This & That: No. 61

Jun 04, 2013

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Life inspiration, a look at both sides of Paris, a chic sleep accessory and more . . .

~Blog to Read

1. Tuula

If you are looking for a blog to satiate your passion for travel combined with chic fashion inspiration, be sure to stop by Tuula. Currently in Greece, Tuula travels around the globe revealing classic and contemporary outfits that are sure to inspire new ideas that you can create from your own closet.

~Blog Post to Read

2. Left or Right Bank: Which Parisian Are You?

Paige Bradley Frost contemplates which bank is the most fitting side to live on in the City of Light. Having had the opportunity to reside on both sides, she shares specific favorites of either locale and reminds fellow travelers and dwellers that each bank has extraordinary offerings depending upon one’s taste and preferences.


3. Counterclockwise: My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones, Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-agingby Lauren Kessler

In a quest inspired curiosity and potential myth busting, author Lauren Kessler spent a year diving into the anti-aging movement with the goal of discovering what truly helped in creating a life full of energy and vitality by improving one’s health from the inside-out. Director of graduate programs in multimedia narrative journalism at the University of Oregon, Lauren Kessler will be reading and signing her latest book in Portland at Powell’s on June 12th which becomes available today.

~Commencement Address

4. Oprah’s Commencement Address at Harvard – May 2013

Oprah shared an inspired speech at this year’s Harvard commencement ceremony that is worth contemplating as we all strive for happiness, success and contentment. Set aside thirty minutes, pour yourself a cup of tea and have a listen. Click here to read the entire text.


5. Tibi’s Silk Scattered Heart Cami

A simple silk camisole layered underneath a favorite cardigan, beautiful blazer or casual denim jacket, marked down 60% is a very good capsule wardrobe addition.


6. Mary Green sleeping eye mask

One of the few items that still remains on my travel list is a sleeping mask. And of course, I am quite particular as it is an accessory, and accessories speak volumes of the woman behind the mask (in this case anyway). So when I happened upon Mary Green’s 100% silk eye masks, I was thrilled to discover a wide range of options from the simple, to the humorous or as a tribute to Holly Golightly.

One thought on “This & That: No. 61

  1. Lovely!I love this and that posts-it’s just a little party mix! I am also planning a trip to Paris (though it will be next spring for my 30th) and would love to hear your tips on planning a trip and especially what you are planning on wearing/bringing!Other than just your eye mask ; )

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