This & That: November 15, 2019

Nov 15, 2019

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Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant

About a month ago, I began using Eminence’s strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant once a day to gently exfoliate my skin. Recommended by the facialist I visit on a seasonal basis, I trust her taste and decided to give it a try. And I am quite happy that I did. The price is initially steep, but it will last for many, many months as you barely use any exfoliant and mix it with your facial cleanser. Especially since I live in an extremely dry climate, I am already noticing a difference in the natural glow remaining long after my professional facial. I highly recommend if you too are looking for a gentle way to exfoliate your skin.


When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present by Gail Collins

While published in 2010, Gail Collins is a writer I enjoy reading. Her most recent book was included on TSLL’s This & That list last month, so I was prompted to peruse her other books which brought me to When Everything Changed. The full title says it all, and I am looking forward to learning even more about the women who came before us and helped pioneer the trail that enabled American women to live the lives they enjoy today.

British Finds

The Crown, Season 3 Premiere

Okay, I swear this will be the last time. Mentioned in Wednesday’s post, look for The Crown‘s season 3 premiere on Netflix this Sunday November 17th.

The Great British Baking Show Holidays, Season 2

Just released on Netflix, enjoy two new episodes with some of your favorite returning bakers to the tent to bake for the holidays. What they create is beautiful and the hilarity and commaderie is fun to watch as well.

The London Cookbook: Recipes from the Restaurants, Cafes and Whole-in-the-Wall Gems of a Modern City by Aleksandra Crapanzano 

Award-winning food writer Aleksandra Crapanzano shares 100 recipes from London’s favorite food haunts and recreates them for the home kitchen. Find a diverse collection of recipes from The Cinnamon Club’s Seared Aubergine Steaks with Sesame and Tamarind to the River Cafe’s Tagliatelle with Lemon, and Tramshed’s Indian Rock Chicken Curry to Nopi’s Sage and Cardamom Gin. Sounds quite delicious.


The Last Course: The Desserts of Gramercy Tavern by Claudia Fleming and Melissa Clark

James Beard award winning baker Claudia Fleming shares her beloved desserts served at New York City’s Gramery Tavern in a new cookbook. Known for deliciousness without the pretension, be inspired to cook with seasonal fresh ingredients to create desserts your palette won’t soon forget.

Midnight Chicken: & Other Recipes for Living For by Ella Risbridger

I recently came across this cookbook while perusing this section, my favorite, at Powell’s in Portland. The illustrations are beautiful throughout the entire book, and many of the author’s insights and thoughts about life and cooking had me smiling and nodding my head in agreement. Most certainly, this is a cookbook that can be just to read and enjoyed, and I also have no doubt it will inspire you to step into your kitchen as well with recipes such as roast garlic and tomato soup, uplifting chili-lemon spaghetti, charred leek lasagna, squash skillet pie, spicy fish finger sandwiches and burnt-butter brownies.


For the Love of Books: Designing and Curating a Home Library by Thatcher Wine and Elizabeth Lane

Recently released this past September, For the Love of Books is written by the founder of Juniper Books, a business that embraces the roles that books fulfill in our lives and their staying power. Discover “the history of books and private libraries, and the resilience of books in the digital era. Dive into the nuances that define books for reading, books for decoration, and books for inspiration. Instructive chapters provide useful details for creating and curating one’s own home library, whether it be a single shelf or multiple rooms each with their own collection”.


Charlie’s Angels

Yep, the classic that was remade over a decade ago has been remade again. Premiering today in theaters, have a look at the trailer to see what it is all about.

The Report

Based on true events revolving around the United States, the CIA and interrogation methods used after 9/11, Daniel J. Jones is played by Adam Driver and critics are applauding. Jones, who was interviewed on NPR recently, was the lead investigator for the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program and wrote the 7,000-page report that was the guide for this screenplay. In theaters now, have a look at the trailer below.

Francophile FInd

Parisian Chic Encore: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

In 2011 Ines de la Fressange released her original Parisian Chic: A Style Guide to great success and bestselling status. And on November 19th, the encore and updated edition will be released as well.

Interestingly enough the original Parisian Chic was the first book reviewed on this blog, and I was giddy to have received a review copy. I couldn’t believe the publishers would send one to me, but they did, and the rest is history, for which I am very thankful.

Having had the opportunity to receive the encore of Parisian Chic, you will find it to be of absolute quality: the thick sturdy cover complete with ribbon page marker and endless full color images sharing “killer outfits to Parisian wardrobe essentials, as well as Ines’s 10-minute beauty routine along with her countdown to a perfect Parisian dinner party”. Look for this book to be reviewed in more detail in a future post, but since it is about to be released, I wanted to give you a heads up.

The Seine: The River That Made Paris by Elaine Sciolino

A more detailed review and potential conversation with the author on the podcast is forthcoming (details are still being worked out), but I could not wait to share with you Elaine Sciolino’s new book which I shared earlier this week. Just released two weeks ago, escape to Paris and learn all there is to know about the river that drifts gently through the city as well as the lives lived along its shores and the bridges that cross over it.


Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019

Pairing up with Amazon this time (not everyone is a fan of this partnership, but everything is still Oprah-recommended-and-vetted which is something I do trust), Oprah released her annual must-anticipated Favorite Things List. Have a look at and shop here the 80 items on the list.

Serena & Lily Rivera Dog Bed (2 sizes and colors)

More than a bit of splurge and most likely a wonderful holiday gift for the dog-lover or doggie parent on your list, these bistro rattan detailed dog beds are Francophile-esque in their bones, non? 🙂 While I will be sticking with the soft-sided beds I already have for my boys, this beautiful design certainly caught my eye.

ShopBop’s Fall Sale

The fall collections are beginning to go on sale, and Shopbop has kicked off its annual sale event. I have shopped a few items below, but be sure to shop the entire sale. No promo code necessary as the price is automatically reduced.


—Mad About You, Season Premiere

I wanted to share one more time the new premiere of the return of the Emmy Award Winning comedy Mad About You. I thoroughly enjoyed this comedy series when it originally aired on NBC more than 20 years ago (has it been that long!?), and now it has returned for one last season with the original cast of Jamie and Paul played by Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser (Carol Burnett will even reprise her role as Jamie’s mother). Spectrum TV has exclusive rights not only to this single season but also to all original seasons of the show (164 episodes), so you will have to subscribe to their on-demand platform to watch (I don’t know how to make that happen, but if someone finds out, do let me know).

This limited series event will kick off this coming Wednesday November 20th and drop six episodes. Then on Wednesday, December 18, the final six episodes will become available. Oh, how I wish I could watch!!!! Have a peek below.

~recipe for Mushroom Penne with Walnut Pesto~

A short week at school, and thankfully it was as I am ready to be with my family to celebrate a loved one that was dear to us all. Thank you to everyone for your kindness expressed last weekend.

As well, the holidays are just around the corner, and I have been beginning to plan my decorating, ordering a special wreath for the front door, and trying to figure out where I will place my holiday tree (do I want a tall tree or a short tree that I place on a tabletop??? I am completely in limbo at the moment. :)).

A full week of posts on the blog this week, and hopefully you found inspiration for things to enjoy, try, explore and much more. But there is more! Look below as I have rounded up oodles of articles and a fun video I think you will enjoy. Thank you very much for stopping by today and be sure to tune in to Monday’s episode of the podcast (the 18th), as Provençal mystery writer M.L. Longworth joins me to to talk Provence during the holidays, food, cooking, and her new mystery novel. We had such a fun chat, I cannot wait for you to listen. 🙂 Until then, bonne journée!

~Thanksgiving in the states is just under two weeks away, and this article shares Every SIngle Thanksgiving Recipe You Could Ever Need [Kitchn]

~What to Know Before Buying the Thanksgiving Turkey [The Splendid Table]

~How to Stay Healthy While Traveling during the Holidays [The Washington Post]

~Why Every Introvert Should Get Comfortable Going Out Alone [Introvert, Dear]

~5 Signs You’ve Been Doing Too Much for Too Long [Marc & Angel]

~The Mona Lisa is Suffocating the Louvre. Should It Move? [The New York Times]

~Speaking of Mona Lisa, the Louvre created a 3D rendering in Painstaking Detail [Architectural Digest]

~Why a good night’s sleep is even more crucial for a long, healthy life [NPR]

~Why Paris “went sour” on the new Gare du Nord design [The Guardian]

~With all of the streaming services now available and two new services that just launched this month (Disney Plus & Apple TV Plus), take this quiz to figure out which services would be best for your interests [The New York Times]

~The Queer Eye has a new season that was just released, and this time the show goes to Japan. But first Anthoni invites Tan into the kitchen to challenge him to cook a French Omelette to help promote his new cookbook which was released this past September. Sounds like fun (Tan’s thoughts on butter have me chuckling, because I have to agree :). Have a look by click on the video below.

6 thoughts on “This & That: November 15, 2019

  1. What a great list for the pre-holiday period. I can’t wait to read The Seine. I am rewatching the old episodes of Mad About You. I had forgotten how much I loved Paul and Jamie. Perfect TV.

  2. Appreciate your books list. Having a hearing difficulty makes podcast etc listening a challenge. Books? Always have at least one or two at hand.

  3. Shannon…I’m saddened to hear of the loss of your loved one. Peace to you and your family. ❤️ I eagerly anticipate your This and That compilations…and happily browse through your suggestions and articles. My Amazon account usually gets put to work…my intellect thanks you…perhaps my wallet not so much! Looking so forward to your interview with M. L. Longworth. Since you introduced her mystery novels some years ago…they are my go-to books to read while I enjoy my lunch…I’ve re-read them many times and can’t wait for her latest. Thank you for your hard work…your blog and podcast is a JOY I anticipate…especially during this busy yet cozy time of year. ?

    1. Jeannine, Thank you for your condolences. The support and kindness received from TSLL readers has been more appreciated and meaningful to me than I could have imagined.
      I am so tickled you enjoy the weekly T & T. It honestly is a fun post to compile and I am thrilled to hear when readers find value in one or more finds from the post. M.L. is a delight to interview in our upcoming episode. I think you, like me, will appreciate her even more after listening to this conversation. Thank you again for stopping by and have a lovely rest of your weekend. ??

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