This & That: No. 48

Mar 05, 2013

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Three books that are must-reads for motivation, good health and your Francophile predilection, as well as designer shoes at fantastic prices and a few reality television shows to record so you can watch when you want to just relax on a rainy day this spring.


1. Lean In: Women, Work & the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandburg

Last summer I included Sheryl Sandburg’s TED talk here on the blog. Speaking on the topic of women holding leadership roles in business and the workplace, she has now turned that motivational speech into not only a new book (set to be released next Tuesday – March 12th), but also an entire community for women who aspire to strive for what they are capable of achieving in their profession.  As the chief operating officer of Facebook, she speaks with authority, experience and a strong belief that women need to help themselves out rather then get in their own way. I must say, I am anxious to read her book and looking forward to taking in what she has in store for her Lean In community.

2. The Perfect Meal: In Search of the Lost Tastes of France by John Baxter

Love France and love French cuisine? Then John Baxter’s new book The Perfect Meal (released February 26th) is something I have a feeling you will enjoy. Full of French history as well as a grand tour of France and many of the destinations for delicious cuisine, Baxter takes his readers around the country before so many of these foodie treasures are no longer available to be enjoyed.

3. Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss

The cover story of February 24th New York Times magazine shared an excerpt of Pultizer Prize winning writer Michael Moss’s new book Salt, Sugar, Fat, and needless to say, it is an eye-opener of how businesses that sell processed foods (Lunchables, frozen meals, cereals, etc) do not have our waistlines, or more importantly, our good health at the top of their priority list. When one of the creators of the Lunchables was asked whether her kids enjoyed them, she replied that her kids had never had them because they weren’t healthy. If you are looking for sound evidence to help motivate you to eat healthier and help you feed your family in a way that will help them live longer, healthier lives, this book will leave you staying clear of the center aisles in your grocery store.


4. Sam Edelman shoes

Last summer I spied a pair of sandals while perusing the Nordstrom catalog and after purchasing them I couldn’t have been more pleased. Sam Edelman’s Serena sandal traveled with me to Europe, New York and any other occasion where I wanted a small wedge and a casual, yet sophisticated sandal. Quality shoes at very reasonable prices, Sam Edelman’s sandals will last for more than one season and if the style is more classic then trendy, you’re sure to always be en vogue. Here are a few styles I picked out that you might want to add to your spring/summer wardrobe: Noah flat (white or nude) for under $100, Sutton sandal, leopard Alvin flat, Felicia leopard ballet flat, and the Gracie leather flip-flip.


5. It’s A Brad, Brad World

Brad is back for his sophomore season on Bravo. I don’t know about you, but I need a television show in the middle of the week that I know I can turn on, forget my day and thoroughly enjoy without too much thought. With his infectious love for fashion, tune in and enjoy It’s a Brad, Brad World which premieres immediately after The Rachel Zoe Project tomorrow (Wednesday) March 6th at 10pm.

6. The Rachel Zoe Project

Whether you love her or become irritated by her incessant Zoeisms, she does know her way around the fashion world. And while the drama of her reality series on Bravo – The Rachel Zoe Project – is something I skip through, I can’t help but enjoy all of the behind-the-scenes when it comes to fashion week, traveling abroad and her vintage finds. So, in case you want to watch, the fifth season begins tomorrow (Wednesday March 6th) at 9pm on Bravo.

2 thoughts on “This & That: No. 48

  1. I’m anxious to read Salt, Sugar, Fat. My husband and I listened to an interview with the author on NPR on the way home during a road trip and found ourselves in a heated discussion about food and personal responsibility. As someone who’s overeating is triggered by a combination of sugar and salt, I believe companies do hold some accountability for creating foods that are purposefully addictive. On the other hand, as adults, we have to take control of our diet. It’s another story for children, and I believe the book addresses this in depth. Let us know what you think of this book…

  2. Love both the Rachel Zoe Project and It’s a Brad, Brad World on Bravo! Even if they kind of hate each other. Zoe-isms aside, she really knows her stuff and I love how passionate she is about fashion in general.

    Also, I am seriously loving all the leopard-print shoes. I have a pair of leopard-print Sam Edelman flip-flops that I love because they are a touch classier than say, Rainbows, as well as leopard-print loafers. Such a classic yet statement-making print!


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