This & That: No. 72

Aug 20, 2013

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Two pairs of pumps, an affordable fashion delivery service, a new Francophile book I’ll think you’ll love and more . . .


1. The French Twist: Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management by Carol Cottrill

My full review of Carol Cottrill’s book The French Twist was posted yesterday (click here), but I wanted to mention again how highly I recommend reading it. Just as Mireille Guiliano’s French Women’s Don’t Get Fat book is told from the French perspective on how the French lifestyle promotes a slimmer waist line, Carol Cottrill explains from an American’s perspective, the detailed logical explanation of how the typical American way of approaching eating isn’t working.


2. Lee Daniel’s The Butler

While wanting to watch the film this past weekend, it had not arrived where I live; however, it is still on my list to watch. While based on Eugene Allen’s tenure on the White House staff (1952-1986), the plot is able to stretch and adjust certain scenes to fit the intended storyline of one black man’s approach to the racial inequality that was swirling around him and his family. Be sure to get to know a bit more about Eugene Allen in this 2010 Washington Post article.

The cast is quite impressive – Forest Whitaker, Oprah, Terrence Howard, Mariah Carey, Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave, Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lenny Kravitz, John Cusack and many more. I’d be curious to hear from any of you who had the opportunity to watch it this past weekend.


3. Vince Camuto ‘Hallee’ mixed party snake pump

Believe it or not, Vince Camuto’s ‘Hallee’ multi-color pumps are a very versatile pair of high heels. Because they don’t fit into one particular color category, they actually fit into nearly every color category. Wear with denim, wear with black, dress up your neutral outfits and make a bit of a statement along the way.

4. Hukkster

If you’ve been looking for a simple way to keep an eye on items you’ve discovered, but don’t want to pay full price for, you will want to check out Hukkster. It is a simple free tool in which you pin their book marklet to your toolbar, and when you locate a coat, a pair of shoes or dress that you absolutely love, but know it will go on sale in a few months, you simply click the book marklet. You can then decide under what circumstances they will alert you (goes on sale, drops 50%, 70%, etc) and all you have to do is check your email.

While not all websites allow you to use this tool, most do, so be sure to give it a try. That designer top may just be yours if you’re willing to wait, and at a fabulous price as well.

5. Boutiika

If you’ve ever been in a rush and needed a particular pair of shoes, or a top for an event your boss just mentioned you must attend that same evening or your best friend invited you to last minute outing, then Boutiika’s new Dash service is something to keep on your smart phone or bookmarked on your computer.

Originally founded in San Francisco to connect customers with local boutiques, Boutiika’s Dash services has expanded to Austin, Seattle and just this week – Portland, Oregon. The Dash services allow you to purchase an item online from a local boutique and then pay a flat fee ($15 regularly, Portland $10) to have it delivered to your home/office by a courier that same day. Not a bad price that most likely would be the same cost in gas and parking, not to mention the time saved.

6. Cole Haan Chelsea nude pump

It’s nearly fall and the wardrobe essentials need will be put back into rotation. And if you don’t have a pair of nude pumps, Cole Haan’s classic ‘Chelsea’ pump (other colors and heights as well) is a quality purchase that will last for years. With a height of 2 3/4 inches, they are ideal for the workplace and can be worn in the evening as well.

3 thoughts on “This & That: No. 72

  1. I was looking forward to seeing The Butler until I read how historically inaccurate it was. Knowing this will bother me too much to enjoy the movie.

  2. I have often wondered why the fashion industry insists on calling certain colors “nude.” Depending upon one’s skin color, “nude” can encompass many shades. I wish we could go back to “beige,” or some version of.

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