This & That: November 4, 2016

Nov 04, 2016

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—The Little French Guesthouse by Helen Pollard

A feel good summer read. . . oops . . . well . . . it’s no longer summer, so . . . . Oh well, a wonderful light-hearted and worthwhile read no matter what the season. Released just this past spring and garnering great reviews from readers, Helen Pollard’s delightful story is set in the French countryside and involves an initial hope for a young couple, then a dashing of that hope and then an unexpected surprise. I cannot wait to read it during the upcoming holiday break. Learn more about the book here.



An early heads up! Natalie Portman stars as Jacqueline Kennedy in a new film being released on December 2nd. The film is inspired by Theodore H. White’s Life magazine interview conducted with the then widow at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, and brings to the silver screen the first lady’s life just before and after her husband’s death in 1963. Have a look at the trailer below.

Francophile Find

Everyday Parisian

Always someone who is looking for another Francophile blog for inspiration, blogger and traveler Rebecca Plotnick’s blog Everyday Parisian offers exactly what I was looking for. A couple of years ago she packed up her apartment here in the states and move to Paris for three months. Well, the three months turned into three years as she quickly fell in love with the culture. Having since returned to Chicago, she continues to incorporate all that she loves about the French culture and shares with her readers regularly. Be sure to stop by.


—Barefoot in Washington

I am forever a fan of Ina Garten, and while her cooking show is continuing to air new episodes on Sunday at 10:30, she is airing a special episode following up on her Barefoot in Paris and London specials. This Saturday she returns to where she used to work and Jeffrey continued to and still does on occasion – Washington D.C. Sitting down with first lady Michelle Obama, the episode was taped earlier this fall. Tune in at 1 pm (eastern) on Saturday and 2 pm (eastern) on Sunday on the Food Network channel for this hour-long special. You know I’ll be watching. Have a glimpse below:

The Crown

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to sit in the orchestra section of a Broadway play starring Helen Mirren. The play was The Audience and the premise was the inspiration for Netflix’s new series The Crown. Premiering today on Netflix (and already renewed for two more seasons), The Crown, just as The Audience did, goes behind the public persona and guesses at Queen Elizabeth II’s conversations with her Prime Ministers over the more than six decades beginning at the young age of 25 when we was inherited the throne. The series includes much more than the play with regards to her relationship with her husband, Prince Phillip and her family and country. Have a look at the trailer below.


—Rimowa luggage

Quality luggage that will handle the rough ride overseas, on trains and being tossed repeated on the conveyor belt is hard to find. Having gone through more than a few pieces of luggage, I am looking for a suitcase, carry-on and slightly larger suitcase for long getaways to Europe that I can use for years. And as my life continues to prove to me, investing is worth it. Rimowa luggage is a luxury German brand that has been around since the early 20th century. Offering the light-weight aluminum metal suitcases, it also now offers impact-resistant polycarbonate that is nearly indestructible. Available in many different sizes and colors, the prices initially seem steep, but when you don’t have to purchase a new one after each extended getaway, the price begins to reveal itself as worth it (remember, cost per wear applies to all investment purchases, not just clothing). The two above are colors I’ve had my eyes on, but there are the classic black, silver and many more styles and colors as well. Zappos offers a wide selection. Have a look here. The Simply Luxurious Life The Simply Luxurious Life

~recipe for Orange Saffron & Syrup Cake~

The colors of fall continue to amaze and delight me, and it is on the weekend that I revel in taking long walks and just simply gawking at the beauty of Mother Nature. This weekend is the first one of November, and so with the extra hour we are given on Sunday, I look forward to an especially long, lovely walk to savor.

The week has been full and now I must admit, I am exhausted. How are you doing? Never-the-less, the days are enjoyed, and the daily routines reveled in as from beginning to end there is always something to be appreciative of. From the perusing of the morning paper with the boys, to the evening time in the kitchen to tinker about and then the reward of sitting down and enjoying whatever I might have come up with. I hope you too are enjoying your daily routine; after all, it is the simple everydays when lived well that make a grand difference in the quality of our life. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Bonne journée!

~Sharon Santoni continues to share posts of my dreams involving France – French Cooking with La Cornue

~5 Quick Tricks to Master Your Mind . . . a brilliant analogy to kick it all off – watch the video!

~Wanting to cook with cast iron, but not sure how or how to best take care of your skillet? Read this.

~A simple shift to improve the moment: 5 Ways to Increase Your Presence Instantly

~We must never forget . . . 9 Things Women Were Once Not Allowed to Do

~Do you have negative feelings from time to time? Good. Read this article to find out Why You Need Negative Feelings

12 thoughts on “This & That: November 4, 2016

  1. Always enjoy your posts each Friday. One spelling correction, however…it is throne, not thrown. Thanks for the quality of, and effort you put into, the posts.

  2. Thank you so much for including me and EveryDay Parisian in your weekly roundup. I am so happy we found each other. You have a great resource for Francophiles! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I had seriously looked at Rimowa luggage for travel, but then heard of a relatively new company called AWAY. The luggage is lightweight, durable, comes in 3 sizes and several colors. I have owned two pieces for several months and used it for travel to Europe twice as well as car trips. I have the hunter green, almost black and love it. You can charge your ipad with a cord that attaches to the smallest size. Perfect, and much less expensive. Love TSLL!!

  4. This recommendation definitely is nothing new, but my Tumi suitcase has held up wonderfully. I almost always carry-on for convenience’s sake, but I check it a couple times a year and my Tumi still looks and operates as if nearly brand new, 5 years later – and that’s taking into consideration it has been on roughly 150+ planes and rolled down sidewalks on four continents! Cost “per wear” well worth it.

    1. Thank you for the additional recommendation and for sharing your experience. Wonderful to hear about the durability. Cost Per Wear is certainly a concept to always keep in mind. Thanks again!

  5. Love the new blog Shannon. You keep me up to date on Friday’s This & That. I’ll be watching The Crown. Have a great autumn weekend!

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