This & That: No. 46

Feb 19, 2013

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A documentary you must see, Rachel Zoe’s latest business venture, music to melt to and a few items for your closet.


1. Dream Dry

Last September I began hearing rumblings about Rachel Zoe’s idea for a blow-out salon in New York City, and well, indeed it was true and Dream Dry is now open and available for you when you dash into or fly into the city. Located in the Flatiron district (35 W 21ST STREET), a full blow-out is priced in align with The Dry Bar and Blowout at $40 and customers will receive an iPad for the duration of their appointment to peruse their favorite magazines, websites and more as well as a complimentary drink. As you might imagine, Rachel Zoe will be offering an extra fashion touch as the salon will offer two new styles each season that are fresh from the runway. And as far as the style options are concerned, everything you might want or have seen in a magazine is covered – from soft waves, to stick straight, messy ponytails and Brigitte Bardot bedhead, it’s available – click here to view them all. (And the illustration? Rachel Zoe commissioned Inslee to work her magic. Beautiful, confident, and simple. Great job Inslee.)


2. Rosy Cheeked Champagne Glasses

I am typically a fan of fluted champagne glasses, however these traditional rose with gold trim celebratory ‘coupes’ caught my eye, and I wanted to share. Hand-blown and initially created for wedding occasions from BHLDN, I couldn’t help but wonder, why not have fabulously feminine champagne glasses to toast any reason life brings into our lives to celebrate?


3. Makers: Women Who Make America

A documentary I highly recommend every woman – daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister and friend – watch, Makers: Women Who Make America tells the story of the American social revolution for women through the interviews of women who have made history themselves: Sandra Day O’Connor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Nora Ephron, Diane von Furstenberg, Barbara Walters, Sheryl Sandberg, Gloria Steinem and many more. Each offers reminders through personal experience of how it wasn’t so long ago that women’s roles, opportunities and expectations were far different than they are today. Tune in next Tuesday night – February 26th to PBS at 8pm to watch. I’ll be watching with you and tweeting! Feel free to join in. Take a look at the trailer below.


4. Rebecca Ferguson

One of the luxuries of teaching is that I get the opportunity to work with today’s youth who are far hipper than I ever was or will be. With that said, every so often they will recommend I listen, read or try something that I wouldn’t have known about had they not told me. So it happened last week that a student I have taught for now going on three years, knowing I enjoyed Adele’s vocals, suggested I listen to Rebecca Ferguson. Needless to say, this particular student knew me all too well, and I can’t thank her enough. Some of you may have already discovered this sultry Brit’s talents, so it probably doesn’t surprise you that her jazzy, blue raspy voice is exactly what I would prefer to lose track of time with in the evenings or weekends. Have a listen.



5. Michael Michael Kors Giraffe Print Chiffon maxi dress

In preparation for travel and summer holidays, Michael Kors’ print chiffon maxi dress would be a gem to have on hand. Wrap with a belt, pair with sandals or go barefoot on the beach for an evening stroll – simply luxurious indeed (and a fabulous price to match).

6. Tory Burch ‘Clay’ pumps

Over the weekend I was doing a bit of style shopping for someone dear to me when I came across these classic, yet modern pumps from Tory Burch. With a splash of gold shine, textured upper and secure height, what fun would these be to wear with a structured sheath or pencil skirt ensemble?

5 thoughts on “This & That: No. 46

  1. Absolutely love Rebecca Ferguson (but then I would , being a Brit). She actually came 3rd in our equivalent of X Factor (UK). I “think” she was third the year One Direction came 2nd. Says something about not always needing to win 😉

  2. I cannot wait to watch Makers on PBS!! I hope it inspires women to keep on going for their goal! I feel like a lot of women create this glass ceiling for themselves because they are afraid they’ll be shunned (I’m sure it’s none of these readers!!)…well it’s time to break down that mental barrier and be the fierce women we all are meant to be! <3

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