This & That: No. 52

Apr 02, 2013

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Decor inspiration and frugal finds, fabulous live jazz from a favorite, a class to help find your passion and more . . .

~Blog Post to Read

1. 10 Things You Think About Too Often by Marc and Angel Hack Life

I don’t know about you, but my mind is always working. Some say I over-analyze, I simply say at least I’m thinking. Regardless, there are things I need to think more about and other things I need to let go of.

One of my go-to blogs every morning is Marc and Angel Hack Life, and this week they offered a list of 10 things to stop thinking about. I couldn’t have agreed more with their suggestions. Have a look here.


2. Elegant Rooms That Work: Fantasy and Function in Interior Design by Stephanie Stokes 

If you are a fan of elegant, traditional decor, then Stephanie Stokes’ new decor book Elegant Rooms That Work is one you will want to pick up and devour. Organized by room (libraries, dining rooms, bedrooms, small kitchens and more), she shares ideas on chic storage and comfortable living – an idea prompted by her clients who continually wanted more and more of her expertise.

With ideas on how to create a gourmet kitchen all the while entertaining grandchildren, organizing a mudroom and/or entry so that it is functional and presentable to your guests, the ideas abound.


3. Ikea’s JONSBO ORÖD Table lamp, clear glass

Last week I found myself in Portland’s Ikea mega-store for the first time in over eight years. In search of a sofa, I was impressed by the endless items found at very cost-efficient prices. And while all I did was pick up a sofa (pictures to come soon), the clear glass table lamps especially caught my attention as it is the details in any room that complete the desired aesthetic. For less than $50, these lamps would be lovely next to a bed or on a side table in a living room. And the best part is they would work with many different types of decor.

~Life-Coaching Class

4. Live Bold and Bloom founder, Barrie Davenport

One of the first inspired living blogs I began to follow more than three years ago was Barrie Davenport’s Live Bold and Bloom. Full of inspirational posts on how to live your best life, how to discover your passion and how to master your mind rather than it mastering you, I continue to look forward to her insights.

I share my experience with her blog because beginning this Saturday – April 6th, she is going to be offering a four week online class to help 100 registrants find their passion.

A Life Passion Coach and author, Barrie Davenport, has created a formula that leads people step-by-step through the process of uncovering life passion, addressing the mental roadblocks, and creating a plan to make passion a part of your daily life. She’s gathered over 25 year’s worth of research, coaching, and personal experience into a 4-week online interactive course called: The Path to Passion. If you’re interested or want to learn more, click here to visit Barrie Davenport.


5. Diane Krall Live in Paris

As you may already know, I have a predilection for anything French as well as fabulous jazz music. So having already become a fan of Diana Krall’s sultry tunes, I discovered her Live in Paris album released in 2002. Recorded in Paris’ famous Olympia Theater in November 2001, the applause, the encore, the selections of music – a treat indeed. Play in the background or simply play to lose all track of time. Simply luxurious indeed.


6.Anthropologie Islington pencil dress

As I already love pencil skirts, but waste time in the morning deciding on which blouse to pair with it, Anthropologie’s Islington pencil dress solves my dilemma and satiates my affection for the classic, chic tailoring that a pencil skirt provides. 

One thought on “This & That: No. 52

  1. Hi Shannon!

    I love the pencil dress. I have several pieces by weston wear- made in SF, my hometown- and I love them, so easy to wear!

    However, beware of the Ikea lamp. I had this lamp in the larger table size and a smaller bedside table size and the dimmer hummed incessantly. cheap! such a waste. I’m soon going to be getting a similar one you recommended from west elm.

    best wishes,

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