This & That: No. 74

Sep 03, 2013

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With new and old classics, and pop culture as well, you’ll find a wide array of entertainment this week to have a look at in this week’s This & That.


1. Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre

One of the most visited exhibits in the Louvre Winged Victory of Samothrace will be removed for restoration beginning this September and will return refreshed and properly cleaned in nine months. An intriguing, in depth history of the 2nd century BC Greek goddess Nike was shared in the Wall Street Journal where is speaks to the right wing that was added, and why the head was not. Since being displayed in the Louvre beginning in 1884, there are still those who believe it should be returned to Greece. Read a bit more here and make up your own mind.

Book & Film

2. Salinger

Upon learning the breaking news in the literature world that J.D. Salinger’s estate will be publishing new works by the author beginning in 2015, I became more even more curious to read the new biography Salinger by David Shields and Shane Salero that is released today (September 3rd) and the coordinating documentary of the same name by Shane Salero which premieres in select theaters this Friday September 6th.

Starring Edward Norton, John Cusack, Martin Sheen, and Danny DeVito, the book and the movie shed light on Salinger’s first day in WWII (D Day), how his time in the war helped shape his classic The Catcher in the Rye, as well as losing a love to Charlie Chaplin, and much more. I am anxious to watch and read it to say the least.


3. Rachel Zoe’s HQ on The Coveteur

With NYFW kicking off later this week, a peek into Rachel Zoe Headquarters just seems perfectly timed. Click here to take a tour of shoes, shoes and her very own fingernail polish organizer.  Who knew?


4. Enough Said

James Gandolfini’s last leading role casts him alongside Seinfeld alum and current Veep star Julia Louise Dreyfus. In the film Enough Said, the two begin dating in what looks to be a hilarious comedy. Premiering Friday September 20th, it might just be something to put on your calendar.


5. Joan & David black patent leather pumps

While styling a fall wardrobe this past weekend, I came across Joan & David’s classic black patent leather pumps. Simple and with no fuss or unnecessary hardware, these would be a wonderful staple to have on hand. And at less than $100, quite the bargain.


6. Bethenny talk show

Perhaps you’ve been curious, perhaps you could care less, either way, Bethenny Frankel is still around and doing quite well it seems as her new talk show officially premieres nationwide Monday September 9th. And with her sixth book Skinnygirl Solutions being released this past August, it doesn’t look like her impending divorce is slowing her down in the least.

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