This & That: No. 68

Jul 23, 2013

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So excited to share the shopping finds that I live in and was elated to find recently, an idyllic summer series to enjoy, a cook to inspire you to get busy in the kitchen and more . . .


1. The Little Paris Kitchen with chef Rachel Khoo

While flying home last week, one of the television programs I watched was Le Cordon Bleu trained Rachel Khoo’s My Little Paris Kitchen. It was an absolutely delightful tour through the Parisian markets, culminating at her petit apartment where she whips up classic French meals following simple techniques.

With a cookbook that is now on my wish list – My Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes (released February 2013), I was too excited to wait for it to arrive and whipped up her Croque Madame Muffins last week (see my attempt here) following the below video’s instructions. In less than 30 minutes, I had bite size goodness to nibble on – perfect for breakfast, lunch or a dinner.


2. MiH Cropped Jeans – The Brighton (cigarette leg)

MiH Jeans is a denim company founded in Britain in 1969 that I am so excited to share if you haven’t already discovered them on your own. Originally named ”Made in Heaven” with the goal of designing jeans that lengthened the leg and are the most perfect fitting denim around, I have found, after finally trying on my first pair, that they have most impressively met their goal.

Standing 5’11”, I have always wanted a pair of cropped jeans that didn’t hit at my mid-calf and had a wider leg opening (aka the cigarette leg) reminiscent of chic, classic Parisian spring style worn with flats, a simple sweater and all-purpose handbag. Well finally, I have found what I’ve been looking for. My pair worn below (The Brighton style) was found on The Outnet at 60% off, but be sure to visit MiH’s website and have a look at all of the styles and colors here.

*their sizes run just a smidge small based on other designer jeans I wear (J.Brand, Citizens for Humanity), so I would order one size up.


3. Linen Pajamas (on sale!) from J.Crew

~As I mentioned yesterday, in the long list of lessons learned from recently traveling to Paris, going to bed and waking up in beautiful pajamas or a lovely chemise is a must every single night regardless of whether you sleep alone or not. So when I discovered that all of J.Crew’s pajamas were on sale (I especially loved this night shirt), I became very excited. I especially became giddy when their white Irish linen pajama set was reduced as well.

4. Vera Wang’s Lavender collection – Lillian patent leather ballet flats

Four years ago, I was looking for the proper nude tone of patent leather ballet flats (no logos, no excess, just good quality and versatile). When I found Vera Wang’s Lavender collection Lillian patent leather ballet flats, I was beyond pleased, and I lived in them religiously for three years (they’re still in my closet, and I wear them on occasion), but I was discouraged when I couldn’t find them again last year during my search to replace them.

While I would love to have Lanvin’s classic ballet flats, I couldn’t fork over $500 for one pair. But then something wonderful happened. First, I noticed Nordstrom had restocked them (but none were in my size, although they do offer red and grey), then I found both black and nude at Lord & Taylor for less than $200, and I quickly snatched them up. You see, I live in these shoes, and based on experience, I know they last for years and fit well (not too tight, as they have an elastic heel). And the nude for someone with light to medium skin tone has more than once led people to believe I was barefoot – it matches that well.

So, if you are in the market for a quality ballet flat without the bells and whistles, I highly recommend Vera Wang’s.


5. Hallmark’s Cedar Cove with Andie McDowell

Summer calls for leisure, a resting of the mind, a letting go of worries, and while there is usually very little time for television, rare lazy evenings in offer a wonderful time to find something delightful on television that is not too excessive, absurd or frightening.

Based on author Debbie Macomber’s six book series – Cedar Cove, Hallmark has created an television series starring actress Andie McDowell as the small Pacific Northwest town’s judge who navigates love, leadership and family life with thoughtful rationale all on the banks of the Pacific Ocean. Cedar Cove is ideal, yet refreshing and a simple delight that I think you might enjoy. Be sure to set your DVRs for 8pm each Saturday night on Hallmark.


6. Vogue: An Editor’s Eye

~With the rich, artistic archives of Vogue and with the 120 year anniversary being celebrated last year, the documentary Vogue: An Editor’s Eye was released showcasing the top fashion editors the magazines has had and is currently working with. I always find it interesting to learn what stylists, and in this case we can certainly call them artists, are inspired by, what are trying to achieve and how they work. For anyone interested in fashion, the fashion industry or art in general, it is a fascinating film to watch.

8 thoughts on “This & That: No. 68

  1. So happy to see that you put Cedar Cove on your list. There are so few thing worth watching on tv these days so its nice to mention when something comes along.

  2. Lovely post! The Little Paris Kitchen is such a great cookbook! The recipes are simple and authentic and the book is beautiful. Sometimes I just sit down on a weekend afternoon and thumb through the pages for inspiration. Highly recommend it!

    I tried MiH jeans a few months ago and found they ran small. Did you run into this problem as well? My normal size in every other brand wouldn’t even get over my hips.

    Thanks for the J.Crew and Vera Wang tips. I just bought Bloch ballet flats. Ever tried those? Super comfy and cute! I am ordering the navy PJs right now! Been looking for something better than wearing sport shorts and a tank every night…

    P.S. I love your Pinterest posts 🙂

    1. Anita,

      So excited to receive my copy of The Little Paris Kitchen, especially after reading your comment. ;).

      Regarding MiH jeans, yes, I had to go one size up as well. Thank you for noticing that.

      I have not tried Bloch ballet flats, but I’ve been noticing them more and more. I will have to try them on sometime.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. I love reading your blog, it’s elegant, relaxing, and inspires me to be more me. That said, since ads have appeared that play videos and make noise it’s been disturbing to try to read your blog. I have to hunt around for where that video is playing and pause or mute it. There is nothing simple or luxurious about those types of adds. Are the necessary?

    Thanks for your consideration.

  4. The nude ballet flats I have are by Bloch (as another reader also mentioned). They are all leather, super comfortable, with no logos. They came in with tax around $175 (CDN, which includes 13% tax). The beauty and quality of the shoes speak for themselves; I do not need to pay a significant amount more to see a logo (Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs etc come to mind). Once you have reached a certain level of quality, you are simply paying for a name beyond that. Which is way paying $500 for flats just for the Lanvin brand seems quite perplexing to me.

    A few other high quality brands without logos are Repetto and French/London sole, which are in Europe (though I believe you can find one of the sole brands in a few select areas in the US).

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