This & That: No. 45

Feb 12, 2013

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Spring is coming! Just knowing that it soon will arrive has me excited to add color to my wardrobe and soon be perusing farmers markets. But of course I couldn’t forget the quickly approaching Valentine’s Day or a post about Paris as the latter seems to be de rigueur for the weekly This & That post.

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1. Paris: 11 Things I Love to See in Paris via Carla Coulson

Parisian photographer Carla Coulson shares with her readers a wildly popular post originally created for a close friend regarding her favorite places to visit in the City of Light. From shops, jardins, patisseries and more, her list is one I’m keeping, and if you are making travel plans as well, I think you’ll want to take a peek at her preferences too.

2. Valentine’s Day: A Survival Guide for the Single Girl

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and while the most memorable and special days spent with a significant for me have never occurred on this day, I recognize that societal pressure may feel a bit more intense on this one particular day of the year. How we choose to deal with it is completely in our control however, and Monica Gabriel’s five tips are worth a glance. I couldn’t agree more with #1 and #5.


3. Banana Republic Chevron top

Banana Republic has always been a reliable option for go-to work separates. From their pants to their blouses as well as their totes, I’ve made some wonderful purchases. With chevron being a new twist on classic stripes, this black and white top would be ideal for spring paired with cropped pants and wrapped in a white classic trench.

4. Banana Republic Kelly green tote

Having a everyday handbag is a must when it comes to a signature style, but having a large leather, unpretentious tote is always a good essential to have on hand for those trips to the gym, yoga class or whenever you have to carry a little extra something. Four years ago I purchased this exact leather tote in cognac, and I finally wore it out last year after putting my laptop and far too many other items in it. I’m in need of another one, and this kelly green option might just be a perfect way to add a bit of spring color to a classic neutral wardrobe (the tote is still available in cognac and camel).

5. Kate Spade Saturday

Meant to capture the spirit of Saturday every day of the week, Kate Spade’s new line “Saturday” containing clothing, accessories and home decor is set to launch next month. With lower price points from her original label – prices will average $90 for apparel, $85 for shoes, $130 for bags, $55 for eyewear, $30 for jewelry, and $40 for accessories – Kate’s signature bright color choices will remain, along with retro frames, print dresses and more. I especially love the mugs.

6. World Market Gray Emma Tufted Chairs

Tufted furniture creates a regal, yet romantic aesthetic that speaks to the Francophile in me for some reason. And while flipping through the recent issue of House Beautiful I discovered these tufted gray dining chairs from World Market.  Easily used in other rooms besides the dining area, a solitary desk chair, paired with one sofa or tucked under your vanity, perhaps? Regardless, the price is quite impressive as you can purchase two for less than $340.


7. R. Nichols Farmers Market Note cards

At the end of last year I finally discovered R.Nichols, and I have been on his mailing list ever since. His recent spring note cards piqued my interest and anticipation for fresh blooms and the opening of the farmers markets around the area. These particular notecards would be perfect to have on hand just because. Want to let a friend know you’re thinking of her? Why not send a few lovely words in this beautiful card? 8 cards for $17 (personalization available as well)

3 thoughts on “This & That: No. 45

  1. Gorgeous reound-up! I’m off to check out that Paris article, and the single gal’s Valentine’s day guide: it will come as handy 🙂 And I’m so so excited for Kate Spade’s new line, it sounds so perfect and tempting 🙂

    Have a fabulous day!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  2. I enjoyed reading the Paris list, thanks! I will get to stop into Paris for a few days this summer and since I’ve now covered most of the major touristy things I’m looking forward to finding some smaller, more interesting things to do as well:)

    Also, thank you for the comment: “the most memorable and special days spent with a significant other for me have never occurred on this day”. Such a simple thing, but was great for me to hear! I definitely tend to feel sorry for myself on valentine’s day, it’s sort of an exclusion from a special club, but that comment really put it into perspetive – your memories with someone likely won’t have much to do with valentine’s day itself (unless you celebrated something really special/personal on one of those days), it’s all the moments in between and that’s what matters most. So maybe I am single for valentine’s day this year, but if I create amazing memories/moments later on during other days of the year, that will be more special:)

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