’t quite believe you personalized the signature, too. Happy snuggle-weather to you.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!
    Even though I have followed you for a few years now, I had not read your first book. (Mea culpa.) I took advantage of your very kind and generous offer and and received BOTH autographed books just a couple of days ago. (Which made my day, I was absolutely giggly and giddy.)
    I just began your first book and Ms. Shannon–it is very impressive. It is ebullient and riotously optimistic, and incredibly, do-ably practical. You have a keen, discerning and warm voice. Wow. Thank you for being you and sharing all that with us. XOXO

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