This & That: No. 9

May 29, 2012

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I have been planning my summer over the past weekend. Dreaming of my upcoming vacations and also making sure that I remain productive and on task, as there is nothing more refreshing than coming home after being gone for a few weeks and knowing that everything is still in order upon returning.

However, with the must-do’s in line, it’s now time for me to have fun with my planning, so I’ve gathered together my summer nail polish of choice, ideas for restaurants to visit while traveling abroad and a few posts, blogs and recipes to try as well.  Have a look . . .

~Summer Nail Polish

~Chanel Le Vernis Summer 2012 Nail Colours

As we all prep for the ideal luxurious pedicure, we can’t go wrong with Chanel’s new summer colors. In shades of Island (a pearly nude), Delight (a shimmering bronze), and Holiday (a bright coral), as well as the offering of the classic Beige (which is wonderful choice that will always be stylish)


~Mollie in Seattle

In January 2012 Mollie Ruiz-Hopper began what is now a top fashion blog Mollie in Seattle. With her passion for fashion and philanthropy, she balances them both with a charming spirit and authentic style. Stop by to visit a fellow Pacific Northwest blogger.

~Blog Post

~10 Mistakes Unlucky People Make

Marc and Angel Hack Life continues to be one of my favorite motivation blogs, and this particular post is the perfect example as to why.  With a knack for organizing and creating very clear lists that are easy to follow and incorporate a positive change in your life, this post will have you eliminating detrimental behavior and increasing the positive habits you already engage in.

~Paris Travel Guide

~Paris Dining in 2012

Mirielle Guilliano’s recent article on WOWOWOW takes a look at where to dine in the City of Light. With more than 20 recommendations, Mirielle shares a brief synopsis, directions, website information and other important information. Without question, she is certainly my go-to guru for all things Paris as I plan my itinerary for my upcoming vacation.


~Lemony Asparagus with Pine Nuts and Parmesan

Spring is the perfect time to cook with asparagus as we try to eat locally and prepare what’s in season.  Real Simple shared this recipe recently, and I have been wanting to give a try.


~Vogue and Coffee

One of my favorite blogs on Tumblr and now on Pinterest is Vogue and Coffee. Valerie’s love for anything French, New York, glamorous fashion, a good book, as well as anything involving fashion media, decor, you name it, will keep you inspired and in the know.

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