This & That: November 16, 2018

Nov 15, 2018

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~The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success by Albert-László Barabási

Released recently in the states, The Formula is an international bestseller that “promises to transform the very foundations of how our success-obsessed society approaches their professional careers, life pursuits and long-term goals”. Success as a concept doesn’t, the book argues based on years of academic research, always necessarily equate to accomplishment. Intriguing food for thought most definitely.

~Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life by Jane Sherron de Hart 

Last month the first full biography of the 107th U.S. Supreme Court Justice and second woman to serve on The United States Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was released with cooperation of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself. After 15 years of research and inquiry, and based on multiple interviews with the justice, her husband, children, friends and associates, Jane Sherron de Hart has released what is now a bestseller. 

Recently, as many may know, Bader-Ginsburg fractured three ribs; however, it was also recently reported, that she would be back to her regular workouts next week – phew! At the age of 85, RBG – as she is better known in the cultural zeitgeist – this past year was the focus of the acclaimed documentary RBG (listen to my recommendation here in a weekly Petit Plaisir on the podcast). As well, a new film, On The Basis of Sex, will premiere on December 25th in which Felicity Jones stars as a young Bader Ginsburg. But back to the book, this new biography will offer deeper insight into a woman that has clearly captured the country’s interest. 


~The Front Runner

Being released in select theaters today, Hugh Jackman stars as Senator Gary Hart who was the front runner (thus the title) for the 1988 Democratic Presidential ticket, until the tides changed. And while Hart’s name is not as well known by the younger generation, it is the shift of news coverage that began during this period that many say prompted much of the way politicans, and thus news, is covered today. Have a look at the trailer below. I know I am curious to view this film. 

~The Kominsky Method

A new series being released on Netflix today involves well-known actors Kurt Douglas and Alan Arkin. Douglas stars as an aging, yet the revered Hollywood acting coach Sandy Kominsky, and the series revolves around his friendship with his long-time agent Norman Newlander. Through their conversations about life, aging and every odd curveball that seems to come their way, the series is receiving more than mild applause. Have a look at the trailer below and check out a profile piece on Douglas recently published in The New York Times

Francophile Find

~Saint James Wool Striped Breton Scarf (ecru/navy, more colors)

Cooler temperatures arrive and the wool scarves come out. And I will always look for stripes no matter what the season. So when I came across the iconic French Breton clothing company St. James’ wool striped scarves, I took note. Available in four different color stripes, the ecru/navy is my choice. 


~J.Crew Ready-to-Party Sale, 35% off

Today and through the weekend,  save 35% off party clothing (dresses, jackets, skirts, etc.) and 25% everything else on site with promo code READYTOPARTY. This long sheath dress in four-season stretch (black or navy) is an item to have on hand year-round and is guaranteed to be en vogue for many seasons to come. 


~Sur la Table, a taste of Black Friday sale

Little sales are happening in more than a few places prior to the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday events just around the corner. Sur La Table is having their “A Taste of Black Friday” sale, and Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven, 2.75 QT in Morel is available at a very nice price (all sizes available with the discount of nearly 65% off). 

~Williams -Sonoma Capresso Pour Over Kettle, save up to 50% off

As well, Williams-Sonoma is getting in on this action with select items in the Electrics section discounted quite nicely (if you are looking for a coffee or espresso maker, be sure to stop by and check out this sale). Use the promo code ELECTRICS to save up to 50% off.



While I won’t be in London this Thanksgiving as I was last year, I couldn’t help but share this musical comedy that is currently showing in London’s West End. A revival of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s 1970’s well-known play about life, love and marriage, the play’s premise is about Bobbie (Rosalie Craig) and takes place at her 35th birthday party with all her friends wondering why she isn’t married? Why can’t she find the right man and Why can’t she settle down and have a family? But today, the gender roles are flipped and mixed up and set for the modern times we find ourselves. Check out the review in The New York Times and perhaps, if you are in London, pick up some ticket and enjoy. 

~recipe for Mini Poached Pear Cardamom Cakes~

If there was ever a week for rest and relaxation, this would be the perfect upcoming week to have off, and thankfully, the scheduling is offering exactly this opportunity. The boys (Norman and Oscar) are quite ready for the pace of life in TSLL’s home to slow down as well, as they joined me on my travels to Portland this past weekend and on the Book Launch Day (Nov. 13). 

I am extremely appreciative for all of the words, comments and emails of congratulations, support and enthusiasm for TSLL’s new book. My energy kept being buoyed and strengthened not only because of the excitement I was feeling for this long-anticipated date, but by TSLL readers. So thank you. Thank you very, very much. 

Many of you are about to begin your travel excursions to see family and friends or simply escape on a holiday, and I wish you a wonderful and safe journey. Others, perhaps, are like myself, staying put, resting up and taking this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday quite slow and easy. However you are planning on enjoying the upcoming holiday or simply enjoying this upcoming weekend that unofficially seems to kick off the holiday season around the globe, I do hope you have a wonderful few days of exactly what you hope to enjoy. Below I have rounded up a few articles and the interview many readers said they are eager to watch. Next week I will make sure to have more links (I am lacking a few this week due to my schedule), and I look forward to getting back into the regular blogging schedule and settling in. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~I have been writing a few articles for media outlets to promote TSLL’s 2nd book, and this one was recently shared on Thrive Global7 Tips to Go from Busy to Balanced This Holiday Season (of course it is from the perspective of living simply luxuriously!)

~Traveling to Paris anytime in the future? If so, save this article by Forbes which shares 6 Paris Culinary Classes You Won’t Want to Miss

~And save this list for the 5 Best Brunch Spots in Paris [My Parisian Life]

~But what if you want to avoid the crowds for your next vacation? Read 10 Overcrowded Tourist Destinations and 10 Just As Fabulous Alternatives [The Washington Post]

~Jennifer L. Scott of The Daily Connoisseur invited me to be a guest on her video series to not only talk about my book, but also women and all the many amazing paths we choose to take in life and why we should celebrate and support these differences. 

17 thoughts on “This & That: November 16, 2018

  1. Good morning Shannon,

    It’s good to know that you will be able to have a more relaxing time next week ?
    This week must have been a whirlwind !
    Exciting, but exhausting , so definitely time for you to be able to rest and relax with the boys , and enjoy a little ‘you time ‘ to recharge your batteries .

    I’m dipping into and out of the book…….so much great content , and your voice comes through so clearly when I’m reading !

    A definite ‘ Petite Plaisir ‘ ……( actually , more of a ‘grande ‘ one ! )

    I really enjoyed the interviews you had with Jennifer , Inslee and your hometown gentleman .

    A lovely week on the blog , thank you .

    Enjoy your weekend, and the Thanksgiving holidays.

    With Best Wishes


  2. Dear Shannon, Congratulations, I just loved your interview with Jennifer. i have followed you for many years and seen you interviewed many times but never have I seen you more yourself. I often feel you have been rushed or not asked the right questions or been give enough time to expand on your views whereas in this interview with Jennifer, who to her great credit allowed you to answer calmly and completely before asking the next question. You were SO much more relaxed and the real you came shining through. I can’t wait to get your second book and I too wish I had known you when I was a young woman. It would have saved me from doubting and wondering why I was so different and allowed me to flourish as you have done.This next generation is very lucky to have you as a role model. I wish both you and Jennifer so much success and happiness, you both thoroughly deserve it. With very warm wishes. Carol

    1. Carol, Thank you for your observations and kind words. Jennifer certainly makes her guests feel at ease and it felt as though I was talking to a trusted counterpart. Again, your comment meant a lot. Thank you. ?

      1. Shannon, I echo everything Carol has just said so perfectly. How I wish I had known you when I was in my 30’s and also wondering why I felt so different. While all of my friends were bar-hopping, I was shopping for matching table cloths and napkins. I took a lot of “heat” from people who felt very free to say whatever they pleased because I wasn’t doing what they did. My biggest regret is not knowing how to enact boundaries when I was younger. Anyway, I’m in a new phase of life but still enjoying the old me. I’m also reading your book at the moment and can’t wait to get home each evening and dive in…with my pot of tea! Congratulations to you on your many successes, and I look forward to the next adventure with you. I’m also loving Jennifer’s blog as well, but I’m fairly new to hers. Stay well and warm. Bev

        1. Thank you Bev for sharing your journey of discovery. So much of what you shared is something I can, and I think others can as well relate to. So happy to have the community of understanding and celebration here on TSLL. ❤️?

  3. thank you for these friday posts. i look forward to them every week and find at least one thing to bookmark. this week? the kominsky method is on my netflix list. i think my husband and i will get a laugh or two from it as we are in our 60’s, living in 55+ community and just finding our way. thank you for all your insights on the daily but fridays nail it every week.

  4. Congrats on the latest book. I received both of them last week and I am almost done with the first one. Usually I read at night to lull me to sleep, but I’m so intrigued with all the lists that I have to make myself stop and get to sleep.. Lol… loving it…

    Btw,I am planning a trip to london next year. Any recommendations on Hotels or airb&b? Not sure if you are comfortable making a recommendation, preferably Chelsea area…. Thanks. (I am asking you rather than a few others because I always enjoy your recommendations on books, movies, foods, etc. )

    1. I HIGHLY recommend London Perfect Vacation Rentals. I stayed in one of their rentals last year and the stress was mitigated from the long trip, the communication was clear, friendly and helpful and while you do have to pay for your taxi from the airport, their recommended car service worth it. Here is the link to my detailed stay, and there are many in the Chelsea area.

      I am so happy you are enjoying the books. ?? Thank you for sharing.

  5. Shannon, quite some time ago I chose to have no ads in my emails and only the once weekly newsletter. Of course I paid the necessary fees. Now, I am receiving the daily newsletters , but they appear VERY distorted and cannot
    be read even if I wanted to. I am wondering what is amiss?
    If you will advise me of the situation I would be most

    Lastly, I cannot find my password. Can you help me out in that regard, please?

    Thank you,
    Martha Cook

    1. Martha, feel free to email me, but it sounds like you are not logged in. You can reset your password after you click on “Log In” in the upper right-hand corner of the blog (above the header). If you have additional questions, just let me know. Another thing to try is reset your browser. Close it down and reopen it.

  6. i am reading your book while treating myself to a weekend away at a beautiful Victorian inn in Wolfville, Nova Scotia; enjoying a simple luxury while reading about this very topic.

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